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What would you like to see me create next?

OK, I was thinking today – and I came up with zip. Zilch. Nada. Bip. Bing. Ting. Tat. Fip. In other words, nothing. Anyway, here was the question: “What is the BEST thing I could create, that would service Poptropicans/PHB readers the most?” So hopefully, your brains are working better than mine is right now. 😛

Oh – and don’t make it something that’s out of this world, like say, a credits generator. And yes, I know that that’s exactly what you were thinking. And yes, I am psychic. And yes, I am standing behind you as you read this. Boo.

But getting on – if you have any good ideas, I mean really good ideas, hit me with em’. If yours is chosen, you’ll get tons of credit. No, not CREDITS, you greedy little man, CREDIT. Two different things. Don’t get it mixed up.

So COMMENTTTTTT nowz. Thanks you. And YES, I said THANKS you. Deal with it.

A MadMan.

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Lastly, sending accounts has been delayed – mostly cause I just haven’t had the time. But don’t worry, you’ll get them. 😉

164 thoughts on “What would you like to see me create next?”

  1. One idea is this type of downloadable thingy ( I don’t know what to call it XD ) that allows you to paint on the screen as you play.

    (Painting on the bad guys LOL)

    (If this already exists, I didn’t know.)

    1. That’s a cool idea, but it’s technically created; Smart Boards! These things are awesome! We have ’em at school!

  2. Maybe a costume selector/creator? it could be a place where you could customize really hard to find items like creators costumes, beards, hand held items, cloths and hairdos.
    sort of like map and icostume together and avalable to anyone.

      1. That is sorta like Icoustume… but u cant customize with that so that would be SOOO cool

    1. That’s a great idea! And Coderkid, can you post a new and rare costume on Icostume? I, I mean the week has changed i really want to find costumes that are rare and so hard to find (shotguns, beards, closed eyes, dummies,etc.) PLEASE POST ANOTHER COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY!!!

  3. I am feeling sort of lazy right now, so I dont feel like thinking. XD I just want the link to iCostume.

  4. Something so our Poptropicans can chat (like, with our own words)? I’ve been waiting for someone to invent that for AGES.

  5. I would say that Coderkid shall make a new costume immideintly on the Icostume i really want my poptropican to hold a shotgun or being dressed as a dummy. Anyways i don’t feel like thinking, so i jsut go on the Icostume a lot.

    1. Not to be mean but wouldn’t that get old, like in the summer! 😉

      Something you could add to that: Seasons in Poptropica. (i.e. leaves falling in fall, snowing like you said in winter, flowers in spring and a sun in the background in summer. 😀

  6. you could have contestes with the create your own drawing on counterfiet and the winner could get a rare item on poptropica. Or oyou could do other little contestes until you have another big gigantic contest.

  7. Maybe a swf card server thing, so that you could enter it, and search something eg “Medallion” and all of the Island Medallions would appear. That’s all I’ve got.

    1. Geez, all you know is gimme gimme gimme. 😐 Seriously, stop demanding for stuff. Who knows, maybe you’re a spoiled kid.

      @OrangeTummy: That’s an awesome idea, I REALLY like it!

  8. Again, maybe something that’ll reverse islands if you really messed up on them…? Like, messed up that you can’t finish them if you tried?

      1. Join the club, pal. Stinks, huh? The only good thing I got out of my fault was being able to comment here…

    1. ill show u all the pieces:

      1. at one of the windows at the multiplayer room (hotel)

      2. the very top roof of the museum

      3. in the cave on the middle part where the skeletons are (climb up the light and get it on the wires)

      4. by the strange guy on the big rock

      5.the roof on top of the boat in the docks the supply room in the museum

  9. There could be a contest on Youtube [or something] where your poptropican is dressed up in a hilarious (but mostly ridiculous) outfit. They could explore islands in a way that makes people laugh (like drawing on the chalkboard on Big Nate) and the top rated video could have a special article in The PHB.

    Since The PHB is so popular, people could recognize the person and give them credit.

    Tell me what you think,

    1. He means that like the customizer but on the customizer you can’t copy beards or handheld items so make a tool where you can do that (this is J@CK’s idea not mine i just reworded it

  10. Maybe a costume designer? Or a hit designer? Or a costume inventory where you can just click on what you want to wear?

    1. I think she means a place where you can find these different hairstyles and clothes without going all around the islands to get them.

      It IS FREE, right???

  11. coderkid-
    maybe you could find a way to get all the costumes persons would want and make an an acount with each costume. Then you could make a page on the PHB with the usernames and passwords for each costume.Then poptropicans could create a multiverse onn their own acount.Then they could log onto the costume acount and go to the multiverse.They would costumize and VOILA!They have the desired costume.

