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Counterfeit Island is out NOW!

Counterfeit Island Guide by Super De Struguri:

Yes, the moment we have been waiting for… COUNTERFEIT ISLAND! (Except you have to buy the early access pass to get in… :|) The Early Access Pass to CI is now out in the Poptropica Store, for a bit pricey amount of 500 credits.  Thanks, Super De Struguri!

Even though you get 200 credits for completing it in the Early Access period, you still end up losing 300 credits. xD But for some people it might be worth it to play it early.  😛

Counterfeit Island will be available to the public in January 2010, as the Poptropica Creator Dr. Hare has stated in his post:

Poptropica’s Newest Island is Now Available!

Can you foil the thief who is out to steal some of the world’s most famous artwork? Be among the first to explore and solve the mystery plaguing Counterfeit Island!

You can play right now with the Early Access Pass! It’s available in the Poptropica Store for 500 credits. Ask a parent to buy credits or earn them by solving other islands.

We’re offering 200 FREE CREDITS to Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period.

Counterfeit Island will be available to the public in January 2010. For those of you expecting Reality TV Island…Stay tuned. And don’t forget to sign up for the next island release alert.

Some of the world’s most famous artwork is on display at the island’s museum, but rumor has it someone’s out to steal it. Can you explore the dark and dangerous side of Counterfeit Island and save the day in this crackling canvas caper?

So, those of you who have the credits and can’t fight the irresistible urge to buy the Early Access Pass, go ahead and buy it!  I can’t, sadly, because my mom won’t buy any credits for me. T_T =P Oh wellz… I guess I can wait until January…. or I can go to another account and do it! YESH! 😀

Well, I’m gonna go and search through my huge list of poptopica accounts that have credits, so I’m ending this post.  Have fun on Counterfeit Island, everyone!

EDIT: I’m on Counterfeit Island on one of my other accounts, and it’s awesome. 😀 It turns out it is a somewhat French-themed island, because one of the characters actually said Bonjour! 😛 Here is a screenshot of the island:

This is what it looks like on the map when you unlock the island:


163 thoughts on “Counterfeit Island is out NOW!”

      1. Yeah I’m not surprised that doesn’t work, it stopped working a few days after it was found. The creators are watching *-*

      2. i figured out a glitch that lets you play counterfeit island without a pass, but it involves buying the pass on at least one account, and creating a new player. and if the creators really are watching, i’d rather not reveal it, because theyed probably make it stop working.

  1. I bought it! I’m at the most suspenseful part, I’m in the bad guy’s hideout!
    The Creators said that RTV is coming out.
    The pass costs 500 credits and you get 200 credits, total for finishing.

      1. Have you started yet? I’m done.
        Anyone that needs help, tell me! Just remember to tell me what part you are at so I can help you.

    1. Okay go to the docks, talk to the man near the tunnel. Go inside, then go a little left, then go north to a little device. if you have all the pieces of paper,(they are on buildings and in a cave.) Copy and solve the little device paper. the entrance will open, run left try not to get caught. then go in the statue room. there will be lasers. Hide behind stuff. Then exit, go check the paitings ’till you get caught. Hope I helped!

  2. Being the idiot that I am, I spent all morning trying to get 500 credits on a new account…and then, after I finally get them all, I realize my Mom put 2000 credits on my main account last night. 😐

    So far, I’m not sure what to think of CI. All I can say is: This is hard.

    1. i wish my mom would do for now i- MUST……………..GET……………………COINS!!!

      1. Go through the tunnel until there is a blue dome and then climp up the light. There is a piece of paper there.
        Then go up the ladder and match the picture to the silver guy , exactly! and then press the skinny button.

    1. If you won already, can you tell me where to find the ticket to the tunnel for that guy that plays video games. And I got the little boy in the air. Do I have to get him down?

      Please help me…. I am LOST….

  3. 200 credits, not 300.

    GS: Actually it is 300 credits in total because you get the 200 credits EXTRA with the regular 100 credits. 😉 I could see how you would get mixed up though.

  4. First you need to give the french boy on the country side a green balloon and then go to the internet cafe and tell the guy you have the tickets he lost

  5. you have to give the little boy in the country side a green balloon (from the clown store) and then you have to go to the internet cafe and give the guy in there your tickets and then he gives you one of them back and you can go in the tunnel

  6. Wow, you guys are so ahead of me! xD I’m still stuck at that stupid rebound game. D:< My highest score was only 361, and I still can't beat it!

    1. Wow, I FAILEDZ BIG-TIME. The game has nothing to do with the island, and I just noticed that after 2 hours. -_-

      1. Don’t worry, I know how you feel… once when I was playing a video game, I realized that a coustume Mark (my friend) and I spent like an hour trying to get wasn’t needed… 😐

        But then, we still got it xD

      2. I know!! I was SO mad when I figured that out. I got 131 for a score, and I was thinking, “HOW HIGH DO I HAVE TO GO????”

