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Recap: PHB Tribal Tournament 2016!

tribe closing recap

Hey Poptropic-athletes! After a month of solid competition, the Poptropica Help Blog’s first ever Tribal Tournament has now come to a close. Thanks to the tons of Poptropicans who cheered, dressed up, and got involved in one way or another – we hope you had fun!

At the Closing Ceremony, we announced on the PHC the winners of the Tribal Tournament, breaking it down by each category. You can also see a collage of some party pictures above. But don’t worry if you missed it – we’ll be recapping them here as well! Since we’ve broken it down, you’ll need to get to the bottom of this post to see the overall winners.

tribe honor

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Medal Marathon

The first contest we announced was the Medal Marathon, which ran throughout the month, and all one had to do was play Poptropolis Games and show us the resulting scoreboard to earn points! As many times as one could! Higher results earned more points (1st place = 8 points, 2nd place = 7, etc).

Here are the standings for the Medal Marathon:

  1. Seraphim – 1284
  2. Wildfire – 931
  3. Yellowjackets – 902
  4. Pathfinders – 816
  5. Nanobots – 645
  6. Black Flags – 167
  7. Flying Squid – 113
  8. Nightcrawlers – 23

Congratulations to the Seraphim for flying high and proving their merit in medallions!

medal win tribe

Artistic Athletes

For the Artistic Athletes round, we asked you guys to create and send us your best Poptropica art in a number of categories: visual art, written work, fashion, and Realms.

The PHB tribe reps then went through their respective tribes’ entries and picked one for each category, then brought them to the rest of the PHB team to vote, with each rep not voting on their own tribe’s entries to eliminate bias. After our deliberating, we’re ready to present our top selections for each tribe!

To calculate points, the PHB team ranked each chosen piece for every category, except for ones from their own tribe. From there, the placement numbers (first place, second, etc.) were added up and then divided by the number of placements that had been given to form an average.

Then the average scores were ranked within each category from lowest to highest, as lower amounts meant it had received higher placement ranks in the judging. From there, each category awarded points based on the final placements: 80 points for first place, 70 for second, and so on down the line.

You can see the overall placements for the Artistic Athletes after all the art categories below.

Visual Art

Click to view each image at full size.

Congrats to all tribes for participating in this category!

These are the amounts of points earned by each tribe for the category of Visual Art:

  1. Seraphim – 80
  2. Wildfire – 70
  3. Black Flags – 60
  4. Pathfinders – 50
  5. Nanobots – 40
  6. Nightcrawlers – 30
  7. Flying Squid – 20
  8. Yellowjackets – 10

Written Work (Fan Fictions)

  1. Poptropolis Games by Bony Bones (Flying Squid) โ€“ click here to read. (+80 points)
  2. The New Tribe by Happy Lobster (Seraphim) โ€“ click here to read. (+70 points)
  3. Hurdles by Wanderesa/White Ice (Wildfire) โ€“ click here to read. (+60 points)
  4. Chant by Shaky Skunk (Nanobots) โ€“ click here to read. (+50 points)

No written work entry received from Black Flags, Nanobots, Nightcrawlers, Pathfinders, and Yellowjackets.

Fashion (Costumes)

Click to view each image at full size.

No fashion entry received from Nightcrawlers.

These are the amounts of points earned by each tribe for the category of Fashion:

  1. Wildfire – 80
  2. Seraphim – 70
  3. Yellowjackets – 60
  4. Flying Squid – 50
  5. Black Flags – 40 (tied for 5th)
  6. Nanobots – 40 (tied for 5th)
  7. Pathfinders – 40 (tied for 5th)


Click to view each image at full size.

No Realms entry received from Nightcrawlers, Pathfinders, and Wildfire.

These are the amounts of points earned by each tribe for the category of Realms:

  1. Nanobots – 80
  2. Black Flags – 70
  3. Flying Squid – 60
  4. Seraphim – 50
  5. Yellowjackets – 40

Honorable Mentions

These entries did not influence the voting process, but we thought they were too good not to be shown here! A few of them are from PHB authors, who did not enter unless their tribe did not make an entry. Click to view full images.

Plus, the Seraphim tribe had so many entries you can check them out in this imgur album.


These are the amounts of points earned by each tribe for every art category combined:

  1. Seraphim – 270 (80 + 70 + 70 + 50)
  2. *Flying Squid – 210 (20 + 80 + 50 + 60)
  3. *Nanobots – 210 (40 + 50 + 40 + 80)
  4. Black Flags – 170 (60 + 0 + 40 + 70)
  5. Wildfire – 150 (70 + 0 + 80 + 0)
  6. Yellowjackets – 110 (10 + 0 + 60 + 40)
  7. Pathfinders – 90 (50 + 0 + 40 + 0)
  8. Nightcrawlers – 30 (30 + 0 + 0 + 0)

*Flying Squid and Nanobots are tied for second overall in Artistic Athletes.

Congratulations to the Seraphim for their championship in the field of artistic endeavor!

Tribal Thinkers

In the Tribal Thinkers round, we set out some brain-bending puzzles to test your Poptropica knowledge, with trivia questions and Stolen Snapshot challenges abound. Check out how your tribe fared below!


