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Dare to be devious?

The Creators have continued to live up to their promise of updating us with new costumes this whole summer. Today, they added 2 new costumes! The Dare Devil (not to be confused with the “Little Demon”) and the Biker. From the looks of it, the Dare Devil is about to be used as a human cannonball, and the biker is your stereotypical vision comprised of crazy hats and clothes from da hood. =D

^ Dare Devil ^          ^Biker^
^Dare Devil^ ^Biker^

Pretty spiffy hat on that male biker. 😀 But… dare I say (pun intended)? Bikers aren’t complete without bikes you can ride around Poptropica. Make it happen, Creators! As a side note, the space bar action for the Dare Devil gives you quite an egotistical smirk, and with arms on hips, your visor/helmet thingy goes down.

In honor of the all-new Biker suit, Gazek prepared us this awesome picture:

Since we are on the topic of costumes, it might be of mention that you can now organize your costumes in your inventory alphabetically or by date. The costumes are also split in pages for convenience. What do you think? Was this change for the better or just makes it even more trouble when you are trying to find something fast?

What do you think?
What do you think?

Also, we have hit 1,900,000 hits. WOOT! =D Many thanks to everybody for viewing our site! So close to the grand 2 million… maybe in time for my  1-year anniversary at the PHB? =O Keep yourself busy by reading up on Codien’s used-to-be-secret  site, awesome new Cool Stuff, and the September issue of PHB’s monthly Poptropican’s 911! Don’t forget to comment your thoughts if you have any! 😉

Final note: I would also like to let all of you know that everybody from the PHB staff would like to wish anybody whose family was affected by the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001 only happiness, thoughts, and prosperity. We all send our condolences to you out there. God bless.

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RAWR! Poptropica Homepage Edits!

UPDATE: Thanks to Blue Robot, we now know a 4th creator and their username! Justin Lacy is confirmed to be Hazmat Hermit! Click this link to see PROOF. For more details and speculation of the “who’s who” mystery of the Poptropica Creators, you can check out the post under this one by Gazek and this thread by ÐéåᶵҤșɫΔᶩҝƩƦ.

Not much real exciting news in the world of Poptropica! However, there is a new advertisement in between locations. It’s for the new PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train. It is (from a quick look at Wikipedia) created by Craig Bartlett who also made the television series Hey Arnold!, a show that I loved. 😀 It premieres September 7th. Check it out!

Sorry, there’s no sound. =( Also, this ad only shows up for 6-8 year-olds. So, if you want to see this in Poptropica and you’re older, just create a new account.

Next, there have been some minor edits to the Poptropica website itself.  As you know, the avatar studio was recently unveiled, and the creators added a button for it.

Just wave to the camera, Raymond! ;D
Just wave to the camera, Raymond! =D

Also, the little yellow button/spiky balloon thing that was next to Astro Knights that provided a link to the trailer is gone! I suppose it wasn’t really new anymore. =P You can find it and other videos at this link: CLICK ME =D

We also have discovered a news site that gives more confirmation that RTV Island is still coming out! This article also details that there will be Poptropica books releasing soon, too! Cool! It also details that Poptropica has (at the time the article was written) made it to the list of the 300 top viewed websites! Be sure to read this whole article below:

This next article also gives some neat achievements Poptropica has managed to achieve. DId you know that more than 120 MILLION characters have been created on the website? THAT’S OVER 9000! They also periodically get 7.5 million kids visiting their site a month. They all come from over 70 different countries! Did you know that Poptropica even comes in over 90 different languages to accommodate all of those visitors from all of those countries? Awesome! Article:

Wow. Looking back on Poptropica, I have to say it has come a long way. From day one, it has continued to entertain and impress many with its engaging islands to play and more ways to hang with your buddies than you can imagine. All I have to say is… THREE CHEERS FOR POPTROPICA! YAY!

Also, please do not forget to check out the posts below! Get in the know about the new devilish and angelic costumes in the Poptropica store, the newly released Avatar Studio, and the name change of your favorite Poptropican! Hope you all have a cookie-filled, Poptropicariffic day! ^_^

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The Anatomy of a Poptropican yields the confirmation of Reality TV Island?


On the Creators’ Blog, Shark Boy releases 2 new wallpapers; showing off the structure of the Poptropican Anatomy.
The backgrounds of these desktop decorations also prove that Reality TV Island is still coming out!

Grab your pens and papers because these new wallpapers will teach you something.

*Click on more to read the full post.
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That is one HOT ride, dude!

Today at the PCB we get a look into Binary Bard/Mordred’s transportation life! He sure does have taste in cars… and flame decals. Yet, it makes me wonder how much money he has to afford a giant robot that spews super-spiky wheels of doom, a robotic mouse and owl, and now a car?! Geez.


Blog Post Title: Sweet Ride
Description: When I’m not in space trying to take over the universe I still have to get around somehow. 01000111011001010110111100100000
Image URL:

Image Name: bard_metro.png

Posted by: Binary Bard

The binary, by the way, translates to Geo Metro (which I’m guessing is the model of the car =P)

Next, it seems like we have found yet another secret “Cool Stuff” item from the Poptropica Credit Store, much like the Party Room that was also discovered recently. This item seems to allow you to vanish/turn invisible! Cool!

That’s about it! Please check out the below posts detailing the results of our Dr. Hare Competition results and the new forum, the Poptropica Help Forum!

Also, sorry, I just have to make reference to the King of Pop[tropica], Michael Jackson, who died yesterday. =( This seems kind of awkward for a Poptropica blog, but this needs mention. Smockers out!

Keep on singing, Michael Jackson!

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Astro Knights Island Is Out!

If you haven’t heard the hype, Astro Knights Island has been released! But, not to the general public, of course. You have to buy an Astro Knights Early Access Pass to get in. The island will be released to everyone on June 10th, so you don’t have to wait that long to play it! Personally, I have bought the pass, but will you?


Also, I know that most of you have experienced difficulty logging on Poptropica the past few days. Dr. Hare has properly addressed this problem:

Q: What’s going on with Poptropica right now?
A: With the launch of Astro-Knights island we’ve experienced an overwhelming surge in traffic. We are working on a solution to handle the increase in traffic to the site.

Q: When will Poptropica be back up?
A: We’re expecting to have the site ready within the next 24 hours.

Q: Is my account information lost?
A: No. The increase in traffic has caused temporary glitches that have made registered accounts unavailable. This is part of the fix we are working on. When we are back up and running, you will have full access to your account.

In fact, they fixed it right in a jiffy! It should be readily working now, and you are able to log in without the stupid machine constantly telling you that your name is forever nonexistent or to check on it later only to find it still repeating the same message like a broken record. 🙂

Oh, yeah; you might see something on the Poptropica website like:

  • ALERT: We’re currently making upgrades to the site. If you have trouble logging in or playing, please try again later. Thank you for your patience.

Just ignore it. Ignore it and walk away. Don’t let peer pressure get the best of you, kids.

ANYWAY, they have made updates to the map to suit the newly debuted Astro Knights Island as well as Reality TV Island. It does note that it is coming Summer 2009! Very cool!


It sure is getting quite crowded on the map. It would be cool to have a huge Poptropica Planet, and you could rotate it to see all of the islands. 😀 That reminds me… how are you able to travel to all of these islands all over the planet in just a simple blimp?

Next on the agenda, we are now able to sign up to be E-mailed when Reality TV Island releases! Yay! Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten the E-mail for Astro Knights, but predictably, we will get it on Wed., the day it releases for everybody.

^ ^ ^ Hippie Man is so awesome that he can say long phrases while he is smiling!

Also, on the Poptropica website you can now see that the little Astro Knight and Reality TV Island buttons have been updated based on the recent news:


The last piece of news is that there is a new poll on the PCB! It asks, “Do you plan on getting the Astro-Knights Early Access pass?

  • I already have it! [14%]
  • I will be getting it soon! [39%]
  • I haven’t decided yet. [12%]
  • No, I think I’ll wait. [33%]

I obviously voted that I already had it, but what did you vote? =O

I think that’s about it! I will try to get a guide up maybe this weekend for people who have bought the pass. We have also hit the 1,100,000 hit mark! Woot! =] What a great way to celebrate my B-Day which is in 2 days! ^-^ Merry Astro-Knight Island playing to all!

UPDATE: Whoops! I accidentally forgot something. Vlad the Viking has posted a new video on YouTube! It’s sort of a trailer/gameplay video of Astro Knights Island. Enjoy!