Bring in your questions for Poptropica’s CEO!

Hey Poptropicans, we’ve got something special lined up for you!

We’ve been in touch with Poptropica’s current CEO, Abhi Arya, who is also the chief of Coolmath Games and Sandbox & Co., Poptropica’s parent company. We asked Mr. Arya if he’d be interested in doing a Q&A with readers of the Poptropica Help Blog, and he said yes!

Do you wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of making Poptropica, what the future holds for the game, and more? Send in your questions in the comments of this post, and we’ll gather some of your questions for the Poptropica CEO and team to answer.

While we wait to hear their insights, you can revisit this 2015 interview we did with the then-CEO of Poptropica, Jess Brallier! Poptropica has changed a lot in the past five years, especially with the external factor of having to adapt to a post-Flash future, and this is a great opportunity for both fans and the Creators to reconnect about what’s been going on.

We’ll be taking questions from now until next Tuesday, October 20, so fire away in the comments! And we’ll keep you posted on their answers here on the PHB, so stay tuned… ๐Ÿ˜„

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34 thoughts on “Bring in your questions for Poptropica’s CEO!”

  1. Hey long time Poptropica fan here (2008), will the old design ever come back? I along with many Poptropica fans on the subreddit prefer it and miss the simplicity. Also will non members be able to access old islands any time soon? How does it feel to be the head of such a great game that has made so many childhoods?

  2. Will HAXE have character names? The first time I registed on HAXE, I got a name, my main account (Short Glove), which I ported over to flash, all accounts I made after that were called “Hamburger Hamburger.”

  3. Are features such as the photo booth and the old Friends page going to be brought back? And will the customizer return on Haxe?

  4. Also, this question was first asked by Incredible Fire, but Iโ€™d like to know too: are we going to have another Create your Dream Island contest? I never got a chance to participate in the last one, although it would be a great way for fans and creators to reconnect, and for fans who donโ€™t have membership to win it as a prize and have the opportunity to play the Classic Islands again.

  5. After 3 people have all said there lists it’s time we finally know. What are the canon top 10 hottest poptropica characters?

  6. Hi , been a fan of poptropica since 2010 , will the old design and the old map comeback in poptropica ?because many fans what that to happen . Also will non members be able to access the old maps soon ? And will there be big change in the game ? Hope you have good day

  7. Iโ€™m exceptionally curious- what does 2021 hold for Poptropica? Will we be seeing new islands when the conversion is done, or will the focus be entirely on porting? If itโ€™s on porting, how many islands have been converted/are planned to be converted by the end of next year?
    (Also, did you all get my email?)

  8. I have a few questions!

    1. How long does it take to make one character, from their initial design to putting them in the game?

    2. Thoughts on Dr Beev?

    3. What do you think about the fandom?

    4. Are you hiring? I’d love to draw things for the game. Heck, I’d even do it for free if it means working with such an awesome crew!

    Love you! Thanks for answering our questions!

  9. Will the old islands be adapted for the iOS Poptropica app? I really enjoyed playing Cryptids and Big Nate for the nostalgia factor, and would really like them to be re-done for the iPad app.

  10. What are your thoughts on the community surrounding Poptropica? Are you aware of the Poptropica fandom on Discord (Poptropica Month, Poptropica Club, etc…)?

  11. do you hate gllitchers? why arent you making a new island? why did you put ads? is beev gona live? sorry for asking you so many questions.

  12. Two questions, though if only one can be submitted I would prefer the first:

    1. I think Poptropica merch geared towards nostalgic fans would help the fanbase become more supportive/active. Are there any plans for that, and is there a way fans could be involved in creating/suggesting ideas for it? Many have some very cool ideas! On a similar note, how do artists/writers/general creatives become involved with/work for Pop?

    2. Is it a possibility for the Poptropica team to balance island/game ideas that are more geared towards newer younger players as well as nostalgic older ones? Generally among the fanbase I see a lot more excitement for older islands (Astro-Knights, Ghost Story, Super Villain, Astro-Knights, Monster Carnival, Astro-Knights..) over newer ones (most Worlds islands, Home Island, etc.).

    1. A note to add to the first question! Please include this if possible! Are the Creators ok with small scale sales of fan merch (i.e. through like Etsy or at conventions, but perhaps not on POD sites like RedBubble)?

  13. Also if we’re allowed to ask more than one question, I’d also like to ask:

    Did the creators keep up with everything Poptropica Month related during September? They clearly did have an idea of what was going on, since they commented on numerous videos and added Dr. Beev on exactly Beev Day, but was there more than that?

  14. Another question.

    Is the staff aware of how messed up Monster Carnival’s story is? And also is it possible for a port to have story differences from the original Flash version of the island? (yes i am opening this can of worms again)

  15. Do you realize that the Monster Carnival Ending is racist?!
    And what’s with all this one color exclusive hair on npcs and the store?

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