New Islands, Reality TV: Wild Safari Island

Reality TV: Wild Safari Island just released

Hey Poptropicans! BIG news…

The new island is here, and it’s called Reality TV: Wild Safari! Yes, there are similarities with the original Reality TV Island released in 2010—but it’s also its own island in other ways. We’ll cover more in a future review post.

It’s no blimp, but I guess I could live with this helicopter spin palace.

Right now, you won’t find RTV 2 on the island map, but it’s completely playable on You don’t even need a membership to play!

Promo screens on Poptropica and on social media are calling it a “preview,” suggesting there’s more to come — but as far as we can tell, the whole island is already on CoolMathGames. After all, you even get an island medallion at the end. Suppose we’ll find out when the island releases on Poptropica!

This spin-off island is a quick one, and here on the PHB, our Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide is already ready for your perusal. If anything, there is some interesting trivia to uncover about some of this island’s inhabitants!

Check out Reality TV: Wild Safari Island on and let us know what you think in the comments!

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22 thoughts on “Reality TV: Wild Safari Island just released”

  1. “Yes, there are similarities with the original Reality TV Island…”

    *looks at image*
    You don’t say?

  2. Finally. Finally a new island comes to Poptropica. After so long. In fact I think the last time an island has been released to Poptropica was around 2016!!!!!!!! Like guys. This is huge.

      1. But I wonder why. Why did they decide to abandon Poptropica Worlds after working on it for so long. Like you remember the wait for new poptropica and how brutal it was? Well that that was for nothing. Plus did you watch my video where I explain why abandoning Poptropica Worlds is a bad idea?

      2. They never said why, but people have speculated that it’s due to factors like players preferring the original version and Creators maybe having difficulty working with the new engine where they built Worlds, considering how long it took them to put out updates and how they tended to update Poptropica Original more often.

  3. Jeez, the overall decline in quality when compared to basically every other island is crazy. This island as a whole is akin to the advertisement mini-games with no story, no depth, and minimum challenge (the only challenge came from the faulty hit boxes when jumping over the animals). I guess it’s good that there are other islands to play, but I’m not even seeing all of those. 😕

    1. I’m sure the actual island will have more story/depth like in og reality tv when you have to order pizza, get the stamp, mail your application, etc, etc.

  4. @Silver Coyote, I have the same problem. I tried it on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Also is this only a preview or is it the full real island?

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