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Diggin’ up a sale, this Halloween!


Now, we know about Poptropolis’s return, right? Well, the Creators have created a little special event (over on Poptropolis Games Island on the Map) where we are challenged to navigate the ocean depths so many times and hit the bottom as many times as you can, without getting eaten by a shark that is.

And whichever Tribe collects the most dirt will have something special on the Main Street once the island resurfaces… I’ve yet to understand what that is, yet .-. .


Well well, this’ll be interesting… wonder which tribe is gonna win? Please, help me pull this off, my fellow Black Flags…

Even this guy knows that everything is on the blogs…

Anyways, in other news, there is a sale in the Poptropica Shop! If you want a shirt with a Poptropican on it, you can get a 30% off discount when you enterย the code FALL30 as a promotional code, until November 5th!


Tired of digging underwater? Well, if you haven’t already, here’s a friendly reminder to enter your spooky Halloween costume in the PHB’s 5th annual Halloween Competition! Check it out!

Well, that is about it… dig on, peeps!

BT out!

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Zomberrified Updates

That’s right. I just said ‘zomberrified’. u mad bro?

So, we’ve just learned that the totally awesome (and yet slightly ominous) island is called Zomberry Island.ย The Creators have interested us by releasing two awesome posters.

(See that? Released by Mews Corp, rated P for Poptropica? I do believe this is interesting.)

And not only do we get these posters, but we also get the fantastic new… common rooms! That’s right, remember the innuendos and outuendos floating around about the tribe common rooms? Well, they’re confirmed now!

You just need to go to your epic profile on Poptropica and ‘Join Room’! This’ll take you to your secret hideout where you’ll meet with other tribesmates. Pathfinders, hope to see you there!

Also, remember that these common rooms are special in more than one way; they’re interactive. Hunt around the vast rooms to see what you can interact with, besides your friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

~Super Thunder

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, Tribes

Always Golden

Plot twist: I’m alive! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bet you weren’t expecting that one.

So, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has only been released for just over a day, and so many Poptropicans have already rushed through the gates, waving your Golden Ticket around yelling “I’M IN! I’M IN!”

Or at least most of you did. Some of you only yelled “I’M IN!” once.

Either way, whether you’re in or out, there are some who are undeniably quick and zip through islands. It requires speed, strength, knowledge, and a bag of candy.

Without further ado, let us congratulate those who stayed golden throughout the whole island and finished it the quickest! Put your hands together (even if they’re covered in chocolate) for…


1. Dizzy Leopard
of the Flying Squid

(What did I say about the candy? Everyone loves it!)

2. Zippy Leopard
of the Flying Squid

(I want those glasses. Now.)

3. Little Owl
of the Wildfire

(I also want those glasses. Poptropicans always look good in glasses. And candy.)

4. Angry Claw
of the Nanobots

(I want those headphones. Then we can all listen to music that suits the mood for each part of the island. Pile on the suspense!)

5. Smart Eagle
of the Pathfinders

(Pathfinders; a fellow tribesmate. Well done, Smart Eagle!)

6. Green Seal
of the Seraphim

(It’s impossible to not be one of the first with an epic name like that. Green and gold go good together.)

7. Trusty Grape
of the Black Flags

(Oh, that’s one of the coolest hairstyles I’ve ever seen! And the medallion looks simply amazing!)

8. Young Clown
of the Nanobots

(I really do love the medallion. The way Young Clown is wearing it allows us to see the red and white striped design of the medallion!)

9. Perfect Cactus
of the Pathfinders

(Perfect Cactuses wouldbe first. Congrats!)

10. Invisible Axe
of the Flying Squid

(That is just the most awesomely-bizarre collection of clothing.)

And that concludes our ten first finishers! I do hope many of you cross the finish line soon, to join the elite! Fellow Poptropicans, let us rejoicify by staying golden always and eating candy.

P.S. For the holidays, ask for that new D.S. game. It looks amazifyingly good.

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The supremacy is etched into…

Brave Tomato: The tribes have been going at it in the Poptropolis Games for weeks, now. *dramatic music* Many Poptropicans were able to gain the medallions, but some by luck, won just by one place higher than another tribe. But apparently, a certain red robot tribe gained that supremecy overall…

Audience Member: Oh cut it out with all the dramatic stuff, BT!

Brave Tomato: What? Come on!

Audience Member: *chants* Humor! Humor! Humor!

Brave Tomato: Alright, alright, sheesh! I’ll just show the Creator’s post!

Which tribe reigns supreme?

ย Now that Poptropolis Games has been available for a few weeks, millions of Poptropicans have chosen their tribes and competed for glory. But do you want to know which tribe’s representatives have the best overall scores?
Go on, take a guess. We’ll wait for you.
Okay. The top-performing tribe in Poptropica is….

The Nanobots! Congratulations to everyone who’s flying the flag of the red robots!
If you’re not a Nanobot, don’t worry. You can always help your tribe reach the mountaintop by playing, and winning, Poptropolis Games! Visit Poptropica now to play!


Brave Tomato: Where’s the drumroll during all this? The Creators were dramatic there, cause of all those “…”s to reveal the Nanobots as the highest scoring tribe! But wait! Did nanobots rig the system…

Audience Member: Don’t discriminate! I’m a Nanobot tribe member and we won fair and square!

Brave Tomato: Alright, if you say so. ๐Ÿ˜ I’m a Black Flags member, andย I just hope that I’m not the lowest on that list.

Audience: So do we!

Brave Tomato: Glad to see we’re on the same page with this!

*the audience member who said that BT discriminated throws a tomato with the Nanobot logo on it*

Brave Tomato: Okay, maybe not all of us, but just hope, okay? Alright.

BT out!

Poptropolis Games Island, Tribes

Whose side are you on?

Hey peeps.

Now that Poptropolis games has come out you may notice something new on the friends profile pages.

Random person: *puts hand up*

GB: Yes?

Random Person: Non-members with the Poptropolis medallion!

GB: *imitates buzzer* EEEEH! Wrong!

Other Random Person: Poptropolis island photos?

GB: *buzzer noise* EEEEH! Wrong again!

Another Random Person: Well what is it then?

GB: I’ll let Captain Crawfish’s Poptropica Friends profile show you.

The Flying Squid? I thought that he would fit into the Black Flags like a glove?
Yes, now everyone can see what tribe you’re on! Or which one you want to be on! I like Poptropolis games. In my opinion it’s the best one we’ve had since Mystery Train. Call me a harsh critic but Ghost Story, SOS, Vampire’s Curse and Twisted Thicket aren’t really very good islands. But I give Poptropolis games an 8/10 as an enjoyable and colourful island. Feel free to disagree with me, though. ๐Ÿ˜