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Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s archive of our magazines — formerly known as the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropican emergencies, and now known as POPCORN, the pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine! It’s a giant mixture of Poptropica stories, artwork, island ideas, and loads more. Enjoy! 😄🍿

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Series 5 (2016)

Series 4 (2015–16)

Series 3 (2014)

Series 2 (2014)

Series 1 (2009–10)

How can I send in something for the PHB magazine?

Poptropica fun all the way!

These magazines are feature-packed with tons of Poptropica greatness! We’re not currently looking for submissions, but these are the kinds of things you can find in the magazines you can read above:

  • Stories: readers can submit their own Poptropica fanfiction/short stories
  • Island Ideas: readers submit their own ideas for islands they would like to see in the game
  • Easter Eggs: Poptropica tricks & secrets that maybe you didn’t know about
  • Fashion: What costumes and clothing styles are trending on Poptropica? Send in your costume ideas!
  • Fan Art: reader submissions of Poptropica-themed poems, comics, drawings, puzzles, computer graphics, songs, or other creative work

…and plenty more, all from the creative minds of our community members and compiled in each issue by fans, for fans! Have fun reading! 🥳

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      1. save da pic then on ur e-mail, use “Attach”

        -it shud look like a paper clip

    1. So do I email you the things we want to participate in?

      Slanted Fish: Yes, send an email with your entry/entries for the magazine please. 🙂

  1. You guys Totally ROCK!!! I’ll be sending a long story but it’s kinda confusing it has poptropica stuff but it’s still confusing!

    ST: Try not to make it too confusing that we won’t understand, though. 😉

    1. What the hey do you mean about the Sonic article, Dizzy fire?

      ST: In the Submit Your Own section of the June 2009 newsletter, there is a section about a made-up island about the character Sonic. 😉

  2. I think we should have a contest for the best looking rocket in Astro knights.Plus one for the best rocket that you could use.Cool website! 🙂

      1. I am SO not entering!
        Why: I know I’m NOT going to win, duh. 😡

        ST: There is a chance you could have your submission into our newsletter. Don’t be so negative, please.

      2. Erlinda10, you could at least have a little hope. There’s always a chance it could happen.

      3. LOL, Golden Eagle, that’s funny!
        “Especially since someone might make the egg part of their breakfast…” Funny!

      4. If its a phonix egg omelet, youd have to have a pretty bid stomach-and a large appetit!( not to mention a nerby gym!)

      5. Oh, my god! *picks up a chicken*

        “Especially since someone might make the egg part of their breakfast…”
        You’re funny, Golden Eagle!

        Chicken: *lays egg*

    1. My rocket looks like a bird whenever you fly in space. It also has at least 90% shield so I can fly staright through the asteroid field without shooting or changing directions.

  3. Um… sorry if I’m off topic but can someone tell me what a spam is because i am seeing that word everywhere and it does not sound good…

    ST: Spam means wasted/nonsense messages, like “i1o2ynftc04n!!!!!!”. They’re not good. 😉

      1. Spam is also a brand of canned meat. 😀

        Hijuyo: But here it stands for “stupid, pointless, annoying messages,” a lot of which you and Lazy Moon have been spamming us with that I have had to delete. If you want to chat, please use the PHC (click “Chat” on the navigation above).

  4. I myself, don’t really like the name poptropicans 911

    ST: Well, we did let everyone have a chance to vote on it during the month of May 2009, and that was the winning name, so I’d say it’s fair.

    1. I didnt votw for that name, and, even though my surgested name didnt win, I happy that the name is poptropica 911.

  5. What about a Poptropica style contest to see the best outfits on Poptropica or just take snapshots of other cool Poptropicans (Codien, for instance 😆

    Awesome newspaper, even if I hate the name, whats the deadline for next months stuff? I can’t wait for July 5!!! And happy Early 4th of July everyone :mrgreen:

  6. I have an idea for a new island called “Poptopicas Heart” which is about a one man/woman journey to the center of poptropica to find the hidden treasure of a great warrior named Sir Valience to save the town of Voltomore.

      1. It does. My favorite house is hufflepuff.We hufflepuffs are looked down upon.=(

  7. ST, How was I abble to read #2 on the 4th of July in the morning?

    ST: This blog uses Hong Kong’s time zone (GMT +8), which might be different to the time at the place you live in. So while it is July 4th for you, it’s July 5th for me. 😉

    1. On the Costumes page of this website, I think there are instructions of how to take a picture of you in Costumizer view. 😉

      1. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 MILLION HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I agree with Golden Lobster. A fashion article would be cool.

