Pole vault your way to a vault of Poptanium

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish popping in with what’s new. In this post, we’ve got the latest island no longer in beta, a Poptropolis Games fix, and a Realms highlight. Let’s get to it!

First, there’s Reality TV: Wild Safari Island, which was released last month on CoolMathGames as a beta for all players, including non-members. It’s now officially on the map on Poptropica.com, but currently only open to members (even on CoolMathGames).

Whether or not you’ve had the chance to play it yet, you can check out what the PHB team thought of it over on our Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Review, and look forward to the island being officially released for all soon!

The Pop Creators also recently announced that they fixed a bug on the pole vault game on Poptropolis Games Island. Now you can actually, you know, vault the pole. Hooray!

And Blue Tooth really rocks that little baby shark beanie well, don’t you think? 🦈 (That hat was one of the July member gifts, by the way.)

Blue Tooth also recently highlighted a Realm on Poptropica’s social media. Once you enter through the Realms portal on Home Island, Smart Bones’ “Labyrinth” can be accessed via the code 9rw56.

Though there is Poptanium to be found along the way, be warned: the Realm is more labyrinthine challenges than Poptanium vault. Still, if you like a good platforming struggle, this place is worth checking out. (If you prefer the Poptanium, though, we feature some good vaults in our Realms Guide.)

While it’s nice to see Realms featured by Poptropica, which hasn’t happened in a while, I can’t help but wonder whatever happened to the Look of the Week series and the yet-to-be-realized Clubhouse of the Week. Hmmm? 😛

That’s all for the latest in Poptropica! Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep it awesome, Poptropicans. ✌️


Sunken sketches and concepts from Poptropolis Games!

Hey, guys! Slip here.


Welcome to another round of IoTM: Special Feature! Although there are two days left for November, Poptropica made a last-minute post about this month’s IoTMs (Islands of the Month)! Last time, we’ve had the spotlight on Shrink Ray Island’s concepts and sketches and now let’s move on to the other IoTM, Poptropolis Games!

As usual, being the Island of the Month gives out these special privileges:

  • First-time finishers get 500 credits, while replays get 300.
  • A special walkthrough from Captain Crawfish (check out ours here!)
  • Exclusive members-only items, Plant-A-Statue and Discus, are back for a limited time!


Now, let’s look at the different concepts and never-before-seen exclusives!

Let’s look at the character sketches, they look really cool! I must say that #4 and #5 with the soda hats look really fun, as well as the lady selling Poptropolis Games merchandise! The squid hat looks really funny, hehe. The second image contains more sketches of the major characters of the island: the master of ceremonies, the scorekeeper, and the ancient warrior. Their designs look pretty awesome if you ask me.

The next set of sketches and concepts are the statues and battle arenas found in the island itself. One is the volleyball arena that debuted in 2013 and the one is for weightlifting. As you can also see below, they also had sketches of some ruins on the island!

That’s not the only treat we have from Poptropica! Skinny Moon added that in every island they make, the Creators follow a style guide—a way to make all designs in uniform and consistent. You may find a certain “Jeff” in the style guide and yes, that is Jeff Kinney! Jeff has an input on every Poptropica island as the Chief Creative Officer. 🙂


Don’t they look so cool? We’ll hopefully see some more next month!

What islands do you think will be featured next month? Maybe they’ll be holiday-themed? Leave a comment about it below! I hope you enjoyed another round of IoTM: Special Feature! Until next time, stay awesome people!



App-stonishing pet followers & November’s IotM!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here bringing you a Poptropica app update, as well as new Islands of the Month!

If you haven’t logged on to Poptropica in a while, allow me to enlighten you. 😛 Poptropica has finally added conventional pets to the store with the Cat Pack and Dog Pack! And now, these guys (as well as the plethora of other new fall goodies) are also available on the app.

And guess what? Unlike the online version, everything’s available for purchase for 0 credits. That’s right, they’re FREE! Even the pets! If you haven’t already, get yours today!

The Cat Pack includes three different variations: a grumpy black one, a fuzzy gray one and, my personal favorite, a calico cutie.


The Dog Pack also includes three different kinds: A brown one, A loyal labrador and happy mutt.


Cute, right? For a closer look at all these fall goodies, see this PHB post.

Also, an NPC on Home Island could possibly be hinting at future Thanksgiving-themed costumes. (Thanks to idk for the tip.) Check it out!


In addition to all of this it’s now November, and that means new Islands of the Month! This month’s featured islands are…


Poptropolis Games Island 🏅

Ah, Poptropolis Games – the island where you compete in various games to prove tribal supremacy. (PHB Tribal Tournament, anyone?)

