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#ThanksKinney, for the Poptropica memories

Hey Poptropicans! The Poptropica Creators have been on a roll lately with their social media, bringing us throwbacks, fun facts, and even a splash of magnanimity! Let’s pop in and take a look.

The Poptropica Creators’ Blog and Instagram spotlighted Jeff Kinney — the man who started Poptropica, yet is better known as the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series — and invited fans to “let Mr. Kinney know how much Poptropica means to everyone” by sharing Poptropica memories that they promise they’ll share on social media and even with Mr. Kinney himself! You can create fan art, write letters, make videos, and more with the hashtag #ThanksKinney so the Creators can see.

On Instagram, the PHB (we’re @poptropicahare) asked if Jeff Kinney still gets involved with Poptropica’s development. The Creators liked the comment, but didn’t answer. Guess we’ll take that as a no…?

Other fans have been wondering about the founder’s silence about the game he created as well. In 2018, the PHB published a guest post that touches on Mr. Kinney’s deep investment into Wimpy Kid at the expense of leaving Poptropica behind. Even if he doesn’t come back to Poptropica, we hope his vision for the game can remain.

Still, #ThanksKinney for starting it all! And if you have Poptropica memories or creations to share, the deadline is September 20 (Sunday).

The Creators have been active on Instagram with two new stories featuring fan posts: one an animation of a dancing Binary Bard from @neon.bug, the other a fun fact about Monster Carnival characters from @happyclonetrooper. By the way, for more Poptropica fun facts, check out the trivia section at the end of all our PHB island guides!

Oh, and there’s more from Instagram: in an unusual act of spontaneous generosity, the Creators also reached out to Dimension Bros, the YouTuber duo behind Poptropica Month, to offer them free memberships! Here’s Theo’s first reaction of experiencing the Poptropica heavens open with access to newly unlocked features, including thousands of bonus credits to spend in the stores:

Theo also shared with the PHB that the gifted membership doesn’t expire until December 31, 2022 according to his account settings—which adds up to about 2 years and 4 months! That’s literally impossible for us regular plebs to attain, not counting auto-renewals, since you can only buy up to a year of membership at once.

The screenshot of the holy grail of Poptropica status.

This also seems to be the first time the Creators have ever given out free memberships outside of people winning their (and occasionally the PHB’s) contests. Pretty cool—hey Creators, want to hook us up too? 😉

In other news, as you may have noticed, the PHB website has a new look! Our previous theme from WordPress (which is the blogging platform we use) has been retired, so to keep things running for future updates, we’ve switched over to a new theme called Dara.

It may take a little getting used to, but we’ve tried to find one with similar elements to the previous. This new theme comes with bigger fonts and easy access to the PHB’s socials via the buttons on top, so we hope you’ll come to love it like we do!

And finally, after 8 days of tasks, achievements, and recycled gameplay, the activities on Paradise Island have come to a stop—at least for now. If you’ve made it past the day with the PoptropiCon “festival,” future days simply consist of logging in for daily credit rewards, which you can use to decorate your island, home, pets, or character.

At last, kick back and enjoy the waterfront… and the calming tropical music.

With Poptropica’s birthday month in full swing, there’s plenty going on in the fandom these days! Join in on creating and/or watching Poptropica Month videos, party with Dr. Beev stans next week, make something mask-related for Community Creations, and of course, give a #ThanksKinney for making this all possible. Pop on, Poptropicans. 🎉

~Slanted Fish 🐠

Back Lot Island, Sneak Peeks

Kirk Strayer in 3-D!

Hey guys, BT here. Now should I start with the joking or non-joking part? I’ll start with the (possibly joking) part.

Captain Crawfish has announced Poptropica 3D HD. Or is it HD 3D? Whatever.

And 3D images from Skullduggery Island are there.

And low-priced $999.95 3D glasses. (Shipping and handling not included; available 1/01/14)

And suppossedly Jeff Kinney “approves” in a fake-looking quote.

Now, before you break your piggy banks, I’m pleased to remind you of today’s date: April 1st. There. Put the hammers down. Good. Besides, I have a pair of 3-D glasses stashed in a DVD that works with that image and for only $20 something dollars.

But like the nose thing last year, I don’t think this is really happening. I think this is the Creators way of mocking technology with its HD and 3D yakkity yak these days. XD

Now, not everything is a joke today. I actually found a promotion for Back Lot Island in the weirdest spot.

So I was wandering around on Night Watch Island when I encountered an ad.

No. It wasn’t an ordinary ad, though.

So… this is new. The Creators using the advertising spot to take a picture with Back Lot Island’s Kirk Strayer: well-known actor since 2 weeks ago. If you talk to him, he’ll say:

So you enter…

Those seem like epic images. And you click take photo… and a new photo is added to your album!