    Here are some Submit your own island ideas.

    Epidemic Island- You’ll arrive in a town where the civilians are catching an unknown virus and you have to break into goverment files, work with Poptropica’s best doctors and scientists, start fundraisers to provide funds, and find a cure before it is too late!

    Mystery Island- The police have been tracking down some criminals who are stealing trucks full of grapes harvested from the vineyard and they have asked you to follow the criminals, find out why they are stealing the grapes, and stop them before they can escape!

    Mystery Island 2- You’ll arrive in a town where there is peace throughout the island. But when someone lights Main Street on fire everything is destroyed. You can’t go in any buildings. Not even the Multi-player room. If you leave main Street you can’t come back until you complete the island.( The blimp moves to somewhere else)You then search throughout the whole island for clues of where he is. And when you find the fire-starter you turn him in to the police and you will receive the island medallion and you will see that Main Street is rebuilt! You can go in all the buildings!(The multiplayer-room, the Police department, the Jail, and the best for last the costume store ( you get any costumes out of there for free if you are wearing your island medallion( Not costumes from the Poptropica Store)!

    Hope you will like my island ideas and put them in the September 911. (My birthday is in September!)

    1. Okay, it’s official! I’m gonna PM you on the PHF my comic PHB alright… it’s similar to an email. You’ll receive it by this weekend? That okay?

  9. I have a fiction story that im making up. no not it is by the way plz post ive never been posted.Anyway heres the story:

    The Poptropican Legend of Webkinz:

    One night when Purple Shadow was reading her book of legends, one of the legends caught her eyes. It was the legend of Webkinz!!!
    She read it and it said: ‘Webkinz are animals who never die. There’s even unicorns, pegasus, and dragons!’
    Purple Shadow gasped. It showed a drawing of a lava dragon webkinz. Purple shadow yawned and went to sleep. But her dream was so weird! She dreamed that she was riding on the back of a Pegasus Webkinz! “BREAKFAST!” called Purple Shadow’s mother, Yellow Snowball. “COMING!” Purple Shadow shouted back. Once Purple Shadow was at school,she asked her best friend, Green Speck, if she believed the legend about webkinz. “Well, DUH,everyone knows they’re not real at ALL,”
    was Green Speck’s answer.When Purple Shadow got home, she finished her homework. Her mom said she could go explore. “OK,” said Purple Shadow. She decided to dig beneath Poptropica to find the legendary ‘Webkinz World’. She dug really, really, really, really, REALLY deep, but then she saw a sign!!! It said, ‘Welcome to Webkinz world’!!! “WOO HOO!” shouted Purple Shadow, although no one was around to hear her. She entered. Never before had she seen a better place- except maybe her house. “Hello,” said a small voice. Purple Shadow gasped. IT WAS A WEBKINZ BENGAL TIGER!!! And not only that- Purple Shadow had never seen a bengal tiger before… or a webkinz! “Who are you?” asked Purple Shadow. “I am Stripey. Who are you- and what are you?” asked Stripey. Purple Shadow giggled. “I’m Purple Shadow I’m a Poptropican,” said Purple Shadow. “Would you like to come with me? Then my friend Green Speck would believe it.” “Believe what?” asked Stripey. “Webkinz are just a legend where I live,” answered Purple Shadow. “Yes, I would like to come home with you,” said Stripey, after a moment of thinking it over. “Follow me,” Purple Shadow told Stripey. So Stripey followed Purple Shadow out of the hole. Purple Shadow asked her mom if she could sleep outside. Her mom said
    yes. The next day, Purple Shadow showed Stripey to Green Speck after school. “I’ll bet he’s just a robot,” said Green Speck. “Um, no I’m NOT,” said Stripey. “WHAT THE…,” said Green Speck. “Told you,” said Purple Shadow. “OK,OK, OK!!!” shouted Green Speck. From that day on, Purple Shadow, Green Speck, and Yellow Snowball were all friends with Stripey.


