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Welcome back to “Pop Places IRL” everyone! SD here with a Time Tangled Island edition, where I’ll be taking you through some scenes from the island and matching them up with scenes in real life (IRL). Since you literally travel through time in the quest, we actually visit a lot of famous places! Of which many have changed over, well, time.

Let’s kick things off with Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world (above sea level) and odd location of the Statue of Liberty model in game! We also get to meet Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in Poptropica, the first confirmed climbers of Everest in 1953. Sadly, our Poptropicans probably wouldn’t have been able to climb it as easily IRL. Would you want to visit the Himalayas someday?

Next up, let’s take a look at the Statue of Liberty! It was built in France, but today resides in the New York Harbor on Ellis Island (which is technically also a part of New Jersey!). In Poptropica, we get to return the statue to 1882’s France. The model is, well, a bit smaller to say the least.

After returning the statue, your Poptropican ventures to the Graff House in 1776. Also known as the Declaration House, this was the home of Jacob Graff and the place in Philadelphia where Thomas Jefferson wrote America’s Declaration of Independence. The resemblance is uncanny, huh?

If you’ve played though Time Tangled Island, you know we’re just getting started! In 1387, our Poptropicans visit Timbuktu during the Mali Empire, which occurred in West Africa from c. 1230 to 1670. You may recall returning some salt rocks, visiting the Timbuktu Inn, and repairing a puzzle of King Mansa Musa while here! Doesn’t the architecture look familiar?

After visiting the Mali Empire, Edison’s Workshop in 1877’s New Jersey is next. We primarily get to help Edison out with his phonograph in game, but he’s famous for inventing many other items as well! Today, a Memorial Tower and Museum is up in Menlo Park to honor the inventor. What do you think is his best invention?

Following the workshop, we have the Aztec Empire of 1519’s Mexico. Like the Mali Empire, the Aztec culture had great influence on its area. The Poptropica Creators seem to have implemented their architecture pretty well into the game!

Next, let’s visit Leonardo da Vinci in 1516’s Italy! As an artist and inventor, one of da Vinci’s most famous paintings was the Mona Lisa, which we got to see in Poptropican form! Which of his works do you admire?

Later, we get to peek at Lewis and Clark’s 1805 Expedition. Like some other time periods our Poptropicans visit, it’s not like we have a whole lot of photos to compare with the actual event. Still, the expedition had a big impact on how today’s United States of America came to be!

Afterwards, we stop be a tourist destination that I’m sure we’re all aware of: the Great Wall of China. Our Poptropicans get to check it out in 1593, but it’s still up today! Have you ever walked along the Great Wall?

One of the last stops we have is the Vikings in 831. Other than in Time Tangled Island, we also get a glimpse into the world of Vikings in Mystery of the Map Island!

Finally, we have Ancient Greece in 328 BC. You’ve probably learned about this time period in school, but that doesn’t make it uninteresting! What are your favorite tales from Greek or Roman mythology?

Well, I think that’s it for our real-life tour through time! Did you stick around this long? Maybe one day, we can add the dystopian future to this post! 😉

What did you think? Have you been to any places that show monuments related to these time periods? Where would you like to go next on “Pop Places IRL”?

Until next time!


Get Time Tangled-up in Silly String!

Hey Poptropicans! The last of the March Prizes is here!

Head over to the unnamed building on Main Street of Time Tangled Island on Poptropica Original, to the right of Pendulum’s Lab, and hop up the windows until you reach one to the very right that has the can of Silly Streams. Grab it while you can—this week only!

As it’s the last the week of March, this is probably going to be the last March Prize. Previous prizes from this month are the Dr. Hare Plushy and Lucky PopGum, which are still in your inventory if you grabbed them earlier.

That’s all for this post. Have fun with the silly string (which, by the way, is also typically available as a gold card item in the store)!

Keep on popping, Poptropicans.


Going Back in Time: January’s IotMs

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster here. So, a new month is kicking in, and what does that mean? Yet another month for the community to moan and groan about the overdue New Pop? Well, possibly, for those who feel like doing so … but it’s also time for another set of Islands of the Month!

The islands featured this January are Time Tangled Island and Arabian Nights. Looks like the Creators want us to visit some islands submerged in the past this time around.


As per usual with IotMs, Poptropica gives out the usual quota of extra credits for finishing IotMs: first-time finishers receive 500 credits for completing the islands in question, and repeat finishers receive 300 credits.

But Arabian Nights is not an normal island – it consists of three seperate episodes. So, how will the credits be distributed for finishers? Like for one of December’s IotMs, PoptropiCon (another episodic island), each episode gives out 500 and 300 credits for first-time finishers and re-players, respectively. So if you complete each episode for the first time, you can receive 1,500 credits! (It’s 900 for 1st-repeat finishers.) It’s about time you were rolling in credits.

Need help completing these islands? Well, Captain Crawfish has some video walkthroughs prepared for Arabian Nights, and is working on one Time Tangled’s walkthrough has been completed!

If you want written walkthroughs to assist you, you can always read the PHB’s guides to Time Tangled Island and Arabian Nights.

Well, that’s all for January’s IotMs. Make sure to hurry and earn those extra credits this month!


The Missing Link: Octavian’s secret

Hi Gs,

So, you guys have faithfully been waiting for the next Missing Link about my giant Time Tangled theory – well, it looks like I was onto something.

If you guys have read any of the Mystery of the Map novel (which involves the origin of Poptropica), you may have realized that it basically debunked my theory – it looked like that time travel and inconsistencies have nothing to do with Poptropica’s wacky timeline. In fact, it didn’t look like there was much a timeline in the first place, what with the apparent viking island being a part of Poptropica as a whole, and not a teleported time period.

