P-p-pink?! Ewww…….

New PCB post, everyone! This one’s simply called Pink. (Ew, I hate pink…..) It is posted by Dr. Hare and is in honor of da big V-Day (Valentine’s Day) tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I have my valentines picked out.  ♥ Anyway, here’s  the post.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

avatar image

It looks like a heart costume and a love potion. Hmm, I wonder what the love potion will do. Will it make the nearest Poptropican fall in love with you? Coooooool.

In other news, I’m changing my name! I’ve decided to drop the name DaVinci because it has too many things associated with it – AND, people keep misspelling it. (It’s not DaVinche, DaVince, DaVench, or DaVanchie.) Yes, people have spelled my name DaVanchie. So, I’m changing my name. My new name is……..


I know, it sounds weird, but the name is made out of different words that symbolize parts of me. So the entire name means a lot to me, so I hope you all can get used to calling me that.

Ciao, everyone!

Coskit is…..outa heeeere!


Also, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year to all of our PHB readers! ^_^

We hope you spend your holiday-filled Sunday with lots of fun. 🙂

Ya know, since I’m getting so many comments about how my name is “epic fail” (inspired by the PHF thread to this purpose), I’m thinking of changing it back to DaVinci. If you figure out this message, post a comment about whether I should change my name back to DaVinci, leave it at Coskit, or change it to something entirely different. Ciao, peoplez.

138 thoughts on “P-p-pink?! Ewww…….”

    1. It’s a nice name, and we should all respect that.

      @Those who don’t like Coskit’s new name: Keep the nasty thoughts and comments to yourself. Insulting/cyberbullying someone is against the PHB’s rules. 😐

      Smockers: *cough*MOTION*cough* Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t say anything.

      1. Coskit is a great name Coskit and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. The other spellings of “DaVinci” are sort of funny.

      2. i can expain how moonlight91 is parts of my life,too. alot people dont see it,though

        -mo is money,which i need if i ever want to get to college( i AM 15,might as well get a head start, you know?)
        -on is “on top of things” which i am…heh heh
        -li is …uh…well i really dont know…eh
        -gh is for my love of ghost stories,especially when me and friends go to the graveyard and tell ghost stories(its TONS of fun for those of you who think that would be creepy)
        -t is for tea,my favourite drink
        -and 91 is my popularity rank at school. out of 500,just if you think i was pathetic.which i am,really…

        well,thats what makes up moonlight91. teehee!!! 😀

        Hijuyo: That’s a really creative name! 😀

      1. why is it confidential,coskit?eh,just wondering, cuz its going to bug me until you tell me(why it is confidential)

        actually,your the only person on the PHB staff (besides Hijuyo and codien even though he hardly posts anymore) who acknowledges my thank you!

        Hijuyo: Personally, most of us don’t even know HOW it’s done. It’s probably quite complicated and time-consuming, and if the Creators figure out how the hack is done, they could fix the cheat. 😉

      2. well,not to BRAG or anything, but i am really good with that kind of it wouldnt be a problem. what, you thought coderkid was the only master hacker here? pah!dont make me laugh

      3. Well, I’m also a darn good hacker, so, you can connect the dots. But if you’re a master hacker, you can try to figure out the cheat yourself. If I go posting it on here, the Creators might see and fix the cheat. And we don’t want that to happen, now do we? 🙂

      4. good call,coskit.ah well, ill try to figger it out,but it would take,like, three months. um, im kinda sorry i brought all this up. i hope you guys didnt mind all that TERRIBLY. (if you did im REALLY REALLY sorry! 😦 )

      5. I have no idea how…if it involves typing a URL, Copying and pasteing, or eating cheese…I can do it. But all this other stuff…I…uh…dunno.

    1. Ima girl and I am so not buying it, I hate pink unless its Hot Pink and Black, otherwise I prefer Green, Blue, Black, White, and Silver. BTW, Nice new name Coskit!

    2. ‘Girly’ means that girls would tend to like the described item more than boys, while ‘manly’ shows that something is more likely to be associated with boys than girls. 😛

      If a boy likes something that society considers as ‘girly’ (or vice versa) (example: Poptropica’s love potion), it might seem odd or unusual to others, but it’s not anything bad. 😐

      Some people view pink as a feminine color or blue as a masculine color simply because of the way society has labeled these. However, that theory isn’t necessarily true – even on the PHB, some [not all] girls don’t like the color pink, while some boys may like so-called ‘girly’ colors.

      It’s not wrong, it’s just different than what others might be used to.

