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There are many questions that need to be answered in life.

Update: EPIC NEWSFLASH! :O The creators have updated their post with a handy link conveniently placed right beneath the membership video. Upon clicking this link, you reach this informative page (click the word page :O). It seems the creators have answered all of my questions concerning the price of membership and if the costumes, gold cards, and etc. disappear when your membership expires.

Good and bad news. For the bad news, you can’t keep the unlimited costumes and gold cards once your membership ends. 😦 For the good news, HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PRICES? =D

THAT’S UNBEATABLE! Compared to most web games, Poptropica’s membership prices are super cheap. Seriously! One Gold Card costs $2.50 and with just $.50 more you could get the whole shebang — ALL of the Gold Cards.  O_o As a comparison, here are some other web-game membership prices:

1 Month: Poptropica ($2.99) < Free Realms ($4.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($5.95) < Wiglington and Wenks ($5.99) < Chobots ($7.99)

3 Months: Poptropica ($7.99; equivalent to a 1 month membership on Chobots I might add) < Wiglington and Wenks ($16.99)

6 Months: Poptropica ($12.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($29.95) < Chobots and Wiglington and Wenks ($29.99)

1 Year: Poptropica ($17.99; I’m only assuming this, because the prices seem to increase by $5 each time. Also, I know that 1 Year membership isn’t available for Poptropica; I’m just doing this for the sake of this experiment.) < Chobots ($47.99) < Club Penguin and Tootsville ($57.95; it seems Tootsville copied Club Penguin’s prices exactly o_o) < Wiglington and Wenks ($59.99)

There you have it. I hope these prices are set in stone, because if they are, I could probably give way more PHB-readers 1-month memberships then I had thought. ^o^


Are you ready? 😉

Will someone eventually find the cure for cancer? Will the 2012 doomsday event occur? WILL SCIENTISTS EVENTUALLY FIND A SOLUTION THAT MAKES EVERLASTING CHEESE?!

More importantly… will Poptropica’s community and fanbase enrage with fury once membership is confirmed to the general public?!

We can answer that one today.

Now, after what could have been absolute happiness or utmost anger (depends on who you are) for you, let us evaluate (my comments in bold):

  • GET IT ALL WITH MEMBERSHIP! (All is a very vague word. I think you can interpret it in any way. Personally, I think “IT ALL” is cheese. I hope.)
  • USE EVERY GOLD CARD! (I think my mouth is gonna f all off from all of this gaping. =O)
  • COMING SOON! (More vague words. >o>)

By the way, this membership thing hasn’t been completely unaware to us. Codien’s post (CLICKEH HERE!) informed us of this imminent feature. We got quite a mixed response with some saying yay and some saying nay. Now that it’s been confirmed, what is your opinion of it now? Leave a comment below. ^_^ By the way, that post was dated January 29, 2009.  At time of posting this, it has been more or less ONE YEAR. Speedy time with creating the membership, creators (jk, jk).

It seems that buying a membership would actually be better than just buying costumes and gold cards and early island access passes — because you get all that with a handy dandy membership! Now, there are more questions. Do you get to keep the gold cards and unlimited costumes if your membership runs out? How much will it take out of my money that I could be using to pay for college? So many life-threatening questions.

Also, I noticed something else in the video. Those sneaky creators sneaked in yet another confirmation of Reality TV Island! (Psst, creators. I have kept my patience long enough for Hippie Man. MAKE MY TRIP TO REALITY TV SNAPPY! >:O)

I blame the horrible image quality on YouTube's horrible video quality 😀

Moreover, they added some useful links to the side of their blog:

That question mark block is from Super Mario! PLAGIARIZE! COPYRIGHT! SUE! SUE! SUE! Oh, and there's Raymond from Wheel of Fortune again. :O

That about wraps it up! Don’t forget to give your own thoughts about the upcoming membership! Hope you all have a good life. ^o^ Peace. Also, I’ll probably hold a contest once membership is officially released. Then again, that conniving Motion AKA Coderkid will probably find a hack for it as soon as the creators unveil it. >=P



180 thoughts on “There are many questions that need to be answered in life.”

      guys why is everybody so happy about membership this is gonna i dislike club penguin alot becuase of there membership and i am tired of it who would to pay hard earned REAL money for something online all you get to do is get costumes which is lame, play early access which is sorts cool but becuase your gonna get to play it sooner or later, and then using gold cards is just the stuff the stuff that cost 250 CREDITS! and how do you think the people that dont have membership is gonna feel i mean eventually everybody who dont have or want a membership is gonna quit …sorry but this is turning to club penguin and i almost quit cuz every thing is for members

    1. why not ? by becoming an author on the PHB you are supposed to inform us all on EVERYTHING you find out. Smockers made a great post and is fulfilling his duty as a an author on the PHB and as a poptropican in general.Good day to you! (snaps fingers and vanishes)

      He was talking about my revealing of his probable membership hack. 😛 Oops, I said it again… at this rate, the whole Internet will find out :O

      1. Man! Smockers, at the rate your going now, everyone that reads that is going to EXPLODE!!! Literaly..

        Oh, and there is a new Ad.

