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Meet Da Minotaur

My first real post! Hope you like it! Anyway, the new buzz in Poptropica is the PCB post, Meet the Minotaur.

Meet the Minotaur!

Wonder what they charge for admission?

avatar image

The one and only Hades at 2:13 PM

It features Hades next to a Meet the Minotaur sigh pointing upwards, and it says “Wonder what they charge for admission?” It also shows a step-like formation of rocks in the background, which you probably have to climb in order to…..da da da daaa…..MEET THE MINOTAUR! Roar!

If any of you are unsure as to what a minotaur is, it is a humanoid creature with abnormally large height and a bull’s head, complete with sharp horns. If you have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Minotaur is mentioned in the first book, the Lightning Thief.

In other – random – news, I took the Mensa I.Q. test designed for PHd’s, and I am officially a certified genius (and then some!) Awesome!

Hope you liked my very first post!

DaVinci… out!

*swoops cape around self and disappears*


63 thoughts on “Meet Da Minotaur”

  1. hehehe tis brings bak memmories of a play we had 2 do last year… well mythology island is turnin out 2 be real then rite guyz…heh…heh… yea u guyz kno wat im talkin bout rite lol

  2. i love the Percy Jackson books! I can’t wait to meet the MINOTAUR! Also we get to go to olympus and meet all the gods like in the pj books. It would be weird if the entrance to olympus was in the Empire state building. I also hope we get to battle monsters with a sword. (RIPTIDE!?)
    Good first post by the way. Also it would be cool if we get to meet satyrs,centaurs,demigods,hercules,cereburus,the titans,percy?,annabeth?,grover?,three furies,three fates,the sirens. It would be cool if we could be a son/daughter of a god/godess or if we got to choose which god/godess and see each ones powers. And it would be cool if we could go into the labyrinth. And it would be cool if we gladiator fight and chariot race on teams and make our own chariots
    to race. And see the River Styx.

    1. Ok your version of what it sounds like is way better than mine xD
      But in my opinion it looks like it will be more kid-ish… I mean seriously, “Meet The Minotaur?” Come on..
      BUT, I honestly love the Percy Jackson books x) If they set it up with more action, it would totally pwn. The island, not the books xD

    2. Just saying…
      @robot comical hawk- umm… that’s a little much. the creators cant copy rick riordan

      @calm starfish- They changed a lot from the book in the movie.

  3. Nice post DaVinci! Also, people, this is not a “Percy Jackson Island”, Its called Mythology Island. I bet my life it is, and I got proof, because the creators named one of their image files, mythologyChars, and that means Mythology Island Characters.

      1. The title of the image sneak peek is ”mythologyChars”, which seems to mean that this mysterious new island will be known as Mythology Island! Therefore the image title is probably short for ”Mythology Island Characters”.

        This is a quote from Hijuyo.

      2. Yes, and the so-called “proof” you are showing may change. The Poptropica Creators have been known to change things in the course of history. :Thinks of Monster Carnival Island, the release date of RTV, and the Astro-Knights room.:

    1. The Poptropica Creators have not announced the official name of this island yet. We’re assuming that because it is based on mythology and the character sneak peek was titled “mythologyChars”, the most likely name would be Mythology Island.

      As Pawsrent pointed out, we don’t have definite proof yet, so we’re just working with what we do have.

    2. Actually if Rick Riordan agrees, then they CAN copy him. ONLY IF HE AGREES!! If he doesn’t then….. bad things could happen.

      1. The island came out a while ago… so now we know it’s not a PJ island. Plus, if it was a “Percy Jackson Island” They would have credit to the series.

  4. minotuar? the guy with the huge horns?

    Hijuyo: There’s a description of what a minotaur is in this post. 😉

    1. I just know that because I’ve seen that Phineas and Ferb episode where they see Minotaur,half-man,half-bull,pure destruction.

      Back on topic.Hmm…seems like one of medusa’a little sceems.Congrats on your first post DaVinci!*hands over cheesy churros to DaVinci* 😉

  5. I think you go to the minotuar and he has something you need so you have to fight him or play a game with him.

  6. I am Greek as well. I speak greek to just… I say english because its mostly, what you guys say.. so later… the Minoutar… is maybe just a Poptropican wearing a helmet like a Costume Palace

  7. Hmmm,the is a greek myth about Theseus (someone like Hercules) beating a minoutar,but i don’t think it’s gonna be about that.Anyway,i find the new island a great idea and plz sow some respect to Greece and greeks cauz u should admire them instead of make fun of them.The only thing that sucks about greece is her politic,but now even this will get better(i hope).
    No offence to anyone,it’s just a warn.

    And what is ”percy jackson” series?

    1. 1. The minotaur is ONE beast. Not A minotaur, THE minotaur.

      2. The PJ series is a great series where a teenage boy has a dad who is a god. It is a combination on modern and myth. I have read 1,2,3,4,5 and all 4 of the special behind the scenes books. A movie is being released a bout it in February.

      1. Speaking of greeks and movies, Revenge of the Titans is coming out in March.The greek gods are suppssoed to be evil. 👿

        DaVinci- According to Greek lore, the Greek gods are not evil. It is the first generation of gods, or the Titans, who are evil. 👿

  8. This is weird, just a second ago Cash Cab had a question with Minotaur in it and now I just read this xD.

    According to some website, it said that a person named Theseus killed a minotaur. Wikepedia said Theseus is fathered (I think it means hes there father, dont look it up on google because it pops up with some very innapropriate results) by Aegeus and Poseidon. And like alot of you know, Poseidon is he greek god of water. Maybe he could show up on Mythology Island (or whatever it will be called)

  9. I think you have to go up into a cave a bit like the labyrinth and defeat it somehow to get past to something that you need in the island.

  10. i think it would be cool if we had to go through all sorts of greek mythology like the story of the minotaur. like if we had to be the person in it.

    DaVinci- That would be awesome.

  11. Has anyone noticed the mud in the bottom right corner of the picture? It might be like astro-knights island but instead of the hovercraft you go on a raft or something.

      1. It’s flat. The difference between 2-d and 3-d is like the difference between a square and a cube. A square is flat, and that’s it while a cube has many sides.

        @ CH you are right, it doesn’t look so 2-d. It looks like a lot better quality than Early Pop.

  12. OMG!!!! I LOVE THE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS!!! My name is really Annabeth, and I used to hate it, but now, I LOVE IT! Maybe my Percy will come someday! Teehee. Meet the Minotaur sounds really cool. I am totally a Greek Mythology fanatic, and this sounds totally worth checking out.

  13. I am SSSOOOOOOO excited for this island!! I hope we can dress as some of the gods!!!! I hope they make a Percy Jackson!

  14. LOL I beat the Labryinth and when I tried to talk to him again he said, “Humans get on my nerves. Get out of here or I just might eat you.” LOL! And congrats on being a certified genius, Coskit! 😀 *BALLOONS AND STREAMERS MAGICALLY DROP FROM THE SKY*

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