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Good news – RTV. Bad news – Membership.

Why hello there, fans of Poptropica! Neat Whale posting about one of the best–and worst–things that have ever happened on Poptropica… And yes, the worst part IS the worst thing that ever happened. Don’t deny it when I tell you… now, today the PHB got an e-mail from the Creators, announcing this:

Our newest island, Reality TV Island, premieres on Poptropica on Wednesday, February 24!

Join the quest to star in a reality television show and compete with other television-obsessed contestants to win a spot on the hit TV show Reality Island.

-The Poptropica Creators

Play next WEDNESDAY—For Members Only!

Early island access is available exclusively with Poptropica membership. Be among the first to compete for fame on Reality TV Island—become a member today!

Please note: Early access to islands is now only available with membership, and cannot be purchased with credits. Reality TV Island will be open to all on March 24, 2010.

Can’t you see why I’m really mad at the Creators now? I mean, seriously… ONE MONTH LATER?! Ridonkulous! (That means ridiculous to a very, very high level.) Again, if you don’t mind, can we throw an angry mod here? Please? Please? No? Aw, c’mon, you guys are no fun… can’t we at least just kill the Creators? Seriously, yeah, you guys ARE no fun… -_-

Anyway, GAH!! OMIGAWD!!! RTV, PEOPLE!!! The fame! The TV! The Hippie Men! The pop singer girls with nasty attitudes! But mostly, the Island we’ve been waiting for for… uh… let’s see now… erg… testing. Testing. Testing. Tesssssting! TESTING. **Excuse me, NW is busy trying to figure out when the hev the Creators said they were going to make RTV. Please enjoy this snazzy ringtone while you wait.** AHA SEPTEMBER 24, 2008! Jeez Creators, that was totally annoying… Don’t do this on the next Island, will yah? XD At least it’s gonna be out now though… wooohooo! Oh, and yeah… Guess that means your Hippie Man will be ready in a week, Smockers. 🙂

Well, I guess there’s nothing left to say, so I’m just gonna say bye to you guys… later, peeps!

~Neat Whale

203 thoughts on “Good news – RTV. Bad news – Membership.”

      1. Wow. Great just great. Why a month longer. How dare they torture those of us without membership. As Mighty fox said, Why waste your money on islands? Come on!! ❗

      2. I agree with Neat Whale. The creators have gone mad. Why the heck would they make MEMBERSHIP for islands, early acsess is ok but now MEMBERSHIP for islands people ages 6-15 or older wanna play! Lets face the facts the creators have lost it. Like Neat Whale said : creators please dont do this for the next island. 😦

    1. awww…you guys dont like membership..well then,may Ares,god of war,drive you mad until you`re on the brink of getting membership,on real thought,may he make you get membership.*sigh*Besides,membership is worth it!IT IS!i am serious guys!

      1. Well… I don’t think membership is very important in this game. It doesn’t do too much. And if your impatient; I’m sorry; time passes at the same rate everywhere with the exception of certain areas in outer space. Also, just think to yourself that in only a matter of time the island will come out and when you finish you will look back at that time and go like ‘Woah… that was a long time ago…’

      2. Let’s protest! YEAH! *quikly makes sign that says, “REALITY OUT NOW!” and chants, “No more membership! Do away with membership!” and then passes out from exhaustion*
        Phew. I think that’s the longest *in stars thingy* I’ve ever done.

      3. If there are no more creators, Coderkid will probably hack into poptropica and make islands!

        The creators have gone TOO FAR! Money for islands? Poptropica began as an educational website for kids. Now it’s just like every other website: It’s money-hungry. With all these websites that we have to pay for, nothing on the internet will be free again! Eventually, everyone will become mindless robots wasting money on this junk.

        TOO FAR. TOO FAR.

      4. Like Phantom says, membership doesn’t mean anything to the game. If you just play the island quests and don’t buy gadgets or costumes, it’s pretty cool without membership. Except the STUPID early island access!! Why can’t you just buy it with credits anymore?? Are the Creators so consumed with money??

