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2,148 thoughts on “Chat

  1. Aqua Burst says:

    When the “Customizer” first came out, I kept on trying to figure out what the “Customizer” meant, so when I was signing in, I clicked the “New Player” button when I was logging in, and thought it would show up when I clicked on “Customizer” it would show up under “Select a Character” and then I would have a choice to play it or the other one… of course, it didn’t work. Sorry if this comment is hard to understand.

    • unhappy poptropican says:

      what the heck is wrong with poptropica?!? if no one tells me a solution i may as well never play again! i have a account, i- i. ok let me tell yall what happened, i was on SOS island, and about to finish when i wanted to tae a break, so i went to the shop and i decided that i wanted to buy something, i had already bought twin power and had like 850 credits, so i bought the scuba diveing gear thing and i treid it on, of course it only worked when ii was in SOS island but then it appeared i have offed my twin power, so i go to on it again but it says i have never bought any thing, then it says im not even a real account and says i have to create one, then i go back to SOS island and even though im at the very end it starts from the beggining, so now im really mad and if no one helps me here my name will be perfectly true and i will stop playing poptropica, and just to think i had spent weeks and my precious time to this game! humph!

    • Friendly Pelican says:

      Why are all these soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold?!?!?!?!

    • CURIOUS HEART :) says:

      How Do You Get Past The River Styx In Mythology Island. IT’S SOOOOO HARD BECAUSE SOMEHOW I ALWAYS JUMP OF THE BOAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird 😦

      • hoodiex1026 says:

        First walk to the front of the boat. Then when you see something coming, jump back, then walk a little bit forward, and try to stay calm. Also, you should get the mirror first from Aphrodite so you don’t have to do it over and over!

  2. Serious Tiger says:

    Hey Hijuyo, Smockers, Codien, Gazek, or somebody? I finished Spy Island, but every time I go back there I still have to beat the BAD Control Center. I have the medal though. Even if I beat it again, they say you are a director now, etc. but if I go to another island and back or log out and back it is back to half-done. What should I do? Please help!

    Hijuyo: Try clearing your cache by going to Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete browsing history. 😉

  3. Fierce Panda says:

    You know, I think the creators should let us earn like 10 credits or something if we win a game. That would be fair to people who can’t buy credits if they spent all of theirs. you know what I’m saying?

  4. savannah says:

    One time there was a girl named Magic Moon.
    This is her story. While walking on the streets of Spy Island Magic Moon and her best friend, Silver Star herd someone calling: “Hey you two. Over here!” A weird looking guy dressed in all black ran up to them.(His skin was even painted black!)
    The guy said:” If you want to be spies fill out this information. My name is Agent X.
    Return these files to me at 2:05 tomorrow
    if you want to join the spy agency. I’ll Be in a trash can at the docks. See you tomorrow!”. The spy speeded off to the docks.

  5. Mighty Seal says:

    Hey everyone! poptropica is the #1 best internet game all around the word! (in my opion) and this whole chat thing is… WICKED!!!. so everyone: have fun chatng and playing poptropica!!! >:)

  6. Savannah says:

    One time there was a girl named Magic Moon. This is her story. While walking on the streets of Early Poptropica going to their apartment, Magic Moon and her sister Blue Moon saw a blimp floating above their heads. They climbed up the rope
    and went to Shark Tooth Island. Blue told
    her month-and-four-day-older sister that she saw that a shark had bitten a hole in
    the greeting sign.”Be careful no to fa-
    Magic Moon tried to warn her sister but then she saw her in the water with a shark.
    -ll in”she continued. “The water’s great! Get in!” Blue Moon said. “Get out of the water Blue! There’s a shark in the water! Magic Moon Said. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”
    Blue said. So Magic and Blue Went to the
    Shark Museum to see what kind of strange shark didn’t try to eat Blue. They walked in and saw a photographer. They talked to him and asked:”What kind of shark is the one by the entrance sign? You know, the one that doesn’t eat anybody?” Blue said. “It’s
    a sand shark.” the photographer said. “If you need a guide around the island ask the lady on the top left floor. She gives them for FREE!”He said. CHAPTER 2

  7. Green Boa says:

    I just can’t wait for the next island to come out! I have signed up for the email when the next island comes out thing and I check my emails every morning! 😉

  8. Green Boa says:

    Hey Scary Tomato. do you know why the multiverse rooms aren’t always available? it really annoyies me!Also does anyone know some multivese codes? I’d love to talk to some of you guys!
    Just look out for a huge ice cream with sunglasses and a rock guitar!

    Hijuyo: When there is no one left in the Multiverse room, the room code expires and you have to make a new one. Check out Coderkid’s Multiverse Project for a list of current open rooms – or even submit your own! 😉

    • Green Boa says:

      OK, thanks, But what about the multiverse rooms on main street?? (soory if I’m being a pain asking all these Qs) When I click enter on main street ones it loads ofr a minute then it says ‘THIS ROOM IS NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW’ is there anything I can do about this??

      Thanks soooooooooooo much. cya

      PS:Maybe we could arrange a big get together in a multiverse room! I would LOVE to see the avatars of the people who write lots of awesome stories and give awesome tips! 😛

      PPS:How do you get the green very happy smiley???

  9. Green Boa says:

    Scary tomato I just want to say you’re probably the most famous Poptropican in the WORLD!! 😉

    Hijuyo: Lol, the Poptropica Creators deserve to be more famous, though… they made for us all to enjoy, after all! 😀

  10. ☼KittyCat§CoolWing☼ (Element) says:

    Okayz I was just wondering what will happen when Hijuyo and the rest decide there to old (GASP) to play Poptropica, what will happen to the PHB? Will it keep getting passed down from generation to generation? I was wondering…. Kinda Off Topic but i didn’t know where to post this x)

    Hijuyo: We’ll see… O_o

    • ☼KittyCat§CoolWing☼ (Element) says:

      DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!! (Sorry I just had to do that X) BTW Anybody know what the next costume might be? Did they stop the Special edition ones?

  11. Green Boa says:

    Hey PHB dudes. This is a story i wrote. it is related to Astro knights (my fav island)and since I am a very boring person there are only a few changes to how my charcter wins.
    PS: please leave som comments if you read this story. I think a lot of help to complete it. More later!

    Chapter 1- Freedom
    Green Boa ran around the yard, screaming with joy. He had won a free holiday to the Kingdom of Aturus for 3 months. “Three months!!!” he thought excitedly. “By the time I get back, it’ll be school holidays!” When he was finally too tired to run anymore, he callopsed in a deck chair and thought how cool Aturus would be. Castles, landmarks, knights, especially the knights. Green Boa had always wanted to be a knight, but the chances were very low. Or so he thought. Beacouase although he was right, the chances were low, an extremely awkward and exciting turn of events would end him up a pure knight of Aturus.

    Hijuyo: Cool beginning! You can submit it to the PHB’s monthly newsletter by sending an e-mail to 🙂

    • Green Boa says:

      Chapter 2- The pillaged streets

      When Green Boa got to Aturus via blimp, it wasn’t the shining happy place he was thinking of. There was smoke everywhere. Most of the houses had been ruined. But worst of all, the place just STANK. Wrinkling his nose, Green Boa went over to a man with dirty fabric clothes and many cuts on his face. “What in Poptropica happened here?” he asked. The man looked into Green Boa’s eyes, and gave him a chill. He was an old man, pale white skin and lots of wrinkles. The old man turned his gaze upward, “The sky… dark circles… blue stars falling!” Green Boa just stared at the man, his words didn’t make sense. Just then, a rough voice broke the eerie silence. “White Chicken! Away with you!” White Chicken turned to see a hooded figure in a dark cloak. “Aaaaah, Speedy Lightning,” replied White Chicken. “you persist to stop me telling the truth?!” “White Chicken, YOU are not the person to tell young travellers what happened! People need to be told slowly and gently, the way YOU say it makes them think that there is no chance and we are all doomed!” White Chicken was not satisfied with Speedy Lightning’s response. “Well! Like I said! I’m telling the truth!” Speedy Lightning was fed up. He drew a long sword and stepped forward, pointing his large blade at White Chicken’s throat. “Away with you,” he said quietly. “or poor old Shaggy Eye the undertaker will have even MORE work to do.” This seemed to put White Chicken off, because he turned and walked away. “Sorry about him,” said Speedy Lightning. “We’ve had hard times, since we’ve been invaded.” And he started to walk away.

    • Green Boa says:

      Here’s some more.

      Chapter 3- Answers

      “Invaded?” Green Boa asked. “Who invaded?” Speedy Lightning stopped, turned and walked back. “Look kid, courosity killed the cat, and this isn’t your buisness, okay? You’re just a traveller, and I’ve never heard of a 10 year old, going on an extremely dangerous and life-risking quest through outer space to rescue the heir to the Crown!” “Outer space? Life-risking? Quest? Rescue?! Awesome!” Speedy Lightning shook his head at this youngster’s stubboness, and muttered, “Me and my big mouth.” Green Boa was playing with a imanginary sword, and was narrating a battle. “Ha! Take THAT invader! And THAT! Aaaaaah! The mighty Sir Boa is too much for me! Aaaaaaah!” “Kid! Shut up!” Speedy Lightning broke in. “You’re drawing the whole town’s attention! You’re NOT going on this quest OK?! Just go home! It’s too dangerous!” Speedy Lightning marched away, his work done. Green Boa stuck out his tounge, and thought “Well, I don’t need his approval to go on this quest. If he’s never heard of a 10 year old going on an extremely dangerous and life-risking quest through outer space to rescue the heir to the crown then it’s time he did. It’s not too much about rescuing rescuing Princess Bird, I just REALLY feel like doing something to that rotten idiot who ruined my holiday!”

