Mythology Island, Sneak Peeks

Myth…ology Island?

The latest PCB post by Shark Boy is hinting that the Creators are working on a completely new island… and they want us to guess what it will be! What can you gather from this sneak peek?

The title of the image sneak peek is ”mythologyChars”, which seems to mean that this mysterious new island will be known as Mythology Island! Therefore the image title is probably short for ”Mythology Island Characters”.

Most of you have probably noticed Hades (a new Poptropica Creator making posts around the PCB) in the sneak peek, with white skin, skull sceptre, skull tiara, and green robes! Looks strangely suspicious… do you think he’s a hero or villain?

To the right of Hades is a Greek/Roman female warrior equipped with a pointy golden spear and golden battle helmet with pink fluffy feathers on top. Her robes are white with a hint of pink. Who do you think she is?

We’re excited to see this ‘Mythology Island’ release in the future – share your opinions about what it might be like in the comments below!


145 thoughts on “Myth…ology Island?”

    1. NO!! he’s not a villain his a brother of Zues but he’s not bad!!! Zues is the villain he wants to rule Poptropica!!! Hades helps you defeat him

      1. The only evildoing Hades ever did in the myths was to kidnap Persephone. He’s just seen as evil because he’s the ‘god of the underworld’.

  1. Awesome post, Hijuyo! Hades is evil. Who else wears skulls(Well, girls at my school do but ya know…)? Plus, god of the underworld pretty much gives it away… The Roman Girl on da right is… IDK. I am not a Mythology person so yeah…. I WUV the SPEAR!! It’s so shiny….O_O

    1. Hades is kind he’s not a villain infact he helps you fight his brother Zues!!! the woman in the right its Athena dughter of Zues, half sister of Hercules (Heracles)

      1. Not really.During the last dinasty in Egypt, the greeks were surrending to the romans for territory.

      2. but in the past Romans hates Greeks but both of them believes in gods and goddesses(mind you Hades’ not bad)

  2. I love mythology I know lots of stories and myths so this island is definitely gonna be my fav and a snap 😉 . Hades is evil he wants to kill all the other gods so ya probably evil. The other one looks like a warrior probably a gladiator of some sort

    1. Happy Sponge,i am sure that Hades isn’t that evil. in PJ the olympian series Hades soon comes to help. and Poptropica will never allow violence.

    2. Hades isn’t evil, for the last time! The only evildoing he ever actually did in the original myths was to kidnap Persephone!

  3. They’re gonna ditch RTV again. How sad. They’ll just bail out on us. I wanted to meet hippie dude. Well, this island looks kinda cool. 😦

    Hijuyo: We don’t know for sure. They might still release RTV.

  4. I know he’s got that evil skull thing going on, but I think it’d be really nice if he was a helpful character instead of one that’s not. Hades from the myths wasn’t that bad, actually. Maybe here he could give your poptropican a lightning bolt to throw at the real baddie or something. As for the woman, I’m going to hypothesize she is Athena. She’s got that little hat thing that Athena wears, and the spear too.

      1. I read many PJ and the olympians books infact I have a collection of those.anyway,who bought the Mark of Athena and Demigod Diaries?

    1. I totally agree! That’s definetly Athena! The icons are perfect and seeing as she’s next to another god…

    2. Definitely Athena. She’s holding a spear, and she was the goddess of war and wisdom… It’s unlikely that she’d be a warrior, especially if they want to keep the plot accurate, since the Greeks obviously did not have women warriors… They did have female oracles, though.

      1. By the way, it’s Zeus who has the lightning bolt, not Hades. Hades has the Helm of Darkness, which basically means that once you wear it, no one sees you. Poseidon has the trident. They’re three brothers, and they apparently drew lots to find out who would rule what (underworld, sea, world – not sure about last one) and what special power they’d have.