  1. Well dosn’t this suck?! Now we Non-Members will have to suffer because other people get “First Class” in Poptropica. Ofcourse don’t take it seriously because this is another way for creators to make you buy Membership. Don’t waste your money on that. Waste it on maybe… A cell phone? 😀

    1. Well, look, at least it’s not like in Disney, where non-members basically miss out on a lot, where they can buy nothing and do nothing really… Cheers.

  2. Where did you see that Reality TV Island is Coming Wensday?

    Hijuyo: We signed up for the e-mail from Poptropica to be notified when the next island would be ready. 😀

      1. I really don’t think killing the creators is worth it…*holds up peace sign*Please…can you creators put RTV for the public?*rifle falls from pocket*Uh….NOBODY SAW THAT!

      2. @ Coskit, I think Hijuyo has a spear now, which would be more useful, but WHY kill the creators in the first place??? Violence is NEVER the answer!

      3. ignore my last comment, just now, violence is the answer! I just realised what a PAIN membership is! I join rebellion!

    1. OK I give up! I shall join the rebellion, now, what shall I use? a flamethrower? no too obvious, a knight sword? no, too old, Robot gun? not supposed to be invented yet, SNOW gun, just plain werid, um hold on a sec I’ll get my weapon… 😉

      1. I shall assist in destroying the creators with…. my buddy the UFO and my ROCK GUITAR *smashes guitar to demonstrate how it works* see?! great weapon, huh?! *looks at smashed guitar awkwardly* oh well, theres plenty more where that came from!

    2. hey! at least the islands actually coming out. you are so impatient. i once had to wait a year before i could go on my dream trip and i did not complain. its just an island deal with.

      ps. if you ignored listen up…EMBRACE YOUR IPPIE MAN. NO VIOLENCE. thank you for your time

      1. i know,like,TOTALLY. i mean, buying credits isnt too bad,right. its really not bad at all. but membership is ridiculous.oops i mean ridonkulous. anyway, i always thought the creators were really cool for having a free,educational website for kids. like a couple years ago(4 to be exact) i used to play on Barbie Girls. okay, okay STOP LAUGHING!!! i was immature. i realized that it was useless without buying the membership,but i still played it, longing for the membership. then i realized it was pointless to still play that stupid game. that was why i was thrilled to play poptropica. but the creators ruined it. now me is sad. 😥 *sighs* it just goes to show, nothing free ever lasts

      2. I used to play on that site too… 3 years ago. I actually bought the membership… STOP LAUGHING at me, everybody! I was 6 years old, gimme a break.

      1. ive got my bow and a quiver full of arrows, and my bumblebee friend, and my microphone. KILL KILL KILL !!!

  3. Awesome YAY Im gonna get membership before the 24th so YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kill the creators? That’s kinda harsh, Neat Whale. Well, it’s up to you! (LOL 😉 )

    Neat Whale: But they deserve it… 😦

  5. I always hated the membership idea in the first place and look what the creators are doing now!! Imagine what the creators are gonna do next!!

    1. ok. if creators don’t do this stuff, they cant keep the site up. and besides non members still get clothes and get to do islands. just think of cp. all members got to do was play i the only person on poptropica’s side?

    2. Perfect Octopus, that IS true. But remember– Membership isn’t the only way they get money. They get money by advertising products, people buying credits, people buying wallpaper, t-shirts and more stuff! Membership is only upsetting us because it’s another way for the creators to make money for themselves. True, everyone needs a living, but why get greedy? Put yourself in our shoes.

  6. i got membership! ha! XD JK, i saved up some loot and bought it 2 weeks ago. its worth it i guess, along with being able to buy every single store item for free. (yes, i got all of them!) rtv here i frikin come!

  7. This has me somewhat worried…I mean, the Creators are talking about releasing RTV to Membership only people, but that’d be easy to hack. Which has me worried about how they might have fixed it…

    If they don’t, then weeeeee yay.

  8. 😡 😡 This is only good news for people with membership. CREATORS WHAT MADE YOU HAVE THE IDEA TO OPEN IT TO ALL ON MARCH 24! You were SUPPOSED to open it in 2009! What are you LAZY? *hits creators on back and knocks out creators and removes membership and makes RTV come out tomorrow* and another thing, 👿 first you put that awful membership, next you make it come out for members sooner,and it’s in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time for us NONMEMBERS to get access! And then…. if you open it for the members…. then… that means that you have already made it…. And we NONMEMBERS can’t see it! that is SOOOO NOT FAIR!!!!!!