        And WHAT does that little balloon boy have to do with the story line? Is it just a joke? What does it have to do with the plot? It doesn’t! You don’t even get the boy down! Weird…

  7. i am new to this site, but it is REALLY cool! i finished all of the islands including counterfeit!
    Poptropican name: Golden Scorpion

  8. did you give a balloon to the boy in the country side? if you didn’t go into the clown shop and get one for him, he’ll fly away.
    Then go to the cafe with all the computers and talk to the guy in there, the tickets are his and he will give you one.

    1. To use the “black widow” card you go to early poptropica and talk to the curator in the museum and she’ll give you a key to the country-side house and when you unlock it, go in then go upstairs and you can see a painting and you can see a little peel on the top-right corner click on it and that is the SCREAM!!! and the lights go out and you get tied up in the chair with that guy from last night and he is tied up too and the black widow BRB’s (which stands for “be right back”) then the guy tries to tell you to scoot up and if you fall you have to try again. and if you did it go straight to the door and watch out for the black widow guards (its a little hard but i passed it once 😐 ) then if your on the top floor use your card for the scanner. (tell you about the final boss later)

      1. That’s so funny that you have to go to Early Poptropica when you are trying to finish a different island! my siblings and I were like, “WHAT?”

      1. Theyre in the garbage next to the person to give the tour. Next to the one where he says theres a smell coming out of it or along those lines.

  9. Hey, guess what?

    On 24 carrot island, when the cat is following you, if you jump, the cat blinks on and off. I think only in the town??? Test

  10. By the way, you should put more pictures… Personally, though, I’ll be on vacation for the next few days, so I don’t have the time to worry about not playing it… And my school holiday is long enough to catch when it does come out.

  11. By “those expecting Reality TV island”,he is refferig to us…He has been spying on us…We know your plans,Dr.Hare!

  12. First talk to people then go downtown and get a green balloon. there will be one trash can: get the trash out and the will be tickets. Go to countryside and give the green balloon to the crying boy. he will float in to the sky. Go to the internet cafe, and give the tickets to the person in there. then go downtown and take a tour. inside go far left, there will be a chain: go down it. then go through the exit. there will be a spy/detective he says you’re the only hope in protecting the you know what… sorry but this is the part im on right now.. sorry i will post as soon as im finished.

    1. okay part two oh and get the four monster peices… go in the meuseum and talk and apply for the job. he says some “joker” put the paintings in the wrong places he says put them correctly. sorry i cant show you how, and it is hard so i just say do your best! then talk to the guy up north. he hires you go in the room behind you. talk to him then choose a station. 1: X-ray device test one. read the directions and do it. it is preety easy. just put the device at the right on each painting if it shows something then it’s real if it does not the it is counterfeited. you have to examine all of them then choose at the bottom.test two: is so easy just put the magnifying glass on the middle painting on the bottom right corner…actually on all of them.test 3:scroll up north to the moon click around it till its a sucsess.your done! not really.. you go to station two and start.test 1: you have to click the paint samples and at the top click the right chemical depending on the color of each box. it isnt that hard .. just annoying. two will fail one will pass . now you’re done for real. now go to the supply room. which is in the security room. go left a little in the security office. talk to the guard. then go right to the computer. leave now use the key to the supply room all the way left get the slip of paper. then leave the meuseum. it will be night now i dont know any island that has night and day! go to the docks, talk to the spy he opened the gate so move it in there! i guess you go out now and to the tour place, before you do that go in the middle there is a light bulb climb up it and get the slip of should have all of them now. now go left where a little device is and solve and copy it. then press the up button on the device. then go up. you will be in the supply room now:creepy. now this is tricky try to make the lady not see you. then go to the statue room avoid the lasers hide behind statues. exit then it gets really creepy and scary. go north search all paintings and then on one of them you will be caught! you will be at the police station now and you have to answer questions : just do it in any order or way just do it sensibly. then she claims you innocent . and says to meet you at the meuseum. okay go there,to the security room. okay the s. person is missing go to the clown place he will be there. he will give you his time card. back to the security room. go to the computer and you recognize the theif of course its the evil spy! now the lady says show the pic., around town.well do it. to be contiued…

