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Dreamy Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🦄

Howdy Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible Ring. Enjoy!

Hey, it’s me, Invisible Ring! Remember me from my first, second, and third clubhouse tours? Well, get ready for the grand finale, because my final clubhouse tour is ready!

Wow, look at this place! I’ve never seen so many flowers and — *GASP* Oh my gosh, UNICORNS! This is a dream come true! Is this a dream room?

Me: What else is in here? Ooooh, what a forest! It’s even better than the one in my room! 

Tourist: I know, right? 

Me: Huh? Oh hi! I didn’t know there was someone else here.

Tourist: Yeah, these woods remind me so much of Twisted Thicket.

Me: You wanna explore these woods with me?

Tourist: Whoa, dude, I don’t think going any further is a good idea. Dangerous things always go on in forests just like this one.

Me: I’m not afraid. I mean, this is all part of my clubhouse!

Tourist: Oh, ok. So that means you already know what goes on in here, huh?

Me: Well, I uh…. 

Tourist: Oops, gotta go! Great talkin’ to ya!

Oooh boy, I suddenly have a bad feeling about this. Maybe that guy was right. Maybe rushing in there is a bad idea, but what should I do? I’d better slow down and set up camp around here somewhere and figure this out. 

Ok, so I knew what I was doing in the rest of the rooms in my clubhouse, but I don’t know what I am doing in this last room. That’s a scary thought, but then again, figuring out what you don’t know along the way is half the fun of exploring. Ok, It’s decided. Back to the forest!

Me: Oh my gosh! Who are you? And where did these flowers come from? It’s as though the whole forest instantly bloomed! Did you do this?

Fairy: Indeed. Welcome home, Invisible Ring. Much has happened since your last arrival here.

Me: Yeah, It’s been a busy year, y’know?

Fairy: Yes. You have come a long way. Please continue. I will be here if you need my help. 

Gnome: Hey, you! FREEZE!

Me: Everybody clap your hands!

Gnome: Don’t try to smooth-talk your way outta this, trespasser! You’re comin’ with me! 

Me: Trespasser? I know I haven’t been in here for a long time, but this is my clubhouse! But since you seem to know your way around this place, I’ll come with you.

Gnome: That’s more like it. Don’t try anything funny now, ya hear me?

Gnome: Your majesty, I found an intruder in the woods. What should I do with her?

Gnome King: Mango, put that squirt gun down. That’s Invisible Ring! She owns the place!

Me: Your name is Mango? Haha! *ahem* I mean… Told ya.

Me: It’s nice to meet all of you, but I have some questions here.

Gnomes: And we got answers! What’s up?

Me: Has anyone noticed this place keeps changing? First, the unicorns ran and hid somewhere, then the trees themselves moved around! What’s going on?

Gnomes: This room is your creation, right? And don’t people describe their favorite art as “moving”?

Me: Ohhh, I get it! That makes a TON of sense, thanks a lot! Now I know exactly how this place works.

Ooh, this is just beautiful. Look at all of the stars in the sky tonight! I have such a good view of ‘em from here. This room really is a gem!

And speaking of gems, this tree is covered with ‘em! It’s so colorful, no wonder these butterflies like this spot so much! 

Me: What’s up here? Oh, It’s a giant! Um… hello. I come in peace

Giant: So you’re the Invisible Ring that the gnome guards were talking about, huh?

Me: Uh, yes sir! …Oh look! The unicorns! So that’s where they went!

Giant: They’re with me, kid. We guard the place. If you run into any trouble, call us. Got it?

Me: Gotcha! Oh by the way, what’s that stuff the gnome is drinking?

Giant: It’s an enchanted elixir. You should give it a try. There’s an extra bottle over on the right.

That’s a lot of treasure! And that dragon is one heavy sleeper. There it is — The elixir bottle! I should find a good place to try it. 

I think this is my favorite clubhouse room! Why don’t I come here more often? I must remember to come here every time I need a creative inspiration! Ok, this looks like a good place for a drink break.

What the? Where did this helicopter come from?!

Lumberjerks: Well, what do you know! I didn’t think we would run into a second magical forest. Hey, wait! We know you! You’re the brat who stopped us last time over at that twisted thicket! But it doesn’t matter now, because you’re not wearing a magical necklace this time. You’re in big trouble now!

Me: What are you doing?! Why are you here? You’re scaring away all the inhabitants! Guards, get down here quick! It’s an emergency!

Giant: Leave here at once or I’m gonna smash your chopper and take you to jail.

Lumberjerks: Not if our chopper smashes you first, you overgrown gorilla!


Me: NO, What have you done?!