Now, I think there are a bunch of possibilities for your picture. Here they are:


…on second thought, I think this is the only result you get. I laughed at this, considering the epic preview images in the first screen when you first enter XD.

Oh well. At least we finally know who Kirk Strayer is. But what will go on with him in Back Lot Island? Only time will tell.

BT out!

Poptropica Store

A hunt!

Greetings, everyone. Right now I’m posting about something major announced on the PCB. Let’s get right to it shall we?

Remember Poptropica The Official Guide? It is said to be released on October 13th. There’s guides in it, info, even a fold out poster. The guide is coming really soon, but to celebrate the creators have planned something very special 😉

A scavenger hunt will be run on Poptropica based on this book :D. This is a rare activity that I must say I’ve never seen anything like it on Poptropica. Three clues will be revealed each week on the PCB. You must have a copy of this guide with you to take part in the scavenger hunt according to the official webpage Once you have found the answers to all three clues, you win prizes for that week! According to the website there are three scavenger hunts:

Scavenger Hunt 1: 10/13/11-10/26/11

Scavenger Hunt 2: 10/27/11-11/9/11

Scavenger Hunt 3: 11/10/11-11/23/11

The scavenger hunts goes all through September and mostly through October. On the bottom of the webpage there’s a special video from Jeff Kinney titled “Jeff Kinney talks about Poptropica.” In the video the creator of the virtual game. The video is 2 minutes in length and basically explains the virtual world of Poptropica on “how to get started” and how “it’s an interactive and entertaining game.” Be sure to check it out if you have time.

Ughh, well I’m sick this week for 5 days now with Influenza. Flu season is starting again D: EP out!

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Greg heffley in the flesh!

Yes it is! When you log on to poptropica you’ll see something strange…

Greg's got a book series, a movie, a poptropica ad, what more does he need?

Go on to main street, and you’ll find greg. He’ll tell you this:

Come back on Thursday to see the front cover of my new book!

It’s kinda ironic they’d choose greg, since he’s the creation of Jeff Kinney (Comic Kid on poptropica)

Also, it seems that target is pairing up with poptropica membership to form something insanely awesome! More on the home page!

This is Lightning saying:Adios!

UPDATE:The cover has been revealed! Here it is!

He seems to be holding an egg...

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Crazy Costumes, Yogo Bucks, and… Nate Greenwall!

It looks like the Poptropica Creators are using their fashion sense to create some more crazy costumes for Poptropica soon! Here’s their latest sneak peek:

Blog Post Title: New Outfits!
Description: Here are a few examples of some “super-special” outfits we are working on!
Image URL:
Image Name: specialOutfits.jpg

Hmm, hmm, hmm – special outfits? What are they for? We don’t know yet. Maybe an advertisement?

Anyway, I’m not sure what they are, but I’ll try to describe them. Going from left to right: a lady with a queen’s robe and some sort of white wig (looks like a lawyer’s wig with jewelry on it), a white-skinned Asian-looking girl with a string instrument and purple dress, a soldier with a big helmet and 2 swords (one in his hand, one on his belt), and a guy in a lion costume, holding a mouse (would that have anything to do with the story, The Lion and the Mouse?). 😛


Welcome to the Yogo Bucks Club!

It’s the newest advertisement building on Poptropica, one predicted by Codien’s PHB Sneak Peeks. They can be found on Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Time Tangled and Nabooti. Thanks for the location names, Shiny Leaf!

To get the special Yogo Bucks Club Suit, you have to win the 3 games around the clubhouse. They are:

  • Money Grab: lower-left part
  • Card Match: lower-right part
  • Find the Hidden Card: upper-right part

Once you beat all 3 games, you will win the Yogo Bucks Club Suit and a special prize – good luck!

After reading about Jeff Kinney being a Creator, Grumpy Wolf shares about someone named “Nate Greenwall” who also seems to be a Creator:

I’ve also heard of a man named “Nate Greenwall”, whom they are talking about on other blogs, But I’ll look into it.

His website is and on his resumé that he’s worked with Pearson Education Inc. and he joined the Poptropica team in ‘07. He is the one who even designed the Poptropica logo!

Cool – there are now 3 known ways of contacting the Poptropica Creators:

  • Vlad the Viking: Send him a message on his YouTube channel page, one of his videos, or via private messaging. This requires you to have your own YouTube account, and you must be at least 13 to have one. The link is
  • Jeff Kinney: Send him an E-mail. This requires you to have your own E-mail address. Jeff’s E-mail address is
  • Nate Greenwall: Contact Nate. Visit his website,, and click on “Contact” on the left. This requires you to have your own E-mail address. On the contact form, fill in your name, E-mail address, and what you want to say to him.

Check out the post below to learn more about Jeff Kinney, see an Astro Island sneak peek, and discover that the PHB has had its first half a million views!