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Kickin’ it with the Creators

Hey guys!

Coderkid here. It seems like the Creators have LOTS of free time all of a sudden…*mystery music plays* Anyway, the Creators made 2 blog posts, IN A ROW. I don’t think I’ve seen them this active before… o_O However, here are dar dem updates.

#1 – Reality TV Island Sneak Peak!

By now, we can definitely say for sure that Reality TV island has not been abandoned, and perhaps was even resurrected because of our protests. This post by Dr.Hare shows us a shot of RTV that we’ve seen before (see this post by Comic Kid), except we can see that they’ve changed the sign…here’s the new post.

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?
Watson who?
Watson TV today?

– Posted by Dr.Hare.

Here’s the other post (it’s an old one, but it shows the same scene), by Comic Kid Oct. 1, 2008.

Comfortable Living

Here is a sneak peak from an upcoming island.

– Posted by Comic Kid.

So they changed the sign…why? Who knows. 😛 Probably a change in plot…

#2 – New Wallpaper!

Soon after Dr. Hare made his post with the updated sign, Shark Boy makes this post about the Counterfeit Island wallpaper!

Counterfeit Island Wallpaper

If you’re a fan of Counterfeit Island, you’ll enjoy this new Poptropica wallpaper!

– Posted by Shark Boy.

Pretty spiffy wallpaper, eh? xD Me likes…but I doubt I’d want to be spending any time with the Black Widow. Mostly simply because she’s EVIL.

So what do you make of all these updates? It seems like the Creators are working on 2 islands at the same time…Reality TV island and *gag* M-m-mythology island. Eww…

But anyway, post your interesting or creative comments and questions in the comments beloooowwwww…

Oh and Creators, I know you probably hate me, or at least have disdain for me (:P), but if you read this pleeze bring the Scavenger Hunts back. And if you don’t, just know that I know where EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU LIVE. I’m not kidding. That is all. 😀

112 thoughts on “Kickin’ it with the Creators”

  1. Cool Post!

    Coderkid: Thankies. And yes, “Thankies” is a word, at least in the New Standard Coderkid Dictionary.

    1. remmember that post a long time ago…

      and remember this one?…

      definetly a scene from RTV if you ask me…and this post here…

      remember it?a scene from counterfeit!(they modified it though)

      and if u take a look at the first poptropica wallpaper,it has a broken statue of a man with a crown and trident,with a old roman or greek sandal in the background…have the creators been planning this mythology island for years now?it looks like poseidon…

      just wanted to say that…

      peace out

      1. and greeks dont live in tikis, i think that is for naboti… i remeber one with a mose in it like the 2nd one


  2. I’m glad RTV is back, and that un…Greek island? You know where the creator live? :0

    Coderkid: Yes, yes I do…most of them, at least. They come on the forums sometimes (or used to). I know because they have very..unique IPs.

  3. Yay! First PCB double post in LONG LONG time! Plus Cosmic Apartments is from two years ago! And I agree about the scavenger hunts!

    Coderkid: I was like “2 years ago? Huh?” and then I remembered that it’s 2010. 😛

  4. I wonder why they changed the name… maybe because apartments are more for long time residents and a Motel is for short time residents.

    Good point.

      1. Blue carrot, he was joking. 😛 Orange shell- I have no idea what that means.

  5. those two are different. One is and apartment building and the other is a hotel. If you look at the writing the names are even different

    Coderkid: *eye twitch* I said that in the post, Captain Obvious. 😐

  6. do u really know where the creators live? I know it was probably a joke… 🙂

    Coderkid: Yes, I do actually. 😐

    1. REALLY?
      this could be the final clue to the puzzle!!!!! :D:D:D

      does every creator have a different adress?
      or are some of them the same?

      plz tell me

      1. tell us Coderkid! then the awesome PHB dudes could take over poptropica!

        “Come out with your hands up creators! We’re taking over poptopica!” *runs in and presses a whole lot of random keys and launches RTV* “Hmmmmmm… how am I supposed to fly the island to mars to get the medallion?!!!” thinks *I know! the the jet rocket super booster I found from the crazy hippie man!* (accidently made hippie man a theif who steals lots of things) “Oh dammit! I got eliminated! that darn hippie man *snigger* STOLE the show! geddit??!!!!!” Ok back into real life now that might not be such a good idea… XD 😉

  7. i wonder which there gonna make first Myth island or RTV island? or maybe BOTH at the same time! :O

    Coderkid: Or maybe a virus might just accidentally run through their systems deleting everything with keywords having to do with “myths”…

    1. You wouldn’t! *glares* Obviously you have a problem with myths. Wouldn’t you love another Poptropica island, even if it was a Mythology Island?

    2. I hope not. I’m really looking forward to Mythology Island…..and really getting annoyed with all the “anti-Mythology” and “pagan gods” stuff. No offense…..but can’t wait. (rolleyes)

  8. I personally don’t care for Mythology Island. But, RTV sounds cool. Oh, and the “I know where you live” thing works every time!

