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The PHB 1 Million Monster Competition!

The Monster Competition

ONE MILLION hits! What a milestone! And with such a milestone needs to be something great, something amazing, something nobody has seen since the beginning of Poptropica’s creation. So together the PHB Team managed to find you guys, the readers, something that would truly daze you. Are you ready?

Credits to Codien for tracking down the guy with them.
Credits to the guy that gave me the 4 different outfits. I’m sorry – I can’t remember your name. Is it Bwobby Dobby?

So, what are these outfits? To keep it simple and straight:

The PHB is giving away 20 special Monster Outfits.

All you have to do is send your name to this address:

Hahahaha! Guess who stole the competition email!
Those monsters belong to me!


That’s right all you have to do is send your name to our super-special competition e-mail address to win a genuine, ultimately, extremely rare MONSTER OUTFIT!

This contest ends once all 20 monsters have been given away! Winners will be announced and pictures of the monsters will be displayed as soon as this is all over.

Follow the Agent?

Good Luck!

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New cheat and Creator identity discovered!

This just in: A new Poptropica cheat and another Creator’s real identity has been discovered! Read on for more information.

The New Cheat: Hold a Cup!

Is your Poptropican in need of a cool handheld item? Then this cheat is for you! Fearless Paw has found a way to hold a cup of black liquid, and generously informed us via E-mail to [email protected]. If you’d like to know how, head over to our Cheat Codes page, or check out this quick guide:

Yum, black juice! 
Yum, black juice!


  1. Travel on the Blimp to 24 Carrot Island.
  2. Enter the Carrot King Diner.
  3. Go to the “Change Your Hair Color” Section of the Diner. Click on it, which will open up a screen with various colors in containers.
  4. Fill the cup with white.
  5. As your Poptropican drinks it, press down on Ctrl+Shift+S.
  6. Your mouse should become a swirl. Close down the tab.
  7. Re-enter your account. Your Poptropican should be holding a cup with black liquid in it!
  • ****

Creator’s Indentity Revealed: Jess M. Brallier

One of PHB’s readers, Oumer26, was so helpful as to do some Poptropica research and has been sending [email protected], the blog’s E-mail address, updates on his findings so far. Recently, he has made a huge breakthrough: he discovered someone named Jess M. Brallier, who is one of Poptropica’s Creators! Thanks, Oumer!

Jess M. Brallier is the publisher, Family Education Network, developer of Poptropica. For proof, visit this website:

Also, take a look at this site that Oumer found, which talks about Mr. Brallier:

By the way, if you have some of Jeff Kinney’s (creator of Poptropica) bestselling books, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, you may have noticed that Jess Brallier is mentioned in the Acknowledgments at the back. Here are 2 examples:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
“… Jess Brallier, who understands the power and potential of online publishing, and helped Greg Heffley reach the masses for the first time. Thanks especially for your friendship and mentorship. …”

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
“… Thanks to Jess Brallier for bringing Greg Heffley to the world on …”

Because we know Jeff Kinney is also a Poptropica Creator, his book is on, Poptropica (the game he created) is also on, and now we know that Jess B. helped put Diary of a Wimpy Kid on Funbrain, it’s quite likely that Jess M. Brallier is a real Poptropica Creator too!

Note: Unfortunately, we could not find a way to contact Jess. If you do know, however, feel free to let us know!

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Bonus Items, Sneak Peeks

Jordan Leary is not strange!

As mentioned by Shiny Leaf, here is another Astro-Knights bonus sneak peek from the Creators! To be more specific, it’s Comic Kid on his adventures again… looks like he has pulled another strange emote! Maybe we’ll be able to get to use it someday? Anyway:

Blog Post Title: Stranger and Stranger
Description: My adventures have taken me to even stranger places lately. I recently came across some very odd creatures in glass containers. I was glad to leave the place!
Image URL:
Image Name: science.jpg

“Science” is the name of this picture, so this could be a science laboratory. Those containers could be aliens from outer space… or are they just jellyfish? o_O

Another big discovery about the Poptropica Creators! And no, this one isn’t from the strange place Comic Kid just visited. Let’s give it up for Quick Flame, who tracked down yet another Creator:

I found a Jordan Leary who works for Poptropica for editing or something, he has a website too, I think it’s or something.