    1. i have a idea like that where there is a list of cool costumes and you can click on the one u want and you will have to enter your poptropican username and password. then a thing pops up and your poptropican can customise with the outfit.

      i still think is is sad that u have to pay 250 $ for a multivere acount… i think only poptropicans that have been playing for 6 months can get it half price.(i have been playing since poptropica came out)

      -plz cooment!

  12. idk…maybe a new contest…
    give away something like a poptropican car that you can drive around in on poptropica. or, a personal house with rooms. like your own house. maybe, you could get the creators to sell a personal island in the store for 250 credits.

    Friendly Beetle

    1. Cool! What an awesome idea!!!
      Then I won’t be so bored in Poptropican anymore.
      Hey I came up with another idea.
      What about a house for our Poptropican that we can decorate?
      Oh wait, I posted that in the PHF before.

  13. Hey! I’ve got an idea! How about a Poptropica House Maker! You can design ur own House in Poptropica,and will be generated as a Multiverse Code! Then,u can visit your custom-made home. Kinda like a MAP for Multiverses. Also,plz make it availible for Internet Explorer too,if this is a good idea.

  14. Maybe a map to click where you want to go instead of having to run around everywhere… That would solve islands quicker.

      1. Its kinda like the AVATAR STUDIO but better.It shows you not only their name but it shows battle ranking islands beat place their at and if they are close to you.

  15. *loud voice* (… motion, the flying glitch… THE FLYING GLITCH!!!!) Hey motion! Do you hear those voices? I think you should do what they say…

      1. I actually found a flying glitch… but only on super power.
        A while ago i asked motion if it was possible to expand it to other islands, he said it was possible.

  16. a costume and hairstyle designer!!
    u get to design clothes and you buy it for 250 credits at the popropica store! then you’d have the perfect outfit

    hope ya like the idea

  17. Ok, heres my idea! A colorizer for clothes. You could change the color of different parts of your Poptropican’s outfit (shirt, pants, possibly other accessories, such as belts). You might need to separate it into primary and secondary (and so on) colors, if there is a pattern, but that gets a bit more complicated. I’m sorry if this has already been created or suggested, my intention is not to steal someone else’s idea. Coderkid, I really (emphasis on the REALLY)hope you consider this. Also, it would be nice if you could respond to this comment to give me some feedback!
    ~TinyRing (12voltage)

    1. The Poptroportex already exists. What Coderkid was saying is that he needed an idea for something he could make Poptropica better.

  18. I gots an idea *lightbulb is above head* Maybe you should make a color tool thingy it can change the color of ANYTHING in poptropica.

  19. It really isn’t a new project, but you could add an option on iCostume to choose what you want to customize, not just the complete outfit!

    1. Codekid already asked for you not to demand things. Please be patient, because demanding is really starting to annoy people (Coderkid mostly)

  20. i think u should make somthing like u can custumize every costume because it does not let u customize every costume like on conterfiet the guy with the beard and u could custumize hand items and custumize animal like get a cat head a seal head and stuff like that. i hope i win.

  21. dang all you people want is gimmie gimmiwe a new costume to the icostume 😐 but i think that also too Hyper Star!

    Hijuyo: Exactly… we were partially referring to your demands with the ”gimme gimme gimme” attitude. 😕

    1. Think what also???
      Also, stop demanding for stuff.
      Coderkid has a life outside the Internet, he needs to eat, sleep, and do whatever else he needs to do. Seriously!
      He can’t do all those things you asked for overnight!!!

  22. Just ask a friend or a sibling if they can activate your account for you. I’m pretty sure that no one will want to give you their email, especially if you need their password.
    I don’t know if you are but you kind of sounded like a hacker who wanted Coderkid’s password on the last post.

  23. Coderkid, do you know what happened to the PHF? When I go there, it takes me to the PHF homepage, and whenever I click on the link to the forums, I just get taken to the homepage again.

    1. THey’re just down… Motion’s probably doing like an update or something…. Or maybe he accidently destroyed them again 😀

  24. What I think you should create…
    1) A multiverse room that is open all the time. It could be a party room for the PHB readers. And if you could, it would be able to hold a larger amount of people. I dunno if that’s possible though.
    2) A way to get handheld items. I’m pretty sure you can do that, because doesn’t Green Seal have a fishing pole, and didn’t you hold a hot dog, once upon a time?
    Even though my ideas might sound like others, I didn’t copy them. My ideas are different! 🙂

    1. About your first idea…

      If a person bought a multiverse from the store, they could open it for however long they wanted to.

