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“After my quick break at the local cafe, I explored more of this new island to discover the people here calling it “Counterfeit Island.” What an intriguing name, I wonder why they call it that? I guess I’ll just have to explore some more to find out.”

The title of this post is “Did someone say, “Counterfeit Island?”The image used in this post is here:

In this picture, we can see Comic Kid standing on a barrel on the dock. He is close to a boat named Ribica.

The title of that picture, peculiarly, is little_fish.jpg.

Analyze: We can safely assume that this place is on the same island as the Jazz Cafe that we recently saw in this post due to this excerpt from the post above:

“After my quick break at the local cafe, I explored more of this new island

Unfortunately, our predictions of a continuation of French Island were wrong. Instead, we have what is referred to as “Counterfeit Island.” It’s excellent that they are already working on a new island, although I hope RTV Island releases soon, as well.


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  1. Smockers don’t go! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    Well if you leave, just remember, you will always be remembered at the PHB, PHF, and by everyone who reads this blog. Goodbye. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Smockers, you were my favorite author. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I will always remember you.

  2. Well, it’s you’re decision, and good luck with your life. *breaks leg* Hope you are happy now.

      1. FREEZE! i was totaly rereading the post and SMOCKERS IS NOT LEAVING…wow i was dumb to think that…sorry about my obnoxious “dont leave” posts smockers

    1. No offence, normally means “full offence.” So I NEVER say that anymore. But, maybe he’s just over-reacting but he’s just writing long for “Someone is abusing powers.” That’s all he’s sayin’. This is different.

    2. How in the world was my post harsh?

      Figure out what actually happened, and then say if my post was “harsh.”

      1. Hey, here’s a thing to do. Go look into the nearest book that contains idioms!


        “Break a leg” means “good luck.” I meant good luck in life. I said “except for the people I mentioned, of course”, because all of those people I mentioned are very smart and gifted. ๐Ÿ™‚ They already have enough luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. oh. i know break a leg means good luck, it’s usually a term used in acting. It’s just that by the way you were talking and the tone of your writing, I took it as an insult because it sounded like you were saying it angrily. At least that’s what i got from it, since it’s hard to tell when your reading not actually hearing

      3. not harsh, NOT HARSH!!!!????
        UR HARSH DUDE!little kids like my first grade brother saw this post! HE CAN RED BTW! AND NOW HES SAYING CRAP ALL THE TIME BECAUSE U WROTE IT THERE
        and my poor brother is suspended!if he goes bak,HE MIGHT BE EXPELLED!so thanx alot dude

        Hijuyo: Calm down, please. Does your brother understand that he is not allowed to say that word? It would be his own fault (not Smockers’s) if he kept using that word, because he has the choice not to.

  3. Smockers? I don’t want you to leave! There won’t be anymore Viet’s on PHB no more! I won’t have that pride of Vietnamese can be PHB authors! I am losing it! Smockers, don’t leave! You are part of the heart of the PHB! The PHB, won’t beat as fast! You bring the packages of humor here! When I need a laugh I read your posts(Adhesive Seabird)! PHB needs funny people. And it wouldn’t be the same. So, please…. stay… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Some people like say “My way or the highway.” Don’t let that bug you.

    1. WAIT SMOCKERS IZ LEAVING???? oh is that what this was about? no! smockers we love u!dont leave

  4. This is another PHB member leaving, at this rate, the PHB will be destroyed much faster than i thought last year

  5. hey this is to all blogs about poptropica stop being mean to the phb crew because this blog and every person who worked for phb rocks

    1. I know that and how can I stop being mean to PHB crew if I’m not even bein’ mean? This blog ROCKS a whole lot better than mine. Mine looks up to their’s. But I’ll try to be 3rd!

      1. i did not say you were being mean i ment the people being mean shoud stop beacause this blog is dieing beacause there feelings are geeting hurt

  6. =O

    Um… wow. We don’t want you to leave, but –no offense– that’s not a really mature way to handle things. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Motion had a reasonable reason to ban you; it wasn’t like he didn’t respect your opinion, but the PHF chat was not a place to discuss those things… 0_o I’m sorry you’re leaving, Smockers. We’ll miss you.

    1. It’s not a place to discuss those things? Okay, then. So, a game that caused a fellow PHB member to leave permanently, dumb internet memes, and other junk is perfectly acceptable… I assume?

      Hijuyo: No, none of those other things would be acceptable either. Some games can start out to be acceptable, but if it gets out of hand it needs to change or stop.

  7. why did smockers get banned

    Hijuyo: Whatever the reason, Coderkid did need to enforce the rules. However, Smockers has apologised and has been unbanned now.