But just recently, I was looking through MotM at Octavian’s appearances, searching for an Easter egg. I found multiple Easter eggs throughout, not all about Octavian, and I’ll be posting more about those in the future, but for now, we’re talking about Octavian.

Two things to mention about the excerpts: first, Octavian saying “Because it is time.” If I have learned anything from the Flash on the CW, its to look out for double meanings in phrases. Time is mentioned indirectly multiple times throughout the book, not only by Octavian. So let’s think about the phrase as a double meaning; “Because it is time”. To preface, Mya shouts “Why are you doing this?!” while she hangs off of the balloon. So his motive for crashing the balloon is time. Now how does that fit in? Read more to find out!

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The Time-Twisted Roamin’ Roman

If you go on Shark Tooth Island now, you’ll find the Roman soldier from Time Tangled Island there on top of a building! He can also be found in Ancient Greece guarding the Treasury on Time Tangled, but what’s he doing here? For those who haven’t seen this guy up here before, he stood there with the same message about 6 years ago to promote the release of Time Tangled before the island came out.


You’ll notice he says “Time Twisted” instead of Time Tangled – that’s because Time Tangled was referred to as Time Twisted before the island was released. But what is he doing here now, in 2014, and why doesn’t he at least refer to the island as Time Tangled?

I wonder what this means – is it a glitch in the system? (Maybe that’s why the blimp was glitching? We don’t know.) Why is he back? The Time Tangled SUI was released a while back, but he’s only shown up recently. Stay tuned for more updates!

update #1: PHB reader Cuddly Lion has found that the item images for a map, blueprint, picture, and comic for various different islands have gone missing! What’s going on?


Seems like a glitch, but at least three items are missing their pictures – that’s crazy! Are the Creators planning something, or just having some trouble getting it together?

update #2: There’s a new area on Shark Tooth now! Go left when you get off the blimp and there’s a little island! There’s also more on Astro-Knights, Vampire’s Curse, Lunar Colony, and floating car on Night Watch Island! O_O WOW! (Thanks HP and HCM!)


P.S. I wonder, with the release of Monster Carnival on for tomorrow, Friday, will this be somehow part of the island? And if not, then what’s going on??


Time Tangled isn’t Tangled anymore, and a new creator!

Time Tangled1

Hey everyone! It has been confirmed, Time Tangled Island has now been updated with the new navigation/soundtrack upgrade! Here’s the weird thing: the news was posted by an intern for the Poptropica Creators. His name is Gamer Guy!


You may have seen him in previous Daily Pop sneak peeks, and he is also on Zomberry Island (where we had the opportunity to play a video game in his apartment). Anyway, it sounds like Captain Crawfish is a bit wary of him too… (Hey Crawface, why don’t you hire the PHB crew?) Gamer Guy thinks the island isn’t his “type” – there’s not enough music, aliens, or fighting robots for him. Yeah, sounds like one of those 24/7/365 gaming addicts…

Anyway, that’s it Icicles, and I’m TI!

Man I need a better catchphrase… LOL


Time to be Tangled in Mocktropica Glitches and Bugs!

Hey guys, BT here. Now, the Creators actually posted TWO pieces of big news over the short span of two days! The first piece reveals the next classic island to get an update with sound and bigger screen… Time Tangled!

Yes, it seems that Poptropica’s 3rd island will be next to get this update.

And there’s a bigger piece of news that has spawned…

Hey, remember Mocktropica?

You know, that post when I talked about how the Creators could be parodying themselves?

No? Well, here’s my post back in June when I discovered it.

Well, the Creators finally announced it with everything but the Poptropica Store Members Only Gold Cards and the exact date of its arrival. Here’s the video trailer for the island:

(Is that a reference to the weird YouTube viral video “Cows & Cows & Cows” I see in the trailer?)

So I was right when I said that the Creators are parodying themselves (yes!). Anyway, the info page has some interesting info including the island’s approximate release time…

Tired Programmer Avatar Mocktropica Island

Brave Tomato: Looks like someone missed their morning coffee…

Coming mid-December!

Poptropica is under new management, and it’s falling apart at the seams! The newest Island isn’t finished, the staff is nowhere to be found, and you can’t take two steps without running into a game-breaking bug. Get ready to go behind the scenes for your most important adventure yet — because this time, you’ve got to save Poptropica itself!

An island about making an island? ISLAND-CEPTION! Time to break the fourth wall, peeps, and save our game! (Although I wonder if this is just an excuse to get away with ACTUAL bugs and glitches that can occur…)

Speaking of saving our game, here’s an odd bonus quest that… may bring in a new villain! O.O

Mocktropica Island Bonus Quest image

Brave Tomato: Who’s that? And why did I think he was a girl when I first saw the pic?

Bonus Quest

A rogue programmer has conquered a rival website and now rules it like a king. You must venture outside the safety of Poptropica to bring him back — if you can last long enough to find him!

Who’s that? Is the rival website MegaFightingBots.com, that battling robots game showed in the island trailer? So many questions, yet so little answers…

By the way, the Creators just made that website real, although coming soon. This is what you’d see on the website:


Anyway, be sure to check out Printable Poster and the Desktop Wallpaper, as well as some sneak peeks of the island right here (or also on our Mocktropica Trivia page!):

Brave Tomato: The rival website?

So… I almost forgot about Mocktropica Island… Wow… seeing this’ll be the last new island of 2013, this should be interesting…

What do you guys think?

BT out!