    1. AFTERWORD: The next day Purple Shadow showed Stripey her picture.Unluckely, (she had a horible habbit of whenever she finished one she would say”Oh its not very good…” “Oh yes it is!” Stripey Said.”It would be even better in a pie.” “Wha-” Purpule Shadow said. She Had painted a sad eyed clown; ans was to late to notice that stripey was looking at her. The REAL end of this story is to messy to tell.
      THE END

  10. Heres another story:

    Purple Shadow and the Haunted House:

    One morning,Purple Shadow went over to her bookshelf. It was summer break. She picked up a book called, ‘Monsters & More’. On the first page, it said, ‘Ghosts are the most common monster. Although in Poptropica, you cannot walk through them. They can dissapear into thin air, but they are still there or somewhere else. They can transport to somewhere faster than the blink of an eye’.
    Six months later, Purple Shadow saw a REAL ghost! “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” screamed Purple Shadow. “WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” shouted the ghost.
    Suddenly, the ghost’s sheet fell of to reveal-Green Speck! “But why…,” Purple shadow started to say, but then stopped herself. “I’m practicing my Halloween tricks. Why do you THINK I was out here!?”asked Green Speck.”Well,you looked like a real ghost!” said Purple Shadow.
    Purple Shadow went as a skeloton for Halloween, and, of course, Green Speck was a ghost.


  11. I’ve sent you a story. I thought it was really fun and now I am writing a ton of sequels for fun. I won’t send them in, though.

  12. BIG BIG problum I was in a muliplayer when I loged out but now when i sign in says that room is not avable right now HELP

  13. When Will Februaries Issue start?

    Hijuyo: 911s are published on the first Sunday of every month – that would be February 7th, 2010 this time. 😉

  14. Hey, guys Here are some island ideas that I have:

    Fairy Tale Island (similar plot to Time Tangled): Oh no! You arrive after someone has tampered with the Original Book of Fairy Tales. All of the fairy tales have been mixed up! You must travel inside the book with a wizard in training’s magical help to set things back in order. Along with Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, and Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you have to match up the right items to their stories.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid Island: Greg’s family has gone missing! Help track the kidnapper and find the Heffleys!

    1. Oh… I just realized that some stories have copyrights .

      But some of the stories listed don’t seem to have owners…

      Hijuyo: If you’re going to use one of the stories here, you must give some sort of recognition to the author, or it would be plagiarism. 😉

  15. When’s the 911 for March coming out?It’s the 7th of March rigt now-9:50 p.m.
    It is comming out,right? 0_0

    Hijuyo: It comes out when it’s ready… just stay tuned. 😛

    1. Now it’s March 22nd. It better come out soon, I don’t want to have to read 2 911’s in April. 😛

  16. Just wondering, do the stories HAVE to be about Poptropica? Cause I’m writing an awesome one about Chuck Norris. 😀

    Hijuyo: Sorry, but this is a Poptropica newsletter so yes they do… but you can get non-Poptropica stuff published on the Hi-Ju-Yo blog. 😀

  17. my poptropica fanfic!!

    The Destiny Of Rough Raptor And Tiny Bones
    Part 1
    “Rough Raptor! Wake up! Don’t you remember….?”
    “I’m COMING, Tiny Bones! Sheesh!”
    Tiny Bones muttered to herself, “And if you ever would get up early…”
    Raptor walked behind Bones. TB sped up. RR did too. “Wait…for….me!” Raptor panted.
    “Here we are… the Fountain Forest.”Tiny Bones whispered.
    Bones looked under a bush. Then, she saw…a CAT! “EEEEK!” she shouted.
    “It just a cat!” Raptor scolded her.
    “Sorry…it…just startled me,” Bones stuttered. “Wait, look! It’s a white peace symbol, right between it’s ears! It’s from RTV Island!”
    “Meowww, purr, purr, hsss, hiss, mew, mew, purr,” the cat said.
    ” When it’s decoded, it says: RTV Island is in trouble from the Pirates! It must be the ones from Skullduggery!” Bones exclaimed. They followed the cat to RTV.

    Part 2

    They landed at RTV Island. There, they saw the Pirates from Skullduggery! “Help! Stop! Please, stop!” Green Hiccup, the leader of the TV show crew, shouted. He kept hollering, “help! Help!”
    “We’re on our way, Green!” Raptor shouted, loud enough for Green to hear.
    Suddenly, the pirates vanished.
    “What just happened, dude?” asked Mr. Hippy Guy.
    “It was a hollogram!” someone shouted, “someone turned it off!”
    “Who did this?” the Hippy Guy yelled.
    “You’ll never escape,” said a voice from behind the market. It was Dr. Hare!
    “This is over, Hare”, Bones shouted, “We’ve got you cornered.”
    “You think you can outwit me!? Foolish Poptropicans! I will now use Rabbot to DESTROY RTV!”

