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See what’s in store on Pelican Rock ๐Ÿฆ

Hey, Poptropicans! This is Gentle Dolphin bringing the latest Poptropica news.

The Creators have been hard at work moving the game and its many islands to the Haxe platform. There’s been exciting development: Escape from Pelican Rock Island is now playable on Poptropica’s Haxe build!

The island is currently in early access, so only members can play it right now. On the bright side, it’s available to all players on the Flash version of the game. (Thanks to PERCY JACKSON1010 for the tip.)

Looking at the map, the next islands coming to the Haxe build will be Mythology Island, followed by Shrink Ray Island, as we previously reported.

Before you start your prison-break escapades, make sure to stop by Bert’s Basement Gym and check out its common room store with your a-droid-able friend Quippy. If cuteness is a crime, then Quippy is guilty as charged. You’ll find them accompanied by a pelican on their head and dressed in a classic striped prison uniform.

Three of the four itemsโ€”Prisoner Costume, Pet Bird Follower, and Escapee Dr. Hareโ€”were originally made to promote Escape from Pelican Rock’s release, but the Handcuff Toss is new! Equip it and press the spacebar to throw your handcuffs in the air like you just don’t care.

handcuff toss

Are you guys excited to return to the near-impenetrable walls of Pelican Rock? If you need help at any point during your stay, check out our Escape From Pelican Rock guide for tips, tricks, and trivia.

Common rooms aren’t the only stores receiving updates. The three other in-game stores received some updates as well.

This week’s Poptropica store lineup is mostly the same as last week’s, but a few items were swapped. In costumes, Dangerous Waters and Mech Pilot have been replaced with Clown and Fierce Lion*. Also, the creepy Zombify ability was swapped with the lovely Love Potion* in the pranks section.

The Pet Barn also boasts a lineup of new and old accessories for your precious pets. Our returning items this time around are Sorcerer Hat*, Flower Headband, Black Pointed Bangs, Round Glasses, Hero Mask, Grey Beard, Zomberry Eyes, Yellow Dead Eyes, Cute Blue Eyes*, and Big Brown Eyes*. We also have five new items: Reading Glasses, Green Cloak, Fairy Wings, Bat Wings, and Bandana.

Finally, the clubhouse store has a new array of familiar furniture and wallpapers. This time around, the decor store features 21 items, 12 of which are members-only.

Don’t forget that the Poppies 2020 nomination round ends tonight, so make sure to fill out our survey and let us know who/what you feel deserves to win an award. Maybe you want to nominate some of the new pet items for Best Pet Accessory, or your favorite furniture items for Best Clubhouse Decor. Get nominating before time runs out!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

โ€”Gentle Dolphin ๐Ÿฌ


8 thoughts on “See what’s in store on Pelican Rock ๐Ÿฆ”

  1. Like I predicted, the pet bird follower is a common room item in Pelican Rock. At least it’s not members-only. I wonder what Quippy will look like on Mythology Island. Hope they’re not sad and dismayed like they are here.

  2. Hey, poptropicans!!
    I was super active here in 2015, and Poptropica has grown to be a childhood memory. So what’s up in Poptropica-land? What have I missed?

    1. Poptropica has been captured by a group of communists. The group is now milking a beloved childhood game for the last bit of money it can produce. They do this by continuously making promises for a future that isn’t going to happen, but nevertheless, lures young people in.

      Why do I say this, you ask?

      – Poptropica says many odd things on their social medias. They are petty, too political, and proud. These are publicity stunts, or what I would call “temporary” publicity stunts. No game that is seeking a long-lasting positive reputation will say the things they do for attention. Poptropica wants to get in, get their money, and get out. They don’t care about the “future” of their game.

      – Most of their updates are materialistic. They mostly release new clothing, furniture, and extras. These items are also usually members only. I’m pretty sure you can’t even decorate your Clubhouse without membership, so even if you buy furniture, it doesn’t actually matter. They are also only “reworking” islands that already exist so that they can work when flash shuts down. Sounds familiar (Disney and their live actions.)

      – Lack of trust and communication. If the costume contest was ever fulfilled, I wouldn’t know. I’m pretty sure the winner got their costume in the game at some point, but didn’t they say they would put the honorable mentions in there as well? And what in the world even was Poptropica Worlds? It took them, like, 2 years to get that baby out and by the time it was there wasn’t much on it. Keep in mind, they kept using Poptropica Worlds as a bit of an excuse to not work on Poptropica Original.

      – Graphics are incredibly simple. This isn’t a problem, I think it adds to the charm of the game. But I think it’s a problem when they use these graphics as an excuse for their greed. I don’t know how much money it takes to run a game, but I doubt it’s as much as they claim. Some of their new items don’t even have much shading or animation. Like I said before, not a problem, but they make it one.

      Those were only a few reasons that I’m fed up with the Poptropica team, but those four are the most apparent to me.

      Such a shame they couldn’t let Poptropica die gracefully. Now it’s going to be remembered as a disastrous failure for the years to come.

      P.S. If this comment was worded in a weird way, I apologize, English is not my first language.

      1. You make very strong points, however all this could also be a sign of desperation due to a lack of budget or fundings (somehow). The stuff they say and how over social media, lack of quality in graphics and other things may be them cutting costs in hiring devs. If this was all in sheer greed, they would’ve done more with the money they still had.

        P.S: Being greedy and stuff isn’t what makes someone a communist.

  3. I’m not anticipating it, but I wouldn’t be so surprised Poptropica ending (official development) in a few more years or couple months. I mean this game is litteraly the epidemy of a 90 yr old man who could barely lift himself up with his own cane and using the strength he barely has left to just live for a bit more. Of course, the beginning of the end came much before.

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