Until Hades Freezes Over

ANOTHER bubble gum in store, for those of you with nothing better to do than chew, chew, chew. This one, personally, is my favorite.

Take a look:

It’s a cold day in Hade’s Kingdom

Have you ever told a friend to “Stay Cool” when you leave school for the summer? Winter Blast gum will help you keep your summer promises. You can create your own summer snow blizzard. No one will be as cool as you.

For those of you that thought that we wouldn’t get a new pop gum flavor until the Underworld freezes over, take a look in the store. This new frosty flavor will cool off those tongues that have been blowing lots of fire bubbles.

avatar image

Also, notice that there is a TYPO in the title! “…in Hade’s kingdom.” It should be “….in Hades’ kingdom.”  That’s because the name of the person in question is Hades, not Hade. Ok, grammar lesson over.

All right, my loyal subjects. This new bubble gum, as so coyly stated by Master Mime, should cool off those tongues that’ve been blowing LOTS AND LOTS of fire bubbles. I like it, because I love to see snow wherever I go. I hope it doesn’t change your mouth into that creepy smile when you take it off, though.

Well, anyway. Goodbye, loyal subjects.

*climbs in spaceship*


*flies away*




Tweet! Tweet!

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but I’ve been really busy with exams and such. Trust me, when you get into high school, not to mention the grade I’m in, your workload gets insane. I’m talking REALLY insane. I have 5 hours of homework each night plus studying. Ouch.

Anyway, new PCB post. Here it is:

Tweet Ride!

One of my minions sent me these snapshots from his vacation on Skullduggery Island. I can’t tell what it is. A ship? A bird of prey? Whatever it is, it looks enormous!

This is obviously a shot from Skullduggery Island. It looks like a game in which we have to assemble the pieces. I’m guessing it’s some sort of pirate schooner with a bird (eagle? hawk? perhaps even a dragon, because of the claws and eye) as a mascot.

The image name is “Tweet Ride.” It sure is sweet, or “tweet.” The “ride” part makes me certain it’s a ship, along with the shot of the sail. Very interesting. Perhaps we have to  assemble the pieces in order to gain access to the ship. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

*Tweet!* Did you know? The PHB is affiliated with Poptropica Help Tweets, our Twitter page which you can always come back to check at: http://twitter.com/PoptropicaHelp. For the birds. 😀

Arr you looking out for more Skullduggery stuff? If you become a member from now until May 17th, you’ll receive two exclusive members-only gold cards when you log in: the Skullduggery Teaser Trailer and Skullduggery Pirate costume. And for those of you wise enough not to blow your money on that, click here for a ScreenToaster video of the teaser trailer, filmed from Green Boa‘s computer. The tune to this is called “Drunken Sailor.”

Anyway, have a good life.

*tweet tweet!*


Godly Poptropicans… and ZURG!

Our thoughts have been CONFIRMED!!! Mythology Island is IN THE WORKS!!!!

First of all……

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…

Since Mythology Island is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to offer a cool new item in our store… ~Shark Boy

Aww, Sharkie Boy, we missed you. According to a review from one of the PHB’s readers, Ocean Clover♣, “Ooh, I bought the staff, and it’s AWESOME! When you’re in Costumizer and hold down the space bar, and hit cancel, instead of lightning, you get an earthquake! YAY!” Anyway, on the Poptropica homepage, it says “Mythology Island coming soon” with really cool lettering.

The description says:

Mighty Zeus, king of the gods, needs a hero — and he wants you! To satisfy Zeus, you’ll need to battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the mysterious underworld. Will you emerge a hero like Hercules, or face the fiery wrath of Zeus and his thunderbolts?

Available very soon with membership. Dates announced shortly. Come back for more details!

I. Want. That. Lightning. Bolt. NOW!
I, for one, cannot wait for Mythology – and costumizing the gods!
Coderkid: Sup guys? The iCostume has been upgraded – 2.0’s here! Check it out. Also, The Multiverse Project is back.