    Part 3
    Raptor leaped at Dr. Hare.
    “You’d better explain, NOW!” Hare shrieked.
    “Cop! 911! Anything!” Bones hollered.
    A cop appeared. “You’ve helped us put him behind bars once again,” Speedy Fly, the male cop, told Raptor and Bones.
    Speedy locked up Hare in a cage. But there was still one more problem.
    “RABBOT!” Green shrieked.
    The Rabbot walked around.
    “I can handle this,” Raptor said.
    “Raptor! Please, don’t!” Bones pleaded.
    But Raptor stepped forward.
    She unplugged the Rabbot.
    “Wow…that was easy,” she commented.
    “Raptor, how could I not know that!” Bones exclaimed.
    “Everyone doesn’t know something,” Raptor explained, “This is our destiny.”
    And they went home.

    The end!

    1. We don’t have time to continue it any more and figured this would be a good time to end it because after May’s issue is published, there will be one for each month. Sorry to disappoint everyone.. :/

      1. If I was an author for the PHB, I might help to continue the monthly issues. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make me an author. Just a suggestion. 😛

        Hijuyo: Sorry, but we probably won’t continue them… 😛

  18. I liked the 911… I had this story planned. I guess it will end up being a cliffhanger or something, and I haven’t really finished it. 😛

  19. Since May’s issue is going to be the last issue on the PHB (sadly), I think we should make it the best issue ever! You know, add more features and stuff. I’m really sad that it’s going to end. *mops up tears*.

    BTW: You don’t really have to use my suggestion, just saying.

    PS: Even though the issues are ending, this is still the best Poptropica Help Blog ever.

  20. May issue will be the last? OH NOEZ! I guess i should start planning on what to submit… Anyway, you did a very good job with the 911.

  21. Oh, well, I was thinking of a story to make but I saw that 911 is over so I’ll do it right here!

    Part 1

    LOCATION: Outside of Poptropica’s Atmosphere – Dr. Hare’s Ship

    “Hmm…. those foolish poptropicans have ruined my plans! I can’t even fool Hijuyo and the PHB!” Said Dr. Hare. “We need to do something atleast! Anything to beat those poptropicans” Said Director D. “Well we could send them to a black hole” Said Binary Bard. “That’s impossible! There’s too much poptropicans.” Said Direcotr D. “Wait! I think I have a plan. Muahaha!” Said Dr. Hare.

    LOCATION: At Early Poptropica – Spotted Bugs Home

    *Yawn* *Wakes up* “What to do today” said Spotted Bug. Spotted Bug trampled out of bed and ate some breakfast. “Well, I guess I’ll watch TV or something”. Dr. Hares ship was floating right above 24 Carrot. He ZAPPED the carrots out of 24 carrot! “Hey we’re not collecting just carrots you know!” said Binary Bard. “No let me get that control!” Said Director D. They started to argue. Suddennly the controls braked! “Uh oh…” said all 3.


    1. Going on from the first part,

      Dr. Hare’s ship was floating right into The Carrot Factory! “Great! If I would have gotten ALL of the carrots, this wouldn’t have happened!” said Dr. Hare. “IT’S NOT MY FAULT. IT’S TRUE. WE SHOULDN’T ONLY STEAL CARROTS” said Director D. “It’s both your fault! I wasn’t the one that broke the control!” said Binary Bard. BOOM. The ship hit The Carrot Factory and many parts of The Carrot Factory was broken to pieces. Many poptropicans have heard the explosion and went to see what that noise was. When they saw Dr. Hare’s ship, they quickly ran away because they were too scared.

      LOCATION: Balloon Blimp

      6 people, along with Spotted Bug, was on the Blimp going to 24 Carrot Island. “I heard about that big explosion in 24 Carrot today” said one of them. “Yeah, I know! I saw it on TV!” said another of them. Everybody on the Blimp knew that there was an explosion in 24 Carrot Island and that was the reason why they were going there.

      LOCATION: 24 Carrot Island

      “Well, we’re here” said Spotted Bug. Everybody rushed to The Carrot Factory, where they said the explosion happened. When they came, they saw Dr. Hare’s ship. “Dr. Hare must be here!” said Spotted Bug. Everybody slowly walked to the broken ship and opened the broken door. When they entered the ship, the lights went out. “Ahh!!! I can’t see anything” said one of the poptropicans there. Meanwhile, in the Command Room. “Oww….” said Dr. Hare. “I think my spine is broken” said Directory D. “Ugh….” said Binary Bard.