      2. SMOCKERS!!!! *shakes head* Honestly, you’re a great author, but please, PLEASE work on not revealing secrets about….uh….HACKING……

      1. guys why is everybody so happy about membership this is gonna suck more then anything dude i hate club penguin alot becuase of there dumb membership and i am tired of it who would to pay hard earned REAL money for something online that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard i mean all you get to do is get costumes which is lame, play early access which is lame becuase your gonna get to play it sooner or later, and then using gold cards is just the stuff the stuff that cost 250 CREDITS! and how do you think the people that dont have membership is gonna feel i mean eventually everybody who dont have or want a membership is gonna quit poptropica so if your reading this poptropica creators then you should know that having a membership is the dumbest thing in the world so that is my thought on the dumb membership topic!

      2. i agree tiny knukle.our credit card is just for our country use only .i want to buy one but i cant.

      3. Tiny Knuckle, Its not like the membership is goingto effect the gameplay. They never said that non-members would not get to do a lot of things. I’m sure all the members get is early access and lots of costumes! And I don’t thing I’m getting the membership…

  1. I wonder how much it costs? I doubt I’ll be able to get membership anyway.
    There’s a “golden snitch” next to the Poptropica Membership sign like in Harry Potter. 😆

    1. Hmm…maybe you have to play a harry potter themed island to get the membership snitch.We’re watching you creators. >_> <.< 0_o


      1. you shouldnt want to become a member at all!

        Hijuyo: Actually, you would want to be a member for the benefits, but would not want to pay for it. 😀

      1. well i dont think that way you still on nonmember get to play poptropica like it came out and get credits by completing islands

  3. I knew they would do this, just like Club Penguin and Webkinz. I don’t really like it, but I guess it’s a way to make more money.. I’m gonna get my credits solving islands though 😀

      1. Well,in my opinion, I think its a very strategic move. I mean look at the bright side, you wont miss out an any islands.

  4. >:O Darn, Right now this sucks. I’m sorry but Most parents won’t let there kids (MINE>.>) Buy anything online like memberships for just a game. -.- Hopefully they get cards with credits on them for those who can go to Tarjeh (Target.. I dunno how to spell it in Spanish xD) or Walmart *shudder* and buy some credit cards… Well I mean cards that have a code that give you like 1000 credits for 10$ or something, honestly that sounds much better, And BTW Creators, call it V.I.P.’s Very Important Poptropicans 😀

    1. We totally need some poptropica credit gift cards in Target , Walmart ….. I wonder if they will make them 1 day?

  5. WOW!!! If this is less than 10 dollars a month then I’m in!! Also, I’m allowed it! Hi Smockers, your my favorite author. You Rock! No offense other authors.

    1. oh smockers, u are so funny.and a Poptropica Membership? this is insane.the most awesum thing to come out on poptropica and i waste my credits on Electrify…darn that!

  6. I am NOT happy with the idea of membership. I mean, seriously? We already have the store, and they must make enough bucks off of that… now this? Hmph. 😡

    Some of that money they make had better go to Haiti, at the least…

    1. This member sounds better than the ones on other sites cos on them you miss out on three quarters of the fun! This membership is way better cos it doesn’t really affect game play (except for early play)

      1. the money could go to Haiti. I hate to say this, but I like what happened to Haiti. Maybe it’s what the U.S needs, it could be like a revival, to bring God back.

