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The Monthly Surprise

🙂 We are happy to announce the major event that will be happening every month, and you will be involved. 🙂


_A Special “PHB Monthly Newsletter”_
The First Sunday of Every Month

The PHB Newsletter. A giant mixture of news, events and even competitions. From now on, on the first Sunday of every month we will post this legendary post. It will consist of almost 10 sections for pure Poptropica awesomeness. 😛
That’s right, it’s what you have been dreaming about.

The monthly post will contain things like:

  • “Ask PHB”: Readers can ask questions about Poptropica via e-mail to the PHB staff. We can select about 3 of them to publish per month.
  • Competitions.
  • “PHB Sneak Peeks” – Yes, new ones. 😛
  • Stories: Readers can submit their own short stories to PHB’s e-mail and we can select one for every month, OR we can hire someone to be a “Newsletter Author”, and they will send in a short story/chapter or part of a long story (for each month) to PHB’s e-mail for us to publish each month.
  • Submit Your Own: Let readers submit their own ideas (maybe their dreams of what kind of island they want to see on Poptropica), stories, competition entries, fan art (comics, etc) and more to [email protected].
  • Current News/Monthly Reflection: A summary of what happened in Poptropica for the past month – Sneak peeks, new islands, new ads, etc
  • “Easter Eggs”: In each issue, reveal a secret (known as “Easter eggs”) from Poptropica. (example: typing ‘1225’ in the phone from Nabooti for a Santa hat and sack) or maybe someone besides Dr. Hare.
  • Fan Art: Show a Poptropica-themed poem, comic, drawing, puzzle, or something else created by a Poptropican.

Any more suggestions? Opinions? If you would like to apply for any of these positions, you may start now and send them over to [email protected]. We can’t wait to see our readers’ creativity!


A Note Regarding ‘Poptropica Poll’

As you’ve probably noticed, we have a sidebar widget titled ‘Poptropica Poll’, where there is a Poptropica-related poll that readers may vote on. They used to be changed at random times, but starting this month, they will be changed every time a new PHB monthly newsletter is released (the first Sunday of a month). This month’s new poll will start a little later, probably next week, and will ask the question, “What would you like the PHB’s monthly newsletter to be called?” We will use this to review your suggestions, and when June’s edition of the newsletter comes out, you will find the winning name, as well as a new poll updated for the coming month!

We have the idea. We have the writers. The only problem? We don’t know what to call it.
Comment with your great ideas on this post. Your suggestions may be put into the next poll.

-The PHB Team-
PHB Sneak Peeks, Web Development

The Missing Sneak Peak and Updates

I’m sorry but the post is not missing.

The PHB Sneak Peaks have been cancelled. This is due to an overload of work i have to do.

Maybe in the next couple weeks i can make a post with all the sneak peaks in one dedicating everything that has happened in the past 10 weeks. I will also tell you if it came true or not. The PHB Sneak Peaks will be no longer. They have retired. But don’t panic. Something even better will be happening.

Well after that sad news i have some great things to tell you. Well you can call them PHB Sneak Peaks if you want :P.
But these sneak peaks are for our site.

In the future we will be updating the costume section, a faster way for you to communicate and receive updates.

A HUGE thing will be happening in the near future. Also we have decided that every month we will be posting something BIG. It will be like PHB Sneak Peaks. But only BIGGER. Involving you.

Hope you enjoy the future with Poptropica Help Blog.

Scary Tomato, Smockers and Codien 
The PHB Crew.