    • Green Boa says:

      Chapter 4- How do I start?

      The only problem was, with no tools or plans or not even knowing exactly what to do, there wasn’t exactly much Green Boa could do. He was wandering around the village, when he heard a voice from a alleyway. “’Ey, kid, you sure got some mettel, I admire your bravery, standing up to Speedy Lightning’s words.” Green Boa turned, and saw White Chicken grinning at him. “You… y-y-you heard that?” Green Boa questioned, he had thought, after a death threat with a sword pointed at his throat, White Chicken wouldn’t of stayed around. “Aye, heard it all,” White Chicken replied. “Ya see, you’re a little different, kid. Most Poptropicans your age would just turn up their nose at this rubble, and strut away, but you…” “I stayed beacuase I won a holiday for three months, so by the time I get back, school holidays will be on, and anyway, the quest the Speedy Lightning discribed seems a whole lot cooler that school work.” “Aaaaaah, young Poptropicans,” admired White Chicken, grinning even wider. “well, like you, I don’t care what Speedy Lightning says, you’re worthy to go on a quest, no matter what anybody says.” “Really?! Awesome!”Green Boa exclaimed. He started jumping around and narrating his battle again. “OK, OK, kid, you’re getting carried away. Now, you’ll need a few things to help ‘yerself out, ‘cus this quest ain’t no relaxing holiday. Now first, you’ll need this,” White Chicken held up a leather bag. “It be me granpappy’s Handy-Dandy bag, you’ll be able to put as many items as you want in there, no matter what size they are.” Green Boa took the bag, and White Chicken continued. “I’ve already got some objects in there, a good lot of food and water, torch, paper and pens, a map, some key-no idea what it unlocks, a hammer, and some manure.” “MANURE?!” Green Boa exclaimed. “Why would I need a bag of manure?” “Look, kid. Manure is uesful, and you can also consider ‘yerself a man-you-are. Now we can’t keep standing around forever, ‘cus time and space wait ‘fer no man. So get going!”

    • Green Boa says:

      Chapter 5- The Beginning

      It was nightfall, Green Boa had lit a campfire and was cooking some of the deer meat that White Chicken had put in the bag. He was digging around for more food, and pulled out a brown paper bag, he peered inside it and inside, was a mouldy piece of cheese that smelled worse than the boy’s toilet in his school. Wrinkling his nose, Green Boa lay it aside him. At once, he heard a squeaking, and a strangely familiar voice shouting “Starlong!! Starlong, get back here!!!” There was a rustling in the bushes and a zooming silver ball sped out towards the mouldy cheese. As the ball climbed onto the cheese, it stopped, and Green Boa could now see what it was. I was a mouse, similar to the ones at Green Boa’s house, only robotic. It was gnawing at the cheese so fast it was like it hadn’t been fed in years. The shouting voice got louder as man got closer. “Starlong! Starlong come here! Where are you?! Starlong!” The man burst into the opening, and Green Boa knew who he was immedeatly. “Speedy Lightning! Looking for something?” Said Green Boa, holding up the mouse. “Aaaaah, well, you see, kid, you wouldn’t understand if I told you the truth.” Said Sppedy Lightning unsurely. “Try me.” Answered Green Boa. “Well,” said Speedy Lighting, looking for a way to start, “Have you ever heard of the Aturan scientist, Mordred?” “I’ve seen his mueseum of inventions,” commented Green Boa “but what has he got to do with anything?” “Well,” continued Speedy Lightning, “Mordred was famous, everybody in the kingdom knew his name. Gold was rolling in, then one day while experimenting, Mordred discovered electricity and was able to create robot animals, like that mouse you’re holding. Anyway, when Mordred presented his creations to the King, he wasn’t impressed, he ordered Mordred to cease his robot making, but Mordred kept on doing it, he was too excited to stop, and when the king found out, he jailed Mordred, and made it so Mordred would starve to death in the cell. But that exact mouse you’re holding right now, got into the cell and dug Mordred out, and Mordred created some kind of rocket, that ran on an alien technoligy source, and went to a distant planet. There Mordred created many types of battle robots, and swore revenge on King Noodle.” Green Boa thought this through. “So you think Mordred was behind the attack?” He questioned. “I KNOW who was behind the attack. He calls himself the Binary Bard. But it’s probably just Mordred in disguise.”

    • Green Boa says:

      Chapter 6- A story coming true

      As Green Boa woke up, he thought through all that Speedy Lightning had told him last night. Speedy Lightning had been ordered by King Noodle to keep Mordred’s remaining robots in close captivity, in case they were less harmless then they looked. Green Boa had even been allowed to keep the robotic mouse inside the leather bag, which turned out to have bucketfulls of mouldy cheese. Green Boa had not slept well, so halfway to the king’s castle to inspect Mordred’s cell, he callopssed on two hay bales to get some rest. Unexpectedly, the bales split apart and let Green Boa fall to the ground. CLANG! “Ow!” Only after some of the throbbing pain on his head had worn off did Green Boa realise something. “When you fall on the ground it doesn’t make a clang sound!” he said, standing up. He looked down at his feet. “Aha!” said Green Boa. There on the ground was a metal trapdoor, hidden under the hay bales. Green Boa tried pulling at the handle, but the door wouldn’t budge. It was locked. Green Boa stared at the key hole with dislike. Then he remembered. White Chicken had put a key in the Handy-Dandy bag! He fished his hand around inside the bag and pulled out the key. He slotted it into the keyhole. He turned it slowly. The trapdoor sprung open at once. Green Boa slid down the rope and looked around. It was an underground lair! There were blueprints of robots on the walls. A computer on the desk, notebooks and journals all over the place, half built robots- “SCHREEECH!!!!” Green Boa looked around, startled. He saw a silver ball flying towards him. Knowing how the mouse looked, it was probably another of Mordred’s robots. Green Boa ducked, and saw it was an owl, like the ones at home, eating the mice. Eating the mice… Hurriedly, before the owl could strike again, Green Boa pulled the robot mouse out of the bag and let it go. The owl saw it’s favourite meal and swooped down to eat it. The owl gulped the mouse up instantly. After hovering for a minute, it swooped down to land on Green Boa’s shoulder.

    • Green Boa says:

      Chapter 7- The cell.

      Although Green Boa had made a new friend, which the blueprints on the wall indicated his name was ‘Merlin’, Green Boa was still exausted. He rested against the wall at the far side of the room. After a few seconds, the wall began to crumble, and before Green Boa could do anything, the dirt finally gave way. After he dug his face out of the dirt Green Boa stared a where the wall used to be. “Great bouncing Booga the shark!” He exclaimed is surprise. “It’s a secret tunnel!” Grabbing a torch from the wall of the metal passage, Green Boa crawled inside. “C’mon Merlin!” he called. After at least a hour, Green Boa finally reache the end of the tunnel. “It’s the cell!” Green Boa shouted in surprise. “This must be the tunnel that Mordred used to get out of the cell!” Merlin nodded his mechanical head. Unfortunatley, the entrance was barred. Green Boa tried pushing open the hatch, but it was stuck. As he held the torch closer to the hinge, Green Boa saw that Mordred had the hatch rusted so that no-one could come in. Green Boa was trying to think of a way to open the door, when a spark of light caught his eye, and he heard a small hissing sound.Green Boa turned, and saw that the torch he was sizzeling the metal at the hatch. “I’ve got it!” Green Boa cried. He moved his torch around slowly until a most of the metal was glowing red. Then he reached into the handy-dandy bag and pulled out one of the many large water bottles. Green Boa poured the water over the crumpled metal until it cooled. Then, beacause most of the metal had been crumpled and weakened, Green Boa used the hammer to knock a the hatch door open. Crawling out of the tunnel and standing up, Green Boa observed Mordred’s prison cell. It was very dark, stinky and slimy. There was also some sort of mist around. While looking for something that might be useful on his quest, a metallic voice rang out loudly through the cell. “INTRUDER! FREEZE! RAISE YOUR HANDS! BE SILENT OR BE DESTROYED!”

  12. Green Boa says:

    I’ve found a really awesome glitch! after you beat Nabooti and the totem goes off into space, jump onto the shelves and jump to where to the totem used to be. You will stand in mid air as if the totem were still there!

  13. Serious Tiger says:

    I think the Creators should change the names so that we can choose from a list instead of having prearranged names. Just a thought…

  14. Messy Lightning says:

    Tell me if this is a good start for an ????? Island story.

    Chapter 1: The Mystic Gem Of ????? Island…

    Once,a long time ago,a small group of Poptropican rebels formed a group called-

    The Mystics.

    They’ve searched a long-lost island(that they call ????? Island) for the long-lost Mystic Gem.They’ve failed so far.

    But now,The Mystics Group is starting to crumble.

      • Messy Lightning says:

        OK! Thanks! Here’s summore!

        Chapter 2: Lightning’s Cause!

        PART 1:

        The Mystics had a leader.His name was Messy Lightning.
        One Day,while he was hunting,he fell,and the fate of two worlds would soon rest on him.


      • Messy Lightning says:

        Part 2:

        Messy Lightning opened his eyes.Laying beside him was a lance.Not knowing what else to do,he picked up the Blue Lance.WHOOSH!
        Lightning was discharged, thus breaking a wall behind him.He peeked inside the broken wall,and saw another Poptropican towering above him.
        Soon, the man came out into the light.”Hello”,he said.I am Magic Shadow,But call me Shadow.Who are you?”
        With a quavering voice,he replied,”Messy Lightning.” Shadow smiled.
        “Maybe I could help you,”Shadow Said.

