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Lookin’ for An AVATAR?

Well, Gazek Speaking Here, And I’ve Got news, BIG TIME news! I know that you’re already loaded up from ST Hijuyo’s name change, but read on!

Poptropica has released a new thing called the Poptropica Avatar Studio, And It is COOL! For all of you people who are bashing their keyboards on the floor ’cause your not able to take screenshots of your poptropican, (Quote Taken From Crazy Flyer) The Avatar Studio is for You! Thanks To BuizelON, a member of the PHF for this update. The Avatar Studio is amazing, all you need to do is type in your username, and poptropica will show your poptropican.ย  Then you start cropping, and you can either type in the dimensions, or draw the selector around the place you want to crop.ย  Then you have an option of zooming in. At the bottom there’s an embed code used for putting this on your website or blog, and then a direct link, and then a button that allows you to save it on your computer. You can also use this for your wordpress gravatar. But this also means that motionman95’s Image generator has competition! As for me, I think that the Image generator is better, poptropica could have added a few more a features, ;). Check out the snapshot below, It shows you most of the Details.


And Speaking Of Avatars and Gravatars, I had a Pretty bad experience with my wordpress gravatar. I was changing my gravatar to a new one, And something TERRIBLE happened. My wordpress gravatar changed all right, but into some wierd gravatar!!! Check out the widget in the sidebar, and see my gravatar. Horrible, eh? Well, hopefully I’ll be able to do something about this and this problem will soon be over.

Signing Off,


65 thoughts on “Lookin’ for An AVATAR?”

  1. Your Poptropican looks cool. I can’t wait to see it in the header! (Codien, if you’re reading this, I’m not trying to pressure you to change the header soon. Sorry if I startled you.)

  2. Awesome post Gazek! But I see nothing wrong with your avatar. It says, “I’m the Famous Gazek” with a green backround.

    1. Really? That’s the way it’s meant to be… On my computer, It’s something else… My computer’s fault, probably.

  3. Considering I’m an idiot and I just skimmed through the last couple of posts and comments; I just realized there’s a new costume… It’s supposed to be a Popstar costume that has a limited number. IM REALLY SORRY IVE PROBABLY DONE THIS A BAZILLION TIMES…
    And theres a post about this on the blog as well but that probably isn’t necessary since you’ve already done this…
    Also; I don’t think I’ll use the avatar thing buts it’s a nice addition to poptropica. Or at least a nice new widget thing.

  4. Yeah it’s really cool. Your forgot to post about the limited edition popstar outfit. You also forgot to post about the limited edition white robin hood outfit I found. Sure the link I posted has changed back to green, but I still got a snapshot of it.

    1. Yup.

      I’m probably not gonna post about it let, smockers, codien, motion, hijuyo or Golden eagle post about it…

  5. Hi! this is my first time commenting! But I know all about the PHB!
    Anyways,the new avatar studio is cool, I think they got the idea from Motion’s image generator…..

  6. I have been taking portraits of my poptropican for quite a while now.
    Ever since I discovered that on Macs, control shift 4 lets you select an area of the web browser to take a picture of.

  7. Listen, I don’t want to, either, but take a load of this:

    GAH! Long link… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway, you’ll live, as long as you don’t meet him…

  8. go to in the bottom pight corner there is an avatar studio. click it and type in your user name. but if you want to find others, type in random usernames. (normally like a letter, the name of a poptropican ect.)

  9. Well; I don’t think it’s that they’re running out of names; its that the permutations are overlapping (combinations where order matters; like bg isn’t the same as bg where as a combination bg would be the same as gb). They had set ‘First names’ and set ‘Last names’ and have something randomize everything. There’s a chance that there will be one or more repeats. So as more and more players come; there will be more and more repeats!
    If they added more names they’d probably have less repeats.
    Sorry for being so mathematical… >.< I'm just like that

  10. Ack; sorry for spamming but I meant ‘bg isn’t the same as gb’ in the permutation part… IM SORRY FOR DOUBLE POSTING

    1. LOL i know ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway i agree with phantom and the creators are making lots of limited edition stuff but im broke like a deadbeat on poptropica ๐Ÿ˜•
      i cant keep up but i do have the torch –

  11. Guess what? If you type in “binarybard” the creator Binary Bard comes up! Also, I found Smockers…type in Smockers and you will get a picture of his character ๐Ÿ˜› LOL This is so fun b/c I have old characters I don’t use and I gave them away so now I can see what they look like! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love this gadget.

  12. cool new gravatar gazek and motionman95 your gravatar looks weird it looks like this other dude i saw on yahoo answers

      1. I don’t think they meant it like that…it’s pretty obvious lots of kids would’ve liked an Angel or a Devil. ๐Ÿ˜•

      2. Yes and solving them but its also partly about the poptropica store so kids have some new things to wear and have fun thiings to do while waiting.
        But if we want creds, we need an island

    1. I personally have nothing against angel or demon costumes. I don’t see them as religious, I just see them as good versus evil or light versus dark. And just because you have horns and a pitchfork doesn’t make you a bad person. It just says that that’s what you find cool!

      1. Is sombobody going to bring up Monster Carnival Island? Those are the devil horns from the costume leak.

  13. i don’t think they are getting religious and i agree with smiles, shaggy tornado, and ge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hey you guys should make an avatar page because we could all post are people there without spamming (and when I post them, they get deleted)

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