Lumberjerks: Oh don’t worry. They’re not dead. But now they won’t be able to get in the way when we rip this forest down to the roots!

Me: You’re gonna destroy this place?! But why? You’ve got no right!

Lumberjerks: Look, kid. This is how we, as people, make a living. Getting rid of this rubbish is all just part of natural selection. Now, there are two ways out of here, kid. The easy way and the hard way. And you do NOT want to leave the hard way! 

Me: So this is what the tourist meant. This is the kind of danger that happens in a forest like this. 

Lumberjerks: This is your last chance. Either you go away or we have no choice but to MAKE you go away!

Me: NO! Nobody threatens me like that! This is MY clubhouse! This is MY work of art! And if you think I’ll let you take it all away, you’re DEAD WRONG!

Lumberjerks: HAHAHA, What are YOU gonna do about it, little girl?

Me: Blast it! I don’t know. Oh wait, my magic juice! Now’s the perfect time to drink it and see what it can do! Behold — the power of this enchanted forest!


Me: I did?… I mean, that’s right, I did! And if you think that’s surprising, behold the most powerful magic of all in this forest — my imagination!

Lumberjerks: Holy fricassee! Who’s moving all those stars?!

Me: I am! Now begone you intruders! Run away and never return!

Lumberjerks: AAAHHHH! RUUUUN!

Me: Hey, you all came back and you’re all ok!

Giant: Way to show those jerks who’s boss! You made us all proud, young warrior.

Me: Warrior?…Oh yeah, my sword! I remember now that I had it concealed in my ninja suit for emergencies!

Gnomes: Forget the sword, lady! Did you even notice that you transformed into some sort of flaming angel? That was incredible! And you saved the forest, for Pete’s sake!

Me: Yeah, the seraphim has always been my favorite tribe, and I couldn’t have saved the forest without you guys. I’m sorry I hadn’t visited for so long.

Gnomes: You don’t have to be sorry. You wouldn’t be much of an adventurer if you just stayed put inside your house all day, would you?

Me: Hehe,I guess not. Oh my gosh, why do I feel so tired all of a sudden?

Fairies: Nothing surprising there. An imagination as powerful as yours takes a lot of strength to use. You should go and get some rest. 

Me: Well, ok. I guess I’ll be going now.

Fairies: Keep on adventuring! We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to visit!

Me: Alright. Bye, everybody!

Home, sweet home. That tour was a big job, but it’s done now.

Hey, did my garden grow while I was gone? Cool! Now I know what I’m gonna explore tomorrow!

Looks like my laptop is still on. What’s it say?… Aw, sweet! I can see all four parts of my clubhouse tour on the PHB now! So glad I took up the offer, and it felt great to finish the job.

That’s all, folks! Thank you so much for joining me on my whole tour, and I hope it was an adventure for you as much as it was for me. I’ve got no plans to post anything else now, but if you really want more from me on the PHB, just let me know in the comments section. Until then, I’m taking a breather. I sure won’t have any trouble falling asleep tonight! 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featuredConsider sharing yours, too!

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11 thoughts on “Dreamy Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🦄”

  1. THAT. WAS. AMAZING!!!! I am super impressed and inspired for my own clubhouse! I would really appreciate it if you did more. It is really nice to see that people can make their own stories through the clubhouses, I never even thought of it! Thanks again!

  2. I just love it!!!! It’s so cool other people come!! And your poses on the special potion and your smiles changing with other fantasy characters… just awesome!! 💐💐💐

  3. I love all of your clubhouses, but I think this one is my favorite! The foreshadowing of the tourist, the relationship with one of my favorite islands (Twisted Thicket), the mystery of the forest, the magical characters, and those darn lumberjerks (never liked those guys ;)) who thought they could destroy the place was so awesome! I hope you do a clubhouse tour of your clubhouse on Poptropica Worlds (if you play it) because I can’t get enough of your tours, and your posts in general!
    This post was so funny! I love the torch power you used. Those lumberjerks should’ve taken a hint the first time! 🙂

    P.S. Seraphim forever!

    1. Wow! All this feedback is a huge help! Thank you so much! This is my favorite clubhouse tour out of my set of 4 as well, and that seraphim transformation was my favorite part. The worlds clubhouse tours are a GREAT idea, i think I’ll try em out soon!

  4. This has to be my favorite part of your clubhouse, Invisible Ring. I loved your interactions in your clubhouse tour and all the details. Can’t wait to see more posts from you!

    1. Really? WOW! Thanks! I guess it really WAS an adventure for you guys like it was for me! This excites me that you want me to keep going here! (Is that a challenge? We poptropicans never back down from a challenge! I’M IN! 😀)

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