You’re invited to the 2019 Poppies awards party!

Salutations, fellow Poptropicans!

For those who’ve been keeping up, we’ve counted your Poppies nominations and voting is well underway. There’s still a bit of time to punch in your votes to help dictate the victors of the 2019 Poppies! Voting ends on Wednesday the 24th, so cast your votes while the ballot is open.

Per tradition, there’ll be a party on the PHB’s birthday, July 26 (Friday), in which we’ll announce the winners. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Poptropica and its incredible community. Below are the details of the event:

🥳 WHO: Every Poptropican is invited! PHB staff will be there too!

🏆 WHAT: Hanging out in Poptropica clubhouses and arcades, chatting and cheering on your picks for the awards on the PHC, and tuning in to a livestream on the PHB’s YouTube channel co-hosted by Fierce Flyer and Sporty Boa, where we’ll be revealing the winners of this year’s Poppies!

🕖 WHEN: July 26, 2019 (Friday) @ 7 p.m. Eastern 6 p.m. Central 5 p.m. Mountain 4 p.m. Pacific. If you live in a different timezone, you can use a time zone converter to see what the time will be where you live.

💻 WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), our moderated chat server on Discord. If you’ll be on the go, make use of Discord’s mobile apps! The livestream will be on the PHB’s YouTube channel, MyPoptropicaHelp.

🎉 WHY: To announce the winners of the 2019 Poppies, have fun, and celebrate 11 years of the PHB!

Again, go vote if you haven’t already! And if you have, perhaps tell some friends and family to join in on the fun this year. The poll closes Wednesday, and the party is Friday, with a recap post to follow the event.

Remember to bring your snazziest outfit, your most exciting attitude, and maybe a bag of popcorn as we announce the winners for this year’s Poppies! Stay tuned, and until then…

🔹 We’ll see you on the blue carpet! 🔹

– the Poppies Help Blog team –

54 thoughts on “You’re invited to the 2019 Poppies awards party!”

  1. This is exciting! I hope I’ll meet some staff or other peeps!

    So let me get this straight, on Discord the winners will be announced, but everybody groups up in the arcade or someother common room? Will the common room picked be announced on Discord?

    Sorry, lol

      1. What about the common room? Arcade? What clubhouse?

        I’ll come looking like Binary Bard. It’d be nice if there was another villain, too!

      2. We’ll announce the meeting spot(s) on the PHC Discord. We’re tentatively planning to meet in clubhouses and the Blast-off Arcade (more accessible to everyone, since you need to be friends on Poptropica to access someone else’s clubhouse).

        The reason we’re using these places is because, with recent updates, the Multiverse is no longer accessible on Poptropica (unless you do some glitching/backend finagling, but it’s not easily accessible to the majority).

      3. It’s not like we would have access to our gold cards anyway. (That’s part of what made these parties fun)

        RIP tree pushing and fortune cookie. 😓

      4. There aren’t that many games you can play in the arcade, but there are a lot more in the common rooms.

      5. You can still get to the old friends menu, and, by extension, multiverses and the old store inventory using a convenient link that glitcher idk make so…

      6. Perhaps, but that may be a little convoluted for the average newer player. Depending on what the people at the party want, though, it could be an option.

      1. If your talking to me, then I technically speak an “Indian” language, except I’m in a country bordering India, so It’s a different language, but it’s very similar to Hindi, so I can also understand Hindi.

        …But if your talking to Beefy Dragon then… Ignore this.

      2. No, the script our language uses is different. But the words used to talk is the same. Think of it like UK English and US English, both have slightly different spellings, but people can still talk to each other using pretty much the same words. Except, the only difference is that our language uses a totally different script.

      3. Yup, you got it! We speak Urdu, so we also understand Hindi, but our family is also originally from the province of Punjab, so we also speak Punjabi (however, it is harder for me to understand Punjabi than my parents)

        You’re pretty good at languages. Do you speak a different language other than English?

    1. Yes, we would use PHB staffs’ clubhouses since many players may already have some of us added as friends, but it’s still tricky since the add-by-username feature was taken out with the profile update. That’s why we’ll also use some common rooms.

  2. Aw shoot, I think I might not be able to come! Maybe I will since the party starts at 7:00 PM Eastern, though, but because of internet issues and stuff, y’know

  3. dang, been 6 years here already, but under like 50 different names lol, lucky for me, i didn’t forget until the hour before this time :p

    1. Try using “Modify a Poptropican” in the glitching page.


      I’ve used it before, and It’s pretty useful.

      1. I’ll go look for what I can. But as for now probably look for some pirate/sailor themed parts, Chinese/Japanese or medieval parts that fit the torso, skirt, and belt. The hood is going to be a tough one since I don’t really recall many hoods that show the face.

      2. So far from what I could find is the torso of the white ninja uniform form Red Dragon island, the black strap from the Skull Pirate promo code costume, and the red cape from the Vampire Count costume gold card.

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