    1. Nonmembers are getting so many unfair advantages, what next take away the store for us nonmembers give all the other members little medals cause they pay you MONEY!????!!!!!??! maybe we just can’t pay, maybe our parental figures won’t let us, MAYBE WE ARE PUTTING ALL OUR SAVINGS INTO OUR COLLEGE FUNDS!!!!!!

      1. Stop Fighting!

        I know that the creators are a bit mean to non-members but still we shouldn’t fight about it.

      2. Giant Hawk, and yes! I just love those books! I aso thought it was kinda funny because the creator of Poptropica is Jeff Kinney, I didn’t mean to offend you if I did. P.S. I like your gravatar. ALOT XD

  9. I’ve contacted the creators to discuss this matter. Maybe I should’ve mentioned I do graphix,Flash and HTML coding. Maybe that would’ve made them think they’d better respond.. or else *evil smile* xD

      1. They care about us! But with the people they have to pay, and books to publish, and to keep POPTROPICA UP AND RUNNING (sorry for the caps) they need money! It’s not free, and before, they weren’t making much.

      1. I’m talking about fairness of membership, not hacking. I know that! They would DEFIDENTLY not like that!

  10. You know what would be really cool yet probably won’t happen EVER? What if Membership was free? The day that happens is the day I . . . I don’t know what I’ll do. But something good for sure!

    1. ‘Tis Greek or Roman. But looking at previous posts; I say Greek. Not Chinese… Just because it says fish doesn’t mean Chinese… -.-“

      1. What?! Fish doesn’t mean Chinese! That’s definitely a Greek-style script. And there’s an upcoming island which is Greek-myth-themed. So yeah.

  11. Why must membership be the only way to play the awesomeness that is RTV? Soon credits will be worthless and Poptropica will make you pay to play some islands and buy stuff from the store… like how clubpenguin turned out.

    1. I don’t play Club Penguin much anymore. I’ve found it’s really no fun AT ALL. I think it’s totally uncool and unfair how pretty much EVERYTHING (and I’m not exagerating((pardon my spelling)) ) is open to members only. Whoever has CP knows what I’m talking about.
      *claps twice and disapears in a cloud of pink smoke*

      1. i know! isnt smockers so funny? woop go fish nuggets!!! hahahahahaha dont you guys just love him?

  12. Come on guys, how bad can membership be? I mean look; time will always pass at the exact same rate. Even though the rotation of the Earth is increasing, our time is the same. One second will be one second, two minutes will be two minutes. And two months; will always be two months. Unless you invent a time machine. Chances are; very unlikely. Or you travel to one of those special places in space; but the creators won’t travel there and the clocks they carry won’t change.
    If you just think to yourself; ‘If I just wait… The wait will be over and then I’ll be playing. And then I’ll look back and be like, WOAH THAT’S A LONG TIME…’ That’s what always happens to me.
    Also, if you really would like to hack, I wouldn’t recommend it. First of all, if you hack successfully and the creators find out, the island will be ‘closed’ again. If they don’t find out, well huzzah for you. But since I’m assuming you’re doing this for the ‘welfare of the players’, you’re probably going to post it on the blog in which the creators will read it and either; a) ‘close the island’ b) some how delete accounts (really unlikely) or something else. So I don’t really think it’s worth hacking.
    Yay! Let’s see all the angry comments follow :DD

    1. Oh yes; and another thing. Hosting Poptropica costs money. And I guess no one bought that many credits, so they didn’t make that much, in which they had to unfortunately lessen the things you could do so that they could make membership in hope that they could get some money.
      No money for Poptropica; no Poptropica. Also, I don’t think I see a donate button anywhere on the blog or the site…

    2. Creators can’t delete accounts. Poptropica keeps no records of it’s users (i.e. usernames. This means that if you forget your username, you can’t get it back).