      1. Part 3: Now show the pic., to the mimes.(If you don’t know what they are, they are just making emotions near the clown shop). they make music signs which means the evil spy is at the music jam. go there he’s on the stage. he’ll make a run for it chase him out and you’ll automaticlly ride on your scooter. chase him and avoid obstacles. after that he will get off and steal a boat. he will drop a key card -get it. then go to the meuseum and there will be a package for you . go to your items and use it. use the hand lenses to figure out the message but ill just tell you it says: meet me at early poptropica island meuseum. signed the curator. wait there hasn’t been an island that was related to another one! somethings up. get to early pop., meuseum as fast as possible. the curator will be on the bottom left of the room. she will give you a key and says to be very careful. that someone you trust is watching you very closely! thats so creepy and weird. she says tell no one. go back to c. island and talk to the painter. then go to the countryside and use the key on the locked house. go up to the painting click the peeled part then someone turned out the lights! now you’ll get thumped, wacked, and powed! Now in the deaphs of the earth you’ll be tied up! so the person who was a security working at the meuseum was the thief because you just found that out shes the Black Widow! The thief . the man who was a thief was betrayed by the black widow. now lean over to him it may be hard but it wont take long. now you’ll be untied! now you have to team up with him. go to the right and enter the cave. you’ll be in another room. now go to the top floor. avoid the guards. then go to higher ground. there will be a key card scanner use your key card. the door will open. go inside of course. then go a little farther into another room. then she gets mad and starts to throw the art down. this is hard. okay catch it every four catches she gets mad which gives you time to crank the lever on the machine. sometimes she throws bombs so avoid them . to crank the lever just hold and spin it around. this may take awhile when you get your partner up there he will knock her out. Case closed. the curator says meet her at the meuseum go right. she will reaveal some stuff i dont wnt to spoil it though. anyways you beat counterfeit island. and you got 200 free credits! go shopping. The End.

      2. What is the puzzle look like?Because my guy says playing with it is pointless.WHAT DO I DO?

      3. You have to collect the little pieces of paper all over town, and they make the puzzle picture, with the code on it.

      4. the puzzle looks like a dragon from the sneak peek on the blog. And mabye your guy says that because you didn’t collect the slips of paper. most of them are on top of buildings and the other one is in the cave ruins. hope i helped!

      5. If you have the whole paper, do your best to make an exact match by pulling out the things (horns, beard, etc.) if you get it right press the button you will go up and be in the supply closet unlock it and go out, carefully cross the security office, in the statue room, hide behind plants and statues to escape the lazers, go to “The Scream” click on it you will jump on the light and the nxt morning you wil be in jail take the “lie test” if you pass you will go on by using the guie hope that helps!!!

      6. No, that means that you have it wrong. Make sure everything is EXACT. Check if anything is overlapping or anything

  13. i made a new one and it takes place in france i was the first one to start the idea about france and the solen art pieces and most of you guys thought it was stupid so ha ha and oh ya ha

    1. My early pass does not work! I purchase it, go to the blimp like it says to, and it’s not there! Help! 😦 I know! I’ll call the Poptopica 911!

  14. In order to get in the early pass u hav to buy more credits. Some people can not afford it. I wish the ticket could cost a little bit lower.

  15. Hey I’m supposedly supposed to find the thief tonight, but I didn’t finish the picture! Does anybody know where the top right piece is?

  16. I finished Counterfeit and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! i personally think that master mime would have been a cooler villain than the black widow though………..

  17. HAHA! I won! I did it! With No Help at All!! HAHA I rule!! (and yes I did make a new account for it. now I have five accounts) I am sooo smiley happy and now it is my bed time. 😀 😀 🙂

  18. I beat it! It didn’t take that long either. With no help at all!!! anyways, greatest island on Poptropica! no conparison.

    1. I know! Its the only island you have to go to another island to beat. The creators didn’t make us wait long for it to come out either. Maybe RTV was a decoy while they worked on the coolest island. I wonder what’s coming out next. It’ll be hard to top.

      1. i think a know the creators plan: They made astro-knights then they were gonna make RTV then they deiced to another island which is even cooler then RTV so they make C.I to keep us busy and excited then they released it.And now we wait for Reality TV island.

        ~Noisy Fish

      2. No Noisy Fish. It’s a good explanation but thats not how it is. They were making RTV before Astro Knights but just before it was finished the launch of multiverse on the store meaned they had to start it again from scratch. Now RTV was 0%, AK 50% and Counterfeit island 15%. This is just beacasue they had to start again on RTV. If they had waited for RTV to be realeased to realease the multiverse rooms, it would be up now (but we all make mistakes! 😉 )

    1. Climb up to the top level (try climb up the chimney) then look at the painting up there, have a look at the top right corner of it, and you’ll soon figure the rest out. 😉

  19. there’s some problems with ci, one, there isn’t enough poptropicans on it, you’ll notice it when you get lonely, two, the crepe was changed to a translator, the secret ingredient was changed to supply room key, three, not enough territory, and four, i’m just dissapointed. i loved the plot and evrything but it just feel wrong. i think the creators should edit a bit.

