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Warm up to 12 Days of Member Gifts ๐Ÿซ๐ŸŽ and glitchy goodness for all

Hey Poptropicans! As promised earlier, Poptropica is back with 12 Days of Member Gifts, a December tradition that began in 2018.

The first day of December brings members a winter clubhouse bundle which contains a chocolate fountain, cozy fireplace, and cute white pompom wreath. Look for these items in “Decorate” mode!

If you get a membership at any point in December (perhaps as a holiday present?), you can get all of the 12 Days of Member Gifts! The gifts will automatically be added to your account if you’re a member, the Creators’ Blog confirmed. They will also be updating this other post to share what member gifts are being given in the next couple of weeks, so check back there (or the PHB!) for updates.

Non-members, we’ve got something for you too! We’ve updated our list of glitching tools to include a few new ones: Beat ‘Em All and Card Collector developed by Dangerous Icicle, and Poptro-Closet by supersiu. They’re just what they sound like. We won’t say too much about them here, but you can find out more on our Glitching page!

Collect all the island medallions with Beat ‘Em All!

What else is going on this month in the Poptropica fandom?

๐Ÿ Now that we’re into December, time is ticking for the Design Your Dream Island Contest! Submissions are still being taken now up until December 18, a little over two weeks away. Send your ideas here!

โ„๏ธ December’s theme for Community Creations is “Fire & Ice.” As always, we look forward to your masterpieces!

๐Ÿฅณ Stay tuned for details of a Poptropica party soon! The PHB is cooking up an event to celebrate the holiday season and say goodbye to Flash, and we’d love to have you there. In the meantime, our PHC Discord server is always up for a good time among Poptropica fans.

That’s all for this post. Cue the holiday season! ๐ŸŽ„โœจ๐Ÿ•ฏ


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