Mythology Island, Sneak Peeks

Myth…ology Island?

The latest PCB post by Shark Boy is hinting that the Creators are working on a completely new island… and they want us to guess what it will be! What can you gather from this sneak peek?

The title of the image sneak peek is ”mythologyChars”, which seems to mean that this mysterious new island will be known as Mythology Island! Therefore the image title is probably short for ”Mythology Island Characters”.

Most of you have probably noticed Hades (a new Poptropica Creator making posts around the PCB) in the sneak peek, with white skin, skull sceptre, skull tiara, and green robes! Looks strangely suspicious… do you think he’s a hero or villain?

To the right of Hades is a Greek/Roman female warrior equipped with a pointy golden spear and golden battle helmet with pink fluffy feathers on top. Her robes are white with a hint of pink. Who do you think she is?

We’re excited to see this ‘Mythology Island’ release in the future – share your opinions about what it might be like in the comments below!