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Fashion, fun, and fan art features 🐘

Howdy, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker bringing you this month’s store update along with some social media shenanigans. Let’s pop into it.

It’s always a treat when the goodies in the store are rotated about, but that’s easily tainted when a majority of them are members only. Just 15 of the 37 items in the current stock are non-member friendly this time, which is less than half!

The available items this time around are as listed:

  • Costumes: Cool Outfit*, Stylin’ Outfit*, Soccer Player (boy), Soccer Player (girl), Pirate Captain (girl)*, Sunny Sport, Friendly Face Masks, Fashionista Prep, Natural Breeze*, Cool for School*, Space Sentry, Pirate Captain (boy)*, Templar Knight
  • Followers: Noodle Guy Follower*, Atlantis Drone, Elephant Follower
  • Powers: Binary Brain*, Bobblehead*, Meteor Shower*, Electrify
  • Pranks: Sticky Notes, 8-Bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power, Fart Gun*, Jellyfish Prank
  • Miscellaneous: Drone Flying Follower* (which should be in the Followers section), Popsicles*, Watermelon Purse*, Flamingo Floatie*, Party Popper*, Instant Camera*, Avatar Studio, Balloons*, Rainbow Balloon*, Notebooks, Slime*, Hover Scooter*, School Backpack*

Items marked with a * are members only.

The Elephant Follower is new! 🐘 Also, like last time, many former member gifts have returned, though still for members only and not for free. Another thing: despite its nearing obsoletion as a Flash product, the Avatar Studio has made a return to the store—perhaps as a last hurrah.

In other news, Poptropica recently shared two works of fan art on their Instagram story — which is definitely cool since their activity on social media is more sporadic and infrequent these days. It’s great whenever the creators acknowledge their fanbase by recognizing and appreciating the talent it brings forth!

Check out this speedpaint video below from MaryannTheConqueror of her Astro-Knights piece that the Pop Creators featured. Pretty neat!

Plus, follow along with Poptropica Month for more awesome Poptropica fan videos throughout Poptropica’s birthday month! 📹

That’s all there is to share for today. Thank you for reading and I hope all of you are staying safe and doing well. Until next time, pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

20 thoughts on “Fashion, fun, and fan art features 🐘”

  1. Hi, I just wanted to tell everyone that I won’t be returning or using Discord anymore. But look in the bright side, I’ll be still playing Poptropica. You might see me in common rooms.

  2. 80% islands are for members, barely half of the Pop store stock is for members along with a bunch of other stuff… and yet I’m honestly not fazed in the slightest. Maybe because I’ve faced so much scummy monetization I just accepted it for how it is because that’s how a thing abandoned or how it eventually dies.

    Not gonna lie, at least there’ve been worse monetizations than this to where it doesn’t make me want to stay away from the game itself. Not that there’s a whole lot to do there besides go on a shopping spree and customuze the heck out of yourself.

    1. True, but most of these member-locked islands are the classic islands that are reaching the end of their life span in Flash.

      Poptropica has commented on why they made these classic islands members-only during their brief return: “Because of the islands’ age, they require a good deal of extra maintenance per player. [Poptropica] simply would not be able to support every player trying to access them right now.” You can read more here, and of course, there’s the Old Island Directory for now, too.

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