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Almost out of time to submit your coloring pages! Hurry this instant! โฐ

Hey, everyone! It’s time for a quick news update. Let’s pop over to Instagram to check out Poptropica’s latest announcements!

The Creators put out one last call for submissions to Poptropica’s first Coloring Creations Challenge! Artists, you have until tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern / 8 p.m. Pacific to submit your inked drawings through Poptropica’s submissions page. Hurry for a chance to have your art featured in an official fan-driven coloring book!

The Creators also took the time to confirm that Time Tangled Island is now available to all players. We appreciate the update, Creators, but you were a bit too slow on the draw. You’re no match for Neat Peanut and the Poptropica Help Blog! ๐Ÿ˜œ

Bragging aside, go celebrate the occasion by playing this classic adventure from 2008. If you have some digital currency to burn, you could also buy the Finest Piece of Pop Merch around: the Time Tangled Wall Clock! We wish you luck on your time travel escapades!

To wrap things up, let’s look at Poptropica’s latest batch of Instagram stories. We have artwork starring classic characters and unique OCs, some colored in coloring pages, and even some Poppies posts! Check out our Poppies recap if you want to see the winners.

The Creators also left a reminder for players to login today as part of the ongoing 10 Day Login Challenge. If you have logged in to Poptropica everyday since July 21st, you’re still in the running to earn 5,000 credits at the end of July! Just login everyday until July 30th to receive your reward.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

โ€”Gentle Dolphin ๐Ÿฌ


2 thoughts on “Almost out of time to submit your coloring pages! Hurry this instant! โฐ”

  1. Thanks for the updates, GD! Interesting that the coloring pages will be compiled into a book (I wonder if it’ll be digital or in print?).

    Also, great to see the classic Time Tangled back for all (as it should be). That’s one less appeal for membership, though… might they bring back more classic islands to keep players interested? ๐Ÿ‘€

    1. Glad Time Tangled is open to all again. Fingers crossed for the old islands to come back. Yeah, I had no idea they were going to be making a coloring book from the fan-made coloring pages! Not sure how I feel about that. I thought they were all just going to be shown on the blog. I will say I did make a coloring page with Max McGullicutty in it so, at least he’ll be featured in the book (hopefully).

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