Bonus Items, Reality TV Island, Sneak Peeks

There are many questions that need to be answered in life.

Update: EPIC NEWSFLASH! :O The creators have updated their post with a handy link conveniently placed right beneath the membership video. Upon clicking this link, you reach this informative page (click the word page :O). It seems the creators have answered all of my questions concerning the price of membership and if the costumes, gold cards, and etc. disappear when your membership expires.

Good and bad news. For the bad news, you can’t keep the unlimited costumes and gold cards once your membership ends. 😦 For the good news, HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PRICES? =D

THAT’S UNBEATABLE! Compared to most web games, Poptropica’s membership prices are super cheap. Seriously! One Gold Card costs $2.50 and with just $.50 more you could get the whole shebang — ALL of the Gold Cards.Β  O_o As a comparison, here are some other web-game membership prices:

1 Month: Poptropica ($2.99) < Free Realms ($4.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($5.95) < Wiglington and Wenks ($5.99) < Chobots ($7.99)

3 Months: Poptropica ($7.99; equivalent to a 1 month membership on Chobots I might add) < Wiglington and Wenks ($16.99)

6 Months: Poptropica ($12.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($29.95) < Chobots and Wiglington and Wenks ($29.99)

1 Year: Poptropica ($17.99; I’m only assuming this, because the prices seem to increase by $5 each time. Also, I know that 1 Year membership isn’t available for Poptropica; I’m just doing this for the sake of this experiment.) < Chobots ($47.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($57.95; it seems Tootsville copied Club Penguin’s prices exactly o_o) < Wiglington and Wenks ($59.99)

There you have it. I hope these prices are set in stone, because if they are, I could probably give way more PHB-readers 1-month memberships then I had thought. ^o^


Are you ready? πŸ˜‰

Will someone eventually find the cure for cancer? Will the 2012 doomsday event occur? WILL SCIENTISTS EVENTUALLY FIND A SOLUTION THAT MAKES EVERLASTING CHEESE?!

More importantly… will Poptropica’s community and fanbase enrage with fury once membership is confirmed to the general public?!

We can answer that one today.

Now, after what could have been absolute happiness or utmost anger (depends on who you are) for you, let us evaluate (my comments in bold):

  • GET IT ALL WITH MEMBERSHIP! (All is a very vague word. I think you can interpret it in any way. Personally, I think “IT ALL” is cheese. I hope.)
  • USE EVERY GOLD CARD! (I think my mouth is gonna f all off from all of this gaping. =O)
  • COMING SOON! (More vague words. >o>)

By the way, this membership thing hasn’t been completely unaware to us. Codien’s post (CLICKEH HERE!) informed us of this imminent feature. We got quite a mixed response with some saying yay and some saying nay. Now that it’s been confirmed, what is your opinion of it now? Leave a comment below. ^_^ By the way, that post was dated January 29, 2009.Β  At time of posting this, it has been more or less ONE YEAR. Speedy time with creating the membership, creators (jk, jk).

It seems that buying a membership would actually be better than just buying costumes and gold cards and early island access passes — because you get all that with a handy dandy membership! Now, there are more questions. Do you get to keep the gold cards and unlimited costumes if your membership runs out? How much will it take out of my money that I could be using to pay for college? So many life-threatening questions.

Also, I noticed something else in the video. Those sneaky creators sneaked in yet another confirmation of Reality TV Island! (Psst, creators. I have kept my patience long enough for Hippie Man. MAKE MY TRIP TO REALITY TV SNAPPY! >:O)

I blame the horrible image quality on YouTube's horrible video quality πŸ˜€

Moreover, they added some useful links to the side of their blog:

That question mark block is from Super Mario! PLAGIARIZE! COPYRIGHT! SUE! SUE! SUE! Oh, and there's Raymond from Wheel of Fortune again. :O

That about wraps it up! Don’t forget to give your own thoughts about the upcoming membership! Hope you all have a good life. ^o^ Peace. Also, I’ll probably hold a contest once membership is officially released. Then again, that conniving Motion AKA Coderkid will probably find a hack for it as soon as the creators unveil it. >=P