  13. I saw the post, and, “OH.. MY POPTROPICA!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!” (sorry for caps, but i’m so excited!) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  14. I wonder what the creators would think if they read all these posts. 😀 But I agree. DOWN WITH MEMBERSHIP!!! Remember, it was supposed to come out in Summer of 2009!!! Now it’s almost SPRING 2010!!! (well, kinda).

  15. I know membership is unfair and you have to pay $3 per month, but on Club Penguin, you have to pay double!! Not only Poptropica is unfair, but so is Club Penguin! (So I stopped playing.)

  16. I have membership and I am so excited! But I agree the creators are being unreasonable! @8 days!!! Wow. They are doing this to get money and put it toward improving the website we all love! You know what I mean?!

  17. Like Phantom said, you should have a donate button so they wouldn’t have to limit your Poptropica access. The free-ness is one of the reasons I go on it. Membership?!?

  18. It’s not fair that non-members have to wait a month longer then members. Totally cheap! 😦 Not fair I so agree we should start a angry mob on the creators:)

      1. I know, I said it like a MILLION times! Okay, maybe not a millio times but you know what I mean. They really need the money! Jeff himself needs to pay his fellow workers, keep Poptropica up and running, write his books and get them published, (he’s on the last one by the way 😉 )and much more!

      2. Blueshield you don’t understand. If you are a member you probably don’t understand that THE CREATORS OPENED REALITY TV BUT ONLY MEMBERS CAN ACCESS IT and nonmembers can get to it in like, A MONTH!

      3. I’m a member, and one of the reasons I understand is this:
        I forgot to save the pizza box on RTV before it was gone, so I wanted to go on another character with the costume collector and the Multiverse, get the pizza box, and then go to the new Poptropican’s Multiverse and get it (with the glitch that makes you look exactly like someone, with even the hand item), but then I realized I would have to wait A MONTH! UGHH!

  19. I’m very dissapointed.But I know that
    ”No money, no honey”.
    Some years ago,Poptropica was a completely free place to enjoy all its goodies!But it seems that the creators didn’t earn anything,so they came up with the store and now with the membership!

  20. This is messed up! I mean c’mon, how can the creators do this to us!? They’re just doing this to us because they want money. First they want you to buy credits, then they want you to buy a membership. And the thing that also sucks is that you can’t buy the Early Access passes with credits. You can only buy them with a membership.

  21. You are right! One month later? Even if my poptropican has membership(which he does)my other poptropicans wouldn’t be able to go! 👿

  22. I’M MAD!!!! I never wanted membership that just gives more unfiar atvantages because us non-members didn’t want to pay or couldn’t pay because of the econemy or because their parents won’t pay money for that kind of stuff!!!!!

      1. Jeff has to pay his fellow workers, pay to keep up Poptropica, and it’s costing much more nowadays then in 2007!

  23. im going to get my dads rifle in the military and his big navy ship so lets start the war and lets tell people to conate (or rob) the poptropica money and if we fail, just try and hope someone will hack it or even better start the revoulutionary war!!!!!! now lets start this war! CHARGE!!! 😀

      1. yeah im joking i dont even kno how to drive a ship! 😉 at leaast ive got my bow and arrowes for battle!

  24. I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! How much more MAD can the creators get?!
    Seriously, my friend Jessica told me a new isand came out today.
    I went on this blog,(And what do I find!!??) and found out it only for poptropicans with membership.
    A month. A MOUNTH!
    I am very angry. 😦 😦 😦

  25. First for TV reality island you go to the TV satellite and change channel. Then you see the 123 Avnue and then go to mike’s
    supermarket and talk to the guy holding magazine. Then he drop magazine. Pick it up and inside there is a paper for in TV reality island. Then go to the motel office near the super market then get the cheap pen. And open the magazine. Call Pizza pete papa and you will order the small plain pizza.

    Deliever it to 4b room. then go out and talk to the pizza deliever and handle the pizza because she needs to watch tv at home.

    Go to 4b and give tha pizza the busky and then use the grand prize which is the stamp then write the paper with cheap pen and put it in post.

    next day you go on aeroplane and then your ready for contest show. if your voted off you have to start again. you need to be strong.

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