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PHB Tribal Tournament: Gamers’ Gauntlet 🏅🏃‍♂️

The time has come, Poptropicans… welcome to the final round of the 2020 PHB Tribal Tournament. Allow us to introduce the Gamers’ Gauntlet!

In this round, you’ll need to put your Olympic energy to the ultimate test, and you’ll be doing it in the most competitive Poptropica way: completing islands. But not just any islands! For these Games, the challenge is to beat Poptropolis GamesReality TV, and/or Reality TV: Wild Safari Island. As much as you can.

Once you’ve finished one of the aforementioned islands, take a screenshot of the result and make sure to include the date and time in the corner of your screen. Then, share the screenshots with us either on your tribe’s channel on the PHC or by sending us an email. Let us know which tribe you’re repping!

Here’s an example of a screenshot with the time and date included to help us verify that the island was completed during the time of this round. Your computer may display the time in a different corner of the screen.

Every island completion earns 10 points for your tribe. You can replay any of the islands as many times as you want — and the more you do, the more points you’ll earn for your tribe. And a few other notes…

  1. Here’s a guide on how to take a screenshot.
  2. For Poptropolis Games, you are only eligible for points in the tournament if you place in the top 3.
  3. Poptropolis Games is only on the Flash version of Poptropica, not Haxe. You can use the Format Loader to switch from one to the other.
  4. The original Reality TV Island is currently officially available to members only, but non-members can try accessing it via the Old Island Directory.
  5. Out of the 3 islands, only Reality TV: Wild Safari is available on mobile, but your device may not show the time when in the game app. However, your progress will sync to your computer, so you can log in on your computer and take a screenshot there if you’re playing on mobile.

By the way, it’s more fun on Discord. Join us on the PHC to play alongside other Poptropicans and share your victories with your team! 😄🏅

For anyone curious, here are the answers to last week’s tricky games. How many were you able to get?

Tricky Trivia: Answer Key

  1. Who created Poptropica? Jeff Kinney
  2. What was the 32nd island released? Zomberry Island
  3. Poptropica’s in-game currency is called what? Credits
  4. What year was the Friends feature implemented? 2012
  5. How many islands have a bonus quest? 14
  6. When was Early Poptropica (the pilgrims’ settlement) founded? 1982
  7. Who was CJ’s role model on Shrink Ray Island? Marie Curie
  8. Why is Crusher wanted in prison? For smashing bugs
  9. What are the nine flavor variations of PopGum that exist? Classic, Cinnamon Fire, Spooktacular, Grape, Vampire Bat, Lucky Shamrock, Winter Blast, Helio, and Psychedelic
  10. Which iconic character had their name changed due to legal issues? Shark Boy/Guy (check out our article on the Mystery of Shark Boy!)
  11. What event, on Mystery Train Island, is the train headed to? 1893 Chicago World’s Fair
  12. Where did Flambe, the prison chef, receive his/her culinary training? Le Cordon Bleu
  13. What weight does the weight guesser incorrectly predict your Poptropican to be on Monster Carnival Island? 115 pounds
  14. On Counterfeit Island, how long was the museum security guard’s break from his Monday night shift? 12 minutes
  15. How much does an ECO-Bike cost at Twin Palms Mall? $3599.99
  16. How could one originally gain access to play the Blimp Adventure mini-quest? By purchasing the blimp toy and using the code that comes with it to unlock it
  17. Who is buried in the plot A42 at Hemlock cemetery? Humility Goodman or Percy Brewster
  18. What are Zeke Weke’s three favorite musical artists? The Banana Heads, Popzart, and The Roaches
  19. On which island is the Grease Monkey building located? Spy Island
  20. How many islands has Smokey Chinchilla completed? 18

Trace That Place: Answer Key (see labels)

Presenting the Genius Games MVP

It’s time to crown another MVP (Most Valuable Poptropican)! This person swarmed in with an immense amount of team spirit by taking on almost every possible method of earning points. Congratulations to Celeste (Purple Paw) of the Nightcrawlers — you’ve done your tribe proud!

Will you be the next MVP? Are you willing to accept the challenge and contend for victory in the medallion marathon of the Gamers’ Gauntlet? This round ends next Tuesday, August 25, so get going!

