Wolf Quest

Smockers’ contest is now closed. More than 100 comments have been posted. The winner of this contest is……our very own COSKIT! Congratulations!

Coskit, unlike many others, only posted 2 entries, but apparently at the right time. Her comment was 100th. All spam and double comments have been deleted, and she is the official winner. Congratulations, Coskit! Your account will get a month of Membership for RTV access.

Update: The “Wolf Quest” contest is now closed; thanks for participating. But check the comments below for another contest – hosted by Smockers – for a chance to win free Poptropica membership for your own account! (:

March 4th is the perfect day for marching forth. Because today, March 4, 2010, the PHB reached the grand 3 million hits! Thanks to all of you who have come to our website for Poptropica help, and returning as regular visitors! 🙂

And in honor of this milestone, the Poptropica Help Blog is going to host a community contest right on this post! It’s simple, and [hopefully] fun for everyone. :mrgreen:

Whoever writes the 100th (non-spam) comment on this post wins a very special Poptropica account. It’s not the best account out there, but to anyone who cares about the PHB, this should mean something to you. Because this one unique Poptropican we are giving away belongs to none other than former PHB friend and author Grumpy Wolf.

As mentioned above, the competition is now over! Please keep in mind that WordPress comments are a little messed up, so future comments may end up being posted above a past comment instead of below, etc. However, we have eliminated the unnecessary spam, and the 100th non-spam comment/winner of Grumpy Wolf’s account goes to…

Ocean Clover ♣

Congratulations! Grumpy Wolf’s Poptropica account details will be sent to you within the next few days. Please check your e-mail and reply when the message comes. 😉

As we mentioned, the comments may be slightly rearranged accidentally as more comments continue to roll in, and there is nothing we can do about it (it’s a WordPress glitch; you could say this could be a luck factor of the contest) – so this is image proof to ensure that Ocean Clover ♣ is the rightful winner:

Click to enlarge picture!

Please consider the following points if you wish to participate!

  • GW’s username is Wolf811.
  • Grumpy Wolf’s password will be sent to the winner’s e-mail address, so when typing your comment in, please make sure the “e-mail” field is filled in with a working e-mail which will accept messages from [email protected]
  • The winner must reply the PHB’s e-mail within a week to let us know that they have successfully received the account. If not, the prize will be sent to the person who wrote the comment following after the 100th.
  • Spam comments will be deleted without warning, so the prize goes to the 100th non-spam comment. Spammers will be disqualified. Reply comments do not count towards the ‘100’.

Good luck, guys! Happy 3 million!

Also, there’s a new PCB post from Vlad the Viking, with a sneak peek for a special surprise coming soon to the Poptropica Store! They’re calling it a “micro-quest”, so it sounds like a little mission, and it seems that Dr. Hare is involved: despite already appearing on both 24 Carrot and Reality TV Islands. xD

Blog Post Title: New Micro-Quest coming soon to the Poptropica Store!
Description: It seems that a certain character is up to his old tricks again. I can’t say I wish that he would stop it, because stopping him will be so much fun! Keep ever watchful, because this new micro-quest will be coming soon to the Poptropica store!
Image URL:
Image Name: mysteryMachine.jpg
Based on Vlad’s words, it sounds like he enjoys acting as a superhero and stopping evil villains from misdeeds. And he knows that we do, too. 😀
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Our first half-million, Jeff Kinney, and Shining Crystals!

Yes!! Poptropica Help Blog has reached 500,000 hits – that’s half of a million! 😯

Special First Posts!:
Scary Tomato’s first post (joined July 26, 2008.)
Smockers’s first post (joined October 6, 2008.)
Codien’s first post (joined October 20, 2008.)

The PHB was created on July 26, 2008. Today is February 17, 2009. That means it took only around 6 months, 3 weeks, and a day! That was quick! 😀

To celebrate with a bit of confetti, check out this funny website:

The language written there is Dutch, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know Dutch to watch the cool video there! Oh, and turn on the volume for extra effects, too! 😛


  • opens the cookie jar*
  • munches*

Let’s add some milk to that, too! Cheers! :mrgreen:

Many of you might know Jeff Kinney. In case you don’t, he’s the author of the bestselling series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid! If you want to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you can see it online for free on Funbrain:

Anyway, Grey Flame recently discovered on Jeff’s website that Jeff Kinney himself is one of Poptropica’s Creators! Thanks for sharing, Grey Flame!

