Welcome to the PHC, the PHB hangout known as the Poptropica Help Chat!

Our chat server is hosted on Discord, which offers tons of cool features to make chatting fun, and won’t take you long to get acquainted. Join the server and you’ll land on the #survival-island channel, which will explain the basics. Note: You must be 13 or older to use Discord per their terms.

Account not required โ€” just jump right in!

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From emojis to memes to voice chat and more, the party never stops! You’ll meet lots of Poptropicans in the community (including, sometimes, PHB staff). You can start Multiverse parties, make art requests, learn about Poptropica glitches, and lots more.

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How to be, on the PHC

In order to foster an environment where people can feel safe, please follow our community rules (failure to do so will result in being kicked or banned).

  1. Be kind and considerate of others.
  2. Keep things kid-friendly. Don’t post NSFW material or anything suggestive of such, and avoid profanity and scaring people.
  3. Don’t spam in any channel other than #spam-swamp.
  4. Don’t trick people by lying, scamming, impersonation, etc.
  5. Don’t ask to be promoted to a staff rank (such as Guardian)โ€”we’ll pick our own staff, thank you very much.

Download Discord! Use the Discord app to take it with you across devices โ€” iOS, Android, Mac, Windows. Click here for downloads.

Alternatively, you can comment below to chat with Poptropicans, but please keep it Poptropica-related!


2,154 thoughts on “Chat”

  1. hi im new to this site so i hope i dont cause any trouble… i love poptropica so much its a great game!! i dont know what is the persons name who created this blog but can you to fiona from adventure time? for the avatar outifts?? that would be cool thanks!!

  2. On wild west, how do you get off of the map, cause I’m where I’m supposed to be, but I have no idea how to actually walk into the building.

  3. invisible bee aka madnash here i love this blog i’m friends with slanted fish, lucky joker, and happy lobster on poptropica. could we set a time and date for a mutiverse hang out? how do u know when someone friends u? i used to only use this blog for cheats but now i read a lot of the way this blog is great thank u soooo much. my username is madnash so friend me.this is to all poptropicans send me some usernames so i can friend u guys =) PLEASE

  4. how do you do beta carrotine on ipoptropica?

    slantedfish: Check the Beta Carrotene medallion on iPop to have it added to your account. You can’t play the actual beta, since it’s basically what is now 24 Carrot Island.

  5. Hi um I’m not sure if you can ask questions here but I once made this account and I haven’t visited it in a few months but I tried playing with that account but I only stay on the home island. (What I mean is that if I try to go to the map or another island the loading screen comes up and it loads forever! like literally I waited for thirty minutes before closing that tab) Does anyone know how to fix this???? or does it mean that my account has been deleted? (sorry about how long this comment is.)

  6. I was playing Arabian Knights Episode 2 and I think I did something out of order so I literally can’t finish the island/episode. So if someone would care enough to help that would be great, thx.

  7. Hi!!!! I am Lizzie, and whenever I play poptropica superpower island, I cant seem to find the flying icon on the bottom of my screen that you NEED to have to beat Betty Jetty. What should I do???? I tried clearing my cache, but that didn’t work, LOL!!!! Anyways, can someone please tell me what’s going on and what I need to do besides clearing my cache? Thanks!


    slantedfish: Have you defeated all the other villains and talked to the old superhero? Check out our Super Power Island Guide for the details!

  8. I’ve had a problem where when I enter a location I don’t enter in the right spot, which makes some maps impossible to beat. Any possible solutions?

  9. With Poptropica Worlds coming out, will regular old Poptropica get any new islands? Am I the only one with these concerns?

  10. Hi, if Slanted fish can read this, my name is Brooke and I am 9 years old. I live in New Zealand, in a small town called Upper Hutt. I heard that you are a christian and that you are a Christ follower, and I am too. I hope you have a good rest of life! You seem like a really nice person! Please reply!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Hey Brooke! Great to hear from you, and to know you are a Christ follower too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ By the way, you can change your profile picture by making an account at, and using the same email address to post comments here. Please post comments that are relevant to the page you are on: for non-Poptropica discussion, please use the Off-Topica page.

  11. if enyone would like a poptropica account with glitched items on it or if you would like me to get into your account and get you a glitched/modded outfit contact me at [email protected] THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES I AM NOT RESPONIBLE IF YOUR ACCOUNT GETS BANNED

  12. so I am almost done with the island red dragon, but I cant beat the Red Dragon at the end. I tried for hours but couldn’t win. any tips??

  13. Every time I try to log onto Poptropica it loads like normal, flashed, and takes me back to the screen that says Play Now! with the yellow button. This has been happening for a couple of months and I tried to make a new account thinking it might have been my old account but it still won’t work!!! Help! I even tried on four different computers! Poptropica is my LIFE and I can’t bear to lose it! Please help me!

    Young Cactus

  14. I was just wondering will Poptropica Worlds be able to go offline in the future, and still sync with your account when you have wi-fi?

  15. The islands with three to four parts like Survival, Poptropican, and Arabian Nights are not working when I click on them to start up the game. What’s wrong?

    1. I don’t know why that’s not working for you, but you may want to try playing on a different browser or even a different device (in addition to the computer version, there’s a Poptropica mobile app for various devices). Also, contact support so they can fix this glitch!

    1. Itโ€™s not working for everyone. Not sure why exactly, but it seems to have had too many technical issues so theyโ€™ve closed it down for now. Hopefully itโ€™ll reopen in the future. In the meantime, you could decorate your house on Poptropica Worlds, which has a similar idea.

    1. Technical difficulties. The Creators say they’re working on it, but it’s been down for months so there’s no guarantee when it’ll be back up. But, if you want something similar, you could play around with your house on Poptropica Worlds.

  16. Hey everyone, I’ve just come back to Poptropica after a long break, and was trying to play Skullduggery. However when trying to collect the first dubloon required to get the chicken feed, I am unable to, due to being taken back to the far left where my baloon is when I ‘go left’ to the next area, instead of under the bridge where the dubloon is. I have reported it, but am concerned that even if they fix it, it will be down for a very long time, when Skulduggery was 3/4 of the reason I came back. Does anyone know how I could fix this or get past it? Sorry for the bad description. Thanks!

    1. You could try playing Skullduggery without an account on the glitching website iPoptropica. Note that this would mean that progress would not be saved to your account. You can also play other islands on iPoptropica.

      Contacting Poptropica support, as you said you did, is a good step, and they will most likely respond to you soon (maybe in the new year, since it’s currently the holiday season and they are probably on break). Even if they can’t fix the bug in-game right away, they could maybe have your character skip over that step so you can continue with the island.

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