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Have you ever wanted to channel King Midas’ famous power — turning everything into GOLD?

Of course! It's my biggest dream to have that power albeit the detrimental side effects that would render me uncapable of communicating as I couldn't touch anything or anybody!

You do?  Well, that works out handsomely, because you can just waddle into the Poptropica Store right now, and pick up your very own Midas Touch for the low price of 250 credits. Of course, if you’re wise like myself, you can get it for absolutely FREE!*

*membership required

Speaking of Poptropican membership, here’s a video of me testing it out:

Pretty sweet, eh?  After you’ve seen this video, does your opinion change about membership in Poptropica at all? Do you find yourself on the verge of insanity unless you get your membership? Or, are you not impressed, thinking that you could spend your money on something more useful?  Let us know in the comments! ^_^


I know this doesn’t have much to do with Poptropica, but I would appreciate it if you guys took the time to vote in the Best Virtual World for Kids poll on

Shamefully, Poptropica isn’t on there, but another great virtual world, The Travels of Wiglington & Wenks, is!  Hijuyo, Coderkid, and I all have accounts on there… so it’s bound to be good, right? 😀 I urge you guys to check it out for yourself (CLICK HERE! You know you want to move your cursor over here. ;D) and to vote for it!  We’re in 2nd place right now only bested by… *thunder crashes* WEBKINZ WORLD! UGH (no offense to Webkinz World players)! Of course, I don’t want to force you to vote for The Travels of Wiglington & Wenks; make your best judgment on what virtual world you want to pick (hint: The Travels of Wiglington & Wenks ;)).

Thanks again, everybody!


119 thoughts on “THE SACRED MIDAS TOUCH!”

    1. hah smockers-boy,ur so parents dont trust transactions over the internet,so no membership 4 me. 😦

      oh well.

      1. Neither do mine. BUT you can get an American Express gift card and use that, it works LIKE a credit card, BUT you may only put like $10 or $15 on it, and so there wouldn’t be much to steal if someone got your code. 🙂 Hope it helps!

    1. my parents ALWAYS SAY: ” No! we dont need you playing on the computer any more then you already are.”
      me: “But its POPTROPICA!!!who can say no?
      parent(s): Us
      parent(s):I dont care
      me: O-o



      1. Ehhh…my parents allow membership SOMETIMES, but only after awhile so I just had membership on another game so…I have to wait XD

      2. Deal with it. Seriously, you could buy something waaay more useful then Poptropica stuff… 😐

    1. that’s terrible because now they wont let the people without membership buy the early access pass so everyone will have to wait till its released to everyone for free 😦

      1. i mean they should at least let people without membership buy the early access pass

        Hijuyo: They’re not letting you do it because they want you to buy their membership… thus making more money. :/

      2. Actually Hijuyo, they would make more money if someone bought 500 credits for an early access pass then if someone bought a 1 month membership. Just saying. 😉

        Hijuyo: That’s true… but they might also be trying to promote the idea of membership because it’s new to Poptropica. 😛

      3. Well, they have to let people with membership do something! Thats why they won’t let people buy Early Access without membership. Otherwise, membership would be almost useless.

      1. I mean, I think Poptropica is more fun than Club Penguin, except you can talk to ppl and have your own house (igloo)on Club Penguin. Anyway, I have membership there which is why I’m not asking for membership on Poptropica. :-/ (But still, Club Penguin is also my 2nd fav)

      1. Gee, I wonder… Maybe a magical angel descended from the heavens and granted him credits… >.<

      1. WOAH! You could almost buy ALL the gold cards with that! or save it for a rainy day maybe. 😉

  1. Weird, there is this glitch I found. Log onto your account on poptropica, then log out. (do not close out of the poptropica tab.) Then click new player, make a girl thats 8 years old, then when it is on the page where you choose the outfit and name, hit the back arrow on the top of the screen (the one that brings you to the previous page ((the one right next to the place where you put the website you want to go to)) ) then it will show that person in poptropica- but wait! Wait a few seconds and you will get this random item card for Persy Jackson and the Olympians! O_o Weird, huh?

    1. WOAH!!then, if u wait, u find yourself in counterfeit in the tunnel!!!and u dont even have the ticket!

    2. OMG Purple Paw! I just tried that glitch out and it totally works! Great job! You should really go to the “cool stuff” feature of the PHB and submit your glitch there. 😉 IW if you could do that with any gender or age…

    1. ohhh membership ohhh membership what would i ever do with out you ohhh membership ohhh membership what would i ever do with out you you make me get free stuff and make other people pay up ohhh membership ohhh membership what would i ever do with out you.

      thats my song

  2. Any more of this membership and I’m going to sue the creators… unless that money is honestly in Haiti… yes, I am not going to stop talking about how much I want them to help out Haitians…

      1. Sorry… I just don’t like the idea of paying games so you can have more fun on them… I mean, I’m already playing–what more could they want? This is just my opinion, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone with it.

    1. Good point Nw,this money better go to Haiti,and if those crazy creators just keep it to like be rich or something like that,SUE THEM.

      Smockers: Um, no offense, but the creators NEVER promised to donate to Haiti. You can’t sue them…? That would be like saying, “Obama better make a Free Cheese Law where you get cheese for free every day, and if he doesn’t then IMMA SUE HIM!”

      1. You do realize these guys need money to keep Poptropica up and running, right? If a business gave all the money they make to charities, they would go out of business.

      2. Serious Fox, If they didnt make the membership poptropica could go out of buisness because they need money to keep poptropica running.

    2. In my opinion, the membership was a GREAT idea. I mean its NOTHING like Club Penguin. Even though I like Club Penguin. Anyways, Poptropica is very smart to put the memberships on the site.