      1. guys did anyone notice that yr spendin 500 credits and they only givin u 200 thats unfair the point is your losin yr credits

        Hijuyo: Some people think it’s worth the 300 credits to play the island earlier, but if you don’t agree, it’s fine because we can wait until January 2010 when it is released to the public for free. 😉

      2. That’s why I have what feels like a million accounts, so that I can buy these kind of things and not loose anything on my good accounts.

      3. It’s released to the public for free on the day school starts,that’s why some people [especially older people who will be VERY busy once school starts]think it’s worth the 300 credits.

  20. Has anyone noticed that not all of the spoiler cards were used in the quest…. like that ingriedient and the watch, and that the pet store owner wasn’t used either! Maybe they will be parts of RTV!

    Hijuyo: Maybe; it depends on the background pattern of the item card. If an item card has magnifying glasses in the background, it belongs to Counterfeit Island.

    1. But the watch and the salt have magnifying glasses too?

      Hijuyo: They didn’t appear during Counterfeit Island, so maybe those items were just unused ideas. :/

  21. For those of you who are having trouble with Counterfeit Island, introducing….
    The over the shoulder-
    Oh wait. *reads script* Oh ok. Start over.

    The COUNTERFEIT ISLAND GUIDE! It’s what you’ve been wanting to solve your troubles! Credit to Super De Struguri. It’s a great guide! Now available at the PHF!

    Nice post, GS!

    1. I don’t know, it was kinda funny. I think the creators took it off the balloon boy in the real news where everybody thought he was inside the balloon when yet he was in the attic hiding.

    1. Well, that happened to me yesterday when I was beating the islands for the pass. Try going back a few steps in the island and they should give you the credits. Hope it helped!

  22. THis is for people that won the beard contest. Ive you want to see a beard, you can find them at random locations around poptropica.

    Option 1: Old islander on Shark Tooth (the one that gives you the medalliuon)

    Option 3: Police Man

    Option 5: Also on time tangled, you can just see it on the watch at 1882 AD

    Beards not in contest: Most of these are also on the TT watch. During the viking time, in 1516 AD, and at the bottom of the watch which is the Great Wall of China.

    I am currently searching for more, so I will update you if I find any.

  23. I’m a bit disappointed. There are holes in the story line, despite all the fun action. At the end some people disappeared. What happened to: The Black Widow? That guy who betrayed you? They aren’t in prison! And that gamer, where is he? Although I did enjoy the main bits, which makes me want to restart the whole island!

    1. i know i even checked the black widow hide out and no body is ther i basically checked every where and those people are not there i hope maybe one day the creators fix it

  24. Oh my gosh this is definetly my favorite island I finished it all in 1 day!Some parts are tricky but if you watch the video of the sneak peeks it kinda gives you some help!Have fun!

  25. I thought it was hard but all it took was a little thought. I finished it. Yay! And by the way, GS, I won and I only got 200 credits. I can’t believe how easy it was when I used my head.

  26. It’s brutal that you don’t save that kid. WHAT COULD HIS MOMMY BE THINKING??!! Also, the mime couple. THEY WILL BE SEPARATED FOR ETERNITY!! Brutality, creators, brutality…. *shakes head*

  27. EVERYONE IS SO LUCKY TO HAVE THE EARLY PASS!! I wish I had it but I need the credits and my mom won’t buy me some! UGHH!

    1. I spent the whole day earning credits through the islands, I did Early Pop, Shark Tooth, 24 carrot, time tangled and Big Nate which were the easiest for me.

      1. Thanks for giving me a suggestion but at this point, I didn’t feel like making a new character and finishing islands.

  28. There are a couple flaws, but they can pass. The first one is that some characters disappear. Like the counterfeit worker, he never is seen again. An the black widow, she’s not even in a jail cell! And most importantly the balloon boy. He floated away and was on the news but now its like he never floated away! Anyway, this island is the BEST island there is on Poptropica. I mean c’mon, you get to travel to another island!

  29. The setting takes place in New Orleans, which is why there is a jazz cafe, a Louis Armtsrong demand, and people speak French.

    Hijuyo: It takes place on the planet of Poptropica. 😀

    1. Actually it takes place in France because in France scooters like that are used and in Paris there is and underground tunnel that run all through paris with skulls and skeletons of French soldiers and of course in CI people speak French

  30. Wait a minute, does this mean Reality TV Island hasn’t been canceled? “For those of you who are expecting Reality TV Island…stay tuned!”

  31. well i need help on the catch the theif part since i need to find the middle right piece of the picture. -posted by squeezy kid. also p.s that is a counterfeit name i put since im using that character to do counterfeit island.

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