      END OF PART 2

      1. The lights went back on. The factory suddenly turned into a confusing maze full of traps and rooms. The Poptropicans and the Baddies were divided up in parts of the maze. Suddenly, a TV screen showed up. “Muahahaha! Your little factory has turned into a big maze. You fools better like puzzles… because your in one! I am the Director of all Bad Guys – THE DARK LORD: Signing Off. MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!” The Dark Lord said. “Why would our own boss put US in a maze?” Director D said. “We have been one of the nosey groups…” said Dr. Hare. “No way! That annoying Team Rocket is more nosey than us!” Binary Bard said.

        NEW LOCATION: The Trap Maze

        “Hmm, I guess we better get going” said Spotted Bug. The other poptropicans followed Spotted Bug, going through twists and turns in the maze, they find their first trap. All of them fall in it, and land into a room. The Dark Lord’s screen showed up. “Welcome to the first trap game! You must jump over these pillars which will slowly descend you into spikes! A group of 7 will never beat this! Never!! Muahahaahahahaha!” said The Dark Lord. Everyone slowly jumped from pillar to pillar, but eventually they rushed to the end. Everyone had survived, despite the description of the game…

        END OF PART 3.

  22. I made this awesome story sith my friends! Check it out!

    Chapter 1

    One dark and scary night Magno attacked the city of Cesarmuchalas. Magno came with his minions, Mango and Mongo. They attacked the richest house, Bubakar, Mamadew, and Noodle’s house. They knew it was risky because they were the most powerful superheroes of the world. But Mango, Mongo, and Magno are the most powerful super villains of the world, so maybe they could pull it off. Magno went to the house with his sidekicks. They crept in, tiptoeing to the safe. When they touched the dial, an alarm went off waking up the Fantastic 5. (Bubakar’s cousins were over, Goody Bear and Froot Loop.) They ran to attack the 3 villains. Bubakar screamed, “ Buba, Buba, Buba, POWER!!” She jumped on Mongo. Then she tied ropes around him, put him in a room, and locked him in. Mamadew ran and toppled over Mango saying, “I am a mama and I like Mountain Dewwww!!!!” Finally, Froot Loop, Goody Bear, and Noodles caught Magno. Froot Loop shot cereal at him. (It didn’t hurt but it got him very annoyed!) Goody Bear piled gummy bears all over him. Noodles shot linguini all over him and said “Are you ready for your dessert, meatballs! I am so saucy!” “Mee too!” Said Bubakar Pisha, (Their crusty, old, mean neighbor) called the cops and they arrested the villains. Pisha exclaimed, “Come on! Can you let me get my beauty sleep?!” He went back in his old home and went back to sleep. All the heroes did their secret handshake and shouted, “Goooo Pie!!!” They went back to sleep. The next day Bubakar woke up and screamed, “I will kill you Magno!” She fell out of her bed and said, “Oh yeah. I forgot I killed him last night.” Just then an earthquake shook the whole town. It was a magnitude 7.0. Buildings collapsed except Bubakar’s house. The jail fell down and Magno with Mongo and Mango. Just then, while Magno and the evil team escaped, the President Rivera jumped out of a helicopter and shouted, “I like cheese!!! Everyone has to love cheese! If you don’t like cheese, you will be forced to eat 1,000 pies at the same time, so love cheese!” He threw something that looked liked a mushroom and left. Bubakar thought it was cheese and ate it. It was a magic mushroom!

