Jordan’s Enchanted Bedknobs And Broomsticks

Enchanted Poptropicans, Holy Cow! A new Advertisement Building! This building seems to be for almost all ages, but in case you can’t find the ad building and wanna play it, just make a new account but with a younger age. Although, I must say, the movie title is really strange. I mean… Bedknobs and  Broomsticks?

The problem is  the King has stolen Astoroth’s Special medal. How rude of you, king!!! This is not kingly behaviour at all!!! Now, Your job is to go to The Isle of Naboombu, and win the medal back from him. I know, I know, It’s got really strange names… And you might be wondering how to get to the Isle. Simple, Just go too the next floor, and jump on the bed, and click on it. Then the bed starts flashing all the colors of the rainbow, and you get transported to the Isle. You’ll see a sign telling you not to go in, but be brave and ignore it, and walk on. And then, once you continue, you’ll see a soccer field. Continue walking, until you see a lion {King}  in robes. Talk to him, and accept his challenge to the soccer match. It’s very easy, just penalty shots. After you win, take the medal from the king, and go back to the magic bed transporter.

Now, talk to the guy who told you about everything. He’ll give you the costume: The Soccer King Cotume! It’s not called the soccer king.. He has a king costume on, and holds a soccer ball! Now you can throw soccer balls by pressing space bar!!! Oh, and we have discovered Dr.Hare’s (Jordan Leary) Email! Mail to: [email protected] We’re Not sure how jordan will react to emails about poptropica, so be warned.

Ok, Now having to go to sleep, and still have only played pathwise Once,


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Dr.Hare’s New Costumes!

Poptropica’s Been Costume CRAZY! They’ve been adding costumes, one by one! And first up, before you start wondering why on poptropica I’m {Gazek} posting 2 posts in a row, let’s just say it’s only because everyone else seems to be busy today. 😛

Poptropica’s Released 3 new costumes, The Limited Number Pop Star {Which The PHB was a little late to inform on}, The Little Demon Costume {Little Demon?} and the Angel Costume. The Limited Number Pop Star Was basically a Golden Version of the Pop Star. What is surprising is that It Was called Limited Number, Instead of Limited Edition. It’s had the same format as a limited edition card, With the shiny golden card and the metal edging, except that It’s limited number. I’m pretty sure that this is because there’s only a limited number of them… And as of now, Poptropica is Permanently {Maybe Temporarily} out of stock. And, Now About the Little Demon… I should say it’s a kind of funky name. It has a Super-Duper-Blood~Red-Killer Pitch Fork {At least that’s What I think it’s called} and a freaky red mask. Just Strange. He’s Also got the tail of A devil, and black wings, horns… God. When You press space Bar, The “Little Demon” Lifts up his Pitch Fork, And twirls it around, similar to the Karate Master. The Angel Is similar to what you would think of an Angel: With A Golden Halo, White Robes, White Wings.. And a harp. It’s space bar action is not that much… It’s just the angels wing flapping.. Kind of Useless, Eh?

And, Some of you might be wondering why I’ve put the Subject as Dr.Hare’s New Costumes. Simple; It’s because Deathstalker has discovered that Jordan Leary is Dr. Hare! A post about Jordan Leary was already made before, but at that time no one knew which Creator Jordan was. Jordan’s symbol is a cracked egg, {KEWL!} and he’s an animator and a designer. He REALLY is cool! Now we Know The Identity of 4 Creators:

Dr.Hare is Jordan Leary

Shark Boy is Nate Greenwall

Comic Kid is Jeff Kinney

Hazmat Hermit is Justin Lacy

UPDATE: We’ve found out Hazmat Hermit’s identity, thanks to Blue Robot! Read Smockers’ above post for more information. (Justin’s username is justinlacy!)

And, My Gravatar Problem is OVER! I’ve updated it to a cute little chibi, with the word gazek on it. Like it? It seems motion and GE have updated their gravatars to non-poptropica gravatars also! Cool, isn’t It?

Anyway, I’m out of Paper, (Quote Taken From Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw)

So I guess It’s time for Gazek to leave. Adios.

Bonus Items, Sneak Peeks

Jordan Leary is not strange!

As mentioned by Shiny Leaf, here is another Astro-Knights bonus sneak peek from the Creators! To be more specific, it’s Comic Kid on his adventures again… looks like he has pulled another strange emote! Maybe we’ll be able to get to use it someday? Anyway:

Blog Post Title: Stranger and Stranger
Description: My adventures have taken me to even stranger places lately. I recently came across some very odd creatures in glass containers. I was glad to leave the place!
Image URL: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_q9BePaDQLzI/SaMf9I2PzGI/AAAAAAAAAC8/i1yFJVjcJKU/s1600-h/science.jpg
Image Name: science.jpg

“Science” is the name of this picture, so this could be a science laboratory. Those containers could be aliens from outer space… or are they just jellyfish? o_O

Another big discovery about the Poptropica Creators! And no, this one isn’t from the strange place Comic Kid just visited. Let’s give it up for Quick Flame, who tracked down yet another Creator:

I found a Jordan Leary who works for Poptropica for editing or something, he has a website too, I think it’s jordanleary.com or something.

Jordan Leary is another Poptropica Creator – and there’s proof on his website. Stalkers, here’s the details you need:

Website: http://jordanleary.com/
Flash game developer at Pearson Education, Inc. He’s currently working on Poptropica, he says. Jordan is primarily responsible for the front-end programming, animation, and visual effects.
E-mail address: [email protected]

For some evidence that he is a Creator, check out his website. On the right side of the main page, it says he works for Poptropica. Then click on “Interactive” on Mr. Leary’s site. It will bring up some images that he has apparently worked on, and the very first one listed should show 2 Poptropicans together on Early Poptropica Island! Cool… :mrgreen:

That’s all for today, but remember to read up on the posts below! 😉

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