      2. guys the U.S. is sending 100 million dollars to Haiti so even if the creators DO send some money to Haiti they should be in good shape by then…

    2. No offense to anyone but im kinda getting tired of hearing about Haiti. The news is already everywhere about it.

    3. I’m not happy with the idea either cause that means it will be like every one of those other site like club penguin and wiglington and wenks where all the membership people get advantages just because they payed money, like I know the creators need to make money but it is a little unfair that way

    4. I agree, NW. My parents can NOT afford to pay for a previously FREE, and fun, game. Plus, the membership expires, so you have to keep paying them. I think this is a bad idea. Although this does make money for them, they are prolific enough with the store. To the Creators, I am sorry, but I do NOT like this membership stuff. 😐

    5. HOLD ON! so this means that we WON’T be getting credits for finishing an island??? And the only people who can GET credits are the ones that buy the membership? SO…people WITHOUT memberships can’t have early-access passes OR costumes anymore? NOT FAIR, Creators!!! D:< I hope I am very, very wrong…:(

  7. Awesome! My bought me a club penguin and fantage membership a few months ago and instead of getting Club Penguin and Fantage membership, I can get a Club Penguin and Poptropica membership! XD

  8. can people stop thinking about 2012. the
    myna people are just full of
    blongi with the doomsday stuff. my mom told
    me that the aziac calender said that the
    world wold come to a end in 2000, did it
    happen? no! no afenc to myna. and the
    poptropica member sounds cool

    1. yeah,i mean astrology can only predict so far, and thats to you no good rotten so called scientists and mythologists and historians if the world was gonna have a doomsday the Lord would have sent a message,not some dumb ancient calendar that just happened to end on dec 22 2010 HELLO ITS ANCIENT!!! IS RELIABLE COME ON PEOPLE!!!

      Hijuyo: The Mayans have been known to have reliable information in the past, but as you said, no one can really predict the ‘end of the world’. 😉

      1. There is a simple answer to all this astronomic crap. Go read the Bible, it says somewhere that no man will know when the world will end, only God knows.

  9. I was so excited when I first joined poptropica and how you didn’t give info, and how you don’t have to pay. And as soon as I see this I felt like crying my heart out……….literraly

    Sighs a big sigh

  10. -_- i don’t like this idea ONE bit!! Club penguin has memberships, Toontown has memberships, Chobots has memberships, Planet Cazmo has memberships, Webkinz is tied to a toy, so is Buildabearville… BORING!! – growls at creators –

    1. DUDE!!! stop whinning its just like we have been playing poptropica in the begining so whats the big deal?

      1. yeah.and the prices are SUPER amazing THANK YOU CREATORS U R THE BEST!!!although i might not get it…

  11. this is horrible its like clubpenguin ule have to pay over30$ bucksreal cash it wont be fair to peeps who parentslossthere job thats how its lir
    e in every other site you loese all your stuff payed poptropicans can go into diffrent rooms and member ship only laast a couple monthes this is the other websites that u dont pay for fun plz dont meke this happen i hsve adreem if it happens ill quit poptropica and the phb i will also tell my friends to quit and my school cuse everyone i know goes here i dont want it NEVER IT WONT BE FAIR

    1. I agree with you. Why can’t we just have some regular games without memberships. Almost every game I play has one.

  12. Wow this is to good to be true! The only ? I hav is… Does this membership thing cost any $?

    Hijuyo: Like other game memberships, it probably does cost money. 😉

  13. Oh no! Poptropica is turning into those games that you have to pay real cash for these memberships. Probably the only thing left that’s free is… well… air XD

      1. so what if he’s rich you know how many people come to the phb everyday? why would he buy it for everyone?

      2. I’m sorry, Big Joker, but it’s kinda rude to expect Smockers to pay for your membership when he has his own to think of, and he doesn’t even know you really. He’s only a kid like us all. 😐

    1. If you want Poptropica’s membership, the simplest way to get it would be to pay for it yourself.

      Smockers only said he’d have PHB contests in which the prize(s) could be a membership. That doesn’t mean everyone will get it.

  14. Did you notice in the vidio: Reality tv pass!? Omg,I think Reality is coming to are town!!! My Mom said this: I’ll get you a member ship I know how long you been waiting for watcha meh call it Island.

    So… UNLIMITED OUTFITS! ISLAND PASSES!A COOL HAND ITEM (The one she is holding in the vidio!!) You should just call me “Da Poptropica King!!! 😀 creators you rock!!!

    1. the membership might just be a subscription kinda thing where you have to keep paying for and if your mom buys it too soon then what?

    2. Maaaaybe…….you only have access to the RTV pass if you have membership!

      Also, what if you buy the membership for an Early Access pass, and it expires right in the middle of the Early Access period? That would be bad…….

  15. Hi, Smockers, where’ve you been? I think that if you have to pay to play Pop at ALL, that is unfair. However, if it is a separate thing, I think it’s just fine.