    Chapter 2

    Soon after she felt queasy. She let out something like a roar and swallowed Noodles, Mamadew and everything in sight! They flied down her esophagus. Mamadew screamed, “Ahhh!! The mama is flying!! With no Mountain Dew!!!” Noodles looked at Mamadew and sighed. He said, “Look, I will get you some Dew if you stop screaming and when we get outta here! My Gawd! Oh no! 5…4…3…2…” Mamadew shouted, “What? Wha—“ Cabloop! Splash! Noodles said, “ It seems like we are in Bubakar’s stomach. He accidently swallowed some of Bubakar’s stomach liquid. “Eww…I mean yumm!! Mamadew! Here’s your Dew!!!!” Mamadew screeched, “Woo hoo!! The Mama has her Dew!!!” She gulped the Dew, and gulped until she was finally quenched. “Yummy Yummy! I love you Dew! Will you be my best friend? Mamadew said. Noodles slapped her. “Snap out of it! Bubakar’s your best friend already.” Hey! I love my Dew! Exclaimed Mamadew. “You know Mama?” That’s it. I am climbing back up her esophagus…and don’t come! Stay here. It’s your dream! Like a Dew wonderland! Bye, Mama!” Noodles said. Noodles was half way up her esophagus when he heard more screaming. It was Goody Bear and Froot Loop! Noodles caught Goody Bear and Goody Bear caught Froot Loop. “Hi!” Noodles exclaimed, “Did you get swallowed by Bubakar? Guess What! Bubakar’s stomach liquid is Mountain Dew! Mamadew loves it!” Noodles pulled them up and they went down her esophagus. Splat! They fell in the Dew. Goody Bear exclaimed, “Your right! It is Dew! Yummy!” She gulped the Dew too. Mamadew said, “You guys are boring! All you do is talk! I am having some fun! Let’s do the Dew!” She pulled out her surfboard and started surfing! She threw everyone a surfboard and soon they too were surfing the Dew! President Rivera came flying down and landed on a surfboard. In less than a second he started surfing. The next thing you knew was, he changed into a palm tree bathing suit from his tuxedo. Down came flying was a surfing taco!!! He had sunglasses and could do awesome tricks! He had his own awesome surfboard and exclaimed, “Did I hear surfing party!?!”

    Chapter 3

    All of this rattling made Bubakar very queezy. Bubakar burped. The next thing you know the party was over. Everyone came out with that burp and Bubakar returned to normal. The President and Taco went home. Mama, Buba, Noodles, Goody, and Froot did the handshake and shouted “Gooooo PIE!” After, they all went to Taco Bell. When they were eating a taco, they met the surfing taco. He yelled “How could you!? I thought we were friends! You weren’t supposed to eat my kind!” Mamadew yelled back, “But tacos are soooooooo gooooooood!!! Mmmmmm!” They walked out of Taco Bell, leaving the taco crying. All of a sudden, they saw Sarah Palin running away from the Michelin Man! The Michelin Man took a tire out of his belly and threw it at Sarah Palin’s head! She screeched, “No! My 5 inch hair do is messed up!” Mamadew screamed, “Did someone say Dew!?!?! I will eat your hair, Sarah!” Now, Mamadew was chasing Sarah Palin too! Suddenly, Taco bulged out of Taco Bell and let out something like a roar! He ate a magic mushroom! The Fantastic 5 dashed to their house, jumping over earthquake rubble. They got in their house; shut the door, and heard Sarah and Michelin Man’s screeching. They got swallowed! Sooner or later Taco would burp and they would fly out. But they had to be saved!


  23. I will be writing some Fan Fictions and I will start them off with one called The Adventures of Popular Cloud and Smart Ice. I just have to finish with the storyline and I will begin writing. 🙂

  24. I’m writing a Fan Fiction called The Adventures of Popular Cloud and Smart Ice. I’m going to start soon! 🙂

  25. The Adventures of Popular Cloud and Smart Ice

    Ch. 1

    Popular Cloud and her best friend were standing, looking at themselves in the mirror.”Smart Ice, do you think I should go with the blue shirt and torn jeans and hair down. Or, the red dress with black leggings and my hair curled.” Popular Cloud asked. They were trying to decide on their clothes for the big gig their band was going to play tonight at the Hair Care Club. Popular Cloud, Smart Ice, and three other band members were going to play tonight. Smart Ice sighed. She was very nervous about the gig and she thought finding clothes was the least of her worries. “Um.. I think you should do the red dress with the leggings and your hair curled.” She answered. Popular Cloud put the clothes on the bed, then glanced at the clock. 5:14, it read they only had two hours before they would be rocking on stage.


  26. The Adventures of Popular Cloud & Smart Ice

    Ch. 2

    “Okay, we just need to keep calm and do this. Put hands in.” Popular Cloud said. The band was backstage and they were about to play their gig. “1-2-3, Pop Rocks!” They all shouted. That was the name of their band, Pop Rocks! They all took their places on stage and they were ready to rock! They sung eight songs, and the crowd LOVED them. A man came up to them and asked if they would play at the special multiverse tomorrow. They band accepted, they had a LOT of work to do before tomorrow!

  27. this is my island idea

    alien island:aliens are invading poptropica, you need to create a rocket to go to there planet ,buy some tools,fix the satellite on the rocket towers, and defeat the king of aliens ZURG(buzz lighyear’s enemy).

