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Pop Petition: Bring Monkey Wrench back ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Hi there, Poptropicans!

As you may have gained from the title of this post, Iโ€™m here to discuss a Poptropica island that, although it had lots of great potential, is often overlooked by fans, and was even erased from the map altogether two years ago. Yes, Iโ€™m talking about Monkey Wrench.

Monkey Wrench was the tutorial island released in 2016.

It’s easy to see why this island is so frequently forgotten, as it was only a tutorial island; incomparable to greater classics such as Astro-Knights or Skullduggery. But, even though it was only invented to teach new Poptropicans how to play, I still felt that Monkey Wrench was quite a bit more than that. To better understand what I’m on to, take a look at the following reasons for why I think Monkey Wrench should be brought back.

One of the biggest things that made me get so attached to this short but sweet island is the lore it provided. You’re probably wondering what I mean; Monkey Wrench didn’t give us a full, thoughtful story to think over, unlike other islands that centered on their storytelling. But it did give us something I never expected to have a real answer for, least of all from a tutorial island; where the iconic Poptropica blimp came from.

Who knew that the great Poptropica blimp would come from a pack of monkeys?

I’m sure many of us wondered how one of Poptropica’s most well-known features, the golden blimp, came to sit on Home Island the moment we created our Poptropican avatars. And it was a big surprise when the answer to this longstanding question came in the form of a tutorial island! Besides, learning where your blimp comes from is a perfect introduction to Poptropica. In my opinion, Monkey Wrench succeeded all expectations of what a tutorial should be.

You may still be slightly doubtful about how important Monkey Wrench really was. I know one thing that bothered a lot of players about this island was how many game controls were taught during it, interrupting the experience; but, after all, Monkey Wrench is a tutorial. If it didn’t teach you how to control your avatar, speed up the dialogue, and use items from your backpack, that would have ruined the whole point. (Although I do think it would be interesting to see Monkey Wrench expanded into a full island.)

Another reason why I think Monkey Wrench should return is the amount of design that went into it. The visual scenery, character design, and audio soundtracks were all amazing, and I don’t think such beautiful work should go to waste so quickly. A couple of my favorite scenes from Monkey Wrench include Amelia’s airplane soaring over the majestic Poptropican sea during the Flying Ace Race, as well as all of the lush tropical scenery on Crusoe’s island.

And the visual design isn’t the only ‘wow’ factor in this island; I truly mean it when I say Monkey Wrench’s soundtracks were some of the best in Poptropica. (You can listen to them on SoundCloud.) Each music piece sets the mood perfectly, with the right amount of action, calm, and fun. Not to mention that there were at least four separate soundtracks created all for this one smaller island!

And we haven’t even reached the character design yet. The Red Baroness, Monkey Wrench’s main villain, had a spectacular outfit going, and I was always very intrigued by her. If only Monkey Wrench could be returned to the map and possibly expanded on, it would give us a chance to delve deeper into her back story; and find out just where she got to when her plane crashed in the ocean! Does the great Red Baroness live on?

After all that, Poptropica’s current tutorial island, Snagglemast, pales in comparison to Monkey Wrench. While Monkey Wrench provides story, suspense, scenery, music, and even an explanation for Poptropica’s iconic blimp, Snagglemast gives us a much shorter quest of collecting coins from across the small island. Let’s not forget that the tutorial is also very important because it’s most new players’ first impressions of Poptropica. If the tutorial island is made carelessly, than new players probably won’t want to stay around for long.

Although I had already played Poptropica for a time before Monkey Wrench was released, I would have been glad if Monkey Wrench were my first impression of the game, because it truly shows what Poptropica is all about; storytelling. Even though Monkey Wrench’s story is short and doesn’t reach as deep as other, bigger islands, it still has a small amount of lore, and that’s what counts. Whereas if a new player plays Snagglemast as their first island, they would most likely think Poptropica was nothing more than several short fetch quests.

To conclude: if the Creators are reading this post, I hope you’ll take into consideration what I’ve said. Monkey Wrench will always hold a special place with me, and it would be all for the better if it returns someday.


17 thoughts on “Pop Petition: Bring Monkey Wrench back ๐Ÿ™ˆ”

  1. Wow this is amazing writing! Purple paw you have talent! I am more than pursuaded man ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  2. I remember when Monkey Wrench first came out in 2016, some people weren’t too thrilled, because it was such a short quest. The fact that we didn’t get islands as rich as they used to be after 2015, and that they spent so much time redoing the tutorial experience (Home Island, Snagglemast, etc) did kind of sour the legacy of Monkey Wrench. ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™ˆ

    But as an introduction to Poptropica, you make some compelling points for why it should’ve stayed โ€” it has fun characters, backstories, and more! Even the name is a pun for what the island offers. Great post, Purple Paw! ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. i started to play since my four years (im ten) and im still playing, so monkey wrench wasnt my first experience, i old bro recommended me the game, he played it when he was little (hes 19 now) and i first played legendary swords and i liked the game, later in 2016 i played monkey island and i loved the theme that appears on the race and i liked the story too. Now Im a great fan and i have a great knowledge of poptropica. Good Post

    1. Obviously i didnt played legendary swords and 2 years later i played monkey wrench, so many things happened before monkey wrench and after legendary swords

  4. Invisible Ring here! Thank you so much Purple Paw! I cant believe we didnt think of this island highlight sooner but this is exactly what we needed! You absolutely MUST put this post on the creator’s blog, now that you are a guest blogger. I agree with you on EVERYTHING about what makes Monkey Wrench legendary. The music, the art, the adventure… Ever since it came out, it was one of my favorite islands of all time!
    In lighter news, i have a comment about the red baroness’ crash landing. Crusoe was in the back seat, yammerin’ away and i have 2 theories on what happened to them.
    #1. Red baroness went down in smoke while crusoe parachuted back to the monkey island and finished his juice drink.
    #2. They are both back on that monkey island and the baroness is driven bananas.
    And one more thing i simply must mention: After reading about it long ago, I learned that the real Amelia Earhart might have crashed on an island. Just like the monkey Wrench quest! Why do we even still see her on Poptropica if there is no monkey wrench island to show for it? I steongly agree with you on this:
    If Poptropica needs more players, then Monkey Wrench is exactly the island we need to bring them in!

  5. yes I loved monkey wrench island I instantly told my little sister about the game right after i finished playing it

  6. I totally agree that they should bring it back! I loved the expansion to the lore, the good-looking scenery, and the excellent variety of music. I liked what you said about it being the first impression for new Poptropicans, it definitely makes a good one!

  7. I agree. Monkey Wrench is by far my favorite tutorial island. Although it was supremely easy, it’s a tutorial, and I enjoyed it. It was fun to play, with beautiful graphics, and storytelling at its heart. But honestly, my favorite part was the characterization. The characters- Crusoe, Amelia, the Red Baroness, the mayor, and the monkeys- they were a wonderful cast. I really enjoyed interacting with them. They had clear, definite, and interesting personalities, and above all, they made me laugh.

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