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Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s archive of our magazines — formerly known as the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropican emergencies, and now known as POPCORN, the pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine! It’s a giant mixture of Poptropica stories, artwork, island ideas, and loads more. Enjoy! 😄🍿

Browse through the archives to read past issues by clicking on their publication date. Note: Pre-2016 covers were made retroactively.

Series 5 (2016)

Series 4 (2015–16)

Series 3 (2014)

Series 2 (2014)

Series 1 (2009–10)

How can I send in something for the PHB magazine?

Poptropica fun all the way!

These magazines are feature-packed with tons of Poptropica greatness! We’re not currently looking for submissions, but these are the kinds of things you can find in the magazines you can read above:

  • Stories: readers can submit their own Poptropica fanfiction/short stories
  • Island Ideas: readers submit their own ideas for islands they would like to see in the game
  • Easter Eggs: Poptropica tricks & secrets that maybe you didn’t know about
  • Fashion: What costumes and clothing styles are trending on Poptropica? Send in your costume ideas!
  • Fan Art: reader submissions of Poptropica-themed poems, comics, drawings, puzzles, computer graphics, songs, or other creative work

…and plenty more, all from the creative minds of our community members and compiled in each issue by fans, for fans! Have fun reading! 🥳


245 thoughts on “Magazines”

  1. Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
    Quiet! I’m busy listening to music!
    *groan* Hey! Hey Music Buddies!
    Oh, I forgot what I was gonna say.
    Well, that’s okay.
    Oh, oh yeah! Slim Slam!

  2. Location: Reality TV Island
    Hip Hop had many choices to dress for Halloween, so he put his head down. Suddenly, he had an idea. He can dress as a ghost to scare Jessie, but it was not funny to scare young kids. When Betty Brownie came up to him, she asked: “Hip Hop, you look upset. What’s the matter?” Hip Hop answered: “I have no idea what I am for Halloween.” Hip Hop thought of an idea. After that, he knew that superheroes are cool. So, back home, he left his shirt, jacket, and hat on, put on his cape and mask, and ran straight out the door.
    He called ALL his friends to come with him, they did, and they had fun.
    The End

    1. Location: A middle school in Reality TV Island

      The bell rang, but Hip Hop was still busy tying his shoes. Suddenly, someone came up to him, and you know that is Sarah Snooty. “Hurry up, slowpoke!” she shouted at him. Hip was mad, and he skipped tying his shoes and on the way, he tripped over his shoelaces! You should know that Hip was having a broken arm, so he crawled across the floor like a snake. Suddenly, someone came to him and that was Rickie Rock. She said: “Hip, why are you walking like that?” Hip looked as he was about to cry. “I tripped off my shoelaces and now this is what happened to my arn.” he said. So Rickie wanted to help him up, hold his hand, and help him to the classroom. But on the way, Hip fell down again. Rickie screamed for help, and then someone came, and it was Slim Slam, who saw Hip lying down on his back. Slim said: “Why is he lying down?” Rickie replied to him: “He broke his arm and now he cannot walk.” So Slim dicided to carry Hip to his desk in the classroom. After that, Hip felt hurt from tripping off his shoelaces, so he put his head down on his desk and tried to fall asleep.

      The End

      1. Just kidding. It’s not the end yet. Can someone complete this story for me?
        PS: Don’t delete this comment.

  3. There should be one or more of the following island themes:
    Legend of Zelda
    Alice in Wonderland
    Harry Potter

    Poptropica probably can’t get the rights to do the first three, so I’m leaning towards the last two

  4. Hi Friendly Fish I wanna ask you something.What is your name in poptropica? Beacause I wanna add YOU!!!!! 😀

    Slanted Fish: My username is slantedfish; my player name is Friendly Fish. 😛

  5. Sorry Friendly Fish..Well my little sis don’t know how to read but she know to type.And she used my name here, Icatlo1 but her real user is Betty.So sorry again… 🙂

  6. (Please don’t delete this comment)…
    Title: I Belive in Unicorns
    Once upon a time,there was a girl who named Perfect Sky.and her big sis 19 years old Golden Owl.”Okay the breads are in the toaster now…I will call Perfect Sky” said Perfect Sky’s Mom…”Oh your already awake.” “I woke up early to my unicorn research.” said Perfect Sky. “*yawns* Morning mom..” said Golden Owl “Morning Golden Owl.” said their mom.”I wonder what my sister is doing.” “Morning Golden Owl.” said Perfect Sky.”What are you doing Perfect Sky?” “Researching unicorns.Just look at my researches. ” I told you unicorns don’t exist.” ” I don’t care I will still research about unicorns.” “Whatever..” said Golden Owl and Perfect Sky.Perfect Sky went to the Science Fair School.”Wait for me!” said Perfect Sky to her classmate.”Are you joining to the contest?” ” Sorry Perfect Sky the teacher didn’t join me to the list.” said Red Lion.”Okay thanks” “Yw (Your welcome).” *After the Project* “Mom! Mom! My project is done! I can’t wait who will be announce tomorrow.” said Perfect Sky.”Really? Is it about unicorns?” said her mom.”Yes mom I will research about unicorns.” *After the research* Perfect Sky’s mom said “Dinner is ready!” *After the dinner* “Okay the dinner is done now its time for dessert.” *Later at the morning* “Ummmm…Are you sure I will wear this to the Science Fair Contest?” said Perfect Sky. ” Of course Perfect Sky you look adorable.” said her mom “Well…Okay…” said Perfect Sky.”Now time to go for Perfect Sky’s school…” “Mom I wish I am the winner” “I wish too Perfect Sky” said Perfect Sky and her mom.The teacher said “The winner of the science fair contest is…..PERFECT SKY!!!!” When they camp to the forest Golden Owl and Perfect Sky saw a horse with UNICORNS!!!!!!!

    The End

  7. Hi my name is Geethma I’m 9 . My talent is drawing , can i participate

    Slanted Fish: Please read the part on this page about sending in entries for the magazine.

  8. Hey, how do I look at the comments for the 26th issue of the Popcorn. When I click on it, the computer takes me straight to the part where you can print it. Please help!

    slantedfish: The post is coming on Sunday. Stay tuned to the PHB for it! 😉

  9. Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve read or written for this. I might write something soon since I’ve gotten better at writing (looking back at most of my old stories makes me cringe yet makes me nostalgic at the same time…). But I need to establish a better look for my main Poptropican (Rough Raptor) first, I was thinking maybe changing her wolf ears to pit bull ears but I can’t find anyone to customize them off of. Though maybe I will make her human instead of anthromorphic, I really don’t know. I have to go to bed now, bye!

  10. Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to still do magazines on the PHB. Very soon towards the fall or the new year I was thinking about making a fashion/news poptropica magazine. Also if so, if anyone has any suggestions on what should be in it, I would love to hear your ideas.

    1. I can only suggest you one thing, fanfics, I love them, I even put together a whole archive of the in my own blog.
      Anyway, it would attract a different set of people if you put some in your magazine.
      Also how are you planning on publishing them?

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