  28. IDEA: “Pop-of-a-Chance” where your character goes to different islands, solves riddles, collects clues (3 per island, or so) and solves the riddles from the clues. There could be Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty so that the game changes slightly.

  29. Isn’t 911 a bad thing?

    Hijuyo: In this case the tagline is “For all your Poptropica emergencies,” meaning that you urgently want to read about Poptropica. So it’s not a bad thing when it comes to this Poptropica magazine. 🙂

  30. I wish it hadnt ended… IT WAS SO AWESOME! D’: … but o well, at least the network and stuff is still up. Here’s to the PHB pple!

  31. I have an idea for an island AND a story that takes place there…

    Enemy Island: An island which is stuffed with Poptropica’s most famous villains… The annual Evil Convention which usually meets later in the year has called an emergency meeting. You happen to overhear a bit and find out that they are planning to DESTROY Poptropica! But wait! Whose silhouette is that? Who is the evil mastermind behind this mission? Find out! Play Enemy Island!

    and this is the story…

    Purple Knuckle Gang: Enemy Island

    Purple Knuckle and her friends were hanging out at the TV shop on Reality TV Island. They had decided to take a break after successfully putting Director D behind bars. Dr Hare’s cooking special had been cancelled because he was flying off somewhere in space- thanks to them. Friendly Knuckle, Purple Knuckle’s mother, came rushing in.
    “Hurry!” she said. “Something has happened to our computer! I was checking my mail when this strange website came up…”
    Purple Knuckle told her friends what had happened. They decided to investigate.

    What will happen next? Find out soon!

  32. Hi.Juyo, I have a story and I am not allowed to email it and it is so long I don’t want to comment it. Is there anything else?

    Hijuyo: You can comment it in parts, but don’t make it too spammed. It’s best if it’s a short story, otherwise, email us if you can.

  33. How do you make the magazines,Hijuyo?
    They’re cool.PLEASE let me know how you make them!!!!!

    ****Serious Horse****

    Hijuyo: Simply create a new page on the WordPress blog you want it published on and type descriptions, then insert the images and other submissions sent in by the contributors.

  34. Hey Scary Tomato and Hi.juyo, if you like this story, post it!
    The Karate Masters Who Became Ninjas
    Long ago in Poptropica, The Karate Masters were visting Japen. They wanted to become ninjas like those other ninjas. The karate masters went to the Ninja Class at the hut. Their teacher was Basho the Ninja Master. First, Basho gave every karate master a ninja outfit to put on. Second, Basho gave the karate masters ninja claws. Basho told the karate masters to climb that tree at the other side and touch the red ribbon. Third, Basho gave the masters throwing stars. Basho told the masters to cut out the candle and after that cut the bag of weat down. After that, Basho gave the masters stink bombs. The stink bombs could blind an enemy, said Basho to the masters. Basho told the masters to climb the tree where the red ribbon was and put a stink bomb on the dummy. Then, Basho gave the masters a bo staff. It could pretend you from something that could give you cuts. Basho told the masters to circle it around and Basho threw pretend things that give you cuts. Last, Basho gave each master a grappeling hook. After that, Basho told the masters to climb the tree, find the ring that is worth grappeling, and touch the blue ribbon. After that, the masters have past. Basho told the masters to keep the ninja stuff. Now the karate masters have became ninjas. So they went to karate classes in China, and should the karate masters their ninja style. The End.

    Hijuyo: Scary Tomato and Hijuyo are the same person, and also, as mentioned above, we are no longer publishing new issues of our Poptropica magazine.

  35. i think there should be an island that is called “rare items island” all rare items sit on little shelves and r free! and u would be able to get all the medallions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

    1. OMG!I like the cashier all angry.She is like,MEAN!The ones who’ve beat reality TV have met Bucky Lucas,so we SHOULD be able to get SOMETHING.Of course,what would we have to use as payment? Beef,anyone?

  36. Even though there won’t be anymore magazines, I’ll make a story for people to read in the comments.

    The adventures of Friendly Wolf
    Chapter I

    Location: Doorway Island

    Friendly Wolf woke up in his home on Doorway Island (an island where almost every poptropican’s house is located) and noticed a beautiful sunrise. He went outside, not knowing that today he would go one the craziest adventure in all Poptropica history.

    Location: Dr. Hare Island

    Dr. Hare managed to escape outer space and he fell back into Poptropica’s atmosphere, landing on a hidden island undiscovered by poptropicans, located slightly outside Islandic Square (a square where all the poptropican island are located inside). He named it Dr. Hare island, and made a secret hideout on it. One the same day at the same time, Dr. Hare planned his next evil scheme–he would attack Doorway Island…with the help of all the known villians in poptropica!