    1. I sure hope it doesn’t turn out like that. I hate to be paranoid, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I always thought the creators were nice, but now I don’t know what to think anymore.

      1. me too i thought it would just be a simple game for people to play to relax a little but now maybe i dont know also i thought this was going to happen after they started selling stuff in a shop.

      2. It is fair!
        You guys are just saying this cause your jealous of the people that can get membership (I can)!

        Hijuyo: Most of them aren’t jealous, they’re just disappointed that they will not be able to access Poptropica’s extra benefits because they aren’t allowed to get membership.

  16. this totally sucks i mean im fine with people buying stuff from the store as little extras to play with but i mean memberships? First they’ll give you free items then they’ll start making members only rooms and items and stuff that we non-members cant get. Oh and then what happens when your membership runs out? would you lose all your items and stuff? I know why the creators are doing membership its because of the economy with the dow-jones market and everything people are desperate for money. So im watching you creators and if you read this then you should destroy membership before a lot of people start quitting poptropica then you’ll definitely be ruined.

    1. That’s not nice.. I like membership you should be the one who is destroyed 👿 anyways cool membership!!! i want to go to mythology island and RTV island too. :mrgreen:
      LUV U creatorz!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  17. awh come on ppl, every game needs money to keep it going… :3 and yeah, they do have poptropica credits but like not many ppl buy em since u can get 100 free credits per island…

  18. I find this an outrage! Right now this may seem good, but the creators will slowly decide that you HAVE to own a membership to play! :X Don’t buy it! If lots of people buy it they will surely decide that they can. Go ahead, buy it, but if you don’t, you’ll thank me later. And if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you… *fades away*

    1. Yeah…it all started with BUYING credits to get stuff from the store. I was fine with that (although of course I didn’t buy anything) but I think this is a crazy idea. I think the majority of people do NOT like the idea, from what I’ve been reading so far. Like me.

  19. im ok with it. as long as non members still get to buy clothes and gold cards its ok, i don’t new early island access. club penguin made it so no one canehave clothes and rooms except for members. so the creators ar generous

      1. 😆 Neat Whale. I play CP and membership isn’t that awsome Creators please have compassion on us. *prays that they will take membership off.*

      2. OMG! Our Poptropicans are turning into…..PENGUINS! CHEESE PENGUINS!

        Ok…dunno where the “cheese” part came from.

  20. Nice post, smockers! It’s great to hear from you again! 🙂 the membership thing sounds cool for those who can get it. Hopefully, that will can a large portion of the PHB/PHF community.


    *runs our room screaming tearing hair out*

  22. i really hope this does not turn into the same crud club penguin does where you have to be a member to do anything fun at all because otherwise poptropica is going to turn into a waste of time for me and alot of people are probabally going to quit.

  23. Man this sounds pretty cool for those who can

    get it but for those who can not get it then

    it will seem not quite fair but it all

    depends on the price and will it be a annual

    payment type of deal or one time pay what do

    you think?

      1. Did you see the blurb underneath?

        “Members are free to use all costumes and gold cards in the Poptropica Store during membership. Items do not remain in your Store Items view without membership. Items purchased with credits outside of membership stay in your account forever.”

        That answers all your questions.

        Also, I don’t think the price is “cheap”, because the only reason I played Poptropica in the 1st place is because it was free, and now they’re making us pay for the extra benefits. I, personally, think this Membership stuff is a bad idea.

      2. Guys, its not the end of the world… Poptropica is NOTHING like Club Penguin. On cp non-members dont get ANYTHING! But on Poptropica you can get the same thing you got before. Its just like old Poptropica except that you pay to get a little bit more. I think its a fine idea. And my mom didn’t even say yes!

      3. look. not a very long time ago, there wasn’t ANYTHING special we could do. now we have the options of the store and membership. so all in all, its not a bad thing. its just a little added benefit for helping out some computer geeks with an awesome game.
        think positivly.


  25. I checked tthe Creators Blog just 5 minutes ago and saw the prices….UNBEATABLE!!!! AND my mom said..”Wow, that is a great deal!” I’m going with my mom’s quote. A GREAT DEAL!!!!! Oh, and I do see you added the prices to your post Smockers.

    1. And even if they’re super cheap, my parents won’t buy it.
      Hey, by the way, are those prices in US dollars or something?