The video walkthrough has been uploaded by Captain Crawfish, if you’re interested:

If you’d prefer a written guide, check out the PHB’s written walkthrough for Poptropolis Games here!

Shrink Ray Island ☀️

Once a classic and now an SUI, the journey remains the same. Pop into this adventure with Captain Crawfish’s new video walkthrough!

If you’d prefer a written guide, check out the PHB’s written walkthrough for Shrink Ray Island here!

Remember, for Islands of the Month only, first-time finishers earn 500 credits and repeat finishers earn 300 credits! That’s pretty pop-inspiring!

With all that said, I’ll see you next time! Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

Poptropolis is shaking again!

Hey everyone! I just went onto Poptropolis Games Island and I saw the island shaking! The island may be sinking soon… once again. The map doesn’t show it shaking yet, but if or when it does, I’ll let everyone know!


I’m pretty sure the island situation will happen like last time: the island shakes for a while, then the Creators make these reports about it, then the island sinks and rises a year later. What do you think? Will Poptropolis be submerged under the sea once again only to rise yet again? Stay tuned for more reports on strange happenings as they come.


Samwow5’s Take on the Poptropolis Games 2013!


Hello everyone! Recently Poptropolis Games 2013 came out, not to our surprise, so I’m going to do a review of the whole island and what it has to offer!

Overall Gameplay:  A-/B+

The game was great, like last time. But I wished they would have changed it up for the WINTER Olympics to make it more fun instead of pretty much the same thing.

Soundtrack: A

The new soundtrack was awesome! Great detail into the music, even they have rock sounds in this island! But what I dislike about it is: When your intense mode and trying to focus, you hear this relaxing music and it annoys me. Still very well made!

Skiing and Octopus Volleyball: A

The games were amazing, but I wished they added a touch that will blow the others away. Like, you can ski over different surfaces and avoid stuff (BTW that was pretty hard). Very great games though!

Bonus Quest: B

Same as last year, still wish they would have added more. Anyway, the bonus quest was awesome, but that wrestlers is kinda scary looking O_o xD

Here’s the results for me! I hate the Triple Jump……..


Poptropolis for all, glitchy goodness, & a holiday discount

mockpop mapTwo big things are happening on the map right now: 1) Poptropolis Games 2013 is now available for everyone to play, and 2) Mocktropica is now shown as coming soon!

Poptropolis players, if you need a helping hand, our Poptropolis Games Island Guide will give you tips for finishing first! Our written walkthrough includes pictures and is updated with this year’s two new events (skiing & volleyball), so check it out!

As for Mocktropica, the first members-only item is now available in the Store, and it’s a Glitch Power! Activate it to fill the screen with big blocks of pixels. Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with the game – it’s just the special effects! The other members’ items to be released are the Unfinished Costume and Narf Follower. Anyway, here’s the glitchy goodness in action:

From now until Monday, December 9, Poptropica is offering another 30% off sale at the Poptropica Shop where you can get customized clothing! Just enter the promo code HOLIDAY30 at checkout.


The Galactic Hot Dogs stands found on Main Streets now offer new prizes: an Ice Blaster Pistol and a costume (Humphree for boys, Queen Dagger for girls).


Also on Main Streets, you might find a video ad for the Percy Jackson movie Sea of Monsters. Watch the trailer to get the Hippocampus Power!


By the way, be sure to check out the post below for answers to last week’s Mystery Snapshots puzzle! Did you get them all right? Either way, hopefully it was fun!

Poptropolis Games 2013 – members play now!

The Games are alive with the roar of competition among Poptropica members, who can start playing the 2013 edition of the island RIGHT NOW! Everyone else can play starting December 5, 2013.

Be sure to check out the PHB’s Poptropolis Games Island Guide if you need help! It has now been updated with walkthroughs for the two new events, Octopus Volleyball & Skiing (volcano race).

Also, congratulations to the Wildfire tribe for helping out the most in the quest to dig up the Games! As a token of recognition, a glorious Wildfire statue has been set up on Main Street. (Next time, Flying Squid… next time…) As Poptropica is trying to roll out ‘improved’ navigation for all the islands, you’ll be able to play Poptropolis Games Island with music, sound effects, a unified menu, and bigger screen.

Members, don’t forget to collect your bonus gear from the Store! It’s the same as the 2012 pack, with the Discus item and Plant-a-Statue power. The Wrestling Gear will only be available until the end of Early Access (Dec 5).

If you’d like to see who’s finished the island already, you can do so with the World Champions Player Map! Have you completed the island yet? Where do you rank and which tribe did you join?