    But a problem in Dr. Hare’s plan would change things in poptropica forever…

  37. The Adventures of Shark Boy and Dr.Hare???
    Shrink Ray Island
    Shark Boy was hearing all over the news that an innocent girl named C.J. was shrunken by a mysterious stranger, so he decided to save C.J. not for a medallion or credits,but because it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Dr.Hare was in his lab, thinking about how to rule the world, and what the smartest choice was. Years ago, Shark Boy launched Hare into space, and destroyed the rabbot,making Hare float around helplessly.With Hare’s luck, a sattlletite crashed into a meteorite, and Hare grabbed onto the falling sattilleite, and got back to Poptropica’s atmosphere. Now back to the present, Hare finally gave up, and started to watch the news. “Ugh, more Baloon Boy nonsense,”said Hare,about to change the channel.”What’s this? A girl named C.J. was shrunken?” said Dr.Hare, coming up with his most evil plan. If he saved C.J.,he would get complete fame and glory, and Poptropicans would make him ruler of Poptropica! Stay tuned for part 2…

  38. LOCATION: Reality TV Island
    “Oh, no! Wrestling Contest!” Hip Hop shouted. Hip Hop was afraid he could lose because Slim Slam was stronger than him. He was also exicted because he can throw his cap at his oppenents. Suddenly, he thought about Sarah Snooty grabbing him. “*Gasp* Oh, no! I have to tell my friends about this!”
    He ran straight to the Wayside Motel to tell his friends. Betty Brownie was the first one to see him. She said: “Hip Hop, you look unhappy. What’s wrong?”
    Hip Hop was quiet for a few minutes. Suddenly, he answered:”*Huff* I saw a wrestling contest on the wall.” Betty was afraid, too. She ran to tell the group. After she ran, Slim Slam saw her and said: “Betty, you look upset. What’s the matter?” Betty answered: ‘Hip Hop just saw a poster on the wall. It said there is a wrestling contest tomarrow.” The next day, Hip Hop was worried. When it was his turn to beat his oppenent, Richie Rebel, Richie tried to grab Hip Hop but he grabbed Richie instead, won the contest, and Betty was proud of him. She smiled at him, he smiled back, and they kissed.
    The End

    1. That story looks good, but the word “excited” spelled wrong. But that’s okay. I make mistakes sometimes.

      1. This is an Annoying Orange video.
        Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
        What? What is it?
        Chicken butt! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
        Orange, this is the sixth time you said that.
        Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
        *blows raspberry* Hahahahahahahahahaha!
        *groan* Okay. This is getting embarassing,
        *gasp* Hey, Hey Hip Hop!
        WHAT? WHAT IS IT?!!!
        Slim Slam!
        No. Slim Slam.
        Huh? There’s no Slim Slam anywhere! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Wow. That was a knockout. Poor Hip. Hahahahahahahaha!

  39. This is the first time Hip Hop met Jessie.
    “Okay, Jessie. Did you know that the Reality TV show is coming?” Richie Rebel asked Jessie.
    “Well, yes. I went there.” Jessie answered. I will go there tomarrow.”
    The next day, Jessie went there early. When he noticed Hip Hop was early, too, he saw Jessie and introduced himself to him. “My name is Jessie.” Jessie answered.
    Hip Hop told his friends to introduce themselves to Jessie, before they did, Jessie was with two kids. He said: “These are my friends, Herbert and Ellie.” and they introduced themselves to the two kids.
    The End

  40. This is an Annoying Orange video.
    Hey! Hey poptropican!
    My name is Hip Hop, not poptropican.
    Oh. Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
    What? What is it?
    You’re gonna screw up that? Hahahahahahahaha!
    Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
    Slim Slam!
    No! Slim Slam is my best friend.
    I mean, Jessie!
    Huh? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is an Annoying Orange video.
      Hey! Hey poptropican!
      My name is Hip Hop, not poptropican.
      Oh. Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
      What? What is it?
      You’re gonna screw up that? Hahahahahahahaha!
      Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
      Slim Slam!
      No! Slim Slam is my best friend.
      I mean, Jessie!
      Huh? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. And who is Jessie, anyway? Oh, nevermind- She made this character up.

      2. Hey! Hey Cheerful Cloud!
        What? What is it?
        Hip Hop!

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