      2. “Then Demeter noticed that Zeus was holding a new thunderbolt, a marvelously wrought zigag lance of lightning, volt blue, radiant with energy. And she realized that Hades, who in his deep realms held all stores of silver and gold, had sent Zeus a special gift. It would be difficult to obtain justice.” (C) Bernard Evslin

      3. I had always assumed that Hephaestus or someone like that had crafted the bolts for Zeus, and since Hades had all that ore…

      4. technically the Greeks had some women warriors. We learned about Sparta where the girls were trained to be tough.

      5. I thought that Zeus’ lightning bolt was crafted in the Cyclops forges in the sea. That’s what it says in the Percy Jackson series in the first book.

    3. Me,Athena doesn’t wear the warrior hat or whatever. She mostly doesn’t wear a spear either! I don’t think she has Black hair either. Why do you guys thinks she’s Athena?

      1. Athena is practically always portrayed with the helmet and spear, seriously just google image search it.
        Did you actually read a description of that, or are you basing your assumptions off your own perception of her?

      2. Because she really is Athena. don’t you get it?? She’s the goddess of war and wisdom. of course she will wear that!!!(Roman form:Minerva)

    1. I think it’s new POSTS. Knock Knock and Counterfeit island wallpaper.
      The Knock Knock looks seriously familiar, just a name change and Poptropican:

      Knock Knock ^

      2008 cosmic apartments which-makes-knock-knock -seem-familiar

  5. Hades could be an in between type of characterbecause every book and movie I’ve seen with Hades in it he basically hates his job so he might be there just to relax or to be on vacation. Plus I think the bad guy is even worse………… Kronos

      1. I read PJ books infact i already read all of the including:The heroes of olympus 1-3 and demigod diaries

      1. of corse percy jackson rules! ive read the whole seres (go riordian) and seen the movie( my dad gets early movies because of his job) !)

  6. She is definately Athena. I also noticed that the earlier post showing a water themed area seems to be Atlantis, another city of the greek myths, though Atlantis may have been an actual place.

  7. I fairly educated at Greek mythology, and Hades is not likely to be evil. He may even help you. The Greek gods were supposedly all on the same time. The only evil people at the time were the Titans. Which were trying to kill the Greek Gods.

    Also I’m not convinced that’s Athena. If it was I think they would make it more obvious. I think it may just be one of the citizens who walks around the island.

  8. Hades is actully called Pluto.
    Hades is the underworld.
    Pluto isn’t very evil but he does evil things.
    So I think he is evil.
    The creators want to stick to real mythology I think.

  9. 😥 STOP MAKING FUN OF THE GREEKS I AM GREEK 😥 But, there are gonna be evil gods on this island… I don’t like this island its innapropeate…. And Hades is actaully I good guy my Mom is greek and she toled me. So Hades is a good guy, but he turned Medusa into a beast, (Medusa was hade’s wife but, the had a fight)

    Hijuyo: How are we making fun of the Greeks? 😐

    1. uh… no offense but Medusa was changed into a beast by Athena. She and Poseidon were in one of her temples or something.

      1. Off-topic: In the PJ series it says that Athena changed Medusa into a beast. That is why she did not like Annabeth. That was never in the Percy Jackson Series.

  10. Maybe if the girl isn’t Athena she is one of Artemis’ Hunters. And I’m not sure Hades is the bad guy……

  11. Ummm,I’m greek and the new island fits perfectly with our mytholody with the 12 Olympian gods so I’ll say that the new island is gonna be about ancient Greece.Btw this is the first time I visit your blog and I really believe that you are going really good!Specially for your age!

  12. The man in this pic is Hades (underworld’s god) and the woman is Athena (godess of knowledge and smartness).

  13. Well, actually, Athena was the goddess of war STRATEGY, wisdom, and some things i cant remember.

    i cant wait for this island to come out! i love the Percy Jackson series!

  14. I hope minor gods and goddesses are in this island too! One of my favorite goddesses is Hestia, goddess of hearth and home.

  15. I saw a comment (which was deleted) making fun of the greeks. not you guys.

    Hijuyo: Oh, ok. It was probably deleted if it didn’t abide by the rules – and that includes no teasing.