    1. uh like yeah? the people who werent there (like ME) have no idea wats going on so someone PLEASE EXPLAIN or i will liiterally BREAK MY LEG


  8. Well… Smockers, I’ll miss ya buddy. I’ll break my leg just to get you to stay if I could. But it’s your choice, you now have no way onto the PHF, so…Goodbye…

    Yours Truly,
    Hyper Star, HS

  9. Smockers, please, please, PLEASE don’t leave! You’re super awesome and a really good author and a really good friend of mine! I’m sorry if you and Coderkid got into a scrape, but that doesn’t mean that your opinion doesn’t matter. If you’re really serious about leaving, then all I can say is that I’ll miss you so much, and that if you’re going to come back, know that I’ll still be here and I’ll always listen to what you have to say. And thanks so much for calling me a friend. It really touched my heart.
    Your friend,

    1. well i will miss smockers lots but hes leaveing the only thing that can change his mind is him self

  10. i never did like motion man (geek) i dont honestly like the phf WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO SMOCKERS (pulls out hunting knife) motion get ready… but for now micheal jackson is better then motion although mj is dead wich shouldve been … MOTION GRRRRRRRRRRR TACOS SHALL KILL YOU MOTION hahaha im so mean

  11. Smockers,
    You were awesome. You put Vietnamese pride into me. As Octupus said, You rocked my sox. I wish you wouldn’t leave… and I hope you change your mind… And I’d like for you to have a happy outside life off of blogs… and again… STAY PLZ!! But I that the stuff that made you mad was from the PHF? The PHB, as far as I’m aware, was all Poptropica.

    ~Your #1 Fan, Happy but Sad Storm right now because you’re leavin’…

  12. Motion, you’re such an… Easy- Banner. Gosh, you don’t even know him. I used to think you were awesome, not now.

    1. Well, something happened and it’s all up there. *points up* Yah, I don’t know what happened between Smocks and Motion but…

    2. I assume my leaving isn’t at all noteworthy to mention here? So, I’m guessing that I should’ve just left silently.


      1. omygod smockers u were one of my fav authors but if u come back after the feud with u and coderkid ends i REALLY hope u come back because your so funny,and kind and ruler of rocks with blue letters on them and so i reallly will miss your funny posts and …

        shutting up now

      1. You are getting the wrong message. I am not leaving simply because he banned me. I am leaving, because my opinion sucks and shouldn’t be heard by anybody.

      2. your opinion does matter, everyone’s opinion matters. And if everyone ever tells anyone of you guys that your opinion dosen’t matter. Don’t listen to them and keep on saying it!

  13. Smockers dont leave your the only person who likes the hippie man like me please stay we will miss you

  14. Smockers please don’t leave! If I did anything to cause this I AM SO SORRY! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  15. oh

    but people stop saying stay because i bet smockers is realy mad. he said bye for know not for ever

      1. My comments as Sad Storm are moderating so.. Happy storm as a screen name only… But i’m sad. And how long are you going? Like releasin’ stress right? I understand. Sometimes you need some alone time. Just make sure ya come back, Smocks.

      2. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i just realized im the saddest person here.i hate admitting things.(actually i never have! this is an all-time low….hear that smocks all-time low….)but i admit it-I rely hate it that smocks is leaving.i hope u come bak smocks….:( bye…
        cry cry cry cry!
        does someone have a tissue
        (grabs tissue)
        i hope u have fun for the rest of the time we dont see u! bye!

        -formerly FPM,

      1. They’re talking about Motion.

        But, I would like you guys to refrain from posting hate comments right out in the open…

      2. Smockers, I know you want me to refrain from hate comments for now, but I have to ignore your comment. There’s nothing I can loose by continuing them and someone needs to say something. There’s reasons that people don’t argue with motion and that’s because this is what happens. He has too much power over the PHB and PHF to stop. People think he’s right and don’t want to stop him. You go up against him and he will rip you apart.

        Hijuyo: No human is ever perfect, not even Coderkid. But if someone with power does go over the line, we should stand up for ourselves and solve the problem.

      3. someone needs to stand up to motionman! that person is me! look at the trouble he has caused!!!!
        ANGRY MOB….ATTAK!!!!

        Hijuyo: What Coderkid was doing in this particular situation was for the safety of the PHF chat. But we all need to obey and cooperate with the rules, too.

