Are you ready for some FOOTBALL! As many of us Americans know, the Super Bowl is coming up soon. (No, it is not made of cheese.) 😦 In honor of this, the Poptropica Creators have released a new costume of an American Football player, and a FREE Avatar Studio card. Credit to Noisy Fish for this update.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Are you ready for some football!?

It’s almost time for the big game! You can represent your team with a brand new American Football Player costume!
We’re also giving away a free Avatar Studio card! If you want to add it to your inventory, make sure you save your game!

avatar image

The one and only Director D at 12:39 PM

This also gives us a clue about the Creators’ identities.  At least one of the Creators – Director D- is American, because he made this post and knew about the Super Bowl. So, hope y’all enjoy the new items. (No, I’m not Southern.)

Since I have exam week coming up, I will be quite busy in the coming week or two (or three). Therefore, I will not be quite as active in the PH communities and Poptropica. You probably won’t see me nearly as often, but don’t worry, because I’ll be BACK!

Out’a heeerre!

88 thoughts on “Da SUPAH BOWL! OF CHEESE!”

  1. The Seahawks are already out.. 😡 Well IDK who I want to go now… Cause the Bengals are out as well.. They have the best uniforms xD
    But yeah… If your post was cheesy, I would eat it =D

    1. The Poptropica Creators seem to want to promote the Avatar Studio to have it noticed more. They’ve even added a link to it on the PCB. 😛

      1. Then why put it in the store? I mean, they could just advertise it in places on poptropica!

        Hijuyo: It’s free, which would interest players. The Poptropica Store is one way to promote the idea of Avatar Studio. 😉

      1. Well, it still doesn’t help when he keeps me up till 11:00 and I accidently set my alarm clock for 4:58… aw well, life.

      1. oh, i take archery…but im a pretty clumsy person in general so im not all that into sports

  2. Not only are the Steelers out of the playoffs (this year, at least), the Creators have neither black nor gold outfits! *sigh* Oh, well. Everyone else enjoy!

  3. The phb is always getting People for there Blog why do everyone get to be a author?

    DaVinci- Excuse ME, everyone does not get to be an author. I’m sorry, but if you are angry or jealous about my being an author, this is not exactly the place to express your feelings. 😐

    1. I think the point is more of why there are always more and more authors. Personally, I disagree, since I think they do try to limit the number and because some people are only temporary. But I’m not in a position to say much.

    2. Perfect Storm – The Poptropica Help Team invites people to blog at the PHB if they think they’ll do well with the job, which requires responsibility, dedication, passion, etc.

      Though we understand that many others want to become PHB authors, not everyone is going to be hired. Please stay on topic – this post is to discuss the new football costume/Avatar Studio item cards. 😉

    3. Everyone doesn’t get to be an author. People are picked and they have to reach the circumstances of Hijuyo but there are a LOT of people like this here. Hijuyo knows what he’s doing. 😉

  4. It doesn’t really tell us that much about the creators. It seems that the Poptropica creating organization: Pearson, is based in the US, as most of you might know, so it’s not that surprising or that much of a revelation. 😛

  5. Is it normal to be obssessed with this game, poptropica? when all my friends think it’s not fun? cuz personally when i get on the computer, this is the first website i go to… i guess i’m a PopDork. 🙂

    Hijuyo: Some love it, some don’t. It depends on your own opinion. 😉

    1. yeah i am going for the colts to and i love football it is one of my most favorite, i prefer to call it the manleist of all sports but i am also going for the vikings becuase brett farve is awesome

      1. Your favorite Brett Favre has just screwed up the Vikings’ and his chance to go to the Super Bowl! Although I kinda feel bad for them……and him. It was almost his last Super Bowl chance.

        Saints vs. Colts: WHO WILL WIN? CHOOSE YOUR SIDE TODAY!

      1. All authors on this blog like cheese.Hijuyo,GS,Neat Whale, and Davinci like cheese.Cheese is everything around this blog.Cheese is our LIFE!

      1. I didn’t say I hated cheese.
        I just said this post has nothing to do with cheese,which is true.

        Hijuyo: The title of this post is a pun referring to the Super Bowl and bowls of cheese, although the rest of the post doesn’t really include cheese. 😉

  6. What they should do is after the Super Bowl, make an outfit of the winning teams uniform! As for which team, I’m happy with anyone except the Jets. Guess where I live.. 🙂 Note: I mean no offence to any Jet fans. Good luck all teams!

  7. And to add to Coderkid, we already know about a fourth to half of the creator’s identities and they all live in Utah.

  8. i made the best football costume without using the store. Look at my avatar on the avatar studio (user:jgrocks).If you like it then reply to the comment and i will tell you how to do it.

  9. GAHH!! the super bowl!! i dun like it!! people make such a big deal out of it!! (especialy since i live in new york (yes im looking at you jets fans!!!)
    sports not my forte

  10. Go Saints! Oh and everyone, whoever complains about Da Vinci being an author, shall never be an author.

    DaVinci: Thank you, Seth Bobitator. Nice name, by the way. 🙂

    1. NO WAY. I start to dislike most games after membership D: It says ‘ALL GOLD CARDS’ which means that the other people WON’T be able to use them?! Whattt D: Does this mean credits are useless to non-members? Or will they add extremely high prices on things for us? >.< I hope not.

  11. Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My faorite teams the saints and the colts are going to dah super bowl!By the way ilove the cheese on poptropica I tasted it and it taste good.Rock on Hijuyo!!!!!!!!!!!11

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