        Chapter 3, COMING SOON…

      • Messy Lightning says:

        Chapter 3:Elvis

        Shadow picked up Lightning and ran off.”WAIT!” he shouted.Lightning started chasing Shadow.”HELP!!!!”
        The cry made Messy stop just in time.Messy Lightning looked down, and in a deep ditch beneath his eyes, was Shadow and another Poptropican next to Shadow.
        Lightning looked around.”The boulder!”Shadow cried from below.Once more, Messy looked around,and saw a big boulder next to him.
        “Drop it!”the other Poptropican shouted.Reluctantly,Messy dropped the large,heavy boulder into the ditch. Then,both Poptropicans emerged.
        “Thank you.I’m Elvis Presley,”the strange Poptropican said.And with that,all three Poptropicans continued on with their journey.

        Chapter 4, COMING SOON…

      • Messy Lightning says:

        Chapter 4: The Switch

        2 HOURS LATER…

        It was getting dark.Elvis,Shadow,and Messy set up a tent and went to sleep.
        But Messy didn’t sleep.

        Messy closed his eyes in a tent with Shadow and Elvis one second,and the next he opened them in the forest in which he had fallen a few hours ago.
        Or was it a few hours ago?

        Messy went back to the camp that had been searching for him for a week now.
        “Commander Lightning!”shouted Pretty Leaf,his second-in-command.”We’ve found a mine! The powerful Gem could be there!”
        Messy gasped.”Well then?!?!Let’s go!”he boomed.
        Many minutes later, Messy and Pretty reached the mine,which was filled with miners.”ATTENTION! MESSY LIGHTNING HAS RETURNED!”Pretty shouted,her hand on Messy’s shoulder.
        The miners roared in excitement.After many cheers,miners started mining again.
        Soon,Lightning started mining like the Nabooti Miners.


        Lightning closed his eyes at camp,and then opened them in the tent with Shadow and Elvis.

        At that moment,he realized that he could go from one world to the other.

        Chapter 5,COMING SOON…

  15. Golden Hawk says:

    Hey guys, do you think I should buy the Swan Ballerina outfit after I finish CF island? I really like the bun (the other ones available are too high for me)and the clothes aren’t too bad, but I’m not sure. Comments appreciated. XD

  16. shurjo says:

    whew,6 island in one day!these include super,early,shark,nabooti,counterfeit and big nate!i wanted to do all the islands again so i created a new user but i m afraid i cant do astro knights coz the last time i finished it,it was soooo hard!!!!!!!!

  17. blue carrot says:

    hey has anyone noticed that in the counterfeit
    island video there is a girl on the laptop but
    there is a guy with a beard when your actally there

    Hijuyo: During the time the Creators were making Counterfeit Island, they probably changed the girl to a guy.

    • Messy Lightning says:

      I Noticed a CI GLITCH!Here’s the scoop:

      If you’re still trying to beat the island,this should work.You haff to exit the underground tunnel.Then you meet the thief.Click on him.Then click on the tunnel gate.While you’re talking,the speak bubbles are still over your one before u stop talking.THEN THE THIEF WILL SAY WHAT YOU CLICKED!Then he’ll say”UNDEFINED”. Sorry if somebody already said dis, but I don’t Read every comment.

  18. Thirsty Pear says:

    Hey PHB! Thirsty Pear here – I have one question. Do you guys (the PHB Gang) know each-other in real life? Or do you guys just communicate online? Thanks!

    Hijuyo: We haven’t met each other in real life – so we only talk online. 😛

  19. silverwolf1 says:

    Hey, guys! I wasn’t sure where to post this exactly…

    I found out through the Poptropica Avatar Studio that the username for the creator Binary Bard actually is binarybard. This is true because he is dressed EXACTLY like him and his character’s name is Binary Bard.

    (i didn’t know if this was already said)

    Hijuyo: We mentioned that some time ago, but maybe not everyone knew – so thanks for sharing the information. 😉

  20. Kumiko says:

    In reality TV, I’m always voted off, I never win. Y? Plus how do I pour water into the jar for the water challenge do we just stand underneath or something???

    Hijuyo: You may get voted off by the other contestants if you don’t win the challenge for the day. To pour water into the jar, stand on the big red-and-white ringed circle near the jars.

    • Trusty Bee says:

      I found out something! Not sure if its a cheat, though…. Anyway, if you don’t like the challenge, hit the back arrow. (The one at the top of the screen, not the arrow keys.) It will take you back to the start of day whatever! Then, when you hit start today’s chellenge, it will be a diffrent challenge! Hope this helps!

  21. Kumiko says:

    hey ppl i no reality tv is already out but i’m just bored so im gonna write a seriesbased on reality tv ^^
    The power of fate and destiny
    Chapter one-the man with the scar
    I’m so bored Neat dolphin thought why doesnt anything ever happen here? She stared her geography book to a poster on the wall of a tv shop:
    There were pictures of trees and camps and so much more. Neat dolphin sighed, those magazines were bound to be sold out. She shoved her geography book into her school bag. She took out a 5 dollar bill and walked into a news agent.
    Neat dolphin looked at a shelf of sweets and chose a 50 cents zappo. As she turned to move towards the counter something caught her eye that made her heart skip a beat; on a shelf there was one copy of TV ROX WEEKLY!
    Picking it up she examined the price, $15!
    “Uh do I have enough?” she said out loud.
    Rumaging into her bag she fished out a ten dollar bill,”YES!!!” she exclaimed.
    The zappos were left forgotten as Neat Dolphin walked over to the counter and placed the magazine onto the counter.
    “Those were selling very quickly!” the lady at the counter inquired,”Is it the adventurous adventures form you want, dear?” she added.
    “Yes, ma’am” Neat dolphin replied sweetly as she paid her money. Neat dolphin picked up the magazine and walked out of the shop. She opened it and turned to the last page. The entry form was there!
    Rumaging through her bag she fished out a pen and filled in her name age (16) and address. She ripped it out. A sudden realisation struck her.
    “where am I gonna get a stamp?” she wondeered aloud. She looked trough her bag and took out a stamp,” good thing i keep junk in here” she laughed.
    She licked the stamp and stuck it onto the form. An eerie man with a scar walked by.
    “excuse me young lady are u entering adventurous adventures as well”he asked.
    Neat Dolphin looked up suprised,”Um, yes sir”
    “I’ll give that in for” he said holding out his hand.
    “Um thanks”
    Neat dolpin gave the man her form and walked away.
    “That girl,” the man said,”shes the girl whos destined to win and get chosen for a very inportant mission, i saw her in my vision! Heh we’ll see about that, HAHAHAHA!!!
    Neat dolphin threw her bag onto her bed

  22. Green Boa says:

    People can say ‘sorry I’m busy right now’ if you click on them while they are battling with other players or looking at their items. 😉

  23. serious fang says:

    i can’t beleive that i am really bored because i have completed all the islands but mythology which i have to wait until it aviblie to the public since i don’t like the membership so there’s really nothing to do the arcades are boring to and there’s nothing to do on anything.

    Hijuyo: There’s more to life than complaining. 😐

  24. serious fang says:

    one more day and finally us non-members can play mythology , but it not that great we will be the last ones to complete the island

  25. Riendeer2009 says:

    I need help on a new island:MYTHOLOGY Island on the minotar bone thingy where u have to take 6 bones off and leave 10 bones there…..=/ i cant really figure it out.=(
    ANY hints will be VERY appreciated!=)

    Hijuyo: You remove six of the bones to form the word “TEN.”

  26. Trusty Bee says:

    Hello! Here’s more of: (P.S. This chapter and the rest of the story does not follow the island at ALL.)

    The Secret!

    “We might be, Tiny.” Said Trusty Bee to Tiny Glove. “Wait! Merlin, fly up to the library and distract the aliens then come back! Hurry!” Tiny exclaimed. “HOOT!!” Merlin hooted. Then he flew off. “Trusty, he has to hurry! If he doesn’t distract the aliens, we ARE sunk!” A minute or two later, the secret stairway opened to reveal Mica and Marco, leading the other aliens. “HA!” Mica laughed. “We’ve got you now, Trusty Bee and Tiny Glove!” “Merlin’s too late.” Trusty thought. All of a sudden, they all heard a loud “HOOT!!”. Then they saw Merlin! “Merlin!” Trusty and Tiny exclaimed. Then Merlin swooped over the alien’s heads. Then they started saying, “Shoo!” and waving their hands over their heads. “Home hon!” Someone said. Trusty and Tiny ran behind the aliens, pulled off the Poptropica Atlas off the shelf, which closed the stairway, and ran. When they stopped running, Merlin landed, and did something amazing; He turned into a human!

    Want to hear more? Well, wait till tomorrow!

    • Trusty Bee says:

      Here is more of: (P.S. Ok, I lied; this part is a little like the island.)

      The Secret!

      “What the!!??” Tiny Glove and Trusty Bee exclaimed. Merlin the robotic owl had just turned HUMAN! “Yes, hi’m a human. Darn, hi still have ha little owl hooting hin me.” Merlin cleared his throught. “That’s better. Now, your probably wondering, ‘How did Merlin turn into a poptropican?’ Well, I’m not going to tell you. Yet. Right now, I have to tell you something about the aliens; Their leader, who they said was ‘Kica’, is actually Morderd. They also need you so Morderd can rule Poptropica! NOW I’m going to tell you about ME; I, the robotic owl, Merlin, was built by Morderd.” “Who’s Morderd?” Trusty asked. Tiny replied, “Morderd is an evil genuis that built all sorts of robotic animals. He was imprisoned for doing that.” “Anyway,” Merlin continued. “He bulit me as a shape-shifter. So I can turn into ANYTHING. But they all have to be robotic.” “Well, cool! So you can help us?” Trusty asked. “Well, of course! While I was an owl, you took care of me!” “Awesome! Now come on; lets go stop the aliens and Morderd!” Tiny exclaimed. Then Merlin turned back into an owl, and they took off running.