Jordan Leary is another Poptropica Creator – and there’s proof on his website. Stalkers, here’s the details you need:

Flash game developer at Pearson Education, Inc. He’s currently working on Poptropica, he says. Jordan is primarily responsible for the front-end programming, animation, and visual effects.
E-mail address: [email protected]

For some evidence that he is a Creator, check out his website. On the right side of the main page, it says he works for Poptropica. Then click on “Interactive” on Mr. Leary’s site. It will bring up some images that he has apparently worked on, and the very first one listed should show 2 Poptropicans together on Early Poptropica Island! Cool… :mrgreen:

That’s all for today, but remember to read up on the posts below! 😉

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Our first half million, Jeff Kinney, and Shining Crystals!

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Our first half-million, Jeff Kinney, and Shining Crystals!

Yes!! Poptropica Help Blog has reached 500,000 hits – that’s half of a million! 😯

Special First Posts!:
Scary Tomato’s first post (joined July 26, 2008.)
Smockers’s first post (joined October 6, 2008.)
Codien’s first post (joined October 20, 2008.)

The PHB was created on July 26, 2008. Today is February 17, 2009. That means it took only around 6 months, 3 weeks, and a day! That was quick! 😀

To celebrate with a bit of confetti, check out this funny website:

The language written there is Dutch, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know Dutch to watch the cool video there! Oh, and turn on the volume for extra effects, too! 😛


  • opens the cookie jar*
  • munches*

Let’s add some milk to that, too! Cheers! :mrgreen:

Many of you might know Jeff Kinney. In case you don’t, he’s the author of the bestselling series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid! If you want to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you can see it online for free on Funbrain:

Anyway, Grey Flame recently discovered on Jeff’s website that Jeff Kinney himself is one of Poptropica’s Creators! Thanks for sharing, Grey Flame!

For proof, visit Mr. Kinney’s website at:

Click on “Author Interview” at the left side. Under the second Q-and-A that shows up, click on “Next”. On the next page find where it says “Q: Are you a full time writer?” A:, the answer, says: “No. I work full-time as a virtual world designer, and I created I’m also a full-time dad, so things are very busy for me right now!”

The big news is, there’s now another known way to contact the Poptropica Creators! On Mr. Kinney’s website, click on “Contact” at the left. At the top, it says:

Jeff Kinney
[email protected]

Please note: Because of the amount of E-mail Jeff receives, it’s not possible for him to respond quickly. It might take a few months for Jeff to get your E-mail.

We might be able to ask Jeff Kinney about Poptropica questions by sending E-mails to him! However, as the note says on his website, it might take quite a while before he replies (if he even does at all!).

If any of you send him an E-mail, and he replies, tell us about it! You can forward it to us at [email protected]. If it’s really interesting we can share it with everyone else on Poptropica Help Blog, and give you credit, of course!

Anyone here like pink? Then this next Astro-Knights sneak peek is for you!

Thanks Zany Moon for the alert. Adorned all over this image we see are a many shiny pink crystals. Here’s the picture and information:

Blog Post Title: Far Far Far Away
Description: I’ve found some really unique places within the vast world of Poptropica. This place was really special with its many glistening and glowing pink crystals. I couldn’t help but pick one up and examine its beauty.
Image URL:
Image Name: crystals.jpg

Maybe we’ll get to hold these crystals on Astro-Knights, since that’s what Comic Kid is doing in the picture! 😉

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Web Development

Website Update

Fellow Poptropicans,

The Poptropica Help Blog Team is proud to present a change to the site’s name. I’m sure most of you have noticed the name of the website is now Poptropica Help Blog. This is because Scary Tomato is not the only person on the team. 
Scary Tomato shall be always remembered as the founder of this site. We thank him dearly and I think everyone reading this can agree. 3 cheers for Scary Tomato. :mrgreen:



We would also like to present the blogs new email address:

[email protected]

You can send us help, info and news to us directly. Any information sent to us will always be accredited for in our posts. Please don’t spam it, and remember it belongs to all of the PHB (Poptropica Help Blog) team, so it’s not our personal E-mail address. 😉


Along with these new things we would also like to present the new ‘Poptropica Help Blog Toolbar’.

Click for more Information ➡ ->toolbarinformation

Or click this to download it ➡ -> 


Something is Coming



Soon Nabooti Island and Big Nate will be coming out. But what on earth would The Poptropica Help Blog Team do?

Keep your eyes open because Poptropica Help Blog will be hosting its first Event.

I’m sure you’re all purring to know about it.




That’s all for now.

Poptropica Help Blog Team

Scary Tomato, Smockers and Codien