  16. I wouldn’t argue with motion either…He once banned me for just messing with him but it’s no use. He’s always in charge in everything so it’s ALWAYS up to him. I wouldn’t blame motion though. I got you caught in that ”game” on the chat anyways so I blame that it’s my fault becuase I also made GE go away to with sanz on the chat last night. It started with me anyways so I blame myself as said again. I” sorry for making you end up like this Smockers, I’m sorry.

  17. O_O This is…odd. I’m still waiting for someone to say it was a hoax and nothing happened.

    Smockers, I’m going to miss you. You are awesome, funny, and an all-around great guy. Could I just ask, please, what happened in this fight? (I haven’t had the time to comment and go on the PHB and PHF for a while. T.T)

  18. I’m so sorry, but I will miss you alot!

    NW would also like to add that she’ll really miss you, too, and would like to say, see you soon. Good luck in the real world!

  19. Well Smockers here it is. I’ve said a lot of things in other comments, but none of them were official goodbyes, so here it is. Aidos! OK, ok i’ll be more sicncere ๐Ÿ™‚ Goodbye Smockers. You were the first person to be hired on this blog, and I always thought you would be the last to quit. Goodbye to the person who’s posts always made me laugh. It’s a little hard for me to actually be sad and respond like the other people have, but I do feel rather sad. I will miss you. It’s sad that you are going to leave because some jerks have been messing with you, but I fully respect your descion and I hope you have a very nice life and break a leg. Just remember, that not everyone here has done something to make you leave and that we all will miss you very much. Goodbye my blogger friend.

    1. when i said it’s hard for me to be sad that’s because the person is an author on a blog and not someone I actually I know. Anyway, goodbye

    2. *tears up* We’ll miss you, Smockers!! And for Chocolate’s sake, can someone please tell me WHY he and motion got into this fight??

  20. Woah… What happened? I’m so confused…I don’t know if I can comment without knowing all the facts first…What did Motion do?

  21. no effence Coderkid but, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS!?! THIS GUY IS LIKE ON THE MOST POPULAR BLOGS IN THE POPTROPICA FORUMS!!!!! (mo effence other blogs and again no effence Motion Man)
    P.S. New isalnd YAY! :B

  22. people your making smockers angry because i said earlier stop saying dont go because he maid his mind up already he is leaving

  23. oh I think I get it!smockers don’t leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you do ill bann my self from the phf,the chat,and poptropica!plz don’t go!i know I seem like a jerk to everyone but it just be cause I care!

    1. Or something like that…it seems like he’s had these opinions for a long time, and only now are they finding an outlet..I’ll bet he doesn’t even now the whole story.

      Hijuyo: Like everyone else, he has the right to give his own opinion about this situation too. Don’t put others down. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. PHB isn’t actin normal nice calm, NON-CHAOTIC. At least, Motion and Smockers cause they are undergoing a fight. They need to go outside calm down and figure out their differences or whatever the phrase is.. solve their differences…IDK, But I have a lot of curiosity of what happens when Hijuyo arrives…

    2. I don’t think Smockers should have posted this here in the first place.

      Hijuyo: No, it’s fine. He’s only explaining why he won’t be active for the next few days or so.

  24. Oh Smockers-
    Why would you quit? You are MECHA-AWESOME in my opinion. And I’m MECHA-SAD to see you quit.

    I have to say one thing first before Iโ€™m done though, and thatโ€™s that motion should be fired. He may make some great apps for Poptropica, but heโ€™s a hacker, and no good can come from that. Thatโ€™s the reason Poptropica keeps shutting down his stuff, because itโ€™s technically illegal. If heโ€™s even a kid that would surprise me. Heโ€™s a jerk, liar, and an idiot if he canโ€™t recognize that Smockersโ€™s opinion can make sense too. And that’s the truth. XD. Sorry for insulting anybody.

    1. Oops- I din’t mean great. in “great apps for Poptropica”. I meant “horrible.” The only one that did any good was Poptropica Image Generator.

      1. Um, no. You’re just kinda AGAINST coderkid cause he said something to you when you said what do ya think about me thing.

      1. Actually not maybe. Yes. And you fixed it. You put the recent ads so it isn’t as bad. I’m cool with actually called glitch helpers.