      Read more tomorrow! (P.S. Don’t forget to comment!)

      • Trusty Bee says:

        Hola (or however you say hello in spanish,) amigos! Here is more of:

        The Secret!

        After they stopped running, Trusty Bee, Tiny Glove, and Merlin, the robotic shape-shifter, were in front of the entrance door. “Lets go!” Trusty said. She almost opened the door when Merlin, who was still in owl form, hooted, “Hait! Hon’t hopen the door!” “Why not?” Trusty asked. “More haliens hill be haiting for hou two!” “So how do we get out of the castle?” Tiny spoke up. “Remember when I said I pulled the wrong book? Well, the right book would have led us out of the castle! It’s called, ‘The Life of Morderd’. Come on!” Then Tiny ran off to go back to the library. “Oh, I hope the aliens haven’t gotten out yet.” Trusty thought. When they got there, the aliens were still in the secret passage. “Come on! Help me find ‘The Life of Morderd’! Quickly!” Tiny exclaimed.

        I don’t feel like writeing right now. I’ll be back with more later. Bye! (P.S. Comment please!)

      • Trusty Bee says:

        Here’s more of:

        The Secret!

        “I think I found it!” Trusty Bee exclaimed to Merlin, the robotic shape-shifter, and Tiny Glove. Tiny ran and Merlin flew over to her. Tiny looked at the book Ttusty was pointing to. (She didn’t pull it because she thought a diffrent passage.) “That’s it! ‘The Life of Morderd! Pull it Trusty!” Trusty pulled it. It opened a stairway. “Lets go!”

      • Trusty Bee says:

        Here’s more of: (This chapter might be sad, weird and a few other things.)

        The Secret!

        As soon as Trusty Bee, Tiny Glove, and Merlin, the robotic shape-shifter were out of the secret passage, and after it sealed up, they heard a very loud KABOOOOM!! And then heard a very loud, high-pitched scream. Then they heard, “Marco! Marco! Get up!” It was Mica. “Marco must be dead.” Thought Trusty, with a pang of sadness. Even though Mica and Marco had kidnapped Trusty and Tiny, Trusty felt sorry for Mica. Tiny must have felt the same, because she stopped running, turned around, and ran toward where the passage was. “What are you DOING Tiny!!?” “I have to see if Marco’s OK!” Trusty and Merlin looked at each other. “I know what your thinking, Trusty,” Said Merlin, who was in poptropican form. (He was a ROBOTIC poptropican, though.) “I have to help her, Merlin.” “I know, I’m not stopping you. Just be carfull!” “I will!” Said Trusty, running after Tiny. Trusty went through the passage just in time to see this: Tiny walked up to Mica, said, “I’m sorry. I need to help. It’s my fault.” and walked up to Marco. She bent over to see if he was breathing, then, Mica grabed her around the waist, and Marco got up, and they both started laughing. “TINY!!” Trusty ran into the room, but Marco, Mica, and the other aliens flew up into a ship above them with jetpacks. “TINY!!!” Screamed Trusty. “Oh no! This is my fault!”

        More tomorrow! See ya!

      • Trusty Bee says:

        Here’s more of:

        The Secret

        Trusty Bee ran back to Merlin, the robotic shape-shifter. “Merlin, did yo-” Merlin said, “Yes. I saw. ” So what can we-” Then she said, “Merlin! You can change into anything, right?” “Any ANIMAL.” Merlin said. “Well, turn into an eagle or hawk or something. Then maybe you can grab me with your talons and follow the spaceship.” Merlin thought about that for a minute. “Hmm… Ok, let’s do it.” Then, he turned into an hawk that was big enough to carry Trusty. He atuomatically picked Trusty up, and went like 95 miles an hour. “Whoa! Wheee!” Trusty said. It was night, and the sky was beutiful. There were a billion stars rushing toward them as they flew very fast. The night air was cool and soothing, and within secends, Trusty was asleep.
        “Trusty, wake up!” Merlin said. He did not go like ‘Hake hup’ like that because it only happened when he was an owl for some reason. “Huh?” Trusty said, looking up at Melin. They were still flying, but the spaceship was in sight.

        I’ll write more later! Bye!

      • Trusty Bee says:

        The Secret!

        “What is it, Merlin?” Trusty Bee asked Merlin, the robotic shape-shifter. “We’re almost there.” Trusty looked. Of course, the spaceship was about 5 yards away from the spaceship. “Fly faster!!” “I’m getting tired, Trusty. We’ve been flying for HOURS.” “NO!!! Keep flying, Merlin! Keep flying!” “I…can’t….Must….rest.” Merlin said, droping slowly. Than he started droping faster, and faster, and faster. “MERLIN!! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!” Merlin was droping fast down to the ground. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”
        “AAHAHAHAHAHA!! Perfect! That should take care of Trusty!” Mica said. “What did you do to her!?! TRUSTY!!” Tiny Glove screamed. Tiny was in a cage in the corner of the ship. “Oh, we just sent a signal that made Merlin suddenly tired, and dropped to the ground WAY below. It should kill them. If not Merlin, at least Trusty.” Marco said. “It WON’T kill her! She’s a surviver! She’ll- she’ll survive. I hope.” Than Tiny started crying.
        “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! MERLIN!! MERLIN, WAKE UP!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!” Then, they made contact with the ground. Trusty was knocked out.
        “NOOOO!!! TRUSTY!!” Tiny’s tears were hitting the floor raipdly. Then, she thought of something. “Hey, Marco, Mica. Come here, please.” Marco and Mica turned around and walked up to the cage. “What?” “Didn’t you need Trusty for your leader?” Marco and Mica looked at each other. Then smiled. “I’m sure you’ll be enough for him.” Mica said. “Oh, no!” Thought Tiny.

        Find more later! Bye

      • Trusty Bee says:

        The Secret!

        “Uhhhh….” Trusty Bee grunted. “Huh? Where am I? What happened?” Trusty said after she got up and looked around. She was on Astro Knights Island still, she relized after a few minutes. Then she reamebered something. “Merlin!!” She turned around. There, in a big, robotic pile, were the parts of Merlin. “NOOOO!! When we landed, or CRASH landed, he must have broken. Merlin….” Then, she started crying. “I’ll- I’ll never be able to put him together.” “Excuse me, do you need some help?” Someone said. Trusty turned around. It was Pete! “P-Pete! What are you doing here?” “Well, I’ve been looking for you! I knew there was alot of commotion last night, but I forgot they, the aliens, would want you.” Then he saw the heap of parts. “Oh. THATS what your crying about.”

        I’ll write more later! See ya!

      • Trusty Bee says:

        The Secret!

        “Ye-yeah.” Trusty Bee mangaged to say before she burst into tears. “Hey, hey, calm down; I can help you fix it. By the way, what is it?” Pete said. “It’s a friend. A robotic shape-shifter. His name is Merlin. So, you can REALLY help me? Really?” “Yes, really. Now come on, put all the parts in this bag.” Trusty did so. Even though the bag was small, all the parts fit in. “Now come on: Follow me to my house.” Pete said. “You don’t live in the inn?” Trusty asked.”No, but I sometimes sleep there. Anyway, I have a garage. And I have tools in it. We can work on Merlin in there.” “Thank you! Thank you! OH, THANK YOU!!” “Whoa, calm down, Ms.Bee.” Please, Pete, call me Trusty.”

        Sorry, but I don’t feel like writeing right now. Comment! Bye!

      • Trusty Bee says:

        The Secret!

        Trusty Bee and Pete were in Pete’s garage. Pete dumped the bag of Merlin’s parts. “Ok, let’s get to work!” Pete said.
        Tiny Glove was floating in a round tube. “Huh? where am I?” Tiny said. “Your in the power draining chamber.” Someone said. Then, a poptropican came out. “It must be Morderd. Mica and Marco must have made it here…Wherever here is.” Tiny thought. “Mor-Morderd?” “Yes, it’s me, Morderd. I have you at LAST, Tiny Glove.” “Wh-what are you going to do with me?” “Oh, just suck the power and life out of you. Oh, and it will kill you. Anyway, it’s a shame we hade to kill your friend, Trusty Bee.” “You DIDN’T kill her. She’s alive! I-I know it.” “Ok, enough with the talking, I’m just gonna do it, and leave you there.” He was about to pull a switch, when Trusty’s voice said, “Leave my friend ALONE!!” “What the-! She’s DEAD!!” “No, I’m not!!” Then, Trusty barged trough the wall. “TRUSTY!! You ARE alive!!” “Yea! And I’m here to help you!” How she had barged trough the wall was because Merlin was a bull. Merlin rammed into Morded. It knocked him backwards, but, he pulled a lever on his way down. Then, Tiny started to feel weaker and weaker. The last thing she heard was Trusty scream.
        “Tiny! WAKE UP!” Said Marco. “You were screaming your head off and, as much as we liked it, it was getting on our nerves.” Mica said. “Phew, it was just a dream.” Tiny thought.
        “There!” Pete said. “All done!” Merlin was in his owl form. “Great!” Said Trusty. “Now, let’s see if he works. Merlin! Wake up.” He did nothing. “Huh?” “Wait! We forgot a piece!” Pete said. He put it in. Trusty tried again. “Merlin! Please wake up!” He did nothing. “Mer-Merlin!?” Trusty started to cry. “Don’t hry, Trusty. Hi’m ok.” “Merlin!?” “Yes. It’s me.” “Merlin!”

        Ok. That’s it for right now. Bye!