For proof, visit Mr. Kinney’s website at:

Click on “Author Interview” at the left side. Under the second Q-and-A that shows up, click on “Next”. On the next page find where it says “Q: Are you a full time writer?” A:, the answer, says: “No. I work full-time as a virtual world designer, and I created I’m also a full-time dad, so things are very busy for me right now!”

The big news is, there’s now another known way to contact the Poptropica Creators! On Mr. Kinney’s website, click on “Contact” at the left. At the top, it says:

Jeff Kinney
[email protected]

Please note: Because of the amount of E-mail Jeff receives, it’s not possible for him to respond quickly. It might take a few months for Jeff to get your E-mail.

We might be able to ask Jeff Kinney about Poptropica questions by sending E-mails to him! However, as the note says on his website, it might take quite a while before he replies (if he even does at all!).

If any of you send him an E-mail, and he replies, tell us about it! You can forward it to us at [email protected]. If it’s really interesting we can share it with everyone else on Poptropica Help Blog, and give you credit, of course!

Anyone here like pink? Then this next Astro-Knights sneak peek is for you!

Thanks Zany Moon for the alert. Adorned all over this image we see are a many shiny pink crystals. Here’s the picture and information:

Blog Post Title: Far Far Far Away
Description: I’ve found some really unique places within the vast world of Poptropica. This place was really special with its many glistening and glowing pink crystals. I couldn’t help but pick one up and examine its beauty.
Image URL:
Image Name: crystals.jpg

Maybe we’ll get to hold these crystals on Astro-Knights, since that’s what Comic Kid is doing in the picture! 😉

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Princesses and the 400,000 Touchdown!

Princesses have been stolen…[CHECK].
The ‘Steelers’ have one a bowl of cereal…[CHECK]. 
Poptropica Help Blog score a touchdown of their own… [WAITING…CHECK].

-Princess Power!-
Poptropica Creator Blog have released another sneak peak into the design of the new island ‘Astro-Knights’ stolen Princesses. I think they look fabulous. 😛
Here’s the design work:

Blog Post Title: Princess Power!
Description: We are working on some cool outfits for AstoKnights Island. Here is a sketch of some possible princess outfits!
Image URL:  astro_girls-Click Here
Image Name: astro_girls.jpg

Thank-you Mousyblack for notifying us when it was posted.
I, Codien, promise to show you a sneak peak of what the costumes look like when they are made. Also the next issue of PHB Sneak Peaks will have some of the costumes that you will get in the new Astro-Knights Island.

-PHB 400,000 Touchdown Countdown-
Yesterday in America the 43rd annual ‘Super Bowl’ was held. As an Australian i have know idea what it is but I’m guessing its some kind of cereal eating contest. No, i know what it is and i know the the Steelers won. Which is a shame because there was an Australian Football player in the Cardinals squad (I think he was the kicker guy). Did you guys watch the ads? 😀
But while I’m on the subject of football, Poptropica Help Blog is soon to score a touchdown of their own. And this time it’s worth 400,000.
So if you would like, i want you guys to count down, or rather count up to 400,000!
Lets do this!
Darn, you guys are too fast for my post. We have already hit 400,000! Wait a minute…WE HAVE REACHED 400,000!

PARTY!   400,000 PARTY!    PARTY!

Thanks guys for getting to 400,000. We are getting more and more visitors everyday.
From the PHB Team: Thanks!. Without you guys we wouldn’t have a site….well we would but it wouldn’t be viewed. 😛

-400,000 View Punches-
[“Hey Tomato, lets give the computer 400,000 view punches!”]
[4 hours later…”399,998…399,999…400,000!”]
[“We did it, Woohoo…”]
[“Lucky we didn’t do that to Smockers…”]