  25. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop this fighting right now! You guys need to chill out, sit down , and talk this out like civilized adults(ok not adults, teenagers). Anyway evryone single person needs to calm down and just let Smockers and Codekid talk it out without offending each other. You know sometimes you just need to keep your thoughts and belifes to yourself(espically when it’s on a blog, a Poptropica one at that)you just need to resolve this and go back to Poptropicaing

  26. ok motion if u and smockers are gonna fight take it somewhere else. a wise blogger once said that a help blog is a friendly place not a punching bag so suck it up. so u had a fight, so u dissagree, that doesnt meean u have to fight on public commentss. email each other or something, but leave us to being happy(or most opf us) cause im just tired of fighting!

    ps. wow i havnt sounded that mad since beetleblues blog shut down, anyway cya smockers!:)

  27. PCB update: maybe that boat in the backgroud is a boat you travel aroud poptrpica in getting people for the RTV game show on RTV island ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. I feel bad for girl part and boy part of Hijuyo. Her birthday is tomorrow and she and her bro have to deal with this pack of poop of an argument?! Give her a break and resolve this somehow. I wouldn’t want to solve an argument on the internet on B-day. How would you like that? Save it for later and AFTER her birthday. Birthday is for celebrating not DRAMA and ARGUEMENT SOLVING!

    Hijuyo: Thanks for your support, Happy Storm.

      1. your right the sooner the better this is the most comments on the PHB so far Hijuyo we need you!

    1. I’m starting to think I should leave and close down the PHF. Ever since I came, there have been nothing but problems. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Hijuyo: A Poptropica forum is a great idea when used in the right way. If there have been problems, you should probably rethink your own past actions and make changes wherever necessary.

  29. What on earth has happened here?
    I don’t think people on the PHB want to hear an argument like this.
    What ever has happened we must get past it.

    Smockers. Take a deep breathe, think what has happened before you post something like this to stir complete chaos.
    I want you to refrain from using the PHB for a few days, okay. You’re obviously angry and need to calm down. What you say now you could regret.

    From what i have read i cannot not concur what exactly happened but there has obviously been some kind of misunderstanding of judgement.
    There is two sides of this story that i can not side with.

    Coderkid i want you to reconsider banning Smockers. What ever reason you did for, i do not care, just think why you have and is it worth the ban.

    I don’t want to hear any of this nonsense anymore okay? Is that clear.

    We understand that Smockers is upset and angry at decision’s made. We just hope you don’t permanently leave because you were the first author to partner with Scary and have been a great help since then.

    I am closing any further comments on this post.



    1. wait smockers omg what in poptropica happened and why on earth have u been bannned??? i command u to write about!!!
      ok i dont commandd but please tell us!!!!!

      Hijuyo: There was a disagreement between two PHB staff members. It’s pretty much been resolved now, but Smockers will be inactive with the PHB for the time being.

  30. I am sorry to see Smockers leave. This post was not harsh in any way I think, and Smockers did what is right. If I could contact him I’d ask him to join my real life blog, which is less critiized and you can say whatever you feel like. I can’t do this though, so whatever.

    I have to say one thing first before I’m done though, and that’s that motion should be fired. He may make some great apps for Poptropica, but he’s a hacker, and no good can come from that. That’s the reason Poptropica keeps shutting down his stuff, because it’s technically illegal. If he’s even a kid that would surprise me. He’s a jerk, liar, and an idiot if he can’t recognize that Smockers’s opinion can make sense too.

      1. dannng,my little brother reads everything. now hes saying bad words….

        Hijuyo: Fairy, you should probably explain to your brother that some word are not acceptable. Don’t just sit back and blame others. Most people are aware of the existence of such words at some point in their lives, anyway.

  31. Yes, the argument was about homophobia. But apparently, as Motion said, he didn’t ban me for what I said but how much ruckus I was causing in the chat.

    Motion, I was there for 10 seconds until you banned me. What harm could I have done?

    I’m kinda thinking you really did ban me for my beliefs. You even told me to shut up for saying what my beliefs are. What I believe is that homosexuality is perfectly natural. Not a sin.

    Of course, you will never change your opinion. I suppose… once a bigot, always a bigot.

    1. I just said to end the conversation. But YOU couldn’t stop. So I had to ban you.

      10 seconds? By “ruckus” I meant past and present ruckus.

      I asked you to “shut up” because you were calling me names, etc. Think about it. Did I ever call you anything mean? Did I SAY anything mean to you? No.

      You called me “scum of the earth”, “bigot”, and “homophobe”. What I believe I keep at home. Why can’t you? I asked you to stop because there was no reason to discuss that there, but you didn’t stop. You just kept on chugging.

      And what have I done to say that I’m always right?

    2. i don’t agree with homosexuality, but i don’t think motion should have banned you for believing that.

      1. yeah, i think that your post wasn’t there because i hadn’t refreshed the page when you posted that

    3. Come on, guys. This isn’t what the PHB is about! It’s about Poptropica, Friends, Fun, and people of all kinds, not fighting and blame gaming!

      Hijuyo: True, Orange Tummy. That’s why the PHB has rules.

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