  27. invisiblepoptropican says:

    Doe’s any body know if theres going to be a Dr.Hare costume on the icostum web site. For those who whant cool stuff like closed eye’s, garnads, and other cool stuff,go to So any ways theres this one guy who hase a username of dr..hare. He looks like dr.hare. Look him upin the avatar studio. He hase to know a glitche on reality island.

  28. nicole12117 says:

    Is this the right place to ask a question? I need advice on Counterfeit Island. I forgot where I left off, now when I return I seem to be near the end of the game but can’t finish. Last I remember I was trying to keep the Black Widow from smashing art, but can’t get back there to keep trying. Or maybe I already beat that screen? But then why aren’t I finished? Help!

    • Trusty Bee says:

      Maybe there’s something else AFTER that part that you have to do? I’m not sure, because I beat that island a long time ago. Anyway, go to the guides and see if there’s anything else to do.

      Sorry if this didn’t help. I just wanna be nice. : )

  29. Shy Bug says:

    no one is talking about poptropica anymore. whenever i ask them to start they just keep refusing.

    Hijuyo: In the chatroom, you’re talking to people who have one thing in common – Poptropica knowledge. You can ask and share Poptropica gaming tips, but you don’t have to stick to talking about Poptropica alone. However, the blog comments should be Pop only.

  30. I LOVE SWIMMING says:

    Hjuyo, will you tell the moderaters to stop being mean! They made this 2 second moderater rule and ts really stupid! They keep kicking me for SAYING that I wanna be a moderater!

    Hijuyo: Read the chat rules. It is against our rules to beg for a higher position (eg. moderator) because it annoys everyone. Mods must earn their spot by proving they understand and will enforce rules.

    • I LOVE SWIMMING says:

      im not asking or begging just SAYING

      Hijuyo: If it gets to the point where you are annoying others and you continue even when moderators have asked you to stop, then you were breaking rules by being disrespectful.

  31. Yellow Fox says:

    HELLO!!! THis website is AWESOME! I am now patiently awaiting the next island’s arrival thankx to this website! I’ve completed everything! THank you sooooooo muchh! 🙂
    ~Yellow Fox

  32. Icy Lightning says:

    I am supposed to be a member , but it will only let me do chat in the main chat room and I show up as a guest in the Hijuyo chat room ! What should I do ?

    Hijuyo: The Hijuyo chat and main Poptropica chat are two different chatrooms. You may be a guest on one, and a member on another.

  33. GM says:


    I have an idea that I think you might like. It’s about each poptropica character having their own personal island. Please, please, please reply!


    Hijuyo: That’s cool, but remember that none of us on this blog are actual Poptropica Creators, so we can’t actually make it happen in the game itself.

  34. τhΞ ∂ηgξζ σƒ ζιghτ says:

    Hey, guys. Awesome site!

    Do you remember long ago when Golden Eagle was here, she told everyone about, Poptropicalthunder’s Blog, which is now Where Thunder Roars. It’s been two years now. It’s been two years now. But it’s been gaining hits. But not much. It’s because about everyone left WTR.

    I don’t really know why I’m telling this, I admit. Maybe just for the sake of WTR.

    Bye. =)

  35. Sharraa says:

    Someone on there had pink pawn….. what does that mean?

    Hijuyo: It’s a special upgrade the person paid real money for, and can be used instead of the pawn ranking they would normally have on the chat. It’s just for decorative purposes.

  36. its_cam_again-Hi_Peoples! says:

    So – Here are all the icons for the chatroom I found when I did my secret spam when nobody was on:
    (f) – flower
    (i) – Light bulb
    (l) – Heart
    (r) – Rainbow
    (g) – Present
    (t) – Cellphone
    (o) – clock
    (p) – camera
    (n) – no
    (c) – Mug/coffee
    (a) – angel
    (y) – yes
    (b) – beer
    (u) – Broken Heart
    (d) – Sly face

  37. BOOMORANG says:

    I have 2 ideas for the poptropica store.
    You could have a gold card like a fan follower so your poptropican will feel famous. a crowd of random small poptropicans can follow your character anywhere. my second idea is that you also have a paparazzi follower gold card. A poptropican with a camera will follow your character and it will take a picture with a flash when you click on it. Please use an idea like these and you can call it the fame collection.
    Thanks for reading!

  38. Quick Sword says:

    Hi, I love Poptropica. But who doesnt!? And i was wondering if any one else ever was bored enough on poptropica (like when you beat all the islands) to find a room on poptropica to live in like a house. For example, the mansion on criptids is where my poptropican lives. i was wondering if anyone else did this too. 😀

  39. Icy Lightning says:

    I HAVE A CHEAT , BUT YOU NEED POSIDEN’S TRIDENT : 1 . Go to Mythology Island and go to Aphrodite’s Realm ( The heart on the mirrior ) . 2 . Put on Poseiden’s trident and press the spacebar TWICE and you’ll turn invisible ! ( NOTE : You can’t perform that anywhere else and if you do that on the statue of Poseidon or where Triton ( The dude with the surfboard ) .

  40. Anna says:

    Hi! My character, Gray Catfish, is stuck under the town of Dos Cactos on Wild West Island. I am stuck underneath! I try to jump out, but I can’t jump high enough. I am not able to play Poptropica at all because I am stuck! I don’t want to make a new account because I’ve gotten so far on this one. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to play on that account for the rest of my life!

    Hijuyo: Use the PopTransport tool found on our Cool Stuff page to teleport anywhere out of your stuck location. 😛

  41. charles says:

    great idea! about each poptropican having there own island even better
    if you could customize it! and let othere popropicans see it!!!!!!!!! (:

  42. Shaggy Tornado says:

    @SuperCoolStarfish: I know you’re cool fish. You were banned because you were breaking the rules :Spamming, flooding, smiley spamming at times, and not being courteous to others, for example Harlay (being happy that she was gone, then joking about it while she was online) and Raccoon Sam (being annoying to him, saying “Ur not the boss of me” to him even though he’s a HIGHER rank than you). On Flockdraw, you wrote something rude and offensive. PHC members were there since we linked it to the chat. I banned you for those reasons. IF you think it’s unfair, ask Hijuyo about it. No need to whine about a possibly “Unfair” banning. :\

  43. Silver Penguin/ Alfie Fong says:

    hi:D This is Silver Penguin;D I have problems at getting stars 😦

    When i win games i still don’t get stars…i can only lose stars and earn up to 3 stars………i am membership but i stilll cannot earn more than 3 stars…

    Hijuyo: Membership has nothing to do with it; it all depends on your game skills. As you get more stars, it becomes harder to get to the next star, so what you need to do is win most of your games. Losing could set you back by a lot.

  44. Elly says:

    Hey, people! I need your help to finish my shrink ray island. What i can do now, if i lower my fan when i start the game. I want go to turn on fan, but i can’t going to it. PLEASE, HELP ME
    P.s i’m not from england, or america, or australia, canada. So my english is a litlle bit not good.

    • matthewergc2014 says:

      I had the same porblem. You will see a thermostat in the room with the computer. Turn it up to the red (as hot as possible) and in the room with the fan, you will notice paper next to the bed. If you turn on the thermostat, the papers will float, making it possible to get over the bed and onto the fan to lower it more. Hope this helps! 🙂

  45. Gage Lover says:

    hey where do i find my bought items?

    Hijuyo: Go to the ‘Store Items’ from the drop down list at the top of your inventory.

  46. Hazy Girl says:

    Oh there you are Prickly Dolphin. I was looking for you on this section. Thanks for showing me the sneak peak of Mystery Train. Thats so cool. A train that looks like that train from Wild West Island. But when the island comes out for members, its going to look different.

  47. Sneaky Shadow says:

    I really think there should be a Fairytale Island or something like that! It would be really neat to see things like goblins, elves, and fairies running around.

  48. matthewergc2014 says:

    I discovered something! If you talk to someone, or if you are forced to talk to someone (example, right before you fight Director D in Spy Island, he talks to you about his “ridiculous topee”) if you press “s” (just s, no quotes) you can skip what they are saying! It saves a lot of time!

  49. BunBUN! says:

    Hey. i was just wondering if your going to make a wall again for the PHC. just to see all the rules and keep up-to-date with the chat 😀

    Hijuyo: The Wall hasn’t worked for many people, so it seems to inconvenient to continue it. The rules can be accessed by clicking here.

  50. -J says:

    i have an question: do you have any infomation on how the monster costumes came? (not the ones in the store) i beileve it was when 24 carrot just came out.

    Hijuyo: Yes, you can read about it on this blog by searching for key words such as “monster carnival” in the search bar.

  51. diomond says:

    as of today poptropica preson ( named magic claw ) is FOUR YEARS old! yay! isn’t that amazing!!!!! I remember when sharktooth island came out and I was so exited!

  52. Mandy says:

    Hello I have a question. When I play The Great Pumpkin and get to the bit where you are snoopy and have to get the leaves that fall I wait and no leaves fall from the tree? What do I do?

    Hijuyo: They should fall; check to make sure you did everything you needed to prior to that part or watch a video to see how it’s done.

  53. ur mom says:

    yeah anyone whos gonna use this website dont there a little kids on this website that dont help you they need to get a life ps go on youtube and suscribe to my video little annoying kids with no life

  54. yummy pumpkin says:

    Why don’t people ever stay on topic? *sigh*
    I am getting kind of bored with the new islands now. They are mostly boring and short.

  55. Little Hero says:

    yay vampires curse is on!!!! i completed it and half the bonus quest. does anybody know where the garlic is on the bonus quest??? can someone help!?!?!?!?!?