🏃🏾‍♀️ On your marks, get set, go! 🏃‍♂️

– the PHB tribe reps –

Noveen (Black Flags), Sporty Boa (Flying Squid), Spotted Dragon (Nanobots), Slanted Fish (Nightcrawlers), Lucky Joker (Pathfinders), Gentle Dolphin (Seraphim), Fierce Flyer (Wildfire), & Silver Wolf (Yellowjackets)

Join us for more fun on the PHC Discord!

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Flying with Jeremy to the Wild Safari

Greetings, Earthlings– I mean, Poptropicans! Today we have some news stories to make you go wild and fly out of your seat! Let’s start off with a dream that finally became a reality.

After being made members-only almost two months ago, Reality TV: Wild Safari is finally available for all players! Now, non-members can join in on the fun and compete against a slew of celebrity cameos in death-defying challenges for a chance to win the island medallion!


If you’re confused by a challenge or curious about your fellow competitors, then come check out our Reality TV: Wild Safari guide! There, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you earn the coveted first place title! Good luck, contestants!

In other news, we have some ads that would intrigue the most dedicated space travelers. The Toy Story 4 ad is back to promote the film’s home and digital release. Like last time, players can watch the trailer to get the Buzz Wings Power! Act fast and claim those wings before the ad disappears to infinity and beyond.

Blue Tooth certainly thinks this power is amazing! She took to social media and posted a video of herself being yeeted into the night sky then falling stylishly back onto the ground. Check it out:

There’s also a new ad for the Disney Channel series “Gabby Duran & the Unsittables”. Watch the short trailer to earn two out-of-this-world prizes: the Space Bubble and the Jeremy Follower.

Curious about the angel costume I’m wearing in the photos? Well, I’ll be representing Team Heavenly for this year’s PHB Halloween Costume Contest! Our theme this year is Heavenly and Hellish”, so be sure to send in your cute and/or devilish costumes. Check out the original contest post for full instructions on how to submit your costumes!

Are you excited to revisit Reality TV: Wild Safari Island? Which outer space ad prize is your favorite? Will you be entering the PHB Halloween Costume Contest? Are you on Team Heavenly or Team Hellish? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin🐬


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Pole vault your way to a vault of Poptanium

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish popping in with what’s new. In this post, we’ve got the latest island no longer in beta, a Poptropolis Games fix, and a Realms highlight. Let’s get to it!

First, there’s Reality TV: Wild Safari Island, which was released last month on CoolMathGames as a beta for all players, including non-members. It’s now officially on the map on, but currently only open to members (even on CoolMathGames).

Whether or not you’ve had the chance to play it yet, you can check out what the PHB team thought of it over on our Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Review, and look forward to the island being officially released for all soon!

The Pop Creators also recently announced that they fixed a bug on the pole vault game on Poptropolis Games Island. Now you can actually, you know, vault the pole. Hooray!

And Blue Tooth really rocks that little baby shark beanie well, don’t you think? 🦈 (That hat was one of the July member gifts, by the way.)

Blue Tooth also recently highlighted a Realm on Poptropica’s social media. Once you enter through the Realms portal on Home Island, Smart Bones’ “Labyrinth” can be accessed via the code 9rw56.

Though there is Poptanium to be found along the way, be warned: the Realm is more labyrinthine challenges than Poptanium vault. Still, if you like a good platforming struggle, this place is worth checking out. (If you prefer the Poptanium, though, we feature some good vaults in our Realms Guide.)

While it’s nice to see Realms featured by Poptropica, which hasn’t happened in a while, I can’t help but wonder whatever happened to the Look of the Week series and the yet-to-be-realized Clubhouse of the Week. Hmmm? 😛

That’s all for the latest in Poptropica! Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep it awesome, Poptropicans. ✌️


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PHB Review: Reality TV — Wild Safari Island

Clueless about your competitors?
Check out our Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide.

Hello, Poptropicans, and welcome to the jungle! 🌴

It’s been three years since Poptropica Original has gotten an island, and a year since Poptropica Worlds did. But we’re pleased to finally welcome Reality TV: Wild Safari to the Poptropica map, and to share our thoughts on this latest adventure that’s a sequel to the original Reality TV Island released in 2010. From people to places to plot, we’re going to cover it all. Let’s go!

Be warned: This review contains spoilers!

Storyline & Characters

As far as the story goes… well, there really wasn’t much on that front. You arrive on the set of the reality TV show and immediately get to jump into the games. Unlike the original Reality TV Island, there’s no build-up to get you there: no washed-up TV star to deliver pizza to, no dreaming about making it out of a rundown town—really, no story, conflict, or scandal about what has transpired between the last season from nine years ago to now.

