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Dr.Hare’s New Costumes!

Poptropica’s Been Costume CRAZY! They’ve been adding costumes, one by one! And first up, before you start wondering why on poptropica I’m {Gazek} posting 2 posts in a row, let’s just say it’s only because everyone else seems to be busy today. 😛

Poptropica’s Released 3 new costumes, The Limited Number Pop Star {Which The PHB was a little late to inform on}, The Little Demon Costume {Little Demon?} and the Angel Costume. The Limited Number Pop Star Was basically a Golden Version of the Pop Star. What is surprising is that It Was called Limited Number, Instead of Limited Edition. It’s had the same format as a limited edition card, With the shiny golden card and the metal edging, except that It’s limited number. I’m pretty sure that this is because there’s only a limited number of them… And as of now, Poptropica is Permanently {Maybe Temporarily} out of stock. And, Now About the Little Demon… I should say it’s a kind of funky name. It has a Super-Duper-Blood~Red-Killer Pitch Fork {At least that’s What I think it’s called} and a freaky red mask. Just Strange. He’s Also got the tail of A devil, and black wings, horns… God. When You press space Bar, The “Little Demon” Lifts up his Pitch Fork, And twirls it around, similar to the Karate Master. The Angel Is similar to what you would think of an Angel: With A Golden Halo, White Robes, White Wings.. And a harp. It’s space bar action is not that much… It’s just the angels wing flapping.. Kind of Useless, Eh?

And, Some of you might be wondering why I’ve put the Subject as Dr.Hare’s New Costumes. Simple; It’s because Deathstalker has discovered that Jordan Leary is Dr. Hare! A post about Jordan Leary was already made before, but at that time no one knew which Creator Jordan was. Jordan’s symbol is a cracked egg, {KEWL!} and he’s an animator and a designer. He REALLY is cool! Now we Know The Identity of 4 Creators:

Dr.Hare is Jordan Leary

Shark Boy is Nate Greenwall

Comic Kid is Jeff Kinney

Hazmat Hermit is Justin Lacy

UPDATE: We’ve found out Hazmat Hermit’s identity, thanks to Blue Robot! Read Smockers’ above post for more information. (Justin’s username is justinlacy!)

And, My Gravatar Problem is OVER! I’ve updated it to a cute little chibi, with the word gazek on it. Like it? It seems motion and GE have updated their gravatars to non-poptropica gravatars also! Cool, isn’t It?

Anyway, I’m out of Paper, (Quote Taken From Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw)

So I guess It’s time for Gazek to leave. Adios.

55 thoughts on “Dr.Hare’s New Costumes!”

  1. Okay, sweet… we know the creators! Woot!

    But I’m Jewish, (as I said before.) This ‘angel’ and ‘demon’ thing is killin me.

      1. the girl demon costume is really scary if you dont have red skin…i was gonna get it,but…”shudder”

    1. Something tells me that the develland (maybe)the angel costume would look cool on halloween!
      If we did celebrate it in Australia……..

      1. Don’t feel bad, I don’t celebrate it either, because its not in the list of holidays on the country I’m from. It doesn’t matter much to me, I get sick from all the candy. Plus, I get like 20 cavities and my parents aren’t happy about that (though I bet my dentist it).

      2. I used to trick or treat,but I hate getting fillings and I hate sweets other than chocolate now. And now we escape our house on Halloween so no one annoys us with “TRICK OR TREAT”.

    1. Not likely. I further investigated, googling jess bralier, he can’t be a creator.. But mebbe, we’re on to something.

  2. I love how you got that Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book quote “Well, it looks like i’m all out of paper, so I guess this is THE END” 🙂

  3. The wings on the angel costumes are cool, press space and they just keep flapping, they would probably look cool on super power when you can fly!

  4. Yeahm I changed my gravatar. Its supposed to look like me. My hair was longer but it got cut so I need to change it again. =P

  5. 3 poptropica creators down,1….2….(6? maybe? i don’t know! theres TOO MANY!!!) something more poptropica creators to go!

    1. Oh, and speaking for wordpress avartars, i know this has probibly been spoken about before, but can someone please tell me how to change it? Because I want to and I don’t know how!

      1. Well, once you have a WordPress account, (Go to http://www.wordpress.com to get one), and you are logged on, you should see a gray toolbar at the top of your screen. At the far left there should be “My Account”, and roll your mouse over it, and scroll down to where it says “Edit Profile”. Click on that and you’ll be taken to a page. Click on “Change Gravatar”. If you have pictures on your computer, you should click on “Browse” on the mini window that pops up. Once you select the picture, you crop it, give it a rating, and it should show up soon. Hope it helps. 😀 I tried to be clear as possible, but I bet it can be confusing.

      2. so you have to have a wordpress account to change the icon in the top right corner? darn. I wanted to change it to my poptropican charicter

        Hijuyo: Yes, but all you have to do is go to WordPress.com and register for an account there, then follow the instructions mentioned in the above comments to change your avatar.

  6. I think the Poptropica creators should post more sneak peeks about islands, they keep posting about new outfits and features, instead of island sneak peeks. For me it’s getting irritating.

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