  56. dizzy eye says:

    ive got a cool glitch guys!!!! its really strange.
    i went to avatar studio and typed in some random usernames.
    all of the users had pumpkin heads!!!!!
    so i thought it was weird and tried my username.
    i also had a pumpkin head too!!!
    and i didnt buy one from the popstore(poptropica store)!!!! do u think its weird???????

  57. blaziken says:

    hey um I’m just wondering if you could help me with this problem you see i did that tron uprising ad and i saved the outfit to my closet and when i changed it MY SKIN WAS WHITE MY HAIR WAS BLACK AND MY EYES WERE MORE OPEN THEN BEFORE! I can change most of that back but not the eyes do any of you know how? please tell me I look terrible with wide open eyes:*( P.S my username is gubba555 no laughs please I’ve had it forever, so friend me)

    • kelenken says:

      don’t worry im here to help PRESS ctrl + shift + R it randomise’s your character just do it till you have half closed eye doesn’t matter about the colour of your character you can just change everything to normal. by the way my username is jobob269 so add me as a friend 🙂 and im gonna add you now

  58. trustybee says:

    hey no one ever comments on my stories… do u guys like them? i work hard on coming up with ideas, and i want u to plz comment telling me if u like my stories… until then i wont write anymore.

    Hijuyo: Some people probably do enjoy your stories, but don’t write just to please people; write because you love writing!

  59. dizzy claw (Poptropican name) says:

    You can be a spy without purchasing the action figure and entering a code!
    In the new Friends feature, type in buckylucas. Costumize everything. Put on the Spy medallion. Use the Glow stick glitch from the Poptropica excitement blog on the Cheats page. You are now a spy!

  60. Brenna says:

    how do you get back to your balloon when you finish the island?

    Hijuyo: Look for the rope that should lead up to the blimp, usually waiting on Main Street.

  61. red ninja says:

    how do you use the gunpowder on time tangled island if there is no use button PLEASE ANSWER ME CAUSE I AM STUCK ON THIS ISLAND!?!?!?!

    Slanted Fish: Calm down, try restarting the island or using our PHB Time Tangled guide or video playlist to see what to do.

  62. oogabooga says:

    I accidentally aimed the cork in the ballroom on sos to the ground. now all i see is the ground and it wont let me do anything. help!

  63. Tough Lighting says:

    hi I have a question about the two newest thing in poptropica one is this hot wheel game you can play and get prizes the other one is a littlest pet shop game I was wondering if the hot wheel one was boy characters only and the littlest pet shop was for girls characters only. I seen the littlest pet shop one when my sister was playing on her character who is a girl but I only see the hot wheel one when I am on I never see the littlest pet shop.

    Slanted Fish: Yes, some ads are for boys only, and some are for girls only. 🙂

  64. GoldenRunner131` says:

    Hi, ummm, after I completed Great Pumpkin, I got 1500 credits! (I saved them all) I really don’t know what to buy.

  65. judan says:

    i need help my character remember when you had that thing for that movie where jack black is a giant i got the card where you can shrink and grow your player i grew mine and kept it grow then when i wanted to go to regular size it was gone so now my player is giant is there any way for you to shrink me back because now that i’m big i cant fit through small places there for i cant complete island please reply

    • Slanted Fish says:

      You can try going to your Store inventory (backpack icon, “Store” in the dropdown menu). Click on the button near the bottom that says to turn off all special effects. Hopefully this should fix the issue!

  66. Michael says:

    I was on Reality TV Island and I think I had like 4 players left. I was playing the game where the platform shakes and you have to get to the other platform and dont fall in the water. I forgot what its called, then me and 2 other people fell in the water. The remaining players jumped and stayed in the air just like flying. Then they started dancing, chewing bubble gum, swinging swords, shooting guns, moving their bodys to a diffrent area .And other crazy stuff. Then I retyped the link to poptropica and it was fine. So then a thing pops up on my pc that says: Internet Explorer has found and Fixed 200 errors. Has this happened to anyone?

  67. Clean Shark says:

    I’m hosting a party on May 24th, for the beginning of Summer Vacation, possibly on the Poptropica Wiki’s Chat, and you can just chat, and there’ll be a Multiverse!

  68. Comical Turtle says:

    I’m friends with a guy on Poptropica that looks the guy the creators always use in the sneak peaks with the pony tail and the beard. Except the guy I’m friends with doesn’t have a beard. I thought it was pretty cool.

  69. Trusty Dolphin says:

    Ive been having problems with my poptropica. It keeps changing my clothing in the store to bos cloth and it wont let me change them back and it will only take clothing from boy players instead of girls. Is there a way to fix it?

    • Gillian says:

      Hi Trusty dolphin. The same thing happened to my friend, and when I asked her how it happened, she said she had no idea. So I think the best thing to do would be to wear girl costumes that you already had.

  70. Serious Boa says:

    If any one sees this please help me! I was able to visit the common room in the beginning,but now when ever I click on its door, it loads & it comes to the index page of poptropica!! and after seeing these rules,im worried with three words:”AM I BANNED?” But really i didn’t texted anything to any 1 over there.PLEASE HELP!!

    Slanted Fish: You should notify Poptropica via the Contact link on the Poptropica website. They may be able to help.

  71. Serious Boa says:

    Hope there would be a castaway island,where our poptropican will land on a bay harbor and will be send for a camping trip in some one else’s place. then the ship(or boat)will crash on a jungle island(which matches the poptoropica’s theme) Few of them will be safe and they will go away where as your poptropican and few will be on the island!.So,the task would on surviving on the island with it’s difficulties like searching for food,burning fire,making shelter to prevent from animals,gathering all other poptropicans,etc, until the rescuers come.;D

  72. Gillian says:

    Other Poptropica players, isn’t it annoying when you are in one place on Poptropica, and then you log out, but the next time you log in, you’re somewhere else?

  73. Icy Fang says:

    can someone please let me copy their cat whiskers? My brother was mean and used the pumpkin head cheat and he made me lose them 😥 my username is BamaKitty7

    Slanted Fish: Add catdudewin to your friends and customize the cat costume.

  74. ShakyShark says:

    Hey Slanted Fish/ HiJuyo can you come to the Mythology Island Common Room? I just want to meet you, and I’ll be the guy in a tux wearing a skull mask, Hades’ Crown and holding Hades’ staff. Thanks either way!

  75. Rayne says:

    Oh my god I just love Poptropican expressions, costumes, everything! Proud to be a poptropican!

    By the way, what do you guys think of a Poptropican Anthem?

    I pledge to Poptropica,
    wherever I may go,
    Zomberry, Crypids, and Shark Tooth, here I go!
    And we can’t forger Big Nate, nor time tangled island
    We must we remeber Captain Crawfish from Skull Duggery
    Black Widow from Counterfeit, and not to mention Astro Kights,
    If your a Poptropican your a Reality TV star, you’ve been there since the start in Early Poptropica.
    You’ve saved kids from metal bunny ears in 24 Carrot,
    Met a superhero in Super Power,
    Watched Hercules turn to stone in Mythology,
    There was lots of Pumpkins in Great Pumpkin,
    And cowboys in Wild West,
    You were tiny in Shrink Ray,
    Climbed aboard a Mystery Train,
    Became a ninja in Red Dragon,
    In Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk, helped Greg, not once, but twice.
    You rode a Night Watch scooter, caught lots of Super Villans,
    Helped film a Backlot movie,
    Flew to the moon and back in Lunar Colony,
    Saved a ship in SOS,
    Met a blood-sucker in Vampire’s curse,
    Saw a ghost in Ghost Story,
    Helped Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
    Picked a tribe and competed as a Poptropican Gamer,
    Found some runes in Twisted Thicket,
    You were on a Game Show,
    And don’t forget lots of gears in Steamworks.
    Soon you’ll be a Virus Hunter,
    And many, many more,
    So never forget Poptropica Islands,
    Each medallion is a score.

    That was just embarrassing. Anyone can edit that by the way. Post your edits!

  76. Amanda says:

    I think there is a glitch on my night watch island because when i click the occupied tanning bed nothing happens

  77. Bane says:

    I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.
    When you hear the name Bane, I guarantee the pain.
    I’m coming after you, Bruce Wayne.
    I’m stronger, smarter, and clinically insane.

    I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.
    Bruce Wayne and the Batman are totally the same.
    I broke his back mortal comBAT smack,
    then I cracked my ’28 Krug champagne.

    I’m Bane, yes, it’s a shame.
    I declare martial law, and you all complain!
    I laugh when you ask why I wear the mask.
    I’ll explain. It’s because…..

    I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.
    You say it too much, the name becomes inane.
    Of course! Some think my plan lacks gain.
    If you say it too my face, I’ll crash your plane.

  78. Gentle Spinner says:

    Fishy, I log on to Poptropica every day to answer my pop quiz, but now I’m been given one every two days. Do you know anything about this?

    Slanted Fish: Maybe you’ve answered so many they want to space it out a bit so you don’t run out? I don’t know. 😛

  79. Sleepy Storm says:

    I found this really annoying glitch that in 24 Carrot Island I was stuck on the drinking anamation with my poptropicans eyes closed and the mouth open. I managed to get and actual mouth for my poptropican but the eyes are still stuck closed. Also in Spy Island my poptropican is stuck holding the glass with the fingerprint. if anyone knows why this is happining or how to get rid of it please respond ! ASAP. If anyone wants to add me my user is liv923 and my poptropicans name is Sleepy Storm. Please help me get rid of this glitch ASAP!!! Its so anyoying!! 😦

    Slanted Fish: Try contacting Poptropica about the glitch.

  80. zanyrider says:

    I want to find out who fast shadow, incredible lion, fast flame, cool octopus, and sticky clown are for real and know where the heck they got all their costumes! who ever finds them for me will be rewarded!