New PCB Post – and it’s a whopper! (Coskit here. 🙂 )

Credit to Detective Sneakyc / Scaryw just ’cause I saw his comment about the new post first. Sorry to all you other people who alert us constantly to new updates.


Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

avatar image

The one and only Hades at 4:06 PM

Whaaat….in the WORLD…..is that emote??!!!!! That is just sooo totally AWESOME! The name of this pic is “straininghades03”, which tells us nothing. Although, don’t you think that the head of Hades is rather large? Strange…. But that EMOTE!!! Pulling backwards……red face…..it’s just incredible!

Not-so-fun Fact: At 350 credits (if you’re a non-member), the “Multiverse” is currently the most expensively priced item on the Poptropica Store. 😦

Ok, Coskit is on her way to her home planet. Buh bye.

And for those of you who think I’m Zurg’s boss……I’m not. 

I’m his twin sister. xD


~resurrected smox?

Hello, NW aka WhisperXSecret here. Listen, if you’ve seen the thread ‘Neatwhale’s Name’ on the PHF, you should know what I’m talking about. If this turns out ONE thing like the Coskit’s Name thread, if someone says ONE rude thing on it, than POOF! NW’s gone. Resigned. Just like GE and GW. And Motion, you should know what I mean.

Rock On!!!!!

In celebration of the PHB’s recent 3 million hits, check out Smockers’s comment in the post below for another mini-contest – the prize is free membership for your Poptropica account! 🙂

Congratulations to Ocean Clover ♣ for winning the original Wolf Quest competition – the prize (Grumpy Wolf’s Poptropica account) has been sent to her e-mail. Thanks to all who participated!

This is going to be a rather short PHB post, but oh well. There is a new PCB post called Are You Ready to Rock?

Are you ready to Rock?

The rock stars are back on tour. There are five different color choices for hair clothes and guitars. Hmmm…I could really use some orange hair to go with my little hat.

avatar image

I agree, orange hair would look great with his little beret. Also, notice how the boys’ rock star costume includes a tiny triangular beard. These outfits come in five different colors, so it’s a great deal and could well be worth getting.

Anyway, dinner is calling. GTG. See ya guys.

RTV OUT!!!!!! And new PCB polls.

I had an idea recently. Maybe I should change my name from Coskit (which so many have laughed at) to Daedalus, the Greek inventor and the son of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. What do you think? Should I or shouldn’t I? I want to know……that is, if you figure this message out. Post a comment and let me know.

Reality TV Island Guide now available!https://poptropica.wordpress.com/reality-tv-guide

Thanks to Mega Boy and Silverwolf1 for contributing. Be sure to check Poptropica Help Videos if you would prefer video walkthroughs for RTV! ~Hijuyo

Breaking News!!!!: I was looking around, and I went to nategreenwall.com. Then I clicked on Blog – and guess what I found?!!!



May 2nd, 2009

As some of you know or have found out I, along with a lot of other awesome people, work on Poptropica; however, I am NOT the one to email or ask questions about Poptropica. I am like crazy busy – I hardly have time to even look at my blog or even post. Sorry.

If you do have Poptropica questions here are some good sites to check out:
Official Poptropica FAQs
Family Education Contact Page
The Poptropica Help Blog

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Ahem, sorry. I’ll calm down now.

Well, on Wednesday, February 24, 2010, Reality TV island was released to Members. This is more that 2 years after  the Creators first announced RTV. Members seem very excited about RTV, and I’m sure Smockers is even happier because I’ve heard tell that Hippie Man is alive and well. While the Members *gag* frolic happily  in RTV and us NonMembers sit and wait until March 24, we’re planning an attack on the Creators on account of Membership. Bring your hand items!!!! I’ve got mah FLAMETHROWER.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Real!

The new Reality TV island is now available early with Poptropica membership! If you don’t have membership, Reality TV will still be out and FREE for everyone on March 24th!

avatar  image

Also, there are NEW PCB POLLS!!!!! They say:

How would you like to connect with other people who are playing Poptropica?

  • I’d like to be able to make friends with people I meet in Poptropica, and see what they’re up to from day to day.
  • I’m satisfied with playing multiplayer games in the common rooms, and using the Multiverse with real-life friends.
  • I don’t care what other people are doing. I like to play by myself.

What would you think about having your own room with your own furniture and other stuff?

  • I’d like that a lot!
  • I’d try it out.
  • I don’t want a room.

How public or private would you want your room to be?

  • Open to the public! I’d want everyone to see it.
  • Somewhat public. I’d just want my friends to see it.
  • Somewhat private. I’d want to be able to invite people.
  • Totally private. No one but me allowed.

So, these are the new PCB polls. The bolded choices are the ones that are in the lead currently. I encourage you to vote for those. Why am I so excited? The rooms were MY idea – for Coderkid’s Colossal Contest! My entry was “customizable rooms, with furniture, decorations, and such.” This almost proves that the Creators read this blog! Awesome!!!! Everyone, please vote for rooms. It would be even more awesome if they credit the Poptropica Help Blog for the idea of rooms.

Sayonara, Earthlings!

Coskit is…….on her way to Pluto. xD

P-p-pink?! Ewww…….

New PCB post, everyone! This one’s simply called Pink. (Ew, I hate pink…..) It is posted by Dr. Hare and is in honor of da big V-Day (Valentine’s Day) tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I have my valentines picked out.  ♥ Anyway, here’s  the post.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

avatar image

It looks like a heart costume and a love potion. Hmm, I wonder what the love potion will do. Will it make the nearest Poptropican fall in love with you? Coooooool.

In other news, I’m changing my name! I’ve decided to drop the name DaVinci because it has too many things associated with it – AND, people keep misspelling it. (It’s not DaVinche, DaVince, DaVench, or DaVanchie.) Yes, people have spelled my name DaVanchie. So, I’m changing my name. My new name is……..


I know, it sounds weird, but the name is made out of different words that symbolize parts of me. So the entire name means a lot to me, so I hope you all can get used to calling me that.

Ciao, everyone!

Coskit is…..outa heeeere!


Also, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year to all of our PHB readers! ^_^

We hope you spend your holiday-filled Sunday with lots of fun. 🙂

Ya know, since I’m getting so many comments about how my name is “epic fail” (inspired by the PHF thread to this purpose), I’m thinking of changing it back to DaVinci. If you figure out this message, post a comment about whether I should change my name back to DaVinci, leave it at Coskit, or change it to something entirely different. Ciao, peoplez.

Full of Hot Air

The Creators just posted this new and very tantalizing sneak peek on their blog.

Alot of Hot Air

Yesterday Vlad showed me some sketches he made of one of the strangest islands yet. These can’t possibly be real, can they?

avatar image

The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 10:43 AM

Like it? I do. The name of the picture is StructureSketches. I believe this is the birth of a NEW ISLAND! Also, this is the first reference to another Creator in a post. This is the strangest island I’ve seen yet, with strange buildings I don’t know what to make of. Also, the Creators misspelled “a lot”, spelling it instead as “alot.” This is a VERY common mistake. It’s 2 WORDS, people.

I’ve gotta rush to dinner (mmmm……), so DaVinci out!

Update: The Creators have fixed their mistake! On the post, instead of “Alot of Hot Air”, there is “A Lot of Hot Air.” This may be another proof? that the Creators read our blog…….or  that one of the Creators is grammar-savvy.

Very nice, Codien. Nice to meet you, finally. I’ve heard a lot about you. I agree with your “hunch” about the name of the island. Don’t worry, I’ll stay quiet. It was nice to meet you.

Stay Quiet. This is Codien. Long time no see. I’m taking over the rest of the post. Can you keep a secret? I have a feeling this new island could be called Cloud Island or Junk Island. Keep it quiet. For those who thought otherwise, I’m not dead guys, just floating around in your posts. I figured Christmas had past well and truly by now, so i ‘unfroze’ the header.