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It’s… DaVinci!

What’s UP people! It’s DaVinci! I’m the new author on the PHB. I’m a girl and I’m 13 years old. I live in the U.S.A. I have been playing Poptropica since it came out. My names on Poptropica are Friendly Fire and DaVinci. I am an inventor, a champion speller and a national math champion. I’m half Indian and half Italian. I LOVE math, astronomy, and physics. I play squash and fencing. My I.Q. is..well…….I won’t say. But I’m a certified genius.

I am also a knowledge junkie, and I know many strange facts (Mt. Everest grows about 1/2 inch a year). I go on the PHB chat a lot, so you may have seen me there at least once. I hope you all will appreciate and respect me as much as you respect the others. Thanks to all my friends on the PHB (you know who you are) and especially, of course, the PHB staff – Hijuyo, Coderkid, Smockers, Green Seal, Codien, and Neat Whale. Go cheese!

83 thoughts on “It’s… DaVinci!”

  1. Welcome! PLEASE let there be another author space!

    Hijuyo: There are already 7, which is probably enough. Tyrian doesn’t have time to post, so he left. 😐

  2. Welcome DaVinci! **Throws large amount of cheese in the air with random things and whart nort** And if you like weird facts; I’d advise you that you search the Grey Goo Hypothesis. Or something along those lines XD ‘Tis about nanobots…
    Rawr; anyway; back on topic; I hope you have fun staying as an author or what ever you plan to do ^-^

    1. Welcome DaVinci! **Throws large amount of cheese in the air with random things and whart nort alolng with all the other random and unusual things that fall from the sky aside from food** And if you like weird facts; I’d advise you that you search the if you eat cream plain you will die early thing…. Or something along those lines XD ‘


      *sigh* so here is the usual greeting with homemadecheesecookies!!!*ahem* with homemadecheesecookies…*AHEM*…
      wellll..welcome to the PHB!!!goood luck!
      PS.you r gonna need it!

    1. Here’s a random fact for you: Did you know that the word “poison” in German is “gift”? Bet you didn’t. 😀 One more! About 25% of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

      DaVinci- Cool! I didn’t know that!

      1. Here’s another one:Red,blue and green make up light.Also, tans are more serios than burns.

    1. No Tyrian told me there was a glitch, and that he didn’t have time..
      Welcome to the PHB DaVinci!

  3. Well some people beleive you don’t deserve your author spot. There has been a lot of talk on the PHF and other places. There are people who have worked much harder for this job. And even some quite smart people say that the are better applicants. That’s why there is all this “ranting”.

    DaVinci- Yes, I know. Did you act this way when the other authors got hired? You know, you used to be my friend. 😐

    1. She deserves it DB, She has been commenting on the PHB frequently. And she is a nice person.

      DaVinci- Thanks for the support.

    2. I guess grabbing members from the PHF isn’t good enough.

      DaVinci- Hey. If you don’t like me, don’t post. *sigh* 1 less friend.

      1. DaVinci deserves to be an author!If you keep doing that to DaVinci and everyone else, the PHB’s next post may be DaVinci’s RESIGNATION ! 😈 😈 😈

        DaVinci- Thank you, EL. Keep up the support! 😀

    3. Actually, they did act that way…xD
      But signing up to the PHF and being active on the chat lets people get to know you better, and they become more accepting of you because they feel like they know you. Just saying.

  4. Congratulations, Da Vinci! It’s great to have you as a member of the PHB!

    DaVinci- Thank you. It’s good to know there are nice people in the world.

    1. im really happy for you,Davinci.really.


      Hijuyo: …there’s no need to be passive aggressive. 😕

      1. Don’t complain after you see that’s not you.Hijuyo hires people who he thinks SHOULD be authors.

      2. oh, im SORRY ,i didnt know that i annoy people (i mean Hijuyo) to death just because i get peeved that Hijuyo gets totally mad at me whenever i say ANYTHING about new authors,but he doesn’t mind when other people keep asking (or should i say BEGGING)to be authors

        and i SERIOUSLY doubt hijuyo is 12,and from HONG KONG?really?i mean come on im nearly 16 and i dont even talk like that,let alone type!and if hes from china,how come he can type english,or make a blog,when your 12?oh forget it

        actually, everyone is a big meaner to me whenever i post a commment about somebody being an author. did i say DaVinci didn’t deserve to become an author?NO I DIDNT!!! see? thats what i mean when i say everyone is mean to me! i hardly said anything? geez

      3. Ok, now that’s just plain rude.Hijuyo (a girl and boy sharing one account) is 11 and 13 and live in Hong Kong.They say it on their blog.

      4. Actually, we DO mind when other people beg to become an author (when have we not?). You’re not an exception.

        And what does age have to do with this? It really isn’t that difficult to create a blog with WordPress, and as kids many of us are able to do it if we want to. Many of the PHB’s readers are younger than us. Why would we lie about our age? If we didn’t want you to know, we wouldn’t have said it.

        Yes, the majority of China’s population speaks Chinese. However, in Hong Kong, English isn’t uncommon either. We wouldn’t lie about where we live – what’s the point?

        No, you didn’t say DaVinci didn’t deserve to be an author. She does deserve it – she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t. But if you reread your comment, you might notice that your insults were mainly directed at us. It’s pretty obvious we don’t want our own staff members of all people to be breaking rules (and that includes starting disputes). -.-

      5. Okay. If you are going to pick on someone, I PLEASE ask you–do NOT pick on Hijuyo. For all they do to help people–for all they did to help ME, way back when–they don’t deserve this.

  5. Hey guys! Go easy on DaVinci! I mean, come on, she’s pretty new. Give her a break! I know some of you are talking about what OTHER people are saying, but i don’t like these negative comments!

    Just needed to let you know,

  6. nice job DiVenci i see you all the time at the phb chat! 🙂 (everybody know Mt. Everest grow 1/2 INCHES A YEAR 😉

  7. Nice DaVinci absolutely no offense but I didn’t expect u to become an author. Because I remember way back when u were a guest on poptropica chat and no one knew about u. Rock on I hope u have fun.

    1. We have gotten a lot of different authors lately they’re all great. When I look at the team I realize u have an assortment of great authors.

  8. Woohoo! *dances* Congrats DaVinci and good luck at the PHB. 😀 (Ignore the haters, you totally deserve to be an author!)

  9. Yay!! DaVinci is now an author!!! Thats awesome!!! In all your comments on previous posts, I could tell you had the potential to become an author. You always spoke very maturely and grammatically correct. You commented frequently, too, and contributed a lot to the PHB. I’m very happy for you!!! And those saying you dont deserve the spot are wrong. You do deserve it, and considering that they aren’t authors, they dont have much of a right to criticize 😀

  10. Congrats, DV! 🙂 No offense, but I think its a bit early- she only came here a month ago. I hate to admit it, but I long to be on the PHB…

  11. Hello, DaVinci. Good to see you’re an author for the PHB. You were playing Poptropuca for a while, I’ve been reading this blog for a while. (Even before Smockers came.)

  12. I never really knew you but it’s great to know new people! Congratz on joining PHB! If you want mroe people to notice you, Signing up for PHF always help – Just a tip 😉

  13. Hey DaVinci! I wasn’t surprised you became an author! Wow, I read the post, and realized we had a bit in common!

  14. OMG. That is so wierd. I happen to have a poptropica account that also has the name friendly fire. The usernameis swordace if you want to see for yourself on the avatar studio.

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