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      That means that the chat reset. It does that sometimes, but it should fix as soon as the background is reset c; Just remember that if you want to see the background, but don’t want to play the games and such, you can just come to this page, and you should see it.

  81. ƒσχƒαcє says:

    Since this won’t post in the Xat comments:

    I’d like to apologize for my actions today. I was very immature and hypocritical.

    I’m usually not like this, I’ll type out what I want to say into a text post, and delete it. I don’t know what set me off or possessed me to actually send my thoughts, but something obviously did.

    I regret everything I said, hope you can accept my apology. I couldn’t handle the criticism in the chat a few years ago, and apparently still can’t.

    Take care. ~SilverCoyote.

  82. Samwow5 says:

    Hey Fishy! I’m just letting u know the BG is gone right now on the xat site! Thanks in advance!

    Slanted Fish: It seems to only work intermittently – works on the blog but not always on the xat site.

  83. branthecan says:

    Hello guys. I am trying to go to islands on Poptropica and it won’t let me. I tried restarting my computer, using all the different browsers I have, and it still didn’t work. Then I tried making another account on Poptropica and it let me. But on my main account it won’t let me. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you!

  84. Small Star says:

    Guys I have a teeny tiny obsession with poptropica how can I fix this? I like to play fantage, MSP, and Roblox.

    Slanted Fish: Nothing wrong with enjoying Poptropica, just as long as other aspects of life are taken care of too! 😀

  85. Small Star says:

    ARGH! my sis ter went on my account on chat and said something mean to someone and now im banned and i cant go to the party!!! i have THE WORST siblings!

  86. Quick dragon says:

    hey can someone tell me what happened?i made my own picture and name on the chat above and when i closed this site.all my stuff there a way to prevent that?

  87. havila says:

    hey,i just completed 20 islands and then out of no where it say that my username does not exist,but ive had it for ages,I NEED HELP!!!

    Slanted Fish: Make sure you typed your user in correctly. Also, check whether it still exists on the Avatar Studio.

  88. fk says:

    I have a profile named lamont11223 and I tried getting on to the island Mission Atlantis, but then when I went to sleep, and got back on the computer to get on poptropica It would let me on my profile, but it won’t load so can you please fix that for me, or you can tell me how to do it, so please, please help me.

  89. Rachel says:

    I need help on the mission atlantis thing, when ever i want to get the bucket back it wont let me retrieve it…help..

  90. Catherine says:

    I have a problem. I’m playing on Mocktropica island, and I’m at the part where you see the loading logo because of budget cuts. According to the walkthrough, I need to use the safety helmet that I collected, but I forgot to collect the helmet. Is there any way to go back without restarting the island?

      • CJ says:

        I want to know how you guys can STILL customize EVERYTHING even though you can’t customize half the parts off of other poptropicans. P.S. I already friended all of your dummies.) take me in to consideration if you ever need a new author

        Sincerely, popiky2

  91. LaronzoGreen1 says:

    I read all of your comments and some of your comments either didn’t have a capital letter at the start of your letters and some of your letters didn’t even make sense.

  92. LaronzoGreen1 says:

    Everybody, I need some help. When I was on Virus Hunter Island, I was with this woman and she told me to stand on the platform. Then everything started to turn odd, and every time I stand on the platform, this glitch happens. I thought you had to stand, but instead I went flying everywhere and then the screen was dead. Whoever has the same problem like this, please reply and I’ll reply back.

  93. Incredible Dragon says:

    I need some help, on mystery train island I can’t leave on the final quest (where you chase the woman) on that part, I also can’t get across the snake-sword jugglers! I really need help on this!

  94. Incredible Dragon says:

    I’ve restarted Mystery Train island and I’ll be looking at walkthroughs so I know what to do this time

  95. minho the glader says:

    I have a very pressing question…how would you make an augustus waters poptropican
    (please answer as soon as possible)

  96. gracie edwards says:

    please read this is a real problem for me i was hacked by someone on here hungry bite stoal my poptropican please help i worked harder than you can imagin ( 575 credits ) please i never typed in my email and he changed my password please

    Slanted Fish: You can try either asking Poptropica for help or asking the thief to return the account to you.

  97. Anime freakette says:

    Hello! Does anyone know if Arabian nights island will be in episodes? I hope it isn’t because I like the full islands better.

    • spaceyness says:

      it will, but the good thing is it gets you more credits. the bad thing is that you have to wait another month for the next episode to come out.

    • Loud Lizard says:

      It didn’t work for me too even though I got the Peace Medal, and beat the island. I can’t use it to get the viking suit though. >.<

  98. Loud Lizard says:

    If someone friends me does that mean that there on my friend list too?

    Slanted Fish: No, only people you friend yourself will be on your friends list.

  99. spaceyness says:

    Is it ok if i put the phc on my new blog, the spacey poptropica blog?

    Slanted Fish: Sure, that would be great. 🙂

  100. chaseknoettner says:

    Hey, im willing to trade a fact monster shirt, poptropica rope mouth, and a poptropica beard, and a free spy island guard dog costume! TRADE ME! An account, or other items and more. EMAIL me at thx- mighty thunder

  101. hungrystar says:

    Hey , I love this help blog so much it inspired me to make one please could you check it
    out . Btw my username is lou_lou_x and looby_lou_x

    ~ HungryStar/CoolBite

  102. Speedy Cloud says:

    (Please reply Slanted Fish)

    Where did you get your mask? Is it costumize? Did you just copy it?

    Slanted Fish: The white ‘mask’ is from the Vampire Girl 1 costume in the Store. 🙂

  103. Techno Dave says:
  104. shiftyclown says:

    Was banned for attempting to help

    Slanted Fish: Even though your intentions may have been good, if you’ve broken any of the chat rules, that raises red flags for mods/owners.

  105. LittleHeart4374 says:

    what do i do after i come here?when i went to the phb christmas party thingy, it says to click on the “chat’ button on the navigational bar and i did that and i do not know what to do uhhh…………what do i have to do?

    Slanted Fish: Nothing else, really – the chatbox is at the top of this page. Maybe give it a moment to load. 🙂

  106. SuperDragon says:

    Um i got a question, how do you enter the sultans chamber in arabian nights part 1 because i’ve tried alot of times but it never worked i think it only works for members

  107. Leandra Gruft says:

    Hi! Just wanted to tell you I will give you a promo code if you subscribe to my you tube channel. The name of my channel is Leandra Gruft. Currently I have no videos because i deleted them. I will get new ones in a month. (My camera-man is slow at editing)

  108. Silver Fire says:

    It won’t let me save the character I made. So now it doesn’t have an account. Here’s what it/I does:
    1. I click the save button
    2. I type in my desired username
    3. I type in my desired password
    4. I type my desired password again
    5. I click OK
    6. I wait for 3 seconds
    7. The little text under the OK button says, “An error while connecting to database occured. Try a bit later.”
    8. My brain throws up because I have tried a million gazillion times.
    9. I am very TO’d with Poptropica for 20 minutes.

  109. Silver Fire says:

    Y’all probably already know this, but if you go into an area with people who’s clothes/gender/hair etc. change, just go back and forth between scenes and keep doing it, you can get a free customization from the characters. Sadly, you can’t change hair or skin colour, and you can’t customize handheld items.

  110. RedMoon says:

    What I don’t understand is… why when you can “chat” on poptropica, you have to use certain answers or questions? Half the time, I don’t like any of the answers…

    • Pricky Monster says:

      So that people don’t go around swearing, sharing personal info, etc etc. I can see why they did that, since it’s hard to make an efficient chat filter (proven by Club Penguin). 😛

  111. Izzyfiredragon says:

    I was playing poptropica reamls and I had some Ideas for new stuff.

    1.) A colour changer for blocks (poptanium powered)

    2.) wepons (to fight the pixes)

    3.) mutiplayer so you can build with friends (could work the same as mutiverses)

    hope I have given you some new ideas!

  112. Cheerful Bite says:

    Am I the only one not able to load the chat? Also just saying but I’ll do free drawing requests of your Poptropicans. I really need the practice

  113. hi5io and ishine4him and ishine4god says:

    Hi poptropicans, when I go to an island and try to access my store items, it says that poptropica will dig it up soon. I have been on for about 2 years and it has always said that. I LOVE poptropica, but that is a bit long…

    *It does work on older poptropica islands with the old toolbox like that of super power island.*


  114. iliv4god says:

    hi poptropicans, I have 2 problems…
    1. Even though they have already been fully released, Nabooti, Big Nate, Great Pumpkin, both Wimpy Kid Islands, Red Dragon, and Charlie+ Chocolate Factory Islands are limited to the demo version for me. It doesn’t make sense, because I have played all these Islands and completed all of the except Nabooti. What happened? Did I do something wrong? (It has been this way for over a month)
    2. I posted a comment a couple days ago but I do not see it…

  115. ryan-ashlynn, thet-bone, renne-rebecca, anntonie, recklesssam, zackthony, and tomboybill7 says:

    hi everyone. I created poptropicans for the main characters in a book my friends are starting to make. Friend the usernames above, and thanks.

    PS: If I was not allowed to make multiple characters, sorry, I did not know. I am just trying to promote our book. ☺

  116. says:

    ok so I have been working on cryptids island for a while now and im in new jersey trying to get into the house, but i forgot to get the lantern in the Himalayas . i went back to the Himalayas to try to go back up and get it but the guys wont let me climb again. is there anything i can do or do i just have to give up on this island?

  117. Cheerful Bite says:

    @thePHB team
    ANy chance you can open an official forum for all Poptropica players to socialize? Like Poptropica Secret’s forum?