  25. I think that you could make a closet with all of the stuff that you buy fro the store but not like the item holder that it comes with, I mean like a holder that helps keep organized that way you know where your stuff is. Thats what I think u can do.

  26. I don’t know if you can do this, but here is an idea.

    Maybe a little closet where you can keep your favourite poptropican clothes. I don’t really like going all around Poptropica, finding clothes.

    Sorry if this idea is already taken. If you can’t do this, it’s okay, this is just an idea.

  27. Maybe something like a birthday surprise item! All you’d need to do is enter the month and day of your birthday. When it comes, you would receive free one-day-only birthday items!

    Some examples are: a party hat/b-day crown, confetti thing (it would be similar to the snow item at the store), and a cake hand held item. YUM!!!

  28. (You can already do this, but wwe can’t) Maybe you should make something for to create our own name, design our poptropican, make a profile page for our Poptropican. IF U CAN.

  29. poptropica pets!
    na na im kidding hmmmmmmmmmm i had an amazing idea, but now i forget!ill just list some bad ones and work my way up

    poptropica pets
    houses(i know you can do these im just brainstorming)
    a traveling map…….

    oooohhhh! i remember! some thing where you type someones username and it tells you where they are so if they were in lets say multiplayer room on super power island you could see it then click go there so you could see em

  30. Maybe an island-doer?And maybe a Nearby coming island hacker? Or dialog hacker?Then editing pictures will not be necessary.Example:Museum curator says “You are a disgrace to the museum!”Like a dialog hacker.

  31. What about an Avatar Studio 2: Coderkid Style? Basically, anyone here can send their username to it, and then their avatar will show up, along with everyone elses. You can also look at ither people’s costume, then, like the icostume, and click “I want this outfit”, and well, you know the rest.

  32. M.A.P. -Making M.A.P. where you make a poptropican but it isn’t on poptropica. It has a char loader where you see your person you created. You can name that person.

    BUT Warning it’s NOT on poptropica.

    This is like the first M.A.P.

  33. I have a cool idea. Delete my last one please. Its called the uPop!!! type your username, and it shows username, battle ranking, outfits bought.. Boy Or Girl and best off all theres a chatbox invite friends to come to your uPop chatbox!!!
    Hope you like me idea, I only won one contest from the PHB (Codiens…) So I sure hope I win thus one!!!

  34. Lol….I WOULD consider something, but most of mine are in the “gimme gimme gimme” category, lol I just don’t want to annoy you people XD

  35. I think that a thing that let’s you be able to come up with special costumes to come up with that you could share with other people. like the multiverse project only with costumes (and yes i am talking about costumes u can use in poptropica )

  36. New Post: Meet the Minotaur.
    “I wonder what they will charge for admission”
    Picture of hades standing by a sign on what looks like the minotaur’s labyrinth!

    1. 🙂
      ok this is definately a Greek island.
      because the minotaur was the Greek’s explanation for why the Minoans disappeared. and i don’t think that showed up in any other mythology.

      somehow i think the angle is a little different than the other islands. a little more bird’s eye view-ish

  37. i would like you to create a item that tells us when the creators of are playing the game and where their location is.
    i would LOVE to meet the creators iv`e never got to meet them. it would be so cool!
    please consider this idea.

  38. Can I tell my idea before you bombard me? I am not sure if they were demanding stuff. They were fantasizing. They never said “I want this. I want that.” They said “I think…” So dont accuse them yet… unless they do- feel free to.

    Hijuyo: No, some of their comments were very rude and demanding (and were deleted for breaking rules). 😉

  39. Maybe you could create (I’m not demanding, it’s just an idea :P) a miniature island, sort of like the Haunted House (or one on the streets like the Spy Next door thing etc.) that raises awareness about what happened and what is happening in Haiti, and this will cost 0 credits.

    1. It’s not possible. Accept it. Once you make a username, you can’t change it. So if you want a different username, you’ll have to make a new account. I agree, it can be annoying to complete all of the islands again and again. But you can’t change your username.

  40. I think you should create a candy island and a huge cookie costume.

    I know this idea has already been said so dont say “that was my idea!” because it probably was I was just to lazy to read all of these so I am not taking credit for the idea unless I was the first one to post this. XD

  41. I have another idea it’s like around christmas you get a preasent where you open it and you get to pick a costume a gold card or 500 free credits you pick one and you get it if you pick on the costume you get taken to a costume room where you can create a costume combine a costume with another one or chose from an already made costume.
    if you pick on gold cards you get to pick from an already made one
    if you pick 500 free credits you get 500 free credits. it’s just a idea.

  42. Maybe you could make a membership item generator! You could go to a link type in your username and there would be a list of which item you would want! You could only choose one item every time you went though! Just repeat and you can get every membership item! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!

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