  1. Pathfinders – 245
  2. Seraphim – 180
  3. Wildfire – 175
  4. Flying Squid – 170 (tied for 4th)
  5. Yellowjackets – 170 (tied for 4th)
  6. Nanobots – 170 (tied for 4th)
  7. Black Flags – 130
  8. Nightcrawlers – 0

Congratulations to the Pathfinders for finding the path to the most answers!

thinkers tribe win


Now for the answers to each question! How many did you get right?

Questions about Poptropica (5 points each)

  1. When was Poptropica founded? September 2007
  2. What brand of soda does Gamer Guy drink? Valley Rain
  3. What item on Shark Tooth Island isnโ€™t actually needed in the quest? Shark Fin
  4. What is carved on the tree in the Lewis & Clark Expedition on Time Tangled Island? โ€œClark was hereโ€
  5. What are the names of the B.A.Dโ€™s guard dogs on Spy Island? Fang, Slasher, and Fluffy
  6. How much did the Astro-Knights Early Access pass cost? 500 credits
  7. The Tabloid on Reality TV advertises an article about dating who? Black Widow
  8. What Greek letters are on the Drachma coin on Mythology Island? AฮธE – alpha theta epsilon
  9. What does Sprocket from Steamworks Island want to call his autobiography? I, Robot
  10. For which island did Poptropica first launch its own external website as a promotion for the island and what was the website? Cryptids Island –
  11. Which islandโ€™s name is also a possible Poptropica player name? Red Dragon
  12. Which island contains an altered version of the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood? Game Show Island (inside the museum on Main Street)
  13. What does the binary code found on the recycle billboard outside the Game Show Main Street factory translate to? โ€œRobotโ€
  14. Which island has a common room that has no name, and what is the room? Vampireโ€™s Curse – a barn (also accepted Poptropolis Games room as an answer)
  15. What is the name of the ship in Captain Crawfishโ€™s dream on Super Villain Island? H.M.S Seachicken
  16. Which time period on Time Tangled Island requires an item from another time period to collect the misplaced artifact? Vikings, 831 A.D.
  17. Which island has a character claiming to be from โ€œTime Twisted Islandโ€? Shark Tooth
  18. Where did Dr. Spyglass, from Spy Island, use to work? PASE
  19. Who was the Ice Arrow, seen in Astro-Knights, crafted by? Rime the Wizard
  20. In the trash bin on Mocktropica Island, what is the name of Zeusโ€™s tree character? Spruce

Questions about the PHB team (5 points each)

  1. What is Brave Tomatoโ€™s favorite island? Mythology
  2. What was Slanted Fishโ€™s first Poptropica account? Scary Tomato
  3. Spotted Dragon made a fansite about Poptropica and _? Adventure Time
  4. How did Slippery Raptor discover Poptropica? A magazine called K-Zone
  5. Which island did Ultimate iPad Expert play first? Super Power
  6. Who is HPuterpopโ€™s character designed to resemble? His dad (a younger version)
  7. What was the name of Koi (Spencer)โ€™s second Poptropica account? Friendly Gamer
  8. What place did Ylimegirl win on the Reality TV Island Champions Map? 4th place

Bonus question (10 points): Whatโ€™s the name of Skinny Moonโ€™s puppy? Toby

Stolen Snapshots (10 points each)

These were the Stolen Snapshot challenges given by Slippery Raptor in the Tribal Thinkers round. Below, you’ll find the answers for where each snapshot can be found in-game.

  1. SOS Island
  2. Lunar Colony
  3. Arabian Nights Episode 2
  4. Wild West
  5. Poptropolis Games
  6. Game Show
  7. Counterfeit
  8. Ghost Story
  9. Poptropolis Games
  10. Mythology

Shout-out to Creepy Goose of the Pathfinders tribe for getting all of them right! ๐ŸŒŸ

Overall Standings

And the winner is…

Well, to keep the suspense going, we’re going to work from the bottom. In 8th place, we have โ€“ lean and mean, but not too keen โ€“ the Nightcrawlers! Better seize the day next time, ‘Crawlers.


Waving their mighty dark banner above the sea where the squids dwell, in 7th place we have the Black Flags! Arrr, at least they weren’t dead last.

black flags

Swimming in at 6th place are the Flying Squid, who, for a small tribe, still played a decent share in the tournament! Not bad, Squiddies. Just keep swimming!


Who’s won 5th place? According to our heavy data-crunching calculations, it’s the Nanobots! At least their processing power got a workout.


Following their GPS, the Pathfinders have found their way to 4th place. A fine finish to their journey, and nobody got lost on the way!


Swarming in at 3rd place, we have the Yellowjackets, with not even a little sting in their pride. These buzzers were pretty close to the sweet taste of victory with winning the bronze!


The intensity is heating up for 2nd place – and it’s Wildfire who nabbed the silver! Feel the burn, because this team isn’t going to be extinguished without a fight. And the crowd goes… WILD!


Which leaves, in 1st placeSeraphim! Congratulations to our champions who reign from on high! (cue angelic choir) Spread those wings proudly, because the glory is yours! Gold jerseys get the gold!


Thanks to Slippery Raptor for these awesome animated tribe gifs!

Here’s a look at the overall standings for each tribe, with the total amount of points won:

  1. Seraphim โ€“ 1734 (1284 + 270 + 180)
  2. Wildfire โ€“ 1256 (931 + 150 + 175)
  3. Yellowjackets โ€“ 1182 (902 + 110 + 170)
  4. Pathfinders โ€“ 1151 (816 + 90 + 245)
  5. Nanobots โ€“ 1025 (645 + 210 + 170)
  6. Flying Squid โ€“ 493 (113 + 210 + 170)
  7. Black Flags โ€“ 467 (167 + 170 + 130)
  8. Nightcrawlers โ€“ 53 (23 + 30 + 0)

overall seraphim

Before we wrap up, there’s one more award we want to give out… the Most Valuable Player!

This Poptropican pulled more than his weight in the Tribal Tournament, making up the majority of the Pathfinders’ tribe’s score and bringing more spirit on their PHC tribe channel than the PHB rep of the team. According to this player’s profile, he’s played through the Poptropolis Games almost sixty times!

So from all of us at the PHB… Lucky Joker, you da real MVP.

mvp tribe luckyjoker

Shout-outs also to Messy Thunder of Seraphim and Perfect Sky of Yellowjackets for also playing a ton of Poptropolis Games enough to rival LJ’s score – however, it was Lucky Joker who carried his team even when no one else did. Congrats to all three!

Well, that concludes the first ever Poptropica Help Blog Tribal Tournament! We hope you had fun competing and participating in our various competitions, cheering on your tribe, and enjoying the tribal colors on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat)!

Remember, the PHC on Discord is always open for Poptropicans of all ages to hang out and have fun in a safely moderated chat environment, and you’ll often see PHB staff around too. We hope you’ll stick around and get to know this great community!


๐Ÿ… faster, higher, stronger ๐Ÿ…

โ€“ the Poptropica Help Blog team โ€“


77 thoughts on “Recap: PHB Tribal Tournament 2016!”

  1. Omg, the Tribal Tournament was AMAZING! I really liked the way you got us to know other people of our own tribe and added some friendly competition in there too! I hope you do this in the next… 4 years? Oh, wow, hopefully sooner lol.

  2. Aw poo, the Seraphim came first :^( Hey, it’s okay, there’s always next time though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This is one of the best PHB events I’ve been to so far (I’ve only been to 2, the other one being the Poppies.) I absolutely loved Ripley’s art entry and Incredible Shark’s fashion entry. I still can’t believe my realm got 2nd in the Realms category. Hopefully we’ll have another Tribal Tournament, fellow Poptropic-athletes!

  4. This Tribal Tournament was awesome! I hope we can do it again! Congrats to all the time and 3 cheers for Seraphim! Also, the Wildfire came in second, so that’s awesome! Also, I can’t believe I won the Fashion! It was the only thing I entered in! ๐Ÿ˜€ Congrats, Lucky Joker on winning the MVP award!

    1. Great work on your drawing, Mighty Heart! The honorable mentions are only organized by the tribe names (in alphabetical order), so they are not ranked. Well done on yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. We do like a good competition every once in a while! Keep your eyes peeled on the front page of the PHB when we announce future events – and if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve done in the past, check out the Community Contests post archive. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ok, cool! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I was going to write a Poptropolis Games themed story but I didn’t get a chance to write it before the deadline… I might still write it and enter it for the Popcorn magazine

  5. Yay, Seraphim was first place! The other tribes, you did great. And great job LJ for getting the MVP Award! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m glad that Seraphim won! ( I was in Seraphim xD) But, the other teams did great too. Good job, everyone!

  7. Seraphim won! ๐Ÿ˜€ Congrats, LJ, for winning the MVP! And those GIFs are amazing, Slip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. WILDFIRE IS THE BEST- WE WILL BURN DOWN THE REST!… Well actually all but the seraphim. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congrats to every tribe. You all did amazing! We didn’t do bad at Wilfire! *dabs* Also congrats to my friend Lucky Joker on taking home the MVP award! You were great LJ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I can’t believe I made it into the first photo thing. I was with shaky directly infront of fishy. To be honest o don’t even remember that. Probably when I went afk.

  10. The Wild Life ad is now on computers… But it’s a little different, you don’t tap fruit buy instead it’s just a common room and you can click things to get prizes. Haha I also helped with the one in the app..

  11. Congratz to Seraphim, even though I would have preferred Wildfire to win ๐Ÿ˜› aaand I can’t believe I got second for art! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks. And as I said, thanks Fishy for putting me on the recap pic ๐Ÿ˜›
    (why do I always comment late???)

    1. Congrats on the art! It was wild. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Glad you could make it to the party! Well, I was promised your eternal love for including you in the recap pic, so how could I not? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Even worst there is no recording of the party because I was not in the party.I always record every party for a couple of reasons.One so people will be happy that they are are Youtube. Two so people can look back at the parties for memories. Three so I get more views and videos on my channel. Four just in case people missed the party they will not just go to the recap they will go to my video too see 1 or 2 hours of footage of the party.

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