  16. i think something was stolen from the gods and we have to find it and bring it back.

    I also really really hope that we can customize the outfits of the gods/goddesses (depending on if you are a boy or a girl).

  17. hey! did a mythical island in the 911 see
    MYTHIC ISLAND: you go to a strange island where an anciant wiseman tells you the greek gods have been captured by an evil emperor.2 gods and goddesses are hidden somewhere protected by a strange beast such as centaur,medusa,griffin,pheonix and so on. when you save al the gods exept 2 ,zeus and hercules, you face the emporer you fight him using a weaopon of strenght,courage and beauty combined to defeta him.once you save zeus and hercules you get an island medallion and become a god yourself!

  18. I reckon Hades will be good, but the bad guy is probably Cronus because he’s usually evil, so u could use something like medusa’s head or icarus’s wings or something to defeat him.

  19. i hope Mythology Island is real and will come out. It sounds good. And Athena isnt goddess of war, Ares is.

  20. Guys,Artemis is NOT the goddess of the moon she’s the goddess of the hunt! Do you READ PJ and the olympian series? My bro does,and so far he and me agree that Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. Not the MOON!

    1. She IS goddess of the moon. It DOES say that in the PJ series! Remember when Artemis rides that MOON chariot? It is in the third book! The book Percy first meets Artemis!

  21. yah i read the percy jackson series and i think that the mythology island is gonna BE AWESOME. i just love the pj series and i think that hades will be bad than good.

  22. I’m in 3rd grade and go to a gifted and talented school. (unlike some of the other dumbos up there.) In my class we studied roman,norse,mayn,and Greek mythology.the one on the left is Hades god of the under world. on the right is Athena godess of wisdom,battling strategy, and crafts

  23. I don’t think Hades is bad, if you think about it, in the Person Jackson series, he did not steal the lightning bolt or anything, he just feels rejected

  24. I think that Hades( Greek Name)/ Pluto (Roman Name) could be the villain. I’m not judging him by his looks. He already proved how evil he was when he kidnapped Persephone ( from the real myths). Then he made her his queen. I think that the lady next to him is Athena, patron of Athens.

  25. The girl by Hades (god of underworld) is most likely Athena (goddess of intellegence and battle). One day Zeus went for a walk and Zeus had a horrible headacke . He went to Heaphestus (lame (the injury) god of fire and craft). So Hephestus took his axe and hit Zeus on the head. Out pops Athena ! From his head ! She is fully grown and dressed in her tunic. With her battle cry! And I learned a lot more than just that in school, too.

  26. The guy on the left is Hades, god of the underworld. I think he is not going to be a villian. The woman on the right is Athena, I think, even though she looks more like a female Ares. (No offense Athena.)

  27. hey guys hades is actually a good guy and zeus bad.
    the girl is athena.

    Zeus sends you on a mission to get 5 sacred items. Then when you get them he STEALS them (crazy god)then you will have to go to hades and posiedon they will help you.
    Also athena and hercules will help you but in the end hercules gets turned to stone by medusa. In the final battle with zeus you need poiedon’s trident and the crown of hades!!

    so ya see they are actually good guys!

  28. gr8! i am glad u people figured it out!!! i love greek mytholigy. myth island is my fav island!!!!!!

  29. I just want to say that the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series does not have all the Greek myths correct. While Rick Riordan did a very good job of putting the stories together in a way that would be popular in todays society, they are not all very accurate. I do not think that this island will have anything to do with Percy Jackson, otherwise they would have called it “Percy Jackson and the Olympians Island” lol…but any way it ends up, I am very excited to play this island 🙂

  30. @top Hades is not a villain in Greek mythology he is just the god of the underworld. Some things may make him seem evil but he is not he is just another god ruling a part of the world which is the earth and that’s why he lives in the underworld just as Zeus lives in the skys and Poseidon in the seas.

  31. Love poptropica ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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