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Let’s taco ’bout some new store items ๐ŸŒฎ

Hey, Poptropicans! This update comes in two parts: one new sneak peek, and hundreds of new items. Let’s pop right in.

Last week, Poptropica gave us a sneak peek of an upcoming feature called Poptropica Airways. Needless to say, it left many fans curious. And this past week, the Creators shared a new teaser image on Instagram, of two characters in front of a taco truck (“Taco Loco”) manned by the same girl who also mans whatever the latest food stand is on Home Island (currently, ice cream). Is this related?

Whether or not this is another remodel for Home Island with tropical trees, we’re also wondering, could this be related to whatever Poptropica Airways is?

And who are the other characters? They seem like player charactersโ€”the girl wears the Sweet Strawberry summer dress from the store, and the boy has the exact look of “Got Game,” one of the default Haxe characters. And there’s a pet puppy. Could this be a new multiplayer space? What’s your theory?

In other newsโ€”and this is a big oneโ€”the three main stores on Home Island have all received massive shipments of new items. We’re talking hundreds of items across the shops, the most we’ve ever seen!

The Poptropica store currently has 44 costumes (practically double the usual), 4 followers, 4 powers, 4 pranks, and 15 miscellaneous items. That’s 71 items in total!

A few new items can be found within this large gallery of goods. We have 6 trendy outfits: Summer Cool*, Sunny Sport*, Natural Breeze*, Gossip Girl, and Coolin. While 9 new items have graced the miscellaneous section, 3 of them are actually new: Slime*, Rainbow Balloon*, and Instant Camera*. (* = for members)

Speaking of members, a few formerly-exclusive member gifts are up for purchase in the store (for members only, of course). These include: Stylin’ Outfit*, Cool Outfit*, Party Popper* (one of this month’s member gifts), Flamingo Floatie*, Watermelon Purse*, Drone Flying Follower*, Popsicles*, and Hover Scooter*.

Why give these exclusive items for a limited time if they’re going to be available in the store down the line? Sure, they’re still “exclusive” to members, but they’re no longer limited edition. And buying a member gift at a later date does mean they aren’t free like before. This might be a good thing, as it makes the items more easily available, while monthly subscribers can still be the first to have the shiny new thing, though others may later catch up to their collections. Thoughts?

Member Gifts are touted as “exclusive.”

The pet store lineup has kept the same items, but there are three new accessories: a Unicorn Horn (slightly different from the Rainbow Horn), a Pink Tiara, and a purple Beanie. In Haxe, the visual quality of these items has become noticeably pixelated. Looks like this part still needs a bit of work.

The clubhouse store probably received the largest update up to this point. Across its five sections, the clubhouse store has 197 items, most of which are brand new! There were so many, I had to group each category. Behold!

There’s plenty of cool stuff to decorate your clubhouse with, so make sure to save some extra coin! Prices range from 25 credits (for simpler items like balloons) to 2000 (!!) credits (for big motor ships). Slanted Fish and I took some pics with some of these new furnishings to show you what they look like in-game:

So it looks like the Creators are well on their way in creating options for customization for Poptropica’s future in Haxe. Let’s hope the island migration from Flash to Haxe sees similar progress! What other items and features do you want to see in the game? Share your ideas in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

โ€”Gentle Dolphin ๐Ÿฌ

4 thoughts on “Let’s taco ’bout some new store items ๐ŸŒฎ”

  1. So many fascinating new items! I definitely nearly ran out of credits upgrading my clubhouse. But I’d still like to see more options for basic furniture โ€” beds, tables, that sort of thing.

    And decorating is good fun, but Poptropica’s greatest strength had always been the storytelling of island adventures, and we haven’t been seeing that for some time. Here’s hoping that taco truck leads us somewhere there.

    1. I speculate that the taco truck might be a sneak peek for a new island (along with the airport).

      And I totally agree with the adventure bit. I mean the first thing Poptropica set out to be is this fun RPGish adventure game with a bit of customization and multiplayer as side content only to become expanded apon along with more complex stories and game mechanics. The Pop Store was only like the second addition to the game (besides more islands).

      Let’s just hope our medallion is earned more through than just because “it’s a Poptropica thing.”

    2. 100% agree! I really hope this is a new island (and not something like Monkey Wrench, which I’d hardly classify as an island), and not just another Home Island update. Tbh, the lack of new islands and island updates had been why I haven’t played in years. That and I’m still bitter about the membership lock and general lack of attention towards the best ones.

  2. Noticed they put up hiking boots this update for 50 credits when last update they were 300. I personally like how the hiking boots look and think poptropica needs to work on some more boot styles as its a good wardrobe upgrade for the game. So it might be a way of getting players to use boots more. Would be awesome to have a couple more different styles of hiking boots!

    This was a pretty good update for the store.

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