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Meet Da Minotaur

My first real post! Hope you like it! Anyway, the new buzz in Poptropica is the PCB post, Meet the Minotaur.

Meet the Minotaur!

Wonder what they charge for admission?

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The one and only Hades at 2:13 PM

It features Hades next to a Meet the Minotaur sigh pointing upwards, and it says “Wonder what they charge for admission?” It also shows a step-like formation of rocks in the background, which you probably have to climb in order to…..da da da daaa…..MEET THE MINOTAUR! Roar!

If any of you are unsure as to what a minotaur is, it is a humanoid creature with abnormally large height and a bull’s head, complete with sharp horns. If you have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Minotaur is mentioned in the first book, the Lightning Thief.

In other – random – news, I took the Mensa I.Q. test designed for PHd’s, and I am officially a certified genius (and then some!) Awesome!

Hope you liked my very first post!

DaVinci… out!

*swoops cape around self and disappears*

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