      1. silverwolf1, I agree with you. Well, halfway. I know that the fact that you purchase the gold cards and costumes just for it to go away after your membership expires. But, the point of membership for me is basically just getting Early Access for free. 🙂

      2. In MY opinion, membership is HORRIBLE. Its WORSE than Club Penguin membership. You just lose your items when it expires.


      3. and its kinda unfair too. nonmembers can’t access islands early. 😦

        Hijuyo: The deal is – you pay for membership, you get early island access; you don’t pay, you don’t get it. That’s not ‘unfair’. 😉

      4. serious fox, Thats the whole point of a membership. To have an advantage. There would be no point to the membership if they still let non-members get Early Access.

      5. Btw,i think Cp DOES let you keep ur items because once on Cp i saw a nonmember say he USED to be a member and he had member stuff on. No offense.

        Smockers: I’ve had membership for 3+ years. I think I know what I’m talking about when you DO NOT GET TO KEEP YOUR MEMBER ITEMS. I JOINED CLUB PENGUIN SEPTEMBER 2006. GAWSH. >:O The only logical explanation for your described situation is that he got the items from one of the Treasure Books with a Coin Code.

    3. The Poptropica Creators don’t have to donate to Haiti or other charities. However, if they make more than enough money off Poptropica, we do suggest that they at least make some use of that and give to those who are less fortunate. 🙂

      The Creators are the ones in control of the game, and if they want to charge money for extra benefits as a way of keeping Poptropica running, then it’s their choice. Every player probably has their own opinion about whether it’s worth buying membership/credits, and if they don’t want to pay for the added benefits, no one will force them to. Poptropica itself is still available for free. 😀

      (Personally, we think Poptropica membership isn’t worth our money… but if you disagree, that’s fine.)

  3. great post smockers. but i have one question. how did you get your poptropicans eyes to close like that?

    Smockers: I used the MAP (Make A Poptropican) tool made by Coderkid/Motionman.

    1. I also have a question Smockers- Where did that ghost behind you come from? Was it the MAP tool as well? Or was there some new gadget I didn’t know about?

      Hijuyo: You can get the ghost from the Poptropica Store. The item is called the Spooky Follower Pack. 😉

    1. i tried it and it worked, interesting… i wonder why there is a default Undefined folder when on Haunted House. Maybe its because haunted house isn’t an item, and a folder was never made…. Its just interesting…

  4. I’m evil. When I was reading that thing about voting I saw the thing that said that such and such was losing to Webkinz (I have one) so I went to the website and voted for Webkinz. Just to be evil.
    But Poptropica is way cooler.

    1. In my opinion I think that Club Penguin should get some respect! Well, there is no Poptropica on the voting list so I chose Club Penguin. Yes, I have a membership on Club Penguin also.

    2. I know, who wants to go out and buy a toy just to play a game that you might not like. Webkinz is just a site that cheats you from your valuable money. Now, I never tryed out the site, but my brother did and he said it was a waste of time.

      1. i know,
        after a year you can NEVER use it again its a waste of money poptropica is wayy better.but im upset that the nonmembers cant buy the early acess pass 4 reality island 😦

      1. Depends. If they meant “touch” by hand, then you could eat. But if they meant “touch”, as if any part part of your body counts, then you probably couldn’t eat. If it’s the hands one than you just have golden forks and spoons and knives. 😀

    1. Could Poptropica People wear Snowshoes? I have read that if you don’t know how to walk in Snow Shoes.. you waddle.
      Or maybe there is a duck costume coming?
      I have never worn Snowshoes, because I live in Kansas,USA.

    1. if poptropica doesn’t do membership or sell stuff, they’d lose money and couldn’t keep up the site and they’d shut down. cp. went to far buy not giving anything to non-members. we can still but stuff just members get it for free. no diff.

  5. I believe there is only one good thing about the membership, and that thing is early island access. Because once your membership is up, you lose all of the gold cards you got for free. I know the Creators must have some good reason, but still you SHOULD get to keep your gold cards. Please correct me if I’m wrong, or if you have a different opinion from a membership buyer’s perspective.

  6. Your lucky Smockers.I don’t have membership,but you do,so your lucky. 😥 😥 😥 😥 no offense, really,but it makes me more mad at the Creators.And guess what they did. THEY PUT AN AD ABOUT MEMBERSHIP IN POPTROPICA!!! What did they do that for,to make us nonmembers feel bad and buy membership? Well it makes me feel 😡 and 👿 ! No offense. 🙂

    Smockers: Club Penguin does the exact same thing… Once you’re close to having your membership expired, they spam your mail with a thousand letters saying, “OH YOUR MEMBERSHIP RUNS OUT IN __ DAYS, YOU SHOULD RENEW IT!”

    1. Well at least it doesn’t bother nonmembers if it appears in your mail. I miss when the creators didn’t make membership. And if they want money, why can’t they put like, bonus items or something thats only for members?

      Hijuyo: They could, but the idea may not be as efficient for earning money. 😛

  7. I have a question about membership. If you complete an island during the early access period, and your membership expires, will you lose all of the items on that island? I’m guessing no, because you still work hard on it, but you lose your store items when your membership expires, so, I just wanted to know.

    Hijuyo: Probably not. If your membership expires, you lose all the gold cards you gained for free with membership, but that’s probably all you lose. 😉

  8. hey did any of you guys see obtained Percy Jackson quiz cause that is a greek mythology book series and there just happens to be a greaak island coming out probably later this year? (by the way the movie of the 1st one came out this week and it was AWESOME!!!!!!

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