      1. Hijyuo, should it be “boyish” instead of “manly”? I was just wondering.
        Also, Coskit is a much better name. It is easier to spell.
        Third, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year.
        Golden Rider

        Hijuyo: It means the same thing. Boyish is still an actual word. 😉

      2. i may be a girl, but to me, i prefer the “boyish” colorz… like navy blue. and to ME, pink is just too girly

    1. heh,Hi Coskit.i was confused when i first saw this post,because i was like “who the heck is that?”but its Davinci!!! yay!!!

      personally,i have no idea why everyone is making a big fuss about the pink thing. i happen to like it sometimes,even though black is my favorite color,followed by silver.

  1. I added a special holiday picture at the bottom of Coskit’s post. Tell me what you guys think of it. ^_^

    (Btw, sorry that I couldn’t find real “Chinese New Year” clothes. 😛 If only Poptropica had a tiger costume… because it’s the year of the tiger. Hehe.)

      1. I’m a bunny rabbit! Do they have it in the store! Cause then I’d buy it…. if I had credits.

        Hijuyo: At this time there isn’t a rabbit costume in the Store, but if you ever get hold of Dr Hare’s clothing, you’ll look like a pink bunny. x)

      2. woot! smockers i love the picture!!! u look good 🙂

        im year of dog,im a little younger than codien 😳 whoa did i just blush? eh,sorry all that Valentine fever 🙄


      3. I’m the year of the dragon AND PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Btw I celebrate Chinese new year but I’m not Chinese.
        In my case you can call it VIETNAMESE new year.

      4. whoa! wait a sec if ur a dragon your only,like, nine or ten…

        eh,sorry i just assumed everyone was at least 12,because when i was 9-10 i sure as heck had no idea what a BLOG was…just goes to show that the times are changing. doesn’t it make you sad?

      1. I’m a rooster too! I love roosters I have one his name is Big Red and he is PRECIOUS! He is so sweet he’ll sit on your lap and you can pet him and all he is the best pet EVER!!!

    1. Me a tiger. 😀 Yay! Happy Chinese New Year’s everyone! And Valentines Day, too! According to mah teacher, V-day is pointless, quote from my teacher, “If you really love someone, you should love them all the time. ;)” Anyway, Tigers rock! Hope I get more luck this year…

    1. @lone bones
      Well, we could replace that with masculine or manly if that’s what you’d like to say :PP And I think Perfect Octopus was just trying to get her point across and it was very clear.
      I know a guy that loves pink and purple and he’s perfectly fine. Same with some girls.
      Color has no gender specification; let’s just say that. 🙂

      1. Yup! And it seems like its only with boys! Because I know many girls that like blue and green (Including myself!) And no one says anyhing! And when a boy says “Yeah, I like pink!” Everyone is like “Ewwwwwwwww…..” Plus, it takes a REAL MAN to wear pink!

      2. This is what I think sometimes:
        Girls can do some boy stuff (like wear boy clothes, that sort of thing)
        but boys can’t do girl stuff because it will embarrass them (like wear girls clothes)
        Funny, isn’t it?

      3. Yeah, I mean, girls are fine when they wear second hand clothes from older brothers etc but guys getting stuff from girls? In society, it’s not cool…

      4. yea i agree… cuz i remember when i had 2 go school and i woke bored… so i decided 2 do someth’n new… go’n 2 school wear’n 1 of my dad’s shirtz…and nobody looked at me like i was nutz! so i agree!

    2. Yep, yet naturally due to social constructs and natural tendencies certain genders tend to lean to certain colors…for girls, it’s usually pink. If guys like it, society considers it weird.

    3. I read in ‘The Book of Totally Useless Information’ that pink and blue helps boys and girls because it somehow soothes them or slows their heartbeat or something… I don’t exactly remember, lol…

      1. pink makes my heart race. I’m more of a purple/turquoise blue girl. Although I do like the rainbow colors all put together.

  2. Make the nearest Poptropican fall in love with you?! Jeez, I think the Creators actually found something I might really WANT! xD

    1. DO NOT buy it! It just makes the nearest poptropican spout hearts out of their head! Eurgh! What a waste of credits! I can’t believe I bought it! XP

  3. Hey, err..Coskit. You have the Chinese New Year picture historically incorrect. The flag comes from the samurai costume which is JAPANESE. Heh, sorry, I’m a history freak. 😛

    Smockers: I’m sorry, Obi, for not being a history freak. ; _ ; I’m so dumb at history that I almost forgot that Vietnamese New Year also falls on Sunday, too! So, Happy Vietnamese New Year to our Vietnamese readers including you, Obi! 🙂

    1. Obi? Obiwan2324, do you like Star Wars or something.
      By the way, the flag may be incorrect but it was a nice touch since there wasn’t a direct costume for the New Year.

      Hijuyo: Right. 😀

      1. Yes, and your second sentence should have a question mark at the end of it, not a period. 😉

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! I agree.. ew, pink.
    Yellow is the way to go 🙂 Hope all you people have a Valentine 😀

  5. if you look up poptropica on wikipiedia, you can see 3 other islands waiting to be released. And If you click on the “coming soon REALITY TV” on the home page you can see a space that will soon show island release info.