    • slantedfish says:

      Hey Cheerful Bite! Between managing the blog and other parts of the Poptropica Help Network, a forum is not in our current plans, but the chat on this page is probably the best way to socialize with other Poptropicans. For a post-whenever-you-want style of communication, commenting on this blog works. If you like collaborating with other Poptropicans, feel free to help out on our wiki. 🙂

  118. Fearlesspopper says:

    My self fearlesspopper and my friend purple whale.met him at school but no one wants to hear about that. So anyway I like it how if you go outside the main iland and say one two three go an click enter you can see your friend! And I had myself kaden,Adam,jaylen,and syrus do one two three go.All of was in the same room!It was so exciting we try that please and don’t forget to respond to me

    Sincerely,fearlesspopper. P.s do NOT let syrus play poptropica 😄😄😄

    slantedfish: Check out the Multiverse card in the Store. You can make rooms just for your friends. 😉

  119. djscratchstep says:

    Hello there, PHB owners. I’m wondering if I can make my own storybook section-ish kinda thing and put it on here, kind of an Adventure in Poptropica kinda thing. I don’t care if I get turned down, I have other things to do, but I just thought it would be a nice addition.

    With thanks for helping me though about 8-9 islands in about 3 days,
    Scratch, aka Trusty Bear

    slantedfish: Sure, feel free! You can also submit stories to our PHB magazines. 🙂

  120. djscratchstep says:


    About 3 weeks ago, I posted that I was planning on making an Adventures in Poptropica story on here. (And Slanted Fish, thanks for the approval!)

    But, sadly, I have lost all my work, so I cannot work any further. But, just as i thought all hope was lost, and I moved on to making a different story on another site, I realized… I could put the PHB Admins in my ongoing story, Life in Scratchlandia, on my Wattpad profile, @ScratchStep. So, I’m goingt ahead and self-promoting it, and hoping you guys approve!

    – Trusty Bear

    slantedfish: We’d be honored to be in your story! 🙂

  121. ariana says:

    i have been on google trying to find out how to pass the escape pelican rock level with out a member ship and here the answer you cant if someone pass this level without a member ship i will be surprised comepletely

    slantedfish: The island will be out for non-members tomorrow, so hang in there.

  122. Caroline says:

    I need help on escape from pelican rock. I mistakenly filled up the cup with plaster a second time ad now I cannot get rid of it. This basically meaning that I can’t grow the sunflower and move on. Anyone know how I can get rid of it?

    slantedfish: You should still be able to fill the cup with water, replacing the plaster.

  123. djscratchstep says:

    Hey, PHB, I’m starting a side site that I want to grow called the Poptropica Help Island, and I was wondering if I could give you guys a shoutout. Is that OK?

    slantedfish: You’re more than welcome to give us a shoutout – no need to ask! 🙂

  124. Skinny Shadow says:

    What i want in poptropica is…………………………………….. well a new island like a actual island!!! as in its like a music island since they’re loads of different subject on the island based on what it is! (cuz thats a whole point of an island) But its like we “can” have a music island or we can have a episodic part 2 GHD cuz the book The Weiner strikes back!, we can do the same EXACT thing just like in GHD when the comic parts popped up “out of nowhere” since a gigantic wormhole appeared but yeah I like to see a new island coming soon (AND I LIKE IT 2 BE THE EXACT SAME THING AS POPTROPICA REALMS APPEARED!!!!!!!!!!)

  125. Fiza Ahmad says:

    It would be more better if the islands in poptropica on computers should be on the phones too because if I play poptrpopica on my computer my dad will get mad

  126. Sarah says:

    so, I finished the ‘poptropicon’ episodes but in the little section where you see all the islands you completed it says I haven’t completed it yet? what do I do? I have the medallion in my items.

    slantedfish: Please report it to so Poptropica support can help you fix it!

  127. Fierce Panda says:

    I just noticed that the Ancient Greek guy on the roof of the Tourism Center in Shark Tooth Island said “Time TWISTED Island” Instead of time Tangled Island. I found this funny but I hope you can fix this soon.

  128. Push Pop says:

    I have a question. I vaguely remember the PHB mentioning a game called Alter Ego… Not that life simulator but it was a game, I think it was multiplayer but inactive, it took place in a city and your avatar looked kind of like a Mii… Does anyone know where I can find this game, if it wasn’t just a dream?

  129. Lacee Frazier says:

    I have the app for Poptropica and when I’m playing Arabian nights 1st episode when I throw the smoke bomb it to distract the guards they won’t go out of the castle and then they’ll freeze and not move. But when they are frozen it won’t let me in the castle

  130. Magic Cloud says:

    I want to know something, Can I Import look again when i already imported my look on “New Player”? I have a new cool look from my pc and i wanted to import from the app. Is there a way to import again?

  131. liona says:

    hi im new to this site so i hope i dont cause any trouble… i love poptropica so much its a great game!! i dont know what is the persons name who created this blog but can you to fiona from adventure time? for the avatar outifts?? that would be cool thanks!!

  132. Maya says:

    On wild west, how do you get off of the map, cause I’m where I’m supposed to be, but I have no idea how to actually walk into the building.

  133. madnash says:

    invisible bee aka madnash here i love this blog i’m friends with slanted fish, lucky joker, and happy lobster on poptropica. could we set a time and date for a mutiverse hang out? how do u know when someone friends u? i used to only use this blog for cheats but now i read a lot of the way this blog is great thank u soooo much. my username is madnash so friend me.this is to all poptropicans send me some usernames so i can friend u guys =) PLEASE

  134. Bruce says:

    how do you do beta carrotine on ipoptropica?

    slantedfish: Check the Beta Carrotene medallion on iPop to have it added to your account. You can’t play the actual beta, since it’s basically what is now 24 Carrot Island.

  135. james says:

    Hi um I’m not sure if you can ask questions here but I once made this account and I haven’t visited it in a few months but I tried playing with that account but I only stay on the home island. (What I mean is that if I try to go to the map or another island the loading screen comes up and it loads forever! like literally I waited for thirty minutes before closing that tab) Does anyone know how to fix this???? or does it mean that my account has been deleted? (sorry about how long this comment is.)

  136. Big Lion says:

    I was playing Arabian Knights Episode 2 and I think I did something out of order so I literally can’t finish the island/episode. So if someone would care enough to help that would be great, thx.

  137. sjdfosjoosdockjovktjokfjokcsfokj says:

    Hi!!!! I am Lizzie, and whenever I play poptropica superpower island, I cant seem to find the flying icon on the bottom of my screen that you NEED to have to beat Betty Jetty. What should I do???? I tried clearing my cache, but that didn’t work, LOL!!!! Anyways, can someone please tell me what’s going on and what I need to do besides clearing my cache? Thanks!


    slantedfish: Have you defeated all the other villains and talked to the old superhero? Check out our Super Power Island Guide for the details!

  138. Dillpickle1092 says:

    I’ve had a problem where when I enter a location I don’t enter in the right spot, which makes some maps impossible to beat. Any possible solutions?

  139. Strange Lizard says:

    With Poptropica Worlds coming out, will regular old Poptropica get any new islands? Am I the only one with these concerns?

  140. Brooke F says:

    Hi, if Slanted fish can read this, my name is Brooke and I am 9 years old. I live in New Zealand, in a small town called Upper Hutt. I heard that you are a christian and that you are a Christ follower, and I am too. I hope you have a good rest of life! You seem like a really nice person! Please reply!
    Kindest regards,

  141. poptropica accounts glitcherz says:

    if enyone would like a poptropica account with glitched items on it or if you would like me to get into your account and get you a glitched/modded outfit contact me at THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES I AM NOT RESPONIBLE IF YOUR ACCOUNT GETS BANNED

  142. massive whale says:

    so I am almost done with the island red dragon, but I cant beat the Red Dragon at the end. I tried for hours but couldn’t win. any tips??

  143. Young Cactus says:

    Every time I try to log onto Poptropica it loads like normal, flashed, and takes me back to the screen that says Play Now! with the yellow button. This has been happening for a couple of months and I tried to make a new account thinking it might have been my old account but it still won’t work!!! Help! I even tried on four different computers! Poptropica is my LIFE and I can’t bear to lose it! Please help me!

    Young Cactus

  144. Just Curios says:

    I was just wondering will Poptropica Worlds be able to go offline in the future, and still sync with your account when you have wi-fi?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      It’s not working for everyone. Not sure why exactly, but it seems to have had too many technical issues so they’ve closed it down for now. Hopefully it’ll reopen in the future. In the meantime, you could decorate your house on Poptropica Worlds, which has a similar idea.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Technical difficulties. The Creators say they’re working on it, but it’s been down for months so there’s no guarantee when it’ll be back up. But, if you want something similar, you could play around with your house on Poptropica Worlds.

  145. Cat says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve just come back to Poptropica after a long break, and was trying to play Skullduggery. However when trying to collect the first dubloon required to get the chicken feed, I am unable to, due to being taken back to the far left where my baloon is when I ‘go left’ to the next area, instead of under the bridge where the dubloon is. I have reported it, but am concerned that even if they fix it, it will be down for a very long time, when Skulduggery was 3/4 of the reason I came back. Does anyone know how I could fix this or get past it? Sorry for the bad description. Thanks!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      You could try playing Skullduggery without an account on the glitching website iPoptropica. Note that this would mean that progress would not be saved to your account. You can also play other islands on iPoptropica.

      Contacting Poptropica support, as you said you did, is a good step, and they will most likely respond to you soon (maybe in the new year, since it’s currently the holiday season and they are probably on break). Even if they can’t fix the bug in-game right away, they could maybe have your character skip over that step so you can continue with the island.

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