      Hijuyo: The Poptropica Creators are located in the US, so they’d probably use their own currency. 😉

  26. I think that Poptroica is a very popular website and it’s not going to pay for itself! I don’t like the idea of memberships because a bunch of sites are starting to use them. I’m hoping they will come out with the cards you can buy at Target etc. because I don’t want them to charge my parents credit card every month 😉 Oh well I knew it would happen someday…I was just gonna go on strike and delete all evidence of membership so even the creators can’t prove it..I mean uh… Look a star!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 🙂
    I’m not getting membership but oh well.

    and for anyone who doesnt like the idea (like me), the creators are only doing this because poptropica needs money to keep going

    but I think it would be nice to have more advertisement buildings and alot less side adds.

    ps- Clothes Minded: gift cards would be so awesome 🙂 you hear that creators?

    Oh and I seachred poptropica and club penguin on google trends, and their studies show that on average, poptropica is 10 times as popular! 😀 😀 😀

  28. Well, with that cheapness, the Creators must still love us, even if they’re going mad… but I’d still be happier without dang membership…

  29. OMG OMG OMG! my parents HAS to get me the membership at THAT price! BEG BEG BEG BEG…
    and ahh.. if they dont… coder will hack 😀

    1. Don’t count on Motion rescuing you. He has his own stuff to worry about. The Owners are not all-powerful, you know.

  30. This is bad news, and for that cheap prices thing,well, it should be like that! Poptropica membership doesn’t have enough features yet to be compared with other games’ memberships.

    Hey, Wow, Chobots’ memberdships is such a RIP OFF! :O They barley have updates, 8 year-olds mods, lame fame and very expensive memberships! Club penguin and Poptropica ll the way!

  31. YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY! Membership is already on Cp,we don’t need membership on poptropica! CREATORS IF YOU ARE READING THIS THIS IS YOUR MOST HORRIBLE IDEA EVER! I can’t beleive you guys are HAPPY about this! I might quit Poptropica cuz whats the whole point? I don’t have enough credits anyway so whats the whole poppin point?!?! I do CP more than poptropica anyway too. i might come to Poptropica very little times. But the whole point of this comment is that THIS IS HORRIBLE I CAN’T BELEIVE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU EAT CRAZY PUFFS!?!?! IF YOU DID ITS NO WONDER YOU LIKE THIS! *moves to other place in Poptropica where there is no membership but membership occurs!* *then runs to room crying* BOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOO MEMBERSHIP!! I ALREADY HAVE MEMBERSHIP ON CP I DON’T THINK I’LL GET MEMBERSHIP ON POPTROPICA!

    1. I like the membership idea cause you dont need to us ecredits to buy store items and members get islands way way way earlier.

    2. Calm down…I cant get one too..I live far away from US..the creator said:
      “Remember, even if you don’t have credits or membership, the Poptropica Islands are always 100% FREE for all to play!”


    1. Stop whining the creators need money to pay the people who work for poptropica so thats why they are doing this!

  33. *sits in room and cries* I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE IS MEMBERSHIP!!!!! *cries some more* THIS IS JUST TORTURE!!!!!! *pinches self* THIS HAS GOT TO BE A DREAM! *blinks many times* usually when i blink in a dream i wake up but this time IM NOT WAKING UP!!!! *gets heart attack* *gets relieved from heart attack* P.S. BS i am not whining i am YELLING!

  34. ok, i did all the math, and here is my conclusion. for girls, it would be $30ish for all items in store with completion of all islands vs $26 a year with membership. Boys: $20ish for all items in store with completion of all islands, vs 26ish a year. In my opinion, it would be better to just buy everything and keep it forever. In the long run, membership isnt the best deal!!!

  35. The people who are worrying about “the end of the world” there is NEVER going to be an end of the world. It ended for the dinosaurs but it won’t end for us. Why WOULD it? Like some people said: Only The Lord/God knows. *prays* Dear God,please don’t let there be an end of the world for us. Please let our kids kids kids and all the generations live with no end of the world.Amen.

    Hijuyo: The world will end, but only God knows when.

  36. woah woah , everybody calm down. membership haters stop whining and get used to to it. even with long posts and capitals to show anger will not change any thing. every game needs money to eep it running. plus with the money there will more and better islands, costumes, coolstuff and more. besides its soooooo cheap compared to the other games only 3 bucks a month. membership lovers thats graet tat u r xcited. hope you have fun wit membership. personaly im ok wt membaship.

  37. Oh my gosh when membership was put in poptropica wow looks like this costed a huge outbreak of Poptropicans ranting that Poptropica is going to be like Club Penguin! Well the membership got worse! Now you need membership to play 7 islands. Yeah they locked up some islands only for members. Wow

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