    1. If you look up “Poptropica” on, you will find this near the bottom of the page somewhere…

      Islands Awaiting Release
      Reality TV

      Whoa…just wow. FOUR islands??? Or is it three? Didn’t the “French Island” already come out? Because Counterfeit has a Frenchy theme…the creators can NOT be planning at least THREE islands at once now…or CAN they be? 😮

      Hijuyo: Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, so you can’t always trust everything that website tells you. 😛

      1. Actually, wikipedia is wrong
        “french island” turned out to be Counterfeit
        “Structure island is just the sketches on the pcb.

        so it actually is Reality TV and Mythology

        Hijuyo: Wikipedia isn’t a credible site. If you want valid Poptropica information, you should probably use the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog.

      2. You can’t always trust wikipedia. Some one once edited it so that the next islands were ‘Candy’ Island and ‘Army’ island.

      3. I saw those islands too! I just ignored it the time. All these other websites aren’t 100% accurate (that’s for sure 🙂 )! JUst trust the PCB, like Hijuyo said.

      4. If you think Wikipedia isn’t a credible site for Poptropica, check out the Poptropica Wiki. Weird people there..Weird people.

    2. I bet they are juggling island ideas for Poptropoca, just summarizing the next few island ideas, so when the finish the latest one, they can work on their next.

  6. Great post, Coskit! Cool new name, very unusual, but cool! Yeah, I agree. Pink isn’t the best. This pinky stuff is sorta rip off-ish cause you can get a follower that has more things and the big heart is only in style for a day…(Valentine’s Day) Meh, I’ll dress up 4 Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese(I don’t see why not just say ‘Asian’ new year…) New Year ’cause I’m Asian naturally so yeah… Just a couple o’ hats, red clothing, etc. 😀

  7. I think I’d buy that but I don’t have any credits yet on my new account. But my mom won’t let me have membership because I already have membership on CP.

  8. Here’s an idea, try rearranging the letters so err
    Kotcis..or Toksic or watev. =P

    Hijuyo: The second one sounded like Toxic. o_O Interesting idea, though. 😀

    1. I’m a genius. Yup I got arrest and thrown into a special cell with True Alchemists, people who know what the best form of government is, some dude that figured out how to make a nuclear bomb out of Taco Bell’s bean and cheese burrito and vise versa, some guy with forbidden knowledge and a bunch of other weirdos. 😀

      Well anyways, yea it was a thought. Now people won’t make fun her name, possibly. They might still.

      1. Oookaaay……I have no idea what you’re talking ’bout. But judging from the “yup I got arrest” part, I don’t want to know. And how do Taco Bell nuclear bombs relate to my name?

      2. It doesn’t. You shouldn’t know cuz you’re not a True Alchemist. The government is a lie. I lose all faith in them. And Err Toxic? To be honest, I just threw the letters in randomly.

  9. I thik you should name it Davinci, but Coskit is still cool. 😉 Do what you thin is best is what I say, it’s your choice, and people shouldn’t make fun of it.

  10. Hijuyo and staff! I just found out why it takes Jeff KInney so long to Publish new islands! Not only all the work of designing the World, but he’s going on tour for wimpy kid 4 (hey, that rhymes 🙂 ) and is a father and is writing the VERY LAST BOOK (it says on his site)! Go to his site and go to his FAQ (which is under his ~about the author~ tab, at the bottom. You may have already known this, but I had no idea he was going on tour!

    Hijuyo: The founder of Poptropica is very busy, but he still has his colleagues [the other PopCreators] to run the website. 😀

  11. @ Coskit

    I like the name Coskit. DaVinci was cool, too, but its your name, not theirs. YOU should be able to choose it, not other people. No offense to any being, BTW.

  12. hey thanks so much for fixin the icostume my player is now a girl again! 🙂 thanks!!!!! 🙂 i lov ur blog it rlly rocks! 🙂 ❤

  13. I think Coskit is the COOLEST name I’ve ever heard!! If I had a name that said what I was like, It would be…
    ART because I love to draw cartoons.
    EM stands for Evil Mastermind (Even though I’d never hurt anybody)
    and MIS (or MISS) because I’m a girl.
    Even though Strange Crumb (my Poptropican) is a boy.
    And also, ARTEMIS is my FAVORITE Greek goddess in the history of CHEESE!
    (I love cheese)

  14. lazy moon is 1
    l is livin up to his purpose
    az is for looney toons you know cause taz az
    y is because i like to ask questions
    is because i don`t want to be an astronaut
    m is cause i loooooooooooooooooooove mozorilla
    oon is cause i got tons of dobloons in skullduggery

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