Jordan’s Enchanted Bedknobs And Broomsticks

Enchanted Poptropicans, Holy Cow! A new Advertisement Building! This building seems to be for almost all ages, but in case you can’t find the ad building and wanna play it, just make a new account but with a younger age. Although, I must say, the movie title is really strange. I mean… Bedknobs and  Broomsticks?

The problem is  the King has stolen Astoroth’s Special medal. How rude of you, king!!! This is not kingly behaviour at all!!! Now, Your job is to go to The Isle of Naboombu, and win the medal back from him. I know, I know, It’s got really strange names… And you might be wondering how to get to the Isle. Simple, Just go too the next floor, and jump on the bed, and click on it. Then the bed starts flashing all the colors of the rainbow, and you get transported to the Isle. You’ll see a sign telling you not to go in, but be brave and ignore it, and walk on. And then, once you continue, you’ll see a soccer field. Continue walking, until you see a lion {King}  in robes. Talk to him, and accept his challenge to the soccer match. It’s very easy, just penalty shots. After you win, take the medal from the king, and go back to the magic bed transporter.

Now, talk to the guy who told you about everything. He’ll give you the costume: The Soccer King Cotume! It’s not called the soccer king.. He has a king costume on, and holds a soccer ball! Now you can throw soccer balls by pressing space bar!!! Oh, and we have discovered Dr.Hare’s (Jordan Leary) Email! Mail to: [email protected] We’re Not sure how jordan will react to emails about poptropica, so be warned.

Ok, Now having to go to sleep, and still have only played pathwise Once,


37 thoughts on “Jordan’s Enchanted Bedknobs And Broomsticks”

  1. When I created a new account to play the game, I discovered a glitch! First, create a new account. Second, go to Early Poptropica island. Third, first thing you do there is go to the ad building, and go on the bed. When you get to the island, check your map. It will say your at the Purple Giant!

      1. Title: I don’t what to be a know-it-all.

        First: You don’t have to be a new account, but it is cool if you have never been at the Purple Giant Place, and it says your there.

        Second: I have noticed it on any Poptropica Ad Game.

        Third:. . I don’t remember, , Oh! Has anyone who had done this ad been able to swim in the water In The Ad?

        That’s it. Good Bye.

    1. Actually, it is PG. There’s a bit of violence torward the end. And I can play this ad, even when I’m on my 12-year old account. (No the account isn’t 12 years old…)
      This movie is actually quite fun to watch, considering it’s made by Disney and all old Disney movies are better then the new ones.

  2. I played the game on my 8 year-old sister’s account, and I must say that I found the graphics very disappointing.

  3. The ad is actually for ages 6-12 instead of just 6, so I got to play it too. I think it’s awesome how you can throw the ball in the air and how it works like the costumes in the Poptropica Store.

      1. It’s PHF, buddy… there’s a link in the sidebar. 😉

        And, good news; speaking of the PHF, my Mom said I could get an account when I master my math facts to 12, and i finished my 7s!

  4. The animals on the naboombu thing have really weird breathing animations.
    I saw you, Gazek, about 2 weeks ago in the soda pop shop and we played ballons and you started a pathwise game but never finished it.

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