    Coderkid: Yeah, especially when YOU’RE NOT KIDDING. 😐

    1. lol coderkid you are so funny,stalker boy.yeah,i dont believe in the lesser gods but it was fun to read the Percy jackson series

  9. Cool post! Two posts in a row, huh? Weird. Wuv da wallpaper! Makin’ it my wallpaper now. xD It’s kinda creepy you can know where they live… makes me wonder if you can track US…0_o

    La la la la la…:)

    1. So let me get this straight. You can figure out where we’re commenting from? And if you can, why don’t you check where I’m commenting from? Pretty irregular, huh?


      1. *hands over ears* No screaming. No screaming. No screaming. No screaming. No screaming. No screaming. No screaming. No screaming. No screaming.

  10. I don’t care about that Counterfeit Island wallpaper but i thought that “anybody home?” thing was funny. XD but what kinda island is that or is that RTV island but if its was in Ancient Greece Island, that would be HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! XD 😀 😀

  11. well no one noes where i live 🙂 if you do i hack the computer of all to put false ip beleive me i not lie mabye mabye not BUT THATS NOT MY IP and if you look at my I p you are cursed well i dont belive in curse but FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Coderkid: I recommend you see a doctor. The brain type.

  12. Coderkid,I want YOUR opinions.What do you think about this myth and RTV island?Do you think they are connected?Have you hacked any one of the islands?

      1. Yeah, I keep checking over my shoulder. 🙂 Yet I think Coderkid needs to go to a brain doctor, “phsycatrist,” neurologist, or llama. Whatever he can get to fastest.

      2. Motion, if you dare try and find out where I live, bad things will happen, ok? Really bad things.

      1. *eye twitch* Coderkid, you have a very serious case of stalkeritis. Please go see a doctor or something.
        P.S. Neat Whale’s right, Coderkid, if you try to find out where I live or show up on my doorstep…….you don’t wanna know.

  13. Im scared your going to show up at my door step now, can you really see where i live

    Hijuyo: Don’t worry, he won’t…

  14. Cool post. 🙂 But I could really care less about the Mythilogical Island. I have little interest in such things, because I find the entire thing confusing. Why must there be so many different versions of the same freakin’ story!!?? XP

    1. Why must things change when they’re passed on from generation to generation?!? Why must they change when different people spread them by word of mouth?! Why can’t they just memorize the whole darn story correctly? Huh? Huh?

      Coderkid: Calm down. Plus, you’re suggesting that there will never be a clear understanding of a story – it will never be kept, or remembered properly. Sure, corruption may occur, but should not a story be passed down, recorded, remembered? If it was important enough, then certainly they would have. Although, the ancient Greco-Romans had a habit of passing stories down in ways that suited their own needs…as in, modifying it.

  15. Just one last thing, it’s not that nice to say Greeks are lame-o. It’s fine for you not to like the pagan gods but you should at least respect other people and their beliefs. I think that’s fair.

    I deleted all of the other comments, mostly because I’m sure Hijuyo wouldn’t appreciate us arguing on here. You can PM me or make a thread on the PHF about it, but I doubt you’ll do that. 😉

    1. I don’t think he is saying Greeks are lame. I’m thinking he just doesn’t like the idea of Greek Island. I mean… I don’t think the island will be that cool… *Imagines in head greek gods fighting us the whole time* Wow…

  16. the black widow with karate post. cool! xD does she know karate ,maybe thats how she hits us in her house.

  17. My dog’s name is Watson!

    I have a bad feeling about Hades. Will people on the island say the h in wth?

    I forgot if this god is Roman or Greek, but you guys forgot Vulcan, the blacksmith god.

  18. A lot of people commented before me, so somebody MIGHT have already said this, but I think the “Mo – ” on the changed sign stands for “Motel”. But I don’t know about the word that starts with a “W”

  19. Coderkid, I still haven’t received my winners’ account. I don’t think I spelled my email incorrectly, but if I made a mistake, please let me know because you said you would email the accounts before the end of the week and I still have not gotten mine.

  20. I’m actually more excited about the Mythology island, but I hope Poptropica gets their facts straight, romans from greeks, and makes it an Ancient Greek Mythology island.

  21. Coderkid, I have something to say. Just because the Poptropica Creators are making an island with the Greek gods, doesn’t mean we have to like it. Just because some one isn’t the same religion as you, doesn’t you shouldn’t respect it. They have their beliefs, and you have yours. So don’t be mad at the creators for making an island with the Ancient Greeks, just accept it as it is.

      1. two people can have the same poptropica name, I’ve found seven other people with the name Green Boa, it’s no crime, it’s just matching one random word with the other, eventually another cuddly crush will appear. 😉

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