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Poptropica House Tour: Spotted Dragon

house tour sd

Remember Slanted Fish’s House Tour? Well, I’m here to continue the series and give you guys a look into my Poptropica Worlds house! While the other PHB authors frantically do some spring cleaning to make their rooms presentable, we encourage all readers to join in as well. Send in a guest post to feature your house on the PHB!

Anyway, make yourself feel at home! I don’t have membership to make the place real fancy, but I do have some pretty cool decor if I do say so myself.

The first thing you’ll see when walking in is certainly the chandelier over the front door. Gotta have something a bit fancy, right? Anyway, keep walking and you’ll find the main living area, where my friends and I most commonly hang out. This is where I keep my drum kit and arcade machine (complete with a stool for spending hours on a high score), despite my lack of skill in both areas. There’s also some wall art (to make the place more spiffy), my closet (near the front door since I’m lazy when it comes to quick outfit changes), and a soccer ball (for any quick games).

house tour 1

On the other end of the first floor, we have the kitchen for all my snacking needs. You got a fridge, table, trashcan, mounted microwave, basically everything you’d need. And with this place all to myself, I can’t eat a meal without watching some TV on the big screen.

house tour 2

Going up either set of stairs, you’ll pass some of my favorite photographs, both taken on some wild adventures across Poptropica! It’s not Spotted Dragon’s house without some photography.

On the second floor is where the magic happens. It’s a creation station! An easel for painting and a piano for playing. Complete with windows for some natural lighting, and a fan because I need a number one fan to boost my self esteem for when it gets hot. And who doesn’t love house plants? Let’s just hope I remembered to feed the one on the far right…

house tour 3

Going to the third floor, to the left is my trophy room! You may call it self centered, but I call it self love. Awards from every island are kept here (which continues to grow), along with some cool statues I’ve collected. Of course, I have another photo hung up, but I also have a tapestry I bought from another island.

house tour 6

Lastly, we have my bedroom! It’s got everything I need on a late Saturday morning. My cozy bed of course, my dresser, but let’s not forget about my books and computer! The latter I do need for work, though I admit I get distracted with video games all the time.

house tour 7

My bathroom is behind the door in my bedroom, but there’s no need to go in there on a tour… TMI. The rest of the doors in my house are mainly for storage and clutter.

Welp, that wraps things up! Good thing I showed you everything when I did, because a glitch keeps moving my stuff around and sometimes even removing it from my inventory. Ah well.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes glance into my life! Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to interact even more with some of our furniture in the future?

Remember to read about Slanted Fish’s aquarium house if you haven’t already, and be sure to check out how to submit a post of your own! Until next time!


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Photo Booth for Mystery of the Map!

Hey everyone, Spotted Dragon here with another Poptropica update! Two posts in one week from SD? What??? Yeah yeah, anyway…

Getting straight to the point, a Mystery of the Map themed Photo Booth has appeared on Home Island! Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the pictures. 😛 In case you’re wondering why MotM, it’s because the first installment of the graphic novel is coming on March 1st and you can pre-order it now! 🙂

photo booth

A whole new set of backgrounds are included… as well as many characters that can join you in your photo! Sadly, Octavian is missing. (If you’re interested, you can click to view the full images.)

But that’s not all! If you visit the Photo Booth now, you will also be greeted with a wide variety of new props! From beach to throne room to Viking fort to dining hall, there’s lots to choose from. 😀

You can pre-order the Mystery of the Map book now almost anywhere books are sold!

Okay, quitting that advertisement voice… *cough* That’s all for now guys! Keep checking in for more Poptropica updates. 😉


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Poptropica’s very own Photo Booth!

Hey guys, Spotted Dragon here! Long time no post! I’ll hold off on the whole sorry, school, work, life, etc. speech. Let’s just get right to it. 😛

Well, the Creators just added a cool new feature to the game, specifically on Home Island. What is this great new feature you ask? The title of this post says it all: a photo booth! Upon visiting the island, you can find the photo booth next to the Shop. Thanks to Ultimate iPad Expert for the all the pictures!


Once inside, you will be greeted by a panel of buttons on the left of your screen. They are all labeled in the picture below.


The best part about the photo booth is that you can change the entire scene all on your own, including the characters, props, backgrounds, and more! You can either start from scratch, or edit a pre-made template.


And don’t worry… the photo booth is available for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Go to Poptropica now to try it out for yourself. It’s right on Main Street of Home Island (also called Hub or Tutorial Island).

Photo Booth - Mixtape

Yeah, this is me showing off my mixtape (which is on fire btw). Other than my amazing photo, check out other creations from some of the other PHB authors below!

I don’t know about you guys, but I really liked this update. However it’s still new, so I hope more tools get added, such as being able to add your friends to the picture, an undo button (although the trash button works well for deleting props), a way to add unique text, etc.

So what do you think about the photo booth? Share your thoughts (and pics!) below!


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An Amazing Arabian App-Date!

Hey Poptropicans! applogo

The Poptropica app received another update yesterday! First, the app logo has a brand new look— featuring Dr. Hare and the Sultan’s lamp.

When you enter the world of the app, you’ll still land on Hub Island (which came first to the app, then more recently was added online) – but now the app’s Hub looks more like the online version! Once you enter, you’ll be asked if you’re new to Poptropica. Also, characters have been added in front of buildings to introduce the various buildings.

Before heading on to the next update, the promo code (BURRITO) advertised within the app is still available — catch it before it goes! Enter the code online to receive your own Señor Burrito Follower.

Moving on, there are three new mobile-exclusive costume packs in the Hub Island Store! They are:

  • the Greek Gods pack (for boys: Ares, Apollo, Pan), (for girls: Nyx, Artemis, Demeter)
  • the Heroes of the Ages pack (for boys: King Arthur, Monkey King, Beowulf), (for girls: Joan of Arc, Queen of Sheba, Amelia Earhart)
  • the Pets pack (same for both genders: Cat, Dog, Owl)

Each pack available for $0.99 per pack. Which one’s your favorite? (Click the images to enlarge them.)

Last but not the least, the final episode of Arabian Nights — Careful What You Wish For — is now available for download! Need help finding the genie? Keep on track with our Arabian Nights Guide! Happy genie-hunting!

arab3 all

Recently on the PHB, Brave Tomato posted about a new feature coming to the app called “Poptropica TV“, with original cartoon videos! Captain Crawfish mentions this on the blog, and Poptropica confirmed on Twitter that the update will be coming to the app next week, but you can watch a couple of the videos in BT’s post.

That’s all of the updates in the latest version of the Poptropica app. What do you think? Make sure to enter UiPE’s Fan Art contest and watch the Poptropica cartoons! Don’t forget to leave a comment!


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