EMERGENCY! Oh wait, it’s just 911.

In just about a week, Valentine’s Day – February 14th – will come by. But you don’t have to wait to show your love for the Poptropica Help Blog! All you have to do to show your appreciation right now is…

Stop by for Issue #9!

…and check out the amazing talent that Poptropicans all over the planet have put out there for the rest of our community. Awesome. 😛

Our ‘Poptropica Poll’ widget to the right side has been updated! The current question asks, ”What do you think of Poptropica’s membership?” (Now’s your chance to let the Poptropica Creators know just what you think of this major game update!)

January 2010’s poll question read, ”How long have you been playing Poptropica?” Here are the results:

Option | Votes | Percentage
2+ years – Experienced | 1,264 | 47%
Almost 2 years! | 420 |
Almost a year! | 281 |
2 – 5 months | 168 |
12 – 15 months | 167 |
16 – 19 months | 114 |
6 – 9 months | 100 |
Just Joined Recently – Newbie | 93 |
Less than a month. | 76 |

Wow, looks like the vast majority of us are old-timers here! According to the poll, around half of those who voted have been around Poptropica for over 2 years. Nice. 🙂

Live. Laugh. Love.
Because life is cheesy!

37 thoughts on “EMERGENCY! Oh wait, it’s just 911.”

    1. Happy Abe Lincoln day!That’s the real holiday today!(to those who celebrate it, Happy V-day)*burns down log cabin into cheese*

    1. Speaking of updates, you know about the golden touch in 2008? You can get in the Poptropica store now! Be careful Midas* , you don’t want that again.

      *Isn’t it weird that I’m reading the book now?

  1. I’ve already got something planned for Valentine’s day… ^.^ Not telling though. 😛

    The 911 is awesome, and sorry to all of you guys for taking all that cheese at the end of it… xP

      1. Meh, I have 46 or 45… I forget xD but like three are really special…

  2. Sorry for the off-topic-ness, but I can’t access my winners’ account. All of the passwords are the same, and neither Brave Hero nor I can access our accounts with the passwords Coderkid sent us. To Coderkid- is there a possibility that 1) you misspelled the pass/user, 2) you had Caps Lock on when you made the accounts, or 3) someone hacked the accounts, knowing the passwords were all the same? Please try to help soon! We are eager to access our prize accounts. 😉

  3. Valentines day reminds me not to have any contact with the girl at school who likes me. Mainly cause she broke her brother’s leg for no reason….And he’s a teenager… 😐

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