But the TV set itself has some fun elements, too. There’s a base camp for the show crew that doubles as a common room, monkeys handling cameras, and even the iconic bonfire from the original RTV — and set in a wild safari that looks a little different from the previous season.

The challengers you compete with are really where the island shines most. In addition to a handful of familiar characters from various Poptropica islands (Ringmaster Raven, Scherazade, and Omegon among them), we also meet lots of new celebrity parodies with hilarious names.

Some of our favorites are Shett and Blinked, based on YouTube comedians Rhett and Link; Baby Googoo, based on singer Lady Gaga; and Mandy Screams, based on YouTube personality Miranda Sings. Read more about who’s who in our Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide trivia!


As far as gameplay, we basically have three mini-games to look at: Spear Throw, Deep Dive, and Cheetah Run, all of which make up the majority of the island experience.

Though placed in new settings, each of these challenges are actually quite familiar, sharing similarities to other island or ad mini-games. For example, the spear throw borrows mechanisms from Poptropolis Games’ archery event. A bit unoriginal, but fun nonetheless.

That being said, a unique gameplay element that Wild Safari brings to the table is the option to change the difficulty level. This isn’t always an option for us, and is actually quite useful to those players who may struggle with certain gameplay challenges. In fact, selecting your difficulty level has been built seamlessly into the island’s dialogue, aiding in our immersion to the whole experience. You can also win about 5–60 credits for playing all the games, depending on the level you selected and your performance!

One other thing that’s different from the original RTV is that no matter the end results, you’ll win the island medallion. You could come in dead last and TV show host Jim Probably will still give it to you with the assurance that “it’s a Poptropica thing.” While it’s nice not to have the frustration of being voted off the show when you’re down to the final round, as can happen in the original, this new setup feels too easy — after all, you’re literally receiving a participation trophy (or medallion, as it were).


As usual, Poptropica’s scenery is beautiful. The safari setting meets our visual expectations, despite there not being a whole lot of scenery to begin with. Perhaps this island isn’t as breathtaking as others, but we’ve got no clear complaints about the aesthetics. Plus, how can we resist some cute animals?

The interactable elements at our base camp are pretty fun, too. From spooking a camera-woman to, well, spooking a zebra, there are many clickable objects and easter eggs to discover. In particular, we enjoyed the small tribute to old Reality TV hero Bucky Lucas on the beach shore, and the monkeys managing cameras and celebrating winners with drums.

Little additions to an island such as these bring a bit of life to the experience, even though they may not have a huge impact on the gameplay.


Considering all of these elements that the island has to offer, our final rating for Reality TV: Wild Safari Island is…

Does this Reality TV experience live up to its predecessor? Maybe not… Was it still enjoyable? Sure thing! Sequels often fall short of expectations, and are commonly labeled as unoriginal. Then again, Greek Sea Odyssey Island successfully brought new Mythology features to the table, and we think the Creators could have delivered better story here, too. Wild Safari simply lacked the substance found in the original.

Still, the island had its charming components. The safari had excellent humor, visuals, references, and dialogue to say the least. Even the mini-games were pretty fun! And that’s why this island gets a 2 out of 5 baby hippos from us.

Thanks for reading our review of Reality TV: Wild Safari Island! How does this adventure compare to the preceding Reality TV Island? Do you agree with our verdict? Share your opinions in the comments below!

– 🦛 the PHB team 🦛 –

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Reality TV: Wild Safari Island just released

Hey Poptropicans! BIG news…

The new island is here, and it’s called Reality TV: Wild Safari! Yes, there are similarities with the original Reality TV Island released in 2010—but it’s also its own island in other ways. We’ll cover more in a future review post.

It’s no blimp, but I guess I could live with this helicopter spin palace.

Right now, you won’t find RTV 2 on the island map, but it’s completely playable on You don’t even need a membership to play!

Promo screens on Poptropica and on social media are calling it a “preview,” suggesting there’s more to come — but as far as we can tell, the whole island is already on CoolMathGames. After all, you even get an island medallion at the end. Suppose we’ll find out when the island releases on Poptropica!

This spin-off island is a quick one, and here on the PHB, our Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide is already ready for your perusal. If anything, there is some interesting trivia to uncover about some of this island’s inhabitants!

Check out Reality TV: Wild Safari Island on and let us know what you think in the comments!

🌊 🦁 🦛 🦒 🌿