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Hey Poptropicans, get your game face on! We’re about to blast you into the arcade scene and show you how it’s done…

Some distant time ago, Poptropica brought us the Blast-off Arcade, and with it, three new games. They also refined three other games (and took out seven others, rip). Anyway, here on the PHB, we’ve (finally) updated our Game Guides, complete with pages for the newer arcade games Blaster Attack, Crash-n-Bash, and Poptastic. (Better late than never, right?)

We’ve also updated our guides for the older games Balloons, Sky Dive, and Star Link, which, although they’ve retained the same gameplay and style, did receive slight graphic refinements. Have you noticed, for example, that the background on Sky Dive is colored a little deeper than before? Or that falling too fast doesn’t make a Poptropican-sized hole in the ground anymore?

To get to our new and improved Game Guides, look for “Pop Plus” on the PHB site menu and go to “Game Guides.” From there, you’ll find all the head-to-head and single-player game pages, with tips and tricks to make you a pro.

But that’s not all! Scroll down some more on the page, and you’ll also find a section dedicated to the Bygone Days with info about classic, now-retired games like Hoops, Pathwise, and Soupwords. Plus, we’ve included memories of old multiplayer hangouts like the Multiverse, tribe rooms, and even those good old five-star battle rankings — all gone with Flash’s impending doom.

Oh well, at least we still have all these other flashy arcade games. I mean, did you know that the balloon animals on Poptastic move at different speeds depending on their color? Because if not, you might need that game guide. 😉

🚀 So what are you waiting for? 👇
Get on out there and beat your high scores with PHB Game Guides!

PHB Sneak Peeks: Zombie Defense Mini-Game

Whale hello there everyone! 🐳 Spotted Dragon here with a cool behind the scenes post.

Before we get started, happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! Poptropica released this cool picture of a Poptropican-ized Kylo Ren on their Twitter today. Now the real question is, how do we get that awesome lightsaber? 🌟⚔

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Remember the PHB’s post with the sneak peeks of Zomberry mini-games, Zombie Catapult and Game Jam? The Daily Pop also hinted at these games, as you may recall:

Well, there’s another one we haven’t mentioned yet: Zombie Defense! Credit goes to idk for the info.

zombie defense

Yes, it looks like these sneak peeks are becoming a reality because what we have here is a mini-game in the making!

The zombies you see come out of the door on the bottom right and make their way up to the top left. Towards the left of the image, we can see 5 buttons for setting various booby traps. Presumably, we set traps for the zombies to stop them from reaching the end, or we just try to survive without letting them touch us.

The bar at the top shows the level and wave you’re on, along with how much health you have left. It also shows your prep time before the wave starts.

That basically wraps up what we have so far, so hopefully we can expect a Zombie Defense mini-game soon! Maybe it’ll appear in the new Poptropica? Let us know what you think! 😀


Got time for a bite?

Ello, everyone! The latest news on the PCB is out! Guess what? That new minigame that I predicted to be the Mystery Train pre-release minigame has been announced!

It’s called D.C. Diner! The creators have promised us that it’s going to basically be a ludicrous, crazy, unfettered, uncontrolled, untamed, wild…and um, ok, you get the point. I know xD. So yeah, they promise it’s going to be one heck of a wild game, in which you have to serve VIP’s on board the train.

So my guess is it’s one of those mad dash games. You have to take their orders and get them their foods fast or they’ll apparently be “unhappy” and I guess leave the restaraunt. So keep watch on the PCB till it comes!

EP out!

A new minigame for Mystery Train?

It’s EP here with another new post. This one is actually a sneak peek, quite exciting! The creators have began to get us pumped up about the new islands coming. In the last post, there was a new trailer about a “legend coming,” possibly to do with Mystery Train Island. I’d say I’m pretty warmed up about this.

New minigame? I bet it has something to do with quickly taking the customers’ orders. Will this be a pre-island game like Shrink Shot? Or will it be a minigame actually in the island?

I’m thinking it will be a pre-release game, because if you look closely and examine the picture, you’ll actually see a gold sign that says “Mystery Train Island, coming soon” which just proves it will be one of those minigames like Shrink Shot released before the island is actually out.

EP out!

Santa’s Sharks

PHB Header
Poptropica Help Blog staff member Coderkid worked hard to create a colorful Shark Tooth header for us to enjoy! You can view it at the top of every page at the PHB. Also, be looking forward to an upcoming Christmas header from graphics designer Codien!

New Store Stuff!
Shark Boy from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog changed his avatar in honor of one of the two new costumes to arrive at the Poptropica Store – the Tiger Shark! (Notice the amazing dead fish!) For girls, you can also pick up a Swan Ballerina outfit. Thanks to Xarr for this update.

Tiger Shark – Basically looks like the shark costume from the Shark Museum at Shark Tooth Island. But with this costume, there comes a twist where the boring gray color of the typical shark becomes a thrilling striped orange. You can also Customize the awesome fishy and toss it in the air by pressing the space bar!

Swan Ballerina – The title says it all! It’s a pretty dancing ballerina costume mixed with a taste of swan. Isn’t it beautiful? 😛

Santa Buddies Ad
For younger children (6 to 11 years old), a nice Christmas adventure awaits you at the Disney Santa Buddies advertisement building! You can find it on Main Street of most islands. Thanks goes to Incredible Fish for the update.

Once inside the building, go to the right side to be briefed by the white instructor dog, Santa Paws, about what to do. The goal is to get all five brown reindogs in time to deliver Santa’s presents so everyone can have a very merry Christmas season! xD

You have sixty seconds to round up all 5 dogs. To the right side of the Santa Paws is a snowy landscape, and if you explore the area, you should be able to touch 3 of the dogs. The other 2 dogs are hidden back inside the advertisement building, on the higher platforms. When the time is up and you have succeeded in your mission, you will watch a little cutscene where you get to drop gifts down the chimneys!

After the cutscene, you will be presented with two prizes – a green elf costume with antlers and a surprise box. The elf costume is similar to last year’s, except that there is no nose attached to the antlers and the pants are yellow.

The surprise box can be used (by clicking on the ”Use” button on its item card) to spray gift boxes all over the place, then having them magically clear up. YAY BOXES!! :mrgreen:

In other news…

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