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Poptropolis Games 2013 – members play now!

The Games are alive with the roar of competition among Poptropica members, who can start playing the 2013 edition of the islandย RIGHT NOW! Everyone else can play starting December 5, 2013.

Be sure to check out the PHB’s Poptropolis Games Island Guideย if you need help! It has now been updated with walkthroughs for the two new events, Octopus Volleyball & Skiing (volcano race).

Also, congratulations to the Wildfire tribe for helping out the most in the quest to dig up the Games! As a token of recognition, a glorious Wildfire statue has been set up on Main Street. (Next time, Flying Squid… next time…) As Poptropica is trying to roll out ‘improved’ navigation for all the islands, you’ll be able to play Poptropolis Games Island with music, sound effects, a unified menu, and bigger screen.

Members, don’t forget to collect your bonus gear from the Store! It’s the same as the 2012 pack, with the Discus item and Plant-a-Statue power. The Wrestling Gear will only be available until the end of Early Access (Dec 5).

If you’d like to see who’s finished the island already, you can do so with the World Champions Player Map! Have you completed the island yet? Where do you rank and which tribe did you join?

48 thoughts on “Poptropolis Games 2013 – members play now!”

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island released for everyone on Dec 7, which is before my birthday. And now, Poptropolis Games 2013 is releasing near my Birthday! Gifts from Poptropica!

  2. The new and improved Poptropolis Games were alright. It made some events easier (Hurdles became much easier for me), some harder (Triple Jump became harder)… I’m finisher number… um… what was my number again? 129?

    Wow, I mean, besides the island makeovers of 24 Carrot and this, not many new islands came out this year… I mean, last year, we had NINE new islands, and this year, we got only three (at least so far), because Virus Hunter took a long time and all (which I completely understand why).

    1. AHHHHHH!!! (No offense BT, but) I beat an Island BEFORE Brave Tomato!! I wonder what Fishy’s rank is so I can see if I beat her… I would have been farther ahead, but I left for like, 3 and a half hours RIGHT when the Island was released…

      Nameless = 56th finisher

  3. That’s cool,congrats,Wildfire! ^-^ I can’t find Volcano Race,instead,I find an event called ”Skiing”.?You guys should add that ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. for volcano racing/ skiing I’m not sure this will help much but the point of the event is to get to the bottom of the slope in the shortest time possible. When you start there are these two torches which create like a gate it minuses from your time and can help you get a better time. Also there are stones and parts of statues in the way which will slow you down and also adds to your time and you have to avoid them. Finally there are slopes which will help you jump over some of the rocks in your path which can really help. I’d say to beat this event don’t go really fast or really slow stay kinda in the middle and always try to avoid the rocks except the slopes and go through the torch gates, and hopefully you’ll win.

    for octopus volleyball the point is to see who gets to six points first you or the octopus(hopefully you :P). The game starts with the octopus serving the ball to you and you have to hit it across the net and then it hits it back and so on until one of you misses the ball and the other person gets a point. The octopus uses two tentacles in the game which might mean for it being tricky. If you wanna win you have to concentrate on the ball and make sure you hit it because if you miss the octopus gains a point. When playing I’d suggest hitting the ball with the front of your head (not the face) so the ball will go high enough to go across the net. Try aiming so the ball goes really close to the net on the octopus’ side or like at the end because he cant reach at the back and the tentacles don’t move very fast.

    Btw I’m Giant Paw(User:ladybird123 if you would like to add me) I hope these help I was number 10 to finish the island and I one first when playing the island. What place I was for each event is:
    -Long Jump=1st
    -High Jump(with the pole)=1st
    -Shot Put=6th
    -Tripple Jump=1st
    -Skiing(Volcano Racing)=1st
    -Octopus Volleyball=4th
    sorry not to boast or anything by writing these just incase anyone wants to ask me how i won some of them. Hope my guides are helpful and sorry about this being really long.

  5. YES!! Beat it! I told the Wildfire who raised the Poptropolis Games,”You may have beaten us on sea,but we will whoop you on land!” And I did!! BT was right,Triple Jump was harder,Hurdles was easier,and fortunately,Weight Lifting was easier! Yes! Also on the bonus quest when I beat the Ancient Warrior 1/4 times he suddenly wandered off the board and I couldn’t continue. -_- Oh well no big deal.

    Also what’s your rank? Mine’s 385.

    1. WILDFIRE ISN’T THE BEST TRIBE!!!!! Ok when poptropica first started doing tribes I picked wildfire but anyway NANOBOTS IS THE BEST! Everybody, CHANGE TO NANOBOTS and we will show them wildfires!

      1. The next island. Click on my name to get sons more info…


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  6. In the Poptropolis Games Walkthrough for Thinknoodles, he said he was going to do a friend march which means he scrolls through all his friends. Fishy, you were in it twice with ur two accounts!

    1. I found my Silver Rock character at 4:19 and Scary Tomato (still me) at 16:05, as well as Shaggy Tornado’s Poptropican at 4:29! That is a lot of friend-marching. I didn’t watch the whole thing, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Was I in it? ๐Ÿ˜› my Poptropican is rough lion. Oh, and are you design the invite? I’ve been working on a lot of stuff for TIB


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      2. Tell me in email. I prefer not to talk about my blog on the PHB, it’s off-topic. Also, your poptropican wasn’t in the video, mine either. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      3. Okay, my new case won’t let me reach the start email button so can you email me first?

        An design was supposed today sending… I hate auto correct.


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