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Have you ever wanted to channel King Midas’ famous power — turning everything into GOLD?

Of course! It's my biggest dream to have that power albeit the detrimental side effects that would render me uncapable of communicating as I couldn't touch anything or anybody!

You do?  Well, that works out handsomely, because you can just waddle into the Poptropica Store right now, and pick up your very own Midas Touch for the low price of 250 credits. Of course, if you’re wise like myself, you can get it for absolutely FREE!*

*membership required

Speaking of Poptropican membership, here’s a video of me testing it out:

Pretty sweet, eh?  After you’ve seen this video, does your opinion change about membership in Poptropica at all? Do you find yourself on the verge of insanity unless you get your membership? Or, are you not impressed, thinking that you could spend your money on something more useful?  Let us know in the comments! ^_^


I know this doesn’t have much to do with Poptropica, but I would appreciate it if you guys took the time to vote in the Best Virtual World for Kids poll on About.com.


Shamefully, Poptropica isn’t on there, but another great virtual world, The Travels of Wiglington & Wenks, is!  Hijuyo, Coderkid, and I all have accounts on there… so it’s bound to be good, right? 😀 I urge you guys to check it out for yourself (CLICK HERE! You know you want to move your cursor over here. ;D) and to vote for it!  We’re in 2nd place right now only bested by… *thunder crashes* WEBKINZ WORLD! UGH (no offense to Webkinz World players)! Of course, I don’t want to force you to vote for The Travels of Wiglington & Wenks; make your best judgment on what virtual world you want to pick (hint: The Travels of Wiglington & Wenks ;)).

Thanks again, everybody!


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There are many questions that need to be answered in life.

Update: EPIC NEWSFLASH! :O The creators have updated their post with a handy link conveniently placed right beneath the membership video. Upon clicking this link, you reach this informative page (click the word page :O). It seems the creators have answered all of my questions concerning the price of membership and if the costumes, gold cards, and etc. disappear when your membership expires.

Good and bad news. For the bad news, you can’t keep the unlimited costumes and gold cards once your membership ends. 😦 For the good news, HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PRICES? =D

THAT’S UNBEATABLE! Compared to most web games, Poptropica’s membership prices are super cheap. Seriously! One Gold Card costs $2.50 and with just $.50 more you could get the whole shebang — ALL of the Gold Cards.  O_o As a comparison, here are some other web-game membership prices:

1 Month: Poptropica ($2.99) < Free Realms ($4.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($5.95) < Wiglington and Wenks ($5.99) < Chobots ($7.99)

3 Months: Poptropica ($7.99; equivalent to a 1 month membership on Chobots I might add) < Wiglington and Wenks ($16.99)

6 Months: Poptropica ($12.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($29.95) < Chobots and Wiglington and Wenks ($29.99)

1 Year: Poptropica ($17.99; I’m only assuming this, because the prices seem to increase by $5 each time. Also, I know that 1 Year membership isn’t available for Poptropica; I’m just doing this for the sake of this experiment.) < Chobots ($47.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($57.95; it seems Tootsville copied Club Penguin’s prices exactly o_o) < Wiglington and Wenks ($59.99)

There you have it. I hope these prices are set in stone, because if they are, I could probably give way more PHB-readers 1-month memberships then I had thought. ^o^


Are you ready? 😉

Will someone eventually find the cure for cancer? Will the 2012 doomsday event occur? WILL SCIENTISTS EVENTUALLY FIND A SOLUTION THAT MAKES EVERLASTING CHEESE?!

More importantly… will Poptropica’s community and fanbase enrage with fury once membership is confirmed to the general public?!

We can answer that one today.

Now, after what could have been absolute happiness or utmost anger (depends on who you are) for you, let us evaluate (my comments in bold):

  • GET IT ALL WITH MEMBERSHIP! (All is a very vague word. I think you can interpret it in any way. Personally, I think “IT ALL” is cheese. I hope.)
  • USE EVERY GOLD CARD! (I think my mouth is gonna f all off from all of this gaping. =O)
  • COMING SOON! (More vague words. >o>)

By the way, this membership thing hasn’t been completely unaware to us. Codien’s post (CLICKEH HERE!) informed us of this imminent feature. We got quite a mixed response with some saying yay and some saying nay. Now that it’s been confirmed, what is your opinion of it now? Leave a comment below. ^_^ By the way, that post was dated January 29, 2009.  At time of posting this, it has been more or less ONE YEAR. Speedy time with creating the membership, creators (jk, jk).

It seems that buying a membership would actually be better than just buying costumes and gold cards and early island access passes — because you get all that with a handy dandy membership! Now, there are more questions. Do you get to keep the gold cards and unlimited costumes if your membership runs out? How much will it take out of my money that I could be using to pay for college? So many life-threatening questions.

Also, I noticed something else in the video. Those sneaky creators sneaked in yet another confirmation of Reality TV Island! (Psst, creators. I have kept my patience long enough for Hippie Man. MAKE MY TRIP TO REALITY TV SNAPPY! >:O)

I blame the horrible image quality on YouTube's horrible video quality 😀

Moreover, they added some useful links to the side of their blog:

That question mark block is from Super Mario! PLAGIARIZE! COPYRIGHT! SUE! SUE! SUE! Oh, and there's Raymond from Wheel of Fortune again. :O

That about wraps it up! Don’t forget to give your own thoughts about the upcoming membership! Hope you all have a good life. ^o^ Peace. Also, I’ll probably hold a contest once membership is officially released. Then again, that conniving Motion AKA Coderkid will probably find a hack for it as soon as the creators unveil it. >=P


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“After my quick break at the local cafe, I explored more of this new island to discover the people here calling it “Counterfeit Island.” What an intriguing name, I wonder why they call it that? I guess I’ll just have to explore some more to find out.”

The title of this post is “Did someone say, “Counterfeit Island?”The image used in this post is here:

In this picture, we can see Comic Kid standing on a barrel on the dock. He is close to a boat named Ribica.

The title of that picture, peculiarly, is little_fish.jpg.

Analyze: We can safely assume that this place is on the same island as the Jazz Cafe that we recently saw in this post due to this excerpt from the post above:

“After my quick break at the local cafe, I explored more of this new island

Unfortunately, our predictions of a continuation of French Island were wrong. Instead, we have what is referred to as “Counterfeit Island.” It’s excellent that they are already working on a new island, although I hope RTV Island releases soon, as well.

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The Long-awaited Halloween Costume Contest Results! …plus an ad.

This is it.  Hopefully, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here!  Judges Deathstalker/Seph (the MYSTERY judge) and I carefully went through all 114 entries — yes, you read that right; 114 entries 😛 — and narrowed down the costumes until we had come to an agreement on 4 runner-ups and 1 overall winner.  Of course, it’s very hard to select only 5 costumes when there are so many entries for pick.  Especially since we were inundated with contending costumes! I’d like to start off with a round of applause for all of the costumes. *applause* This is sort of a cliché, but you all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done! Everybody pat their back. I SAID TO PAT YOUR BACK! Good. Now, for the runner-ups… Continue reading “The Long-awaited Halloween Costume Contest Results! …plus an ad.”

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The Halloween Festivities Are Already Beginning?

Note: By the way, don’t forget to check out 2 very interesting, Halloween-related posts! One by Hijuyo about the many peculiar happenings in the world of Poptropica… and another by Golden Eagle about the many things that the creators are doing for the Halloween celebration! I COMMANDETH YOU TO GO FORTH AND READETH THE ARTICLES!

Note 2: GE asked me to say that she won’t be here mostly for 3 1/2 months due to her need to study for the SATs. 😦 (She is not leaving the PHB or the PHF permanently.) Of course, everybody is sad, but I hope everybody wishes her luck! She deserves it. Everybody here will miss you, GE! Have fun! ;D

Note 3: Added a new rule that might concern a few.


Note 5: Oh my, I promise this is the last time I ever update this post. x) Maybe. Anyway, check out the newly released October issue of the Poptropican’s 911! The scariest month of the year is here, and you should get in the know about what’s happening and what happened!

Note 6: The contest has ended. No further submissions will be accepted. Comments are now closed. No exceptions. I hope all of you enjoyed entering the contest; judging will start. Results will hopefully surface around the weekend time. Thanks for all of the entries, too! I roughly counted a whopping 114 costumes entered. Thanks again.

The surprise (that I may have divulged to some of you) is here! I’ve been working on the railroad PHB for almost a year now; my anniversary is in 4 days actually. 🙂 The ride has been fun the whole time, and I knew I couldn’t bask in the happiness alone. My only intent to work for the PHB has always been to become the most popular Poptropican in the world please the viewers and readers as much as possible. That is why the PHB is having the first EVERContinue reading “The Halloween Festivities Are Already Beginning?”