Until Hades Freezes Over

ANOTHER bubble gum in store, for those of you with nothing better to do than chew, chew, chew. This one, personally, is my favorite.

Take a look:

It’s a cold day in Hade’s Kingdom

Have you ever told a friend to “Stay Cool” when you leave school for the summer? Winter Blast gum will help you keep your summer promises. You can create your own summer snow blizzard. No one will be as cool as you.

For those of you that thought that we wouldn’t get a new pop gum flavor until the Underworld freezes over, take a look in the store. This new frosty flavor will cool off those tongues that have been blowing lots of fire bubbles.

avatar image

Also, notice that there is a TYPO in the title! “…in Hade’s kingdom.” It should be “….in Hades’ kingdom.”  That’s because the name of the person in question is Hades, not Hade. Ok, grammar lesson over.

All right, my loyal subjects. This new bubble gum, as so coyly stated by Master Mime, should cool off those tongues that’ve been blowing LOTS AND LOTS of fire bubbles. I like it, because I love to see snow wherever I go. I hope it doesn’t change your mouth into that creepy smile when you take it off, though.

Well, anyway. Goodbye, loyal subjects.

*climbs in spaceship*


*flies away*



51 thoughts on “Until Hades Freezes Over”

  1. Yay! Why are there so many things of gum in the store now? Can’t the Creators think of anything else more “interesting”? Oh well. It still sounds like a nice item. 🙂

  2. This gum is really “cool” but, where is the “interesting” part? C’mon creators, be more creative!

    1. Yeah. I just checked. They should have kept that for the older people to enjoy it. They probably feel stupid being told by some kids that they got grammar wrong. I thought they were the fully educated ones here! xD

  3. I think they should make a combination of all the flavors of gum. It would change every 10 seconds and maybe even make your character float upward.

  4. You know, when I got the regular gum, it turned into that “creepy smile” you mentioned. I’m relieved: now I know it wasn’t just a glitch with my character! LOL. I wonder why that happens?

    1. That happens to me too. Maybe that happens because in the real world, they always say xylitol in the gum gives you a white smile.

  5. I love that gum because there is no snow where I live either. *yells “Wait for me” and gets inside my own pink spaceship* 👿
    Why didn’t they wait for me?

  6. I have no personal taste for gum. Never really liked it. But hey why listen to me? It is my opinion.

    ~Golden Rider- God of Poptropican Islands- Captain Rider of the Narrator.

  7. Wouldn’t it be Hades’s kindom, because when you ad an ‘ to the end it means there is multiple people involved, like “All of the boys’ backpacks were in a jumbled mess.”

    Hijuyo: It usually doesn’t apply if the word ends in an “s” though… 😛

      1. No. You don’t add a second “s”. It would be “In Hades’ Kingdom” because Hades ends in “s” already.

      2. I agree with Nexus. The ‘ only comes after the s in a plural ending in s, such as boys’, as in “it belongs to multiple boys.” If the word ends in s, but is NOT a plural, you add ‘s, like Hades’s.

        Hijuyo: No, if you end a word in s (eg. Hades), you do not need to add another s (eg. Hades’ not Hades’s).

      1. Yeah. Sugarless gum actually PREVENTS cavities. Back to the post- This gum seems neat. I like mint gum.

      1. that would be funny (no offence but the bad guy could be a sumo 😀 🙂 )

  8. Guys, I know this is off-topic, but it’s Memorial Day in the US. This day is in honor of soldiers who have lost their lives for our country. Happy Memorial Day, soldiers